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I looked back at Edward's friend Emmett and laughed. Maybe a little alcohol would give me a bit of extra courage. With my luck, I would get one of these horrible songs stuck in my head. It probably would never leave, and I would be stuck awake at night singing it to myself.

Not desirable.

"Yeah, I think I will have one." I smiled and motioned Charles over. "I have a tab set up already. You know, incase my club soda went dry," I said sarcastically.

Edward smiled but shook his head. "I can't have you buy me drinks. Aren't I the one supposed to be getting you drunk?" he joked.

"I never said you couldn't." I threw him my own wink. "Besides, just because I started a tab doesn't mean we can't split it or you can't just pay it."

"We aren't splitting anything. I'll take care of it." I smiled at his words. Such a gentleman.

"Well then, please be my guest." I ordered an appletini and he ordered a beer. I was surprised at his choice. I would have thought he would have ordered a Bud Light like most of the other college guys I knew, but instead he ordered a Stella.

As I looked at the green liquid, I heard a little voice in the back of my mind. My conscious decided to pay me a visit, and she plagued my thoughts with nothing but doubt. She was reminding me that I couldn't hold my alcohol to save my life. I was the epitome of a lightweight. When I got drunk—which had only happened twice—I turned into a different Bella. I lost all my inhibitions and became a more carefree Bella. A Bella that could pass for Tanya. Well, not really. But I did try to kiss someone at a party once when I was drunk, something which his girlfriend didn't appreciate.

I didn't remember any of that in the morning. Tanya gleefully told me the details. Turns out I did end up kissing someone—myself in the bathroom mirror. That was when I decided drinking wasn't always the smartest idea. And going to parties with Tanya was something I didn't want to indulge in ever again.

But that was a year ago. I had matured by now.

I would be fine.

I glanced up at Edward and was met with a cheeky grin. That seemed to be the last bit of a push I needed to force away the bad memories. Time to turn over a new leaf.

I sipped my drink and tried to hide my reaction as the alcohol burned my throat on the way down. Most of the frat parties Tanya dragged me to early in college didn't have anything top shelf, or really anything with a hard kick. Since I wasn't used to drinking, not being able to handle anything this strong was a given. I didn't like the burn that welcomed me when I swallowed.

He glanced over at me while his lips wrapped around his drink and I almost fell off the stool. He was a sight to see. His eyes were so green—I didn't know how someone could have eyes that color. He was just wow.

I looked down at my drink and held back a laugh. How fitting that I would be admiring his eyes and subconsciously get a drink that matched them.

"Damn, this song sucks." He laughed as he took another long sip of his beer. I watched his Adam's apple bob with his swallow, and I held myself back from tracing it with my tongue.

Instead, I looked over at the band and sighed. "'Grey Street' sucks. I'm ashamed of myself that I actually know the title of this song."

He laughed again. "I know what you mean. I know the words to most of their songs, unfortunately. Not the best thing to get stuck in your head. It's like torture!"

I nodded my agreement. This music was killing my ears. It wasn't that Emmett sucked. Actually, he had a great voice. It was soft and smooth, nothing like what I expected from such a solid guy. It was just the horrible music.


Edward and I shared a look and downed the rest of our drinks. He smiled, and I hid a grimace from the aftertaste. "Another," we both said in unison.

I threw my head back as I laughed, swaying as I did. Damn, I was feeling it already!

One drink turned into four for me and six for Edward. He started drinking rum and coke so it was a little stronger than his beer. I knew I was feeling it, and from the glassy look in his eyes, he was feeling it too. Probably still not as bad as me though.

A few hours later Edward asked me to dance, and the alcohol coursing through my system made me say yes. With newly found confidence, I led him to the floor and started swaying in time to the music.

I must have been drunk if I was swaying to this crap.

Edward set his hands on my hips, and we couldn't help but stare at each other as the music pulsed around us. As he continued to gaze at me, I had such a strong urge to tell him the first thing that came into my head.

In the back of my mind I knew I shouldn't, but the cocktails meant I had no verbal filter.

"Can I tell you a secret?" I asked, leaning into him as I took a deep sniff of his cologne.

"What?" He smiled.

"Your cologne smells like sex!" I giggled into his ear. My whispered secret came out a little louder than I intended, and the people next to us gave me a weird look.

He laughed and pulled me against him. "You like it?" My heart was pounding. I could really get used to being that close to him.

I nodded my head, maybe a little too eager because he simply laughed again. My head spun, and I tried to hold myself upright by clutching his arms.

I heard some commotion at the stage and saw that Emmett's band was done, and some guy with a keyboard was coming on stage. He was a skinny guy who wore his blond hair in a Mohawk of sorts. He was joined by a tall, dark skinned guy with dreads who was holding a bass, and a woman with long, fiery red hair. They looked interesting.

They practically pushed Emmett off the stage.

"We are the Nomads!" the blond screamed at the audience. "We're here to rock!" Then he went and started playing on his keyboard. I tried to hold back a laugh, but in all seriousness, they were pretty good. A little too techno for me, but the fiery girl had a good voice. Even if she did scream most of the time.

Everyone seemed to accept the change of music and people changed their swaying into grinding. I looked at Edward, and we tried to get into a good grinding position. Turns out it was harder to do than it looked. We attempted to grind, and we had fun so that's all that mattered.

The first song ended and everyone cheered.

"I want to hear you scream!" The redhead yelled into the microphone. I threw my head back and yelled as loud as I could. I was normally the quiet one, so I even surprised myself with how loud I got. But I was beyond excited the mellow music was done and the real stuff was starting, and I just had to let it out.

"Yeah, that girl has the right idea!" the lead singer shouted, pointing at me. Edward thought it was so funny, and he forced my hand up into the air. Everyone cheered as they nodded their heads at me.

"Yeah!" I agreed with them, enjoying the feel of Edward's hand on my skin.

"Let's see what you got, pretty girl!" the singer said as she wet her lips. I was trying not to think about why she was doing that. Thankfully, Edward was more than happy to help me ignore her as he helped me up on top of a table.

I looked at him in confusion and he gestured for me to talk. The table was shaking and I thought I was going to fall, but one look at Edward had my confidence up. "Let's dance!" I yelled, and everyone cheered.

"Let's get wasted too!" I added. Everyone also agreed on that one.

Then I heard someone in the back scream as loud as they could, "Let's get neoned!"

Everyone looked back and saw two girls standing there, clearly drunk, dancing with each other. They wore T-shirts with beards on them, and a Team Cricket button was fashioned to their shirts. They looked familiar, but I couldn't place them.

"Fuck yeah!" I said. "You rock, No Man!"

"It's Nomads!" The blond keyboardist snarled. A look of annoyance flashed across his sweaty face.

"Whatever! Let's get crazy!" I went to step down and almost fell on my ass. Thankfully Edward caught me before I could embarrass myself. He was laughing and gave me a quick kiss on my cheek.

"You commanded the room," he yelled over the music, and I just shrugged.

Everyone went back to dancing. The lead singer went back to staring at me, which was beyond creepy. I didn't have much time to dwell on it since Edward wasted no time in pulling me back against him, right where I wanted to be. We drunkenly started moving to the beat once again.

I squirmed uncomfortably as the lead singer continued to stare at me, causing Edward to pull me possessively against his side. I welcomed the comfort, enjoying the feel of his arm around me.

My head was swimming, but I felt safe that I wouldn't face plant in Edward's arms. I let go, I threw my hands up and thrust my butt into his crotch. "Let's do this!" I shouted, and everyone cheered along with me.

Edward's grip on my hips tightened as my dance moves got more fluid. It felt like the more I drank, the better I danced. So I ignored how I looked and had fun. And from the feeling of Edward's dick against my ass, he was enjoying it too.

"You're so sexy," he said in my ear. I looked over my shoulder at him and threw him a wink.

"Yeah? Good, that's what I want you to think."

He swung me around so we were facing each other. "I'm sorry, but I need to do this."

Looking up at him, I saw heat in his eyes. It looked like he was about to break, like he couldn't possibly hold back anymore. His eyes scanned my face before they settled on my lips. He groaned as I wet them unconsciously.

He pressed his lips against mine. He tasted like coke, and my tongue greedily searched his mouth, wanting more of the sweet taste. I grabbed his hair and pulled him even closer.

We must have looked crazy. It was a typical drunken kiss as lips sucked and teeth knocked together. I wanted more of what he could give me. His mouth was fierce against mine, dominating the entire kiss, and my knees almost buckled when his hand cupped my neck, fixing me in place. Not that I was going anywhere. I'd never had a kiss like this—so hot, demanding and as if he couldn't get enough.

He pulled away from me and caressed my cheek. My heart continued to pound as his hungry gaze roamed my face. He was staring at me like I was a piece of meat, and that thought caused butterflies to erupt in my stomach.

"Want to know my secret?" he asked, nuzzling into my neck.

"W-What?" I stammered.

"Alcohol makes me horny." He panted, and it felt like everything paused as he rubbed his erection against my thigh.

"You make me horny," I gasped.

"Ditto." He smiled, pulling back to look at me.

"Get a room," the girl next to us sneered. I forgot we were even in public, let alone in the middle of a dance floor.

"Well," I said, tilting my head to the side. "Let's do something about that."

"Yes, let's."

Edward pulled me through the crowded dance floor, his eyes telling me exactly what he was thinking. And damn, was I thinking it too. My heart was pounding with excitement as we weaved our way through the bodies.

It felt like I had Tanya in the back of my mind chanting "you're getting the D." But it was so true, I was getting the D. Anticipation pooled deep within my stomach as I let him lead me down a darkened hallway.

There was a long line of sweaty women waiting to fix their make up in the bathroom. A couple of them seemed to give Edward the once over, but who could blame them? Edward wore glasses better than Clark Kent ever could. He was damn hot.

"You're damn hot," I giggled as Edward pulled me into the men's bathroom. It was dark and smelled like sweat, but seeing Edward stare at me like I was something to eat erased all those environmental details from my mind.

"You're damn hot too," he growled as we ignored the lone guy using the urinal and went into the single stall. It was pretty big, and the metal of the stall was painted a deep green.

"Fuck, I want you," Edward said as he trapped me against the brick wall in the back. His nose started skimming the length of my neck as his hand bravely traveled under my dress.

"Do you want me?" His voice made me shiver in anticipation, his fingers tracing circles on my sticky thighs.

"Yes," I breathed out, sounding like a big, wanton whore.

His fingers toyed with the edge of my panties. "Are you wet for me, Bella?" His voice was smooth and went straight between my thighs. Thankfully, his strong arms were caging me in or else I would have fallen down with the way his voice turned my legs into jelly.

He trailed soft kisses up my neck, sucking my flesh into his hot mouth. God, did I wish that was another part of my anatomy, somewhere preferably lower.

"Why don't you check?" I took his hand and directed it to my now soaked panties. He increased the pressure on my neck and let out a muffled groan.

His fingers started tracing my slit over the lace. I felt like my core was on fire. Just the small touch of his finger set my insides burning for him. I had never been with a guy that was so confident with himself that he knew he could lightly trace my opening instead of fumbling around down there like a blind man playing operation.

I felt like my whole body was awake and just waiting for him to go even farther.

Edward's finger found my small bud over my panties and he started rubbing slow, sensual circles over it. He pulled back and rested his head against my forehead. He groaned when I pressed myself closer to his hand. He knew what he did to me. His eyes looked so determined as he stared me down, willing me to embrace what he was doing. He was so attractive I had to shut mine or else I would come too fast.

I whimpered as I tried to keep control. I was teetering on the edge and I knew it wouldn't be long before I fell over it. Edward could read my body, and knowing I was close, he began to respond in kind. He moved faster, increasing the pressure, causing my legs to shake.

"You like that, Bella? You like that I'm rubbing your clit in a bar bathroom? You like that anyone can walk in and hear you moaning because of what I do to you?" His voice was consuming me, and I squeezed my eyes shut even tighter, fighting the pleasure he was giving me with just his finger.

"Answer me," he demanded.

I snapped my eyes open. "Yes."

He gave me a wicked grin, like he had eaten all the cookies from the cookie jar. His fingers moved even faster and I gripped his forearm, biting my lip to hold in the moan that was demanding to be released.

"Come, Bella. Show me what I do to you."

His words triggered my release. My body locked, and I couldn't help but shut my eyes as I came hard on his fingers, my moan echoing in the small bathroom.

Everything else disappeared. The club…the bathroom…everything. I didn't care where we were, who could hear us, or what was going on outside of that stall. All I cared about was feeling this man against me.

I wanted more.

If he could reduce me to a puddle of goo with some dirty words and his fingers, then I definitely wanted to know what the rest of him could do.

When I opened my eyes, it looked like Edward and I were on the same page. He pulled a condom out of his back pocket and quickly undid his pants. His eyes remained locked with mine as he let his pants effortlessly fall to the ground, his belt buckle clunking on the dirty floor.

He went to take off his glasses and I stopped him. "Keep them on." My voice sounded so low and sultry. I was surprised it came from me. I saw something move from the corner of my eye and looked down.

I held back a gasp as I took in his length. It was perfect. He was hard and had a thick vein running right down the center. I wanted to drop to my knees and trace it. I just wanted to worship this man.

He put the condom wrapper to his mouth and ripped the package open. My eyes widened as he turned his head and spit the top on the ground. I didn't even watch to see where it landed. My eyes were focused solely on his hand as he stroked his length a couple times.

I could feel his heated gaze on me as I licked my lips, wondering what he would feel like in my mouth.

"Fuck," he muttered to himself softly. He handed me the opened package. "Put it on."

I didn't even hesitate as I took the condom from him and rolled it down his length. He felt so warm and solid. I wanted to jump on him and have him go to town on me.

"Perfect." He smirked, grabbing my leg and hitching it over his hip. "I can't wait to see you come all over my dick."

I surprised myself with how ready I was for him again as I felt his hardness right where I needed him. My core was screaming with want, maybe he knew it too because he twitched against me.

Edward pushed my underwear aside, aligned himself with my center, threw me a wink and slammed into me.

Holy shit! Nothing had ever felt like this before.

If I thought his wink was sinful, it had nothing on the way he moved his hips. He bent his knees a little and started thrusting up into me. Thank God for the heels or else this would have been impossible.

"Damn, you feel so good, beautiful." His breathless groan spurred me on. I started clenching around his length as he continued his relentless thrusting.

My hands dug into his hair as he angled his hips to hit a new spot inside me. I cried out in pleasure. I didn't want him to stop. I felt so connected him in that moment, and I wanted to hold on as hard as I could. The harder he thrust, the harder I pulled. We were in a battle of power it seemed. We both were clinging onto each other.

"Fuck, I've wanted this for weeks. The reality is so much better than the fantasy," he panted, his eyes hooded as they locked with mine.

I groaned and threw my head back against the brick wall, ignoring the pain I felt. Edward consumed me. All I could focus on was the sounds he was making and the warmth coursing through my body like wildfire.

He looked like a crazed man as my legs started to shake. I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to support myself much longer, but I didn't want him to stop. Shivers ran through me as I embraced the pleasure. I was an addict. I needed this. I would take falling onto the sticky floor as long as he got me to my release.

He thrust even harder, the sounds of us filling up the bathroom. "God, are you sexy."

I didn't even let it process that this God of a man called me sexy. I didn't have time to because his hand flicked my pulsing clit and I was done. Time stopped as I clenched around his cock and I screamed out my release.

He must have known I was falling, because when I came back from the orgasmic bliss he caused, I realized both my legs were now around his hips. I grabbed onto his back, digging my nails into his skin. He held onto my leg and the wall and kept going. Even as I bit down on his earlobe, his thrusts never faltered.

Edward's pace slowed as I came down from my high before he pulled my legs higher around his hips so I was fully wrapped around him. I couldn't get close enough to him, and I was thrilled he felt the same way.

His slow pace was replaced with hard, fast thrusts. I moaned out my approval.

He was relentless, and he was close.

I felt his ass clenching with his movement as I forced my heeled foot hard against it, urging him on.

"I want to feel you come inside me," I breathed in his ear. Edward must have heard me because he pressed his lips against mine to silence his groan of pleasure as he came hard.

We held onto each other as we caught our breath before Edward gently set me on my feet. My legs felt like mush, but surprisingly, even in my drunken state, I could stand.

Silence passed between us as we got ourselves cleaned up, not bothering with awkward chit chat.

I gave him a shy smile as he held the stall door open for me. His cheeks flushed red in response, and my stomach clenched. I didn't know if it was in a good way or a bad way, but I was hoping it was the former.

Before we walked out, we were approached by some guy in the bathroom. He looked beyond drunk, and at that moment I lost my buzz because I was nowhere near as much of a hot mess as this guy was.

"Fucking get it, right, man?" he asked, stumbling as he tried to give Edward a high five. Edward just glanced at him before he held open the door for me, and we left the idiot standing there high-fiving the empty air.

That was when our bubble burst and reality set back in. The loud music and drunken chatter filled my ears as uncertainty settled in my belly.

Edward grabbed my hand and pulled me through the crowd. Hoots and hollers seemed to follow us, and my cheeks were on fire.

Everyone knew what we did. Instead of feeling empowered, I felt disgusted. I had a great time, I mean the only way you could beat two orgasms was having three. But this wasn't me. I didn't hang out with a guy and fuck him in the bathroom the same night. I wanted Edward, so bad, but the drunken mess I turned myself into wasn't what I wanted him to be attracted to.

I didn't want him to think I was easy or that this was something I did all the time. That didn't reflect the image I wanted him to have of me.

Maybe following Tanya's advice was wrong, even if in the moment it felt right.

I looked over at Edward. His head was down. He seemed desperate to avoid meeting my gaze. Was that because he was ashamed that everyone knew what he did with me?

I really needed another drink. These thoughts swimming in my head weren't helping.

"I'm going to close the tab, okay?" Edward said. He looked uncertain as he scanned my face. I bit my lip and gave him a small nod.

I watched him as he walked over to Charles, and I wrapped my arms around myself, shielding out the crowd around me. I felt small, like the walls were closing in on me. Looking around, I felt like people were staring. It was so dumb, but I felt like I was on display.

It was almost like a blanket of guilt covered me. I wasn't this girl. I should have been at home studying, not prancing around like a common whore. I felt ashamed of my actions. I knew something crazy would happen if I decided to drink. But I did it anyway. Now I was probably going to get thrown away. Edward got what he wanted from me, and I got a crazy college story.

I felt sick.

I didn't think, I just turned around and left.

The walk home wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but that's probably because I took off the death heels. I just tried to shut off my never ending doubts by going over the midterm I was ignoring at home.

When I got home, I ran quietly to my room. I had no clue what Tanya was doing, but I saw that her light was on under her door. I didn't want to talk to her though. I didn't want her to ask about my night. I just couldn't. Not yet anyway.

I hid under my covers and shut out the light. I didn't want to think about how Edward saw me, or the fact that I probably ruined whatever relationship I could have had with him by jumping right into sex.

My thoughts were on a constant repeat, and that in turn made my stomach churn. I couldn't settle down, I couldn't fall asleep.

After about thirty minutes, I was no closer to sleep when my phone started thumping against my nightstand. The vibration was causing it to prance across the hardwood, and I had to grab it before it fell, shattering the screen.

I answered it without even looking to see who it was, and I felt my stomach flip when I heard Edward's voice. He sounded a little hesitant as he answered my hello.

"Hi, Bella. I was just calling to see if you got home okay. I would have walked you." His voice was shaking, almost as if the confident man I met in the bathroom had vanished and left behind a nervous version of himself.

I did that.

I felt guilt swimming inside me. "Sorry, Edward, I just needed to get out of there."

"Oh." His voice was soft. "Okay."

There was an awkward beat of silence before Edward spoke again. "So I guess asking you if I could see you again is out of the question, huh?"

My eyes widened in shock. "You want to see me again?"

He chuckled softly. "Why wouldn't I?"

My stomach sank when I remembered the bathroom. Maybe because we were so compatible sexually he wants to keep that up.

I didn't answer so he started rambling. "Not because I expect to have sex with you again in a bathroom. Or that I only want to see you again for sex. I just want to see you, not just for sex. Not that I didn't enjoy the sex, I really did. But I want more from you than that. I want to get to know you. That's what I've really wanted all this time."

He paused.

"Me too," I whispered with a huge grin on my face.

"Really?" He sounded so hopeful it made my stomach flutter.

"Yeah, honestly I was afraid you got what you wanted," I said, and I heard him try to interrupt. I needed to say this, so I kept going. "I don't normally do that, at all. Or drink that much. So I didn't know how to handle it."

"I don't either," he said with a laugh. "I don't even know where that came from. Well, yes, I do—alcohol. But I don't think any differently about you at all. You're still the girl I would watch every day. I still want to get to know you."

I let out a sigh and smiled. "So we're going on a date?"

I could hear the smile in his voice. "Only if you say yes."


We started on getting to know each other well into the early morning. I guess stepping into Tanya's shoes wasn't such a bad thing after all.

It was almost four in the morning when I heard Tanya knock on my bedroom door. I covered the mouthpiece on my phone so I could ask her what she wanted.

"I have a guy friend here, and we were wondering if we could use the whipped cream you bought yesterday and if you had any extra double A batteries."

I rolled my eyes. Only Tanya.


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