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Chapter Thirty Nine


We'd almost cleared the house while the guilty three stood together with Jessie, the Denali's having vanished as soon as they were able. Peter looked round the room then turned to Garrett,

"Was it something we said?"

Seeing Esmes shocked face I went over and took her hand,

"I'm sorry Esme but they deserved what they got. I don't know how you live with the manipulations of Alice and Edward but I can't. I thought they loved me, I thought Alice was my friend but she's no one's friend unless there's something in it for her. I feel sorry for Jessie but at least he knows what he's getting tied up with. We'll go now, sorry to spoil your party."

As we left I saw Alice holding on to Jessies arm while Carlisle walked slowly back to Esmes side,

"Do you think it was warning enough for Alice?"

"I'll let you into a little secret Bella, Alice is going to pay dearly for her sins and I don't have to lift a finger, just keep silent"


"Jessie as he calls himself, is actually a clever and gifted vampire who has found himself a very comfortable billet with the Cullens. His real name is Johann and he's originally from Austria not Texas. His gift is very clever, you see he can manipulate your thoughts, or in Alice's case her visions of the future. She saw a rosy life for herself with an adoring mate, all sunshine and roses, when in reality he will spend her money, sleep with as many of her friends as he can and then ride off into the sunset leaving a sadder wiser Alice Cullen."

"You're not going to tell her or Carlisle?"

He shook his head,

"Let her reap what she's sown. I have other more important issues"

"Oh, such as?

"Follow the others."

I looked at him but he just smiled, there was something going on I was sure and I thought I was the only one not in on the secret. Hearing footsteps behind us I saw Emmett and Rose hurrying to join us.

"That went well. Esme is busy tearing strips off Carlisle and Edward while Alice is trying to get more out of Jessie who is turning the charm on. Should we be concerned about him?"

"I don't think so, he's quite capable of looking after himself. I'll explain later, for now don't you have somewhere to be?"

They nodded and ran on ahead.

"What's going on Jasper? You're making me nervous."

"You'll see soon enough darlin'"

A few streets away he pointed to a brightly lit marquee in a small park.

"Shall we?"

He escorted me into the marquee where our friends stood along with a man I'd never seen before, a vampire not a human thank goodness. Peter and Charlotte, Rose and Emmett and Garrett who were all dressed differently now in smart suits and formal dresses smiled when they saw my face. Garrett took my hand and kissed it before putting it into Jasper's outstretched one then turned to the stranger and nodded. At the same time I heard a guitar start to play and turned to see a grinning Peter playing a very familiar tune. I now knew why we were here and my chest swelled with love and happiness. As the stranger spoke the familiar words I saw Peter wink at Charlotte who smiled back. It was almost surreal and I was left speechless until Rose jabbed me in the ribs to make my vows. After the ceremony Jasper waltzed me around the park in the moonlight like a Disney Princess and all the time Peter played on. When we finally left sometime just before dawn I couldn't believe what had happened.

With us went Peter and Charlotte, Rose and Emmett, but Garrett excuse himself,

"I have a date with a certain blonde in a couple of hours"

We laughed as he sauntered off alone, hands in his pockets whistling merrily as he disappeared from view, then Peter spoke.

"Trust Garrett to not only stick the knife in but twist the fucker too"

"I'm lost"

"Bella, it's a sad tale but true. Edward was using Tanya to get over you, he's always liked her and she likes anything in trousers, or out of them I hear. By taking his pacifier after exposing him for an ass hole to all his friends he was not only stabbing him in the heart but twisting the knife savagely too"

Jasper shook his head at Peter's words then turned to me,

"I think its time we went home Mrs Whitlock, I also think we might have a few permanent house guests. You coming Peter, Emmett?"

The others linked arms with us,

"It wouldn't be the same without Bella around to keep us all in line."

I smiled at the thought of our friends staying close, I'd come to love all of them.

"And no one is going to tell Alice about Jessie?"

"Jessie? No, I think we'll just watch and enjoy Bella, how about you Major?"

"Oh I have other things to watch and enjoy Peter but you be my guest."

Our laughter floated in the air as we walked back to the car ready to head home

It wasn't until many weeks later that Garrett appeared just as he had the last time only with a big grin this time

"So, you finally had enough of Tanya the succubus?"

"Man is she a woman! I left before she killed me. Besides which I had some news I thought might interest you all."

"Do tell? Is it steamy?"

"Peter shut up"

Charlotte whacked the back of his head

"Ouch, I was only asking. I wish you'd stop doing that, the brain is a delicate instrument, it needs treating with care"

"Peter we already established there's only one cell still firing"

"Fuck you Garrett. Oh no, you're all worn out aren't you? Sorry"

Garrett laughed and took a chair on the porch

"Are you ready for Uncle Garrett to tell you all a story?"

We sat waiting to hear his news in his own inimitable fashion,

"Right, if you're sitting comfortably I'll begin. Carlisle and Edward had a visit from the Volturi guard. A friendly warning to keep away from the Whitlocks. I think Aro is scared if anyone upsets you there might be a chance you'd link up with the Romanians and stage a coup."

"About time those Italian fuckers did something useful."

"That's not all, there's been another development in Italy. It seems Marcus Volturi has decided to leave the happy little gang. He appears to feel he's served his sentence so he is branching out on his own. I understand he's promised to stay away from you and the Romanians, perhaps Aro doesn't trust him either"

"Aro doesn't trust his own shadow so no surprises there."

"True Major but it does mean that the Volturi will be watching closely for any suspicious moves on his and the Whitlocks part."

"They can watch all they like Garrett, we just want a quiet life. What about Alice and Jessie?"

"Ah, loves sweet dream Bella, they're getting married next month but don't hold your breath for an invitation."

"Well we didn't invite them to ours so I guess its only fair. How long do you think it will last?"

"Until either he milks her dry or she wises up. Fancy a wager Peter?"

"Sure why not. I say she finds out what he's up to."

"No way, love is blind remember. He's in for the long haul. The Cullens are rolling in it don't forget."

"We'll see. For now I guess its back to the daily grind. Fancy showing Garrett those new horses Major?"


AS much as I'd looked into my future and seen everything was wonderful I couldn't help a nagging doubt that Jazz and Peter knew something about Jessie that I didn't, and that unnerved me., My gift had never steered me wrong before but even so. I sent out feelers through friends trying to find out more about Jessie but no one had anything bad to say about him, then again no one had anything good either. He was a mystery man and I hated mysteries. After the wedding I would find a way to expose his secrets, maybe even use what I learned for my own ends but I would have to be careful, the Volturi eyes were on the family all the time. We were all under suspicion and all because of one human girl my brother couldn't resist, Bella Swan.