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Just Another New York City Holiday Romance

Who Are You Going To Kiss At Midnight?

"Home sweet home!" Brittany chirped as she opened the door. She turned around to wave at her friends after they dropped her and Santana off at the blondes apartment.

"Finally, we're all alone," Santana said, closing the door behind them.

"I know! Don't get me wrong that was the most amazing trip..." she started before walking closer to the brunette," but I'm glad I'm home and you're spending the night."

"Me too, and God knows I needed a break from my parents, especially after we extended the trip." Instead of coming home the day after Christmas they all stayed a couple days more because, why not? Plus, with the added company it was the most fun there they had all had, ever.

"I like your parents! They're nice and funny. Oh and uh...speaking of parents. I kinda promised mine I would skype with them today...and told them you'd be here...and they want to meet you."

Santana's eyes widened.

"O-over skype?"

"Yeah...I mean, I've been pretty independent all my life and even more so after coming here but, I still talk to my parents a lot. And they've been wanting to meet you."

Santana immediately starting panicking.

"H-how much do they know? Do they know how old I am? Do they approve? Oh God what if they don't approve of me? The camera adds ten pounds Britt! I can't-"

"Shh babe you'll be fine. And to answer your question they know everything. They have from the start. And they don't care about how old you are, all they care about is that I'm happy and that you take good care of me, which you do. They're really chill, they just want to put a face and voice to the name I haven't stopped blabbering about." Santana grinned at her words- it couldn't be that bad could it? Especially if they already knew about everything.

"So when are they calling?" as long as she had enough time to prepare she would be fine...

"Oh in ten or so minut- San! Where are you going?" Brittany called when the brunette rushed further into Brittany's apartment carrying her bag.

"Bedroom!" she called back. Brittany sighed and followed her, only to find her standing in just her bra, digging through her drawers.

"Oh what a nice surprise, I guess ten minutes is enough time for a quickie," she smirked at the doorway.

"Haha very funny." She continued to look through Brittany's clothes. Brittany rolled her eyes and approached her girlfriend.

"Santana, what are you doing?"

"I need to get prepared for this- I need to make a good first impression."

"And you're digging through my clothes because...?"

"Because the top I was wearing was totally inappropriate!"

"And the top you were wearing was inappropriate because...?" Brittany loved flustered Santana because she didn't see her often and she was so damn cute.

"Too colorful, and it showed too much cleavage. Here, this'll work."

"A sweater?"

"Yes it doesn't flatter my body at all and keeps the attention on my face...which I won't have enough time to fix if I can't get this damn sweater on," She shoved it on frantically but in her haste couldn't seem to get it on correctly.

"Santana...stop freaking out, they're going to love you."

"Yeah but what if they don't!" she yelled, stopping her movement which was funny to the blonde because her head was sticking out of a sleeve hole.

Brittany let Santana calm down for a second before she pulled away the sweater.

"They will, but even if, for some weird or unjustified reason they don't, I'll still love you." Santana looked up at her and smiled before Brittany continued,"Plus, they're over 600 miles away- that'll give you plenty of time to run if they do hate you."


"I'm kidding! I'm kidding! Come here..." she hugged her tightly," You'll be fine. Now go put your nice shirt back on because they're calling in a minute."

"Okay...fine." Santana did what she said and they both huddled by the computer. Brittany got in one last peck before the call came in.


"Does it matter?" Brittany gave her one last reassuring smile before she clicked the talk button and her parents faces filled the screen.

"Britt-Britt!" her dad greeted.

"Ohh sweetie it's been too long!" Her mom cooed.

"Mom, I just talked to you on Christmas...four days ago."

"I know but it's been too long since I've seen your beautiful face and oh my- is that your girlfriend?"

"Yes mom, dad, this is Santana."

"Hi," the brunette squeaked, offering a small wave. Usually she was much more smooth when it came to introducing herself and talking to adults but these were Brittany's parents.

"She's as gorgeous as you said Brittany, you're gorgeous dear."

"T-thank you," Santana stuttered.

"She's a bit shy right now, but I promise you, she's quite the chatterbox," the blonde winked.

"Brittany!" Santana protested before turning back to the screen," It's nice to finally meet you Mr. and Mrs. Pierce." 'There we go San! You're on the right track,' Santana said to herself in her head.

"Please, you can call us John and Susan."

"O-okay sir- I mean, John." 'Dammit, stop stuttering!' aaaand she was nervous again.

"Oh look at her, all cute and polite. And god, I still can't get over how beautiful you are honey! They don't make 'em like her here do they John?"

"Ma stop embarrassing her."

"She's not embarrassing me," Santana lied.

"See I'm not embarrassing her because it's true! I'm sure you have no trouble satisfying our little Britt-Britt. I remember how much satisfying she needed in high school. She thought we were asleep but no! We knew! Lord only knows where she got all that energy fr-"

"MOM!" Brittany yelled, her cheeks flushed," Now you're embarrassing me and Santana."

"Well yes, but it's my job to embarrass you."

"Come on Susan, look at their faces, let's talk about a different topic," John suggested,"How was your Christmas in the Hamptons Santana?"

"Uhh, good. It was-I loved it. With Brittany," she still hadn't gotten her bearings from her mom's comments.

"Mhhm, I'm sure you had a lovely time with Brittany dear."

"Okay mom, now you're actually trying to embarrass us," Brittany glared.

"Alright alright, enough of that. We just wanted to say hello and meet the infamous Santana, we'll get out of your guys' hair!" John mediated.

"Aww but I was just starting to have fun!"


"Okay...bye-bye dears, Brittany call more often! And visit when you get the chance!"

"Mom you know I can't afford to go down there right now."

"Yes I know...but if ever an opportunity arises..."

"I'll be there, I promise!"

"Okay, love you Britt-Britt.

"Bye Santana."

"Bye!" The girls said together before the conversation cut out.

"Well I guess I found your weakness, meeting parents," Brittany joked," You said about three words- actually, you stuttered about three words."

"I was just a little nervous and your mom wasn't helping, nothing that won't pass. Besides, I'm Santana Lopez, I have no weaknesses."

"Really? No weaknesses?" Brittany asked innocently.

"Nope. None." The blonde smirked before taking off her shirt and exposing her bra. Santana's eyes bulged and she could feel herself getting turned on.

"Are you sure?" she pressed, removing her bra and freeing her boobs.

"Maybe one..." Brittany stood up and dropped her pants and underwear together slowly so that she stood completely naked," Or...two." The blonde grabbed her shirt and pulled her close before moving in to kiss her.

"Make that three..." She whispered, her eyes fixed on the lips that were slowly leaning into her own. Right before she connected their lips she moved to suck at her neck instead. Santana let out a shaky breath.

"Can you just count as one weakness?" Santana asked shakily. Brittany detached her lips and smirked,"Sure," before turning on her heel and walking away, leaving Santana hanging.

"Wait, where are you going?"

"To get Quinn's gift- I think it's about time to put it to good use."

The brunette didn't hesitate before running after her.

Santana woke up the next morning to the smell of breakfast and an empty bed. She tugged one of Brittany's shirts on over her otherwise naked body, since Brittany was a little bit taller than her the shirt covered up all of the...important bits like her own clothes wouldn't. Plus she kind of got used to wearing anything she could of Brittany's, it just made her feel closer to her girlfriend.

And her clothes smelled awesome.

Santana brushed her teeth before making her way to the blondes kitchen. Brittany was standing at the stove in just a tight tank top and short pajama shorts cooking something and Santana couldn't help but feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

"Morning babe, I'm making bacon!" Brittany chirped and Santana beamed.

"I'm so happy you're my girlfriend," she couldn't help but say,"Seriously, so so so happy and thankful." She doubted Rachel got up and did this for Quinn- and even if she did she wouldn't look half as hot doing it.

"I am too."

Santana closed the distance between them so she could kiss her.

"And can you believe it's only been two months since we've known each other?" Brittany asked.

"What? No way!"

"Yeah, it's been exactly two months- today's the 31st of December and we met on Halloween." Santana thought about it for a second before it clicked.

"Damn, you're right...I just feel like I've known you for so much longer." Brittany squeezed her hand tighter.

"I know, me too. Everything has happened sort of fast but...I'm not complaining about it one bit," she grinned," Now could you set the table, please?"

"Of course!" She already had the blondes kitchen memorized and she began to pull out different plates and silverware at the same time Brittany put out the food. They worked around each other and it was all very domestic, something that just sort of developed without either of them even realizing it.

"So what are our plans today? We doing anything special?" Santana asked between bites. Brittany loved that she used 'we' and 'our'. Like she automatically assumed they would be spending the day together. Brittany wouldn't want to spend it any other way.

"I don't know babe you tell me."

"Well Puck's throwing a party but that'll be going on all night, literally. You want to do anything else?"

"Well..." Brittany trailed.


"Well every year I kind of go to Times Square to see the ball drop but I'd understand if you would rather not-"

"Britt, stop. I'd love to go."


"Yeah, I've actually always wanted to go but no one wanted to go with me so I didn't."

"Well you're going with me this year! It's one of my favorite things about living here. All the people together, counting down to the New Year and then everyone celebrating afterwards...it's magical."

"Well then, I can't wait to experience it with you." They got caught up in the moment of just being with each other when Brittany broke the silence to continue their conversation,

"So what time are we going to Puck's?"

When they got to Puck's place it was absolutely packed. Music was blaring, people were dancing and everyone was drinking.

"Wow, Puck sure knows a lot of people," Brittany said, trying to wriggle her way through the crowd.

"Yeah, I seriously doubt he knows half the people here."

"Does he have parties often?"

"Oh yeah, he's the party king- especially since he gets all the free alcohol he wants."

"Well parties are good for one thing..."she trailed and Santana gave her a questioning look,"Ms. Lopez would you care to dance?"

"Do you even have to ask?" Santana responded and they immediately hit the dance floor. They weren't overly sexual or technical about their dancing- they just did it to have fun. Something Santana had forgotten to do. With Brittany, everything was easy. She didn't have to impress anyone, all she had to do was focus on herself and Brittany- which was something she could do all day.

They laughed as Brittany tried to lead them and waltz to the rap song that was currently playing and they got a few weird looks but neither of them really gave a fuck. All they cared about was each other.

"Brittany!" someone called over the music.

"What the- Tina?" Brittany said, surprised to see the girl here, tugging Artie along," What are you doing here?"

"Puck invited us- Blaine, Kurt, Unique, and Sugar are around here somewhere too..."

"Wow, mission accomplished San, our friends get along!"

"Oh they more than get along," Artie said suggestively.

"What?" Santana asked.

"Puck asked Sugar to be his date tonight!" Tina informed them, ever the gossip.

"No way!" Brittany gasped.

"Better watch out, Puck is a poacher and a big one night stand guy. You might have to be a shoulder to cry on Britt," Santana laughed, though she wasn't joking. At all.

"Actually, he seems to really like her," Kitty interjected coming to join them.

"Oh really?"

"Yup!" Marley appeared on Santana's other side," Like always, we're on top of everything. Puck has been exchanging flirty texts since the party at your house, San."

"Really? That long?"

"Uh-huh, and Finn told me he was sad she wasn't at the Hamptons but he didn't want to ask and risk being figured out."

"Oh yeah, and I heard from Unique that they went on a date."

"What? Marley, since when do you talk to Unique?" Santana asked.

"Since you taught me to know everything...and since I actually found I like her. We've hung out a couple times."

"Well, good," Santana said, not knowing what else to say. Brittany bumped her and shot Santana a look," I mean uh, I'm proud Mar."

"Really?" the younger girl beamed.

"Yeah, uh do you know where Puck is by the way?"

"Kitchen, I think."

"Great, thanks."

"See you around guys!" Tina said and everyone said bye.

"What was that San?"


"Marley looks up to you like most people look up to Meryl Streep and tries to please you in any way she can, you've gotta throw her a bone sometimes."

"I do!...sometimes." Brittany gave her another look," Okay, fine, I don't. But hey, there's my first New Year's Resolution! Let people know I appreciate them more!"


"Well my New Years Resolution is to start a successful band with my boyfriend here!" Kurt slurred, as he grabbed Blaine, blocking their path.

"And these two rascals said they'd help us out!" he said pointing to Ryder and Jake. All four of them looked exceptionally drunk.

"Really you two?" Santana asked skeptically, knowing they were always up for pulling pranks.

"Marley thought it would be a good idea," Jake shrugged.

"Yeah, bands get chicks. And with these two being gay and Jake being taken-"

"-ALMOST taken."

"I'm a shoe in to get all the ladies!"

Santana shook her head at their drunkenness, doubting this pact would last till morning.

"Well I'll definitely support you guys!" Brittany promised and Ryder's eyes widened.


"Yeah of course!"

"But you're so hot," he said, his mouth slightly parted.

"Uh huh, that's enough, c'mon, let's go find Puck!" Santana interjected.

"Bye guys! Happy New Years!"

"I did not like the way he was looking at you."

"C'mon he was a drunk teenage boy- you know he wouldn't have said that sober."

"Yeah, well he's never gonna do it again once I'm through with him."

"C'mon San, it wasn't that bad. Now c'mon, let's get a drink and make this New Years Eve even better!"

"You sure you're having fun?"

"Of course I am! And now I actually get to look forward to having someone to kiss at midnight."

"Really? Who?" Santana feigned obliviousness. Brittany hit her lightly and gave her another look," Ohhhh ME! Well, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't flattered..." The blonde rolled her eyes.

"Actually I meant Ryder. He would totally be into it wouldn't he?" Santana glared.

"You better be joking."

"Or maybe Finn, he seemed kinda bummed that his ex turned to the ladies. It would only be friendly to help him get his self-esteem back up."

"Okay, now I know you're joking."

"Well if you're taken, I'm always available Santana," a familiar voice said. A voice that made Brittany instinctively grab Santana and hold her close.

"Dani," she seethed. Seriously? What the hell was she even doing here? And why did she always have to pop up randomly?

"Hey Dani! What are you doing here?" Santana asked.

"I know a friend of a friend of Rachel's and apparently this is one of the biggest parties going on tonight. I had no idea you two were going to be here but I can't say it was an unwelcome surprise. A day seeing a face as beautiful as yours is always a good one," she said to Santana and Brittany bristled with possessiveness.

"Well it's good to see you too and uh, sorry about that one time you dropped our pizza off. If I had known it was you at the door I wouldn't have acted so...inappropriately," Santana confessed sheepishly.

"It's okay...besides your girlfriend here has a super nice ass," she winked at Brittany and the blondes jaw dropped. Now Santana was the one that was pissed," Anyway, just thought I'd say hey, I'll see you guys around." She gave them one last grin before turning around and disappearing into the crowd.

"Ugh, that little bitch, your ass is mine," Santana stated.

"Yeah now you know how I feel- sucks doesn't it? She's not so 'harmless' now is she?"

"Alright, alright you made your point," Santana grumbled. Brittany smiled and wrapped her arms around the other girls waist.

"But this ass is yours."

"And mine is yours," Santana smiled.

"Wow you guys are soooo romantic," Quinn interrupted them, also visibly inebriated.

"More romantic then you are Quinnie."

"I highly doubt that, Sanny," she said booping her on the nose.

"Quinn, are you drunk?" Brittany asked. Quinn moved from Santana and threw her arms around Brittany's neck.

"Only if you want me to be Barbie," Quinn winked and Brittany's eyes widened.

"What the fuck is wrong with her," she leaned back but Quinn stayed where she was.

"Want to come back to my dream house and play dress up?"

"Not now Quinn! I've had enough of people hitting on my girlfriend!" Santana said pulling at her but the shorter blonde wasn't budging.

"Seriously, what's going on?" Brittany asked, confused and slightly creeped out. Quinn gasped suddenly and jumped into Rachel arms who looked like she was searching for her.

"Rachey!" she squealed. And Rachel just smiled, rolled her eyes, and hugged her back.

"Sometimes when they're drunk Quinn and Santana act like each other," she explained.

"We do not!" Santana protested.

"Uh, yeah you do," Finn supported. He and Puck appearing from out of the kitchen.

"Remember last Fourth of July you totally came onto me- while Quinn and I were still dating," Puck said.


"Rachey, Britt looks really hot tonight do you think she'd be down for a threesome?" Quinn asked innocently and the other blonde's eyes widened comically.

"Okay, that sounds a little like me..." Santana admitted.

"No more drinks for you," Rachel said taking away the shot she just picked up.

"Oh Puck, while you're here I wanted to tell you that Brittany and I are ducking out early."

"Oh?" he asked wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

"Not for that you perv! We're going to Times Square for the ball drop."

"Oooo I've never done that! That sounds fun!" Quinn said excitedly.

"You want to go?" Rachel asked.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Pleeeaaase babe can we go?"

"Yes sweetie we can go."

"Yaaaaay!" Quinn cheered and Rachel smiled at her antics.

"You're loving this aren't you?" Brittany asked the small brunette.

"Let's just say there aren't a lot of times when she's carefree and she let's me take care of her."

"Oh I want to go to Times Square too!" Finn added. Brittany turned to Santana.

"I thought you said no one wanted to go with you?" Santana's eyes widened, she'd been caught.

"Umm...well, what I meant was... I was embarrassed to ask anyone so I've never actually gone and I'm really glad you asked because I wouldn't want to go with anyone but you?"

"Mhmm, keep blushing babe, red's your color," Brittany's words got the desired affect of making Santana's blush darken.

"Well hell if I'm gonna get left out! I'm going too!" Puck said.

"What!? Puck this is your party you can't just leave!" Rachel told him.

"Yo Sam!" he called, the blonde boy's head looked from Mercedes to them," Hold the fort down while I'm gone alright?"

"Sure thing!" Puck turned back to them.

"See? Now let me go get Sugar..."

"Wait you're bringing her?"

"Duh, she's my date!" he said nonchalantly. She actually meant a lot to him but he wasn't ready to tell his friends yet.

"But-" Santana said," Uhh never mind." Choosing not to make fun of him. He'd tell them how he felt when he was ready. She knew that.

Drunk Quinn did not share the same intuition or discretion, however.

"Oooo Puckey likes someone! Aaaaaw I knew you were a big softie! I can totally share my knowledge with her from when you and I dated!" she teased. Puck scowled but ignored her and went to find Sugar.

"Puck and Sugar sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-L-M-N-O-P!" Quinn sang, though everyone ignored her.

"Wow, Britt. You might have helped to tame another one of our wild cards. Puck didn't even say anything to defend himself," Rachel commented. Brittany shrugged and leaned to kiss Santana,

"What can I say? I've got a gift." Puck came back with Sugar in hand.

"Alright! Let's get out out of here!"

"Wait, we're going now?" Santana asked," We just got here!"

"Santana, I can throw a kick ass party any day, you can only see the ball drop in Times Square live once a year."

"Alright, alright, come on then!"

"Holy shit. Watching TV is so much different from actually being here," Santana said, looking around and taking everything in.

"See? I told you it was awesome!" As to be expected, the place was packed. You had to fight to move through people if you could at all, and everything was illuminated by the large electronic billboards of Times Square.

"What are we going to do for an hour?" Finn asked.

"Drink duh!" Sugar said.

"No, no more drinking," Quinn shook her head, a lot more sober than when they left the apartment," I need to save some of my dignity."

"Aww I thought you were cute, all happy and bouncy," Rachel said.

"Really? Well...at least I didn't hit on Santana. That's when you know I've had too much."

"Hey!" Santana protested.

"And Brittany I'm sorry I-"

"Don't mention it, Quinn, seriously."

"Okay great, Quinn still has some dignity, but what are we gonna do for a whole hour?"

"I'm kinda hungry," Santana shrugged.

"Well, we can't give up our spot. We went through a lot of shoving to get here."

"I can get stuff, it's not like I have a date to entertain anyway," Finn pouted and all the girls hearts ached for him- well, except for Santana who snickered with Puck.

"Oh, you don't have to go Finn," Rachel said.

"I'll take a hot dog and a beer buddy!" Puck called.

"Make that two!" Santana said. Brittany hit her again,"Oww, Britt!"

"Santana, he's sad and lonely."


"So he's one of your best friends! Go talk to him!"

"But-" Brittany gave her a stern look," Okay, okay...hey Finn! Wait up! I'll help you out." The tall boy smiled and waited for her.

"Okay, guys we'll stay right by this light post!"

"You better!" They began making their way through the crowd.

"So you and Brittany are still good huh?"

"Yeah duh, but that's not what I wanted to talk to you about."


"You know me, I cut right to the chase- so why are you so mopey huh? I mean, Quinn going gay couldn't have hurt you that bad. Could it?"

"No, no it's not that it's just...I don't know, I've been single for awhile now and seeing all my friends finding someone kinda hurts. I want to be happy and in a relationship too."

"Aww, don't get down on yourself you big oaf. Me, Quinn, Puck- we just got lucky! Well, Quinn learned to pull her head out of her ass but that's not the point. The point is, out of the four of us you know you have the best shot at finding someone. The three of us, we've got our obvious, unlovable qualities but you- you're good through and through. And when you least expect it, a girl who actually deserves you will see you like we do and love you for it."

"You really mean that San?"

"Of course I do! I'm always straight with you! Well, not straight, but- ugh, you know what I mean."

"Yeah, I do, and thanks," he picked her up and squeezed her tightly.

"Ow! Shit Finn! You're crushing me!"

"I'm crushing you with totally platonic love!" he said swinging her back and forth a little before setting her down.

They made there way to a hot dog stand and stood in the not-as-long-as-they-thought-it-would-be long line. When they finally got to the front, a young blonde woman was the only one manning it.

"Hi, seven hot dogs and beers please!"

"I.D. Please? N-never mind. Doesn't matter. I'll get that started for you," she looked tired and overworked.

Santana and Finn watched worriedly as the obviously frustrated girl tried to get their order prepared.

"Are you okay?" Finn asked.

"Yes, I'm fine," she assured him politely before she started to cry. She didn't stop working though.

"Hey slow down, are you sure you're okay?"

"HEY COME ON, WHAT'S THE HOLD UP!?" someone screamed behind them.

"It's just been a stressful evening, I've been here all day trying to make up some spare money. I've made a good profit but I haven't had a break all day."

"Oh, well, that's not good. You can't work yourself thin like that!" Finn told her.

"I have to, I-"


"SHUT THE FUCK UP AND STOP BEING SUCH AN IMPATIENT LITTLE SHIT!" Santana turned around and yelled back at the guy complaining, who immediately shut up.

"Come on, you've got to take a break- we'll even help you out. What do you say, you up for it?" The woman looked up at him and nodded slightly. Finn smiled and turned around to yell,

"WE'RE CLOSED!" Everyone groaned but dissipated to go back to their own spots.

"Hi, I'm Finn Hudson."

"And I'm Santana Lopez."

"Finn, Santana," the blonde woman smiled," You just earned yourself free hot dogs and beers, courtesy of Holly Holiday."

"Is that your stripper name?" Santana asked recklessly.

"San!" Holly chuckled,

"No, it's fine. And no, that's my real name. Thanks for knocking some sense in to me- it's just tough for a nineteen-year-old runaway to make a living in New York, y'know?"

"No, not really," Finn said truthfully. Holly's face fell,"But I have sympathy for you...uh, would you like to hang out with our friends and us to watch the ball drop?"

"Sure, anything is better than standing here all alone."


Holly locked her cart and chained it to a tree, but not before getting some goods for them, and they made their way back to the rest of the group.

"Sorry, I'm not usually much of a crier but sometimes you just snap."

"I totally understand! I'm a football player so I know all about snaps." Holly genuinely laughed,

"You're funny, Finn Hudson."

"Really? Thanks!" Santana laughed at his goofiness, and noticed that this Holly girl immediately took a liking to him. They mostly talked between each other while Santana eavesdropped. When they made it back they only had twenty minutes to wait.

"Hey you made it back," Brittany immediately went to Santana. For a second there she was worriedly they'd get lost and she wouldn't get her midnight kiss from her girlfriend.

"Was there ever any doubt?"

"Of course not, now where's the food," Puck asked. Holly held up the bag," Woah, who are you?"

"This is Holly and she sold us the hot dogs," Finn explained," Holly this is Puck, Sugar, Quinn, Rachel, and Brittany." After introductions, Finn and Holly kept going with their conversation as the rest of them munched on their hot dogs.

"So who is that?" Quinn whispered to Santana.

"Just some girl we met. She seemed kinda down so Finn helped her out."

"She's cute," Rachel commented.


"Maybe there's something there," Brittany added.


"But we're totally running a background check on her later," Quinn said.

"Oh definitely," her best friend agreed.

"Wait, you guys actually do that?" Brittany asked, only slightly surprised.

"Of course! We protect each other!" Santana said.

"Yeah, you don't want to know how many random facts I know about you, Brittany," Quinn told her.

"Okay...that's a little weird."

"Don't worry, I like you now so I won't be doing anything with that information."

"You like me?" the taller girl asked incredulously.

"Well...yeah...so far you're my favorite of Santana's girlfriend's," she admitted.

"Aww! Thanks!"

"FIVE MINUTES!" Puck announced. They split into couples at his words.

"Ready for the New Year?" Santana asked Brittany in the finally minutes of 2013.

"Yes! There are so many things to look forward to! The romance that spring brings, your graduation, summer vacation- I can't wait!"

"Speaking of romance I think Finn has found some," Santana said, spying on her friend who tucked a strand of hair behind Holly's ear," He better be careful, we don't know anything about this girl."

Santana's attention snapped back to Brittany when the blonde pulled the same move on her.

"It's cute how you care. But I don't think you have anything to worry about I mean, you didn't know much about me when we met and you still tried for me, right? For all you know I could've been some crazy gold digger."

"Yeah, but I could tell you weren't. You're too good for that. Sometimes I still can't believe you fell for me..."

"And I can't believe you even looked twice at me- but this whole year's been crazy. Especially these last few months. I can't believe it's going to be over in..." She looked up at the countdown,"thirty seconds."

"Yeah I know, but it's been a good crazy...do you have any regrets?" Santana asked cautiously.

"Only that I wish I saw you for you instead of your age sooner."

"Well that's not entirely your fault, plus I think we made up for lost time."

"FUCK YEAH 2014 IS ALMOST HERE, WOOOO!" some guy screamed.

"I love you Britt, and I'm glad you did see me for me," she said as the countdown reached five seconds.

"I love you too San and I'm glad you gave me another chance."

"I would give you a billion chances because I know you're worth it."


They leaned into each other at the same time and kissed passionately, finally getting their midnight kiss, though their enormous smiles didn't make it so easy. People were cheering and music was playing and fireworks were going off but all they cared about was each each other.

"Best year ever," Brittany breathed when she pulled away.

"Yeah...and I guess the holidays are officially over...huh?" Santana asked, it was bittersweet really. She hoped the romance of the holiday season in New York wouldn't fade- but with how much she loved Brittany she seriously doubted it would.

"Yeah, but don't be sad babe. The holiday's will be back next year." They both smiled at each other like they were ridiculously in love- because they were.

They couldn't wait to start and spend the new year (and hopefully many more years) together.

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