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Leo, Calypso, Frank, and Hazel decided to have lunch at a café near their place in New Rome. It was a lovely day, with clear clue skies and the perfect temperature, but moods were glum.

Hazel had said something that might have set back Leo and Calypso's "relationship meter." It was nothing really, just a passing comment about a past incident with nymphs and Narcissus, but girls were girls, which meant they got jealous about other girls. It was enough to give a guy a god-sized headache.

Leo gloomily ate his sandwich. Hazel picked at her food, and Calypso barely touched anything. Frank, well, this Leo/Calypso thing didn't really affect him, but he worried about Hazel, who looked like she was blaming herself.

Jason and Piper walked up to the sulking group.

"Hey," Piper said cautiously, taking in the tense mood floating about. She latched onto Jason's arm. "Sorry about earlier. I was pretty stressed and homesick and dadsick… and I don't know…" Sighing, she closed her head and leaned into Jason's side.

There were a few mumbles from the four about it being okay and understandable. The standing couple glanced at each other, having a silent, concerned conversation.

Leo had his head in his hands and stared down at the table. The dark wood had breadcrumbs and water droplets scattered about. The weekend was supposed to be a great time for Calypso and him to get closer, but darn…

He got up, brushed himself off, and addressed the others, "Well, I'm done. I'll meet you guys back at Frank's place I guess."

They nodded. Piper and Jason left, and Calypso, Hazel, and Frank (who was finishing up his lunch) stayed behind.

The walk to the small home was short, but at least he had time alone to mull over things. Festus was being cared for in the stables. The shop was locked up and ready to be opened again when they got back. Leo was okay physically, which was good, considering he was a demigod who smelled pretty bad. Calypso was… well, he didn't know. He didn't think he'd ever know what she felt like.

When he first met her, she hated him and the feeling was mutual. Then he had found her crying and loosened a bit up. He began working on a way off the island while Calypso cooked him food and made him clothes. Then both of them had worked together and built a device for a raft, which had shown up at the end, meaning Calypso must have liked him. And then she kissed him. And from there on forward, Leo had no idea.

He was sprawled out on the couch with his shoes off when Calypso entered through the front door. They made eye contact, which lasted very shortly. Calypso's eyes reflected a little bit of pain and confusion and… something else, something soft and warm. But Leo could place no word to match it. She walked past him and into her room without a sound or even the smallest glance in his direction. It made Leo's heart crack. For something figurative, it hurt a lot.

When the door closed, Leo could hear a muffled groan from the room, like her face was buried in a pillow. Following that was the run of the showerhead from the guest bathroom.

Leo stared at the ceiling. She was his first real love. What he thought he had with Khione was nothing compared to how he felt for Calypso. Calypso was like a soft, warm ray of sunshine, a cool breeze in the hot summer air, a flower in a forest of weeds. When ever he was near her, his heart stopped working like a broken engine or it sped up like an oiled clog. Leo just couldn't bring himself to brave up and tell her, which was funny, because defeating Gaea seemed easier than this.

The minutes passed, Calypso was out of the shower but still mulling about in her room, when Frank and Hazel came back. They seemed better, but who could really tell.

Leo heard Hazel whisper something to Frank, then she went into Calypso's room.

"Hey." He said to Frank.

Frank nodded. "Hey."

They shared that manly "hey" thing that guys always do and Frank walked into his bedroom. Leo heard a sprinkle of water and a "Hey, Coach. How's Mellie and the kid?"

He wanted to get up and fix something, but he didn't have anything that needed fixing. Muffled voices came from the guest room, it was hard to tell, but he thought he heard his name.

Now I dare you to not listen when someone was talking about you. Leo sprang from the couch, and as quietly as he could, he snuck to put his ear against the door.

H: So… how are you feeling?

C: *sigh* Confused. Definitely confused.

"Is it about, um, Leo?"


"If you don't want to tell me, it's okay. I'm not really that close to you or whatever."

"No, it's okay. At least you'll understand."

"Probably. So what is it?"

"Um, it's… definitely Leo."

Leo cringed. Was he a problem? Did he bother her? Did he—

Calypso blurted out quickly, "I really like him and I'm even more confused because I don't know if he feels the same and that would be weird because if he doesn't feel the same it'll be bad, like really bad and I don't really know him that well but I feel like I know him, you know?"

Leo turned red. Oh. He wanted to tell her he really liked her too, but that would show he was listening.

Hazel laughed. "I can't tell you whether he likes you back or not, he'll have to say himself. What I can tell you is that during the whole Narcissus thing, the 'Team Leo' thing was just to get the crazy nymph fangirls away so Narcissus wouldn't look at the bronze we needed. Nothing love related. And not with Echo either; she was trying to save Mr. Vain from dying again."

Calypso sounded embarrassed when she spoke. "Oh. I guess. I mean, I was just…"

"I know what you mean. Starting a relationship with someone is just as hard as keeping it together, which means no love rivals. Even misunderstandings like when Frank thought Leo had a thing for me."

"Did he? Does he?"

Hazel chuckled again. "No, he's related to my old possible-boyfriend back when I was alive. For the first time, I mean. He looks a lot like Sammy did."


"Long story. Tell it to you later."

There was a silence broken by Calypso. "I think I'm going to talk to Leo. Maybe tell him how I feel."

Leo heard her get up from sitting on the bed, but reacted much to late. He had just realized that she was leaving the room right through that very door when she opened it and he fell on the floor inside.

He crashed in a tangled heap, pulling Calypso down with him. She was pinned underneath him, and Calypso turned redder than a ripe tomato in her garden. Leo could feel his ears heating up.

He winced at her. "Um, hello?"

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