Jack could not be allowed to go back to Burgess. If he took the storm with him there was no telling what could happen to the city. The only thing that was certain was that Jack would never be able to forgive himself. North could not allow the boy to leave.

"Jack you can't-"

"That sounds like a great idea!" Bunny interrupted.

"Bunny!" Tooth snapped.

"No it's perfect. Jack can go play with Jamie and get all this energy out. You would like that wouldn't ya Jack!"

Jack nodded vigorously. North glared at the Pooka with a dark look that said 'what in world are you doing you insane rabbit?'. Bunny only mouthed 'trust me' in response.

"Why don't we all go to the sleigh?"

"Can't…" Jack said shivering. "The doors are bolted…and frozen."

"Well then…what about the globe room?"

"Window…" Jack trailed off. "Same…"

"Hmm…Then why don't you go search around for a window that isn't frozen." Bunny said with a smile. "And I'll kick it open for ya."


The winter spirit tilted his head. Even in his delirious state Jack seriously doubted Bunny's ability to kick open a window.

"You can do that?"

Bunny jumped up and kicked a near by table. The icy table broke free from the floor and split into two as it smashed into the floor. Bunny gestured to the pieces. Jack smiled and leapt up into the air. Without a word he flew off to find an unfrozen window. Bunny quickly turned to the others.

"Okay, that should only keep him occupied for a minute so we need a real plan."

The others all turned to North.

"I need a moment." The Russian said trying to think.

"You might want to make it a quick one. Jack will be back soon." Tooth reminded.

"Da, da, I know…wait, when Jack shut himself in library he fell asleep. Was very short nap, but the windows were able to melt."

Sandy raised his hand as if to volunteer himself.

"He's not just going to let ya bean 'em over the head with dream sand."

"Then you will distract him."


"Jack listens to you." Tooth explained. "You're the only one who can do it."

"While you distract Jack Sandy will come up behind him." North continued.

"What about you and Tooth?"

"We will assist you…"

"With what?"

"With-" Bunny turned and his ears dropped. "Uh oh."

Jack floated right behind them and he didn't look happy.

"I couldn't find a window." He said in a monotone voice. "They all froze solid."

Jack touch down on the floor. Ice shot out from his feet. The Guardians took a step back trying not to end up as popsicles. The blue eyed creature kept stepping closer. He didn't seem to notice the Guardians were afraid of him.

"That makes me sad…I really wanted to see Jamie…I miss playing outside…"

A stream of ice ran down the side of Jack's face, freezing like a icicle to his cheek. Tooth wanted to hug the boy but she was knew the moment she did she would be no better off than the yetis. The other Guardians shared the feeling.

"Come on mate, don't cry." Bunny urged bravely stepping forward.

The air around Jack was freezing cold, but Bunny couldn't stand to see him cry. He reached out to wipe away the ice from Jack's cheek. North couldn't help but notice the ice melt where Bunny stepped. On contact the child cried out and pulled away. More tears streamed down his face. A red paw print marked his face where Bunny had touched.

"That hurt!" Jack snapped tearfully.

The ice beneath Jack's feet still didn't spread despite Jack's anger. North muttered to himself; must be too warm. A light bulb appeared over North's head an a smile across his face. He grabbed bunny by the arm and yanked him back to the group. He whispered quickly.

"Play along." North raised his voice to Jack. "Since we cannot get out we will have fun inside!"

Sandy looked to Tooth and created another cuckoo clock. This time Tooth nodded in agreement.

"We will?" Jack asked, his tears finally drying leaving crystal lines on his cheeks.

"Da fun game! We will play hide and go seek. You like that game, da?"

The spirit nodded.

"Good then we will play, but there is twist."

"Twist?" He asked cocking his head.

"Da, you must go up to top floor and count to three hundred then we will each pick a wing to hide in. Whoever you find will help you search the other wings."

The spirit tilted his head considering the options. It sounded fun. He did like fun. Even down to his frozen core this twisted part of Jack could not deny he liked fun. The spirit finally nodded.

"Okay, but I'll count to four hundred. One hundred for each player."

"Da, da! That sounds good!" North agreed elated for the number to be raised.

Jack pointed about to the yetis with his staff.

"No cheating." He said as a fresh coat of ice began to spread.

The others nodded in agreement, shivering as a cold wave washed over them. With a smile the winter spirit flew off leaving an ice trail behind him. Tooth immediately turned to North.

"Okay, what's the real plan?"

"Bunny will hide, but we will go down to basement. Down there we will turn up heater to warm pole. The heat will cause Jack to become weak and thaw yetis without immediately tipping him off. Is two birds with one stone, da? Or three?"

"Da, I mean, yeah. Bunny get going." Tooth said pointing.

"Why do I have to be the one to hide?" Bunny said nervously.

"Your fur makes you warm enough that Jack won't touch you. The difference in temperature burns skin. Besides deep down he trusts you and you can steer him away from the basement long enough we can get heater to warm up." North explained. "Now go, Jack counts fast."

North pointed off towards the basement and then pointed Bunny the other way. Tooth and Sandy flew off immediately. They had had a lot of ground to cover in a short amount of time.

"Keep him away from basement door."

"Fine." Bunny grunted. "But why do I get the feelin' if this goes south you three will throw me under the bus?"

Before North could answer Bunny hopped off to find a place to hide. A sinking feeling in his chest told him that he was going to end up just like yetis, but he prayed to the moon that he wouldn't. The count down to doomsday begun and now it was slowly nearing three hundred.