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Just Another New York City Holiday Romance

A Day In The Life Of Santana Lopez

Plaid mini skirt or navy blue pencil skirt?

Tie or weird girly bow tie?

Vest, sweater, or suspenders?

'Ooo or maybe I'll go with the blazer. Yeah, definitely. I'll go with the white one with blue piping. Collared button-up, loose black tie, navy skirt, typical school girl stockings and hot fuck-me boots. Perfect 'tana, as always.'

Next, a khaki Burberry trench-coat to top it off. It gave the uniform her own flare and made her feel less like she just walked out of a child pornography set in her costume. That's the downside to going to private school: uniforms.

Santana checked over her hair and make-up one more time before grabbing her bag and making her way downstairs and into the grand room.

"Morning daddy," she greeted sweetly to her dad who was in the breakfast nook sipping away at his coffee and reading the paper as per usual.

"Morning sweetie."

Every morning was a routine, get woken up by her mom leaving to go to the office, shower, brush teeth, fix hair, make-up, pick which parts of her mandatory uniform to wear, go downstairs, greet her dad, eat a croissant, wait for Quinn.

A knock on the door cut through the air.

"Wonder who that could be?" Mr. Lopez said, not making a move to get up. Hoping it wasn't some serial killer, Santana went to the door only to reveal her best friend, the one and only Quinn Fabray.

"What the hell you're 20 minutes early!"

"Good morning to you too!" Quinn practically yelled," Hi Mr. Lopez!" she actually yelled, knowing exactly where he would be.

"Morning Quinn!" He yelled back.

"Jesus Q, inside voices."


"Fuck!" Santana cursed as she held her bleeding ears.

"Of course! Have fun!" Quinn squealed before dragging her friend out the door and into the elevator.

"Okay, I've got to talk to Charlie about letting you in here. Again."

"Please, you know that never works. And you know why?" Quinn whispered," Because he hates you and loves me!"

"Ugh, whatever." They crossed the lobby of the apartment complex and made their way to the entrance where Charlie, the doorman, was waiting for them.

"Charlie, what did I say about letting Quinn in?"

"Charlie, just tell her the truth. You know you like me more than her." The middle aged man simply smiled at them (he's had to put up with them for all their lives) and opened the door for them.

"It's a beautiful October day ladies, have fun at school!"

"Yeah yeah..."

"You're deflecting, don't worry, we'll get it out of you one of these days," the blonde winked.

"Okay spill."

"Spill what?" Quinn asked innocently.

"You're unusually chipper. It's creeping me out."

"Nothing, I'm just happy."

"Psh, 'nothing'. You act like I'm not your best friend and I haven't known you since, um, forever," Santana quickly looked her friend's profile up and down: the bounce in her step, the slight color to her cheeks, the glint in her eyes, the creepy grin on the usually cool and collected girl..." Okay so it's about a boy."


"Did you and Puck break up?" Head shake.

"Make up?" Harder head shake.

"We're not dating remember?"

"Sorry it's hard to keep track...OH it's Finn?"

"Not this time."

"Thank God..."

"Oh look we're here!"

"Oh my god, you distracted me long enough to get me to Saintly Baked."

"Yup, I even took an alternate route to throw you off and now that you've see it you can't run away."

"Damn you Fabray...and seriously, 'alternate route'?"

"Santana, Quinn!" a guy behind the counter greeted when they walked in the donut cafe. Needless to say they were infamous regulars (he could never understand how two of the most gorgeous and fit women he's ever seen could scarf down his artisan donuts like these two could)," My two favorite customers!"

"Hey Jesse!"

"Sup St. James." The two girls sat at their usual spot. Jesse was the owner of the donut shop. It was unique (although is anything in New York really unique?) because instead of frying the donuts they baked them, and there were all sorts of different vegan, glutton, and sugar free options. But, a donut was still a donut.

"A medium vienna and creme filled glazed for the stunning blonde and an antoccino with a chocolate and maple bar for the dazzling brunette."

"I'm gonna kill you," Santana glared across the table," You know I've been trying to cut back!" The other two just laughed.

"But look! I even drew a pretty little frosting flower on it for you! Besides, you've been saying that for ages Santana and your flawless figure has not changed one bit," Jesse said, immediately calling her out and shaking his head slightly before walking away.

"Alright, so now that you've fattened me up for slaughter, what has got you so damn happy?"

"Rachel's coming back in town!"

"Rachel? That's what's got you all hot and bothered?"

"Ugh, I'm not 'hot and bothered' I'm just excited, I miss her. And I know you do too."

Rachel was a year older then both of them, having graduated last year. She was part of their friend group and owned their school just like they did now. Her two dads were owners of a multi-million dollar music record company and last Santana heard she was in L.A. heading their branch there.

"Yes, okay, fine I do but jeez, you look like you just won the lottery!"

"Whatever San, I'm just excited for the three of us to be together again," she said," By the way, you've had eyes on you since the moment we walked in here." Gesturing behind the brunette.

"You think I didn't notice? Please," Santana scoffed before

immediately turning around (truth is she was a bit distracted by the donut) to see a moderately good looking woman staring at her with a smile that left nothing up to guessing. She gave her a flirty smirk before turning back to Quinn.

"So are you gonna talk to her?"

"Nah, not really feeling up to it right now..."

"What! Santana Lopez not into flirting and stringing along a cute girl? I must still be asleep," Quinn said dramatically before taking a huge bite out of her donut, making some cream run down the corner of her mouth.

"Lucy it looks like you've got jizz on your face," Santana deadpanned, knowing all too well that it'd shut her up.

Quinn's eyes watered as she choked loudly.

"Oh if the other girls in your stuck up little school could see you two now," Jesse commented in passing as he set a glass of water down in front of the sputtering girl.

"If only..."

After finishing their breakfast and leaving a more than generous tip they exited the cafe and made their way to school: William McKinley Academy, located on the corner of 103rd St. and 5th Ave facing Central Park. Top private high school in the state.

"Ladies," Noah Puckerman greeted them as they walked up to join him and Finn. The four of them were at the very top of the high school food chain- and not just at their school.

"Hi guys," Finn said.

Puck was the dark knight and Finn, the golden boy of the Upper East Side, everybody knew it. Puck was the dangerous, but lovable, bad boy with a devil-may-care attitude. His parents were in the distillery business. Which is just to say that if you get any sort of alcoholic drink in Northeast America, its ownership can most likely be traced to the Puckerman's company.

Of course his best friend was Finn, the guy with the heart of gold, happy-go-lucky charisma, and up-beat attitude. He just had his mom but out of the four of them, his family was the richest. They came from old, OLD money (hint: his last name is Hudson).

They were two sides of the same coin- perfect boyfriend and the perfect guy to cheat on your boyfriend with.

They were the testosterone and muscle, but let's be honest, in any type of system the female's were always the one's with the REAL power.

And in high school it was no different.

The girls were just as opposite as the boys were, however. Quinn was the level-headed, straight, chaste, Queen Bee, with a naturally motherly instinct. Santana- the hot and fiery, lipstick lesbian, temptress, and Head Bitch In Charge.

They were teenage royalty. Example:

"Hi Finn, I've brought you the answers to the physics test third period," Ryder Lynn offered obediently," And here's your morning apple juice, egg McMuffin and hash browns."

"Here bro," Jake Puckerman said, giving his older brother the test scores as well.

"Awesome, now do me a favor and find Brenda...something or other and tell her that I'm breaking up with her." Jake groaned before stalking off.

As the leaders of their school they had to do what any great leaders should, train the next in line, they each had someone they looked up to as juniors as a sort of mentor and now they had juniors that looked up to them. They obeyed their every order to a tee.

"Thanks Ryder!" Finn said, enthusiastically grabbing the items from the younger boy," You're good to go." The younger boy grinned.

"Wait-" Santana said, quickly. Ryder immediately turned to Santana, trying to mask how scared he was," What the hell is up with your uniform?" He looked down at himself but kept his mouth shut, something he learned long ago to do.

"The back of your shirt isn't tucked in, you missed a belt loop, and you're a little too...plain," Quinn fired off.

"Part of being where we are now is our style. You can't just wear the uniform, you've got to add your own twist. If you have no originality, people will have nothing to copy you with. You've got to be a trendsetter. You've got to have presence and be presentable. Always," Santana advised. Ryder took in every word like it was divine knowledge that God himself had come down from heaven to tell him directly.

"I'm not that into fashion but it's true bro," Puck added, showing off his leather jacket (which was against school policy but hey, he was Puck.

"Alright, I've got it, thank you," he nodded.

"Here man, have my ascot to start you off," Finn gave Ryder his plaid ascot (which was ticketed at about $100 dollars and was a tad gay but they were rich enough to pull it off) as if the act was as ceremonial as dubbing a knight.

"B-but, what about your 'style'?"

"Haven't you looked around, people are already starting to talk about my generosity. I'll be fine," he winked," You can go now." Ryder gave him another massive grin and 'thank you' before scurrying away.


"Santana!" Kitty and Marley called, respectively.

"We brought you your coffee's!"

"Thank you ladies but that won't be necessary this morning," Quinn said smoothly," You can have them."

The girls looked at each other and squealed in delight.

"Marley, make sure that you get my essay on Quantum Mech-

"Already done!" she said, fishing the 12 page paper out of her bag and handing it to the Latina.

"One, don't you ever cut me off again," Santana snapped and Marley's eyes widened in fear," And two...nice job getting it done early," the younger brunette visibly relaxed," but..." she trailed before throwing the essay into the nearest trash bin. Marley's jaw twitched but she didn't dare make a sound.

Santana calmly pulled out HER own fifteen page essay, that she had written herself, and gave it to Marley.

"Remember, people are harsh, backstabbing pricks and you should never let your guard down. And always go above and beyond anyones expectations of you." Marley nodded sadly.

"But, like I said, nice job for getting it done early. And your beret is on-point, go find Ryder and give him fashion tips. Oh, and review that essay and see how much better it is in comparison to yours."

She nodded before running into the school.

"Kitty, weekly report," Quinn demanded.

"Yes ma'am," she handed her a slim black binder with its usual contents- any school news that could be helpful: student gossip, staff gossip, anything and everything pertaining to the principle, upcoming school events, etc.

"Great, you can go find Marley now." Kitty looked at her curiously, she usually wasn't let go so soon...but she wasn't about to question it so she followed her friends inside.

"Wow, you really ARE in a good mood today! When's Rachel coming? And please tell me she's never leaving," Santana smirked.

"Wait, Rachel's coming back?" Finn asked. They were all familiar with her. Rachel Berry was Quinn's mentor, as Sam Evans was Finn's, Brody Weston was Puck's, and Mercedes Jones was Santana's. Everyone took the hierarchy very seriously (it was like a dry run for the rest of their lives) and Royalty- with a capital R- was determined by freshmen year.

"Yup! She's coming late on Halloween day!" Excitement was practically oozing from every pore in the blonde's model figure (no, she really did model).

"Yeah and Quinn's SUPER excited about it," Santana looked at her suggestively.

"I told you, I miss her."

"I think what you miss is having to be submissive to someone and being her obedient little lap dog." Quinn just rolled her eyes at her friends implications, but was glad when Puck sort of changed the subject.

"So is she coming to your guys' party?" Puck asked.

"She said she wasn't sure but that she'll try her damnedest to make it!"

"Oh great, cuz I'm TOTALLY looking forward to her going as Elpheba...again," Santana said sarcastically.

"Yeah, I could do without that but still! I miss her fresh baked cookies and even her non-stop rants..." they all took a moment to reminisce before the warning bell rang.

"That's our cue, c'mon finnocence," Santana dragged him away as they had their first class together.

"Wait I didn't even get a chance to finish my McMuffin!"

School passed by slowly, like always, but by the end of the day it felt like it had gone so fast. As per usual the foursome met out in front of the school like they always did.

"So we're meeting up tonight, right?" Puck asked wiggling his eyebrows up and down.

"We can't, got party planning to do," Santana said.

"But San it's Black Ops night!" Finn whined. Monday was usually Quinn's 'family' night which gave the other three the perfect opportunity to do some hard core gaming while 'no-kill Quinn' (the blonde REALLY sucked at any sort of point and shoot game) couldn't be bothered.

"Yeah, that's what I said," Santana pointedly said to Quinn.

"The party's two weeks ahead and we're in crunch time, we're already starting late as it is." All three brunettes sighed.

"Okay, call us if you need anything," Finn offered, ever the gentlemen.

"Or if you can sneak away from No-Kill Quinn," Puck whispered, making Santana giggle.

"Stop calling me that! C'mon San, let's go!" They all said their goodbyes and the two genders stalked off in opposite directions.

Like Santana, Quinn also lived in a penthouse apartment on the Upper East Side, but Quinn's family had a lot more money and her apartment was much fancier and larger. Her father was a wealthy businessman and her mother, a loving housewife and socialite, both sides had come into large inheritances.

"Hi girls! Santana, I was just about to go out with your mother, should I tell her you're staying over?" The Fabray's and Lopez's were very close, long time family friends.

"Hi Judy, umm, what do you think Q?"

"We're probably going to be up late for party planning so I don't see why not," she shrugged. It was not uncommon for them to sleep over at each others' places.

"So Santana, have you found yourself a new girlfriend yet?" Judy asked cooly, she was well aware and quite accepting of her daughters best friends sexuality.

"Mom!" Quinn gasped in horror. She hated when her mom tried to act like she was friends with her friends. Santana just chuckled and answered,

"No not yet, still looking."

"Well you'll find someone, and maybe Quinn will too. Honey have you ever thought about dating woman?" Her mom teased and Quinn's face got even redder for a reason neither of the other woman were thinking," Maybe you two could give each other a tr-"

"DON'T even finish that sentence!" Both their faces screwed up in disgust," Don't you have somewhere to be?" Her daughter asked through gritted teeth.

"Alright, I get it! Have fun girls! Oh and Donna just made us a pie, it's on the counter- I think it's still warm!"

"Okay thanks mom!" Quinn practically pushed her out the door while Santana immediately made her way to the kitchen and helped herself to the pie, which she didn't even bother taking out of the pan.

"And you yell at me for giving you one donut..." Quinn mumbled.

"I heard that!"

At around midnight after homework, 'pre-planning, party planning' (or whatever the hell Quinn called it), and finishing off the pie and a couple grilled cheeses, Quinn had promptly passed out on the bed they were both on. All of their stuff was still scattered on top of the covers and Santana unceremoniously pushed it all to the floor and and wriggled under the covers, trying not to wake Quinn.

As she tried to sleep she let out an audible and a weary sigh. She couldn't help but feel like something was...missing from her life (as cliche as that sounded). Don't get her wrong, she was grateful for her privileged and seemingly perfect life. She got to do whatever she wanted whenever she wanted, had a smoking hot bod and was smart to boot. She thanked her lucky stars everyday...but something inside of her was just longing for something (or someone) to come into her life and break her routine.

She groaned out loud. God, when did she become so cynical? She tried to shake the unjustifiable thoughts from her mind and chalked it all up to too much sugar in her system before drifting to sleep...

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