"Morning, Draco." Harry sat down next to Draco, ignoring the stares he was getting from everyone but four peole, those people being Draco, Albus, Minerva and Severus. Severus was smirking, and Harry could tell through the bond that he was amsed by people's reaction.
"Morning, Harry. Did you and, er, your friend talk after I left?" Draco asked, passing the bacon to the boy. Harry shook his head.
"Other than to say good night, nope. We both knew we needed to sleep on everything." Harry said, passing some eggs to Draco. The blond boy took some and passed it to Blaise next to him.
"Hi, Harry." Blaise said calmly, as though nothing was wrong. Hermione was shooting him weird looks, while Ron and Ginny just looked betrayed.
"Mornin' Blaise. Listen, you two have a free period before lunch, right?" The two Slytherin boys nodded. "Why don't we go outside and play some Quidditch, Bring some friends. We'll all hang out." Draco grinned appily and Balise nodded and wandered to go spread the news.
"What's up, Draco?" Harry asked. He'd never seen the boy smile like this.
"I've never had a real friend. All my life, I've been told to only socialize with people who'd help me in life. Never do something for my own personal life. You're the first person who I'm friends with who won't help me in life. No offense, Harry." Draco said, suddenly blushing. Harry grinned and put a hand on Draco's arm.
"It's okay, Dray. Everything'll turn out okay, and knowing me will help you with Voldemort."
"I don't want to work for him, Harry." Draco said, pouting. Harry grinned.
"You may be able to spy for Dumbledore. He may let you. After all, with your family, you'll have good access to Voldemort." Harry said. Draco looked thoughtful.
"Really, you think he'd let me?" Draco asked. Harry grinned.
"Go ask to talk to him privately. If you go yourself, he may even be more willing." Harry said. With a grin, Draco stood up and walked over to Dumbledore.
"Professor Dumbledore, I was wondering if I could perhaps talk to you about something? Privately?" Draco asked nervously. Dumbledore smiled.
"Of course, Mr. Malfoy. Right this way!" Dumbledore stood up and cheerfully walked out of the Great Hall, followed by Draco.
'What the hell was that about?' Severus' curiosity was making Harry grin.
'Nothing. Come down here and sit with me.' Severus stood up, much to the surprise of the entire staff table, and the amusement of Harry. He calmly walked down to the Slytherin table and sat down where Drco had been. Severus quickly charmed the plate clean and served himself some breakfast, and coffee.
"Coffee, huh." Harry said quietly. Severus smirked at him.
"You know, the entire staff table probably thinks we're either fucking, or I've gone mad." Severus said conversationally. Hiding his laughter with a fake coughing fit, Harry couldn't help but send his amusement to Severus, who grinned back mentally.
"Well aware. Are you going to tell them, or let Dumble-" Harry started, but Draco and Dumbledore had made their way back into the Hal, and Dumbledore was making an announcement.
"I would like to congradulate Severus Snape on his impeccable choice of a husband. I would like to toast Harry Potter and Severus Snape to a long and happy marriage." Dumbledore sat down, and Severus and Harry both dropped their heads into their arms.
"I'm going to kill him." Severus said. Harry agreed loudly.
"Hear that Grandpa? We're gonna kill you!" Harry called up to the staff table. Sprout looked confused, but Dumbledore just smiled. The Great Hall was still silent, everyone trying to process what the headmaster had just informed them of. Finally, Ron stood up and yelled one word, one word that broke Harry's heart.

"The fucking bastard has no right calling you that, Har, I promise." Severus repeated to the black-haired boy crying on his couch.
"I don't give a rat's ass if he had the right. I've been friends with him for six fucking years, and he repays me how?" Harry responded, tears streaming from green eyes. Severus slowly leaned in and kissed a tear off of Harry's cheek.
'No one has the right to do anything to you, but me, and maybe your grandfather. Don't listen to what the Weasel says, those who stay with you are your true friends, and I promise you that everything will be okay.' Severus said lovingly into the younger man's mind. Harry could feel the love in his voice, and made him feel better. "Now are you done crying? Because you've already ruined my outfit, yours, and my couch." He said out loud. Laughing, Harry tackled the older man.