This is my very first fan fiction. It is inspired by Christina Feehan's Dark Series, Maggie Shayne's Immortal high witch series, Highlander and the many Lord of the Rings fan fiction I've been reading in the past two months.

This will be a slash, i.e. male-male love. If you don't like that, please do not read. As I stated earlier, this is my first ever fanfic, please, please be kind and review =) This story is a two-parter, so if people think that this is crap and a waste of time, please let me know so that I don't continue.

Pairing: Lucien/Young Legolas

Main characters:

Lucien : an immortal high witch

Young Legolas: star of the elves, born during a "meteor shower" and thus is bearer of the light of many stars; has very, very powerful magic.

Darius : Lucien's friend and another immortal high witch

Haldir: An elf, Legolas' best friend and protector

Lazarus: the big bad guy, an immortal high witch turned dark sorcerer

Hope you like it =)