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The best thing after a stressful morning of classes was the taste of a nice, hot, freshly-brewed cup of coffee. It would probably make a huge difference if I could manage to get my fix before class, but the thought of waking up ten minutes earlier just to get coffee seemed silly to me. Sleep longer, that would help you stay awake! So far my philosophy wasn't working, but I would keep trying.

The coffee bar on campus wasn't busy, and I was lucky enough to get my order in before the afternoon rush came to suck up the free Wi-Fi for their homework and daily Facebook surfing. I was going to sit down in one of the comfy looking chairs, but I knew if I did, someone from one of my classes would find me and want to copy notes or something as equally annoying. I wasn't in the mood for forced human interaction, especially with the huge midterm I had to finish for my gender studies class hanging over my head.

Instead, I gave the chair a longing look as I walked out the door. It was probably not my brightest idea because having my eyes glued on the inanimate object meant I didn't see the solid body I walked into.

"Oomph," I said as I collided with something hard. I dropped my coffee, and it splashed all over my new Team Edward Rochester shirt.


I looked down to survey the damage to my ironic tee and noticed shoes—very expensive shoes, the shiny kind that now had my favorite cup of coffee all over them. My cheeks heated as I looked up to face the owner of the shoes. The glare I was expecting was absent, and instead I was met with a dazzling smile on a very handsome stranger.

"I'm so sorry," I squeaked out as I lunged to the side to grab a wad of napkins. My humiliation only doubled when I bent down to help clean off his shoes, and I ended up bonking heads with him. It looked like we had the same idea, only while I had cheap napkins to clean up my mess, he had a nice looking handkerchief with the letters EC embroidered on it.

He chuckled as I muttered another apology, rubbing my aching head. He waved it off and motioned for me to move into the store so we weren't blocking the entrance. An unhappy employee came over to clean up the mess, muttering profanities under his breath the whole time.

Before I could apologize again, the stranger stopped me by offering me his hand to shake. I looked into his dark green eyes, and he seemed genuinely happy that I bumped into him, spilling hot coffee all over his nice shoes.

"I'm Edward Cullen. I'm Professor Banner's undergraduate teaching assistant," he said, his tone full of pride.

I slid my hand into his.

"I'm Bella Swan, coffee spiller." He gave me another one of his smiles, and I let go of his hand. I didn't want him to get disgusted if it got sweaty. This man was making me nervous, but something else too...dare I say, a little turned on?

His glasses were doing it. The way they framed his almond-shaped eyes and how they slid down his nose ever so slightly when he looked down at me, it made my stomach all flippy. I loved glasses on a guy, and he was wearing the hell out of those thick, black frames.

"Oh,God." He rubbed his hand over his face. "That made me sound pompous, didn't it?" He nervously ran his hand through his unusual-colored hair. I noticed it looked light brown, but when the light hit it, I could see patches of red. "I was only saying in case you thought I looked familiar."

"No? Should you look familiar to me?" I cocked my head and really looked at him. Why would this guy assume he looked familiar? I was confused. A guy this beautiful would be hard to forget.

"Well, I've seen you. You're in Mrs. Cope's gender studies class the same time I'm with Banner for his Intro To Bio class. The classrooms are down the hall from each other. I see you every Tuesday and Thursday. You've really never seen me?" I shook my head to confirm that what he said was correct, and he let out a little humorless chuckle. "Then I really feel like some creeper."

I laughed at his obvious discomfort. "You're not a creep, just highly observant, I guess. Unless you knew I would be here and followed me? Not that I would notice. I'm half asleep before my first cup of coffee."

I let the question hang in the air. Thankfully he shook his head. "I really didn't. I apologize if it looks that way now that I've told you I look forward to seeing you every Tuesday and Thursday. I just wanted a cup of coffee since I always forget to get it before morning classes."

I smiled at that. He was like me with his coffee habit. I found it refreshing to meet someone that wasn't stuck in the coffee line during the early hours.

Hold on, ignore the coffee coincidence. Did he just say he looked forward to seeing me?

"You look forward to seeing me those days?" I asked, bewildered, watching as his cheeks and the tips of his ears turned a little pink.

"There's no denying it. I do."

"Well, I'm sorry I haven't seen you then. And I'm even sorrier that when you finally do get my attention it's because I've ruined your shoes with my coffee. I feel so bad about that. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?" I asked, biting my lip.

He cleared his throat and looked away from my mouth, focusing on my eyes instead. "Actually, you can."

"Oh, great! Anything!" I said with a smile.

His eyes dropped to my lips once again before he started speaking. "Would you maybe go out with me tonight? My best friend's band is playing at Joe's Bar, and I would love if you came along."

Before I could reply, he whipped out a business card and handed it to me. "Look, here're my details. You can call me and let me know."

I glanced down, smiling as I read the card. On it was his name, number, email, LinkedIn and the title of Teaching Assistant. Well, he was clearly organized; that was a good sign.

I looked at the card in shock. This hot, bespectacled TA wanted to hang out at a bar with me? It was a Friday; that meant prime date night, and out of everyone, he was picking me?

Lost for words, I nodded my head. His reply was that damn smile that made me wet. I fidgeted where I stood, praying he didn't notice.

"Awesome, call me, and I'll let you know what time to meet me there," he said, and I continued nodding like I'm some brainless zombie as I walked to the door.

"Oh, and Bella," he said as I was about to leave the store. "Don't wear that shirt. The only Team Edward I want you on is mine."

Then, he winked.

That did it. I needed to go home and change my underwear and my yoga pants. Edward Cullen had officially ruined them. Seemed fair since I ruined his shoes.


By the time I got to my off-campus apartment, I realized I never got a new cup of coffee. I would need to do laundry soon since I clearly couldn't re-wear my favorite shirt with a damn coffee stain on it.

I took off my shirt, threw it in the hamper by my bed, and searched through all my clothes to find something that matched my yoga pants. Let's be serious, everything matches yoga pants.

Just as I was about to grab my old N*SYNC shirt that I've had since elementary school—the one I swear is lucky—my roommate and childhood best friend came barging into my room. She plopped down on my bed and scoffed at my cotton bra.

I almost laughed at the look of disgust on her face. It might have been one of my favorite bras, but she'd always hated it. "Bella, throw that away! I swear I had a training bra that looked exactly like that when I was in the fifth grade." She rolled her strawberry blonde hair between her fingers as she regarded me.

"Tanya, not everyone needs to wear triple stuffed, push-up cups or whatever. This is comfortable," I mumbled as I pulled the shirt over my head, hoping she wouldn't keep harping on about my shitty bra.

"Whatever. So what's got your face all flushed?" Her eyes widened when I blushed. She knew I had a story to tell.

"I met a guy today," I mumbled, and before I could look up, she grabbed my wrist and pulled me down onto the bed. She was bouncing up and down on the mattress, her hair going all over the place, and her smile as big as I'd ever seen it. She looked like she was on crack with how happy she was.

"Was it in a back alley? Did you have sex with him? Was it good?" she asked, her words going a mile a minute.

"Tanya, I'm not you!" I laughed, and she rolled her eyes.

"If only you were," she said, her tone completely serious.

Tanya was always trying to influence me to be more like her. Ever since we met on the first day of kindergarten, she took me under her wing and tried to push her spontaneous, carefree nature on me. It started out with cutting my bangs when we were eight and had escalated to forcing me to do body shots off of an attractive frat guy at the beginning of the year. The list was never ending.

"No, I met him at the coffee bar." I went on to tell her about what happened, and she seemed a little hesitant.

"The fact that he carries around a handkerchief is totally not giving me a gay vibe, at all," she said sarcastically as she scrunched her nose and shook her head.

"He's not gay!" I hissed, and she raised her eyebrow. "He asked me out tonight and said some sexy thing about my Team Edward shirt."

"Bella, there is nothing sexy about your Team Edward Rochester shirt. Nobody gets it."

"But his name is Edward, so he was all like 'the only Team Edward I want you on is mine'!" I smirked at her stunned expression. "And he winked."

Her face turned into a wide grin. "Isabella Marie Swan, you're so getting the D! He wants to give you his fucking D!" she screeched as she continued bouncing on my bed.

I covered my ears. "Tan, can we not be so vulgar about such a great event in my life? Maybe he just wants to hang out and get to know me."

"He wants to get to know you with his penis inside you. It's fine. I've gotten to know a ton of people that way!"

"Oh, God," I muttered, putting my head in my hands.

"Oh! This is almost as cute as how I met Felix at Walgreens!" It seemed like she got lost in thought until my laugh brought her back to reality.

She gave me a glare when I reminded her of how not cute it was to meet Felix. "You met him when you were buying a pregnancy test. He saw what you were purchasing and still gave you his number. That's just weird."

Her face got serious. "First impressions are a big deal, Bella! I couldn't have met him in a better way. Buying that test shows I'm committed. If I had bought a Plan B and he asked for my number, I would have judged his character."

I remembered that day fondly. She left the condo hysterical and crying that she might be pregnant with our neighbor's baby—who was in a very serious relationship at the time— and returned on cloud nine. She took the test and forced me to be in the room with her as she peed all over herself trying to aim correctly while telling me about meeting this Felix guy. After she found out she wasn't pregnant, she let out a huge sigh of relief, took the Grey Goose she had stowed under the sink, drank straight from the bottle and called him. That all happened before nine o'clock in the morning on a Tuesday. Who drinks that early on a freaking Tuesday? Actually, who drinks straight vodka that early at all?

"Whatever, things didn't work out, but we'll always have the checkout line in Walgreens. I'm getting my period in a couple days and am feeling emotional. I don't want to talk about this." She waved her hands like she was waving away the memory. "Back to the present. When are you calling him?"

Her question hung in the air as I looked at my purse. I knew the business card was in there, and I knew how easy it would have been to take it out and give him a call. But I was just not that spontaneous, carefree girl. I could sit there and think of a million reasons why it was better to not call him. I could get so much studying done if I stayed home. Maybe I would look too eager if I called right away. Waiting a couple of days might be better. Did he want sex? Then I'd have to shave my legs. The list just went on and on.

I knew I looked conflicted.

Tanya could smell my indecision because she tried to drive her point home.

"I know that look. That look is going to get you six cats and a house on a hill where no one visits. Everyone will know you as spinster Bella because you didn't take a chance on Edward. Before you know it your boobs will sag and no one will look your way. Your best friend will be your cats, who you will name after fictional characters. Maybe one will even be Edward, the one that got away. But at least you'll have time to read." She shrugged her shoulders as she looked at her nails.

I stared at her slack jawed and my stomach dropped. That was my fear. But I was still young. Could this one decision really change my life's path to the spinster track? Could I even survive being a spinster? I mean, I wasn't allergic to cats. And they did tend to like me.

Oh my god. What if I became a spinster.

Tanya sighed.

"Bella, before you decide, just remember that he's seen you every day so he knows how you favor yoga pants over every other form of acceptable clothing. He's obviously seen your attempt at humor with your ridiculous shirts with the sayings on them. And most importantly, he gave you his number when you have clearly not showered and your greasy hair is in a messy bun. I say go for it." She smiled encouragingly at me.

She had a point. I ran a hand through my hair and felt myself blush in embarrassment. Yeah, he'd accepted me at my worst, but did that mean he wasn't willing to wait for me to call?


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