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Konohagakure no Sato, Five Years After Kyuubi Attack

A young Uzumaki Naruto was having the worst day possible.

At six in the morning of his fifth birthday, the matron had come into the room he had alone. It was actually more of a broom closet… it smelled like a mixture of different chemicals and was barely big enough for him to sleep in. He didn't even get a bed, and instead was forced to sleep on the cement floor of the closet, wrapped up in torn blankets that were a decade old and smelt like they were washed three years ago. Not to mention the spiders and rats that populated his closet. It was strange though… they would never harm Naruto.

In fact… they almost seemed to like him. Whenever Naruto would find scraps of food, he shared with the rats, and he found live bugs that he kept in jars for his spider friends. He just hated how the rats and spiders that were his friends would be killed by other humans. So, he began to hide the spiders in his clothes and the rats would hide in the vents until Naruto got ahold of a few ninja pouches, and held the six youngest rats in.

It made him feel like a cross of an Aburame and Inuzuka, actually.

Over the three years he had been conscious of what he did, Naruto found he liked the way spiders and rats scavenged. It was fun to use everything you could find and to trap people in complex webs. Maybe it was because he spent so much time around them… but Naruto could even understand his six rats and the colony of spiders he kept in his clothes. It wasn't actually a language… but he figured out what the sounds of the rats and the scurrying of spiders translated to. He also began to notice that his rats had this strange energy within that enhanced their noses further than normal. When he asked… they said it was what ninja called chakra and even helped Naruto learn how to access his own. By his fourth birthday, Naruto could enhance his own nose to the level of an Inuzuka and even found that chakra had a distinct smell to it.

The spiders taught him how to lay complex traps with ninja wire (as a few civilians could testify) and had fun with it.

He still had no skills in the five main Ninja Arts, Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Kenjutsu, and Fuinjutsu (if he even knew what those were), but he was good enough to sneak past ANBU, lay traps that would trick Jounin, and could steal from even the most vigilant shopkeeps.

His fifth birthday changed his childhood forever though…

"Get up, Demon!" Naruto heard the matron's scream as she kicked him in the ribs. Naruto cringed and got up quickly, looking at Madame Karen. She was a woman in her mid-thirties with chestnut brown hair, deep, brown pools for eyes, a heart-shaped face, a nice figure wrapped tightly in a white uniform and apron with ivory skin. She looked rather like her name indicated 'cute'. Except… SLAP!

Naruto was on the ground once more and had to strain to keep tears from his eyes. He also had to keep his emotions in check. The rats could smell anger, and the spiders would feel his quickened heartbeat. The blonde didn't like his treatment, but he didn't want to kill either. So Naruto stood up shakily once more. "Get your stuff and get out! You've been here too long, demon scum." Naruto instantly grabbed a sealing scroll he had stolen from a shop and had all of his things in before taking off running from the orphanage.

Anyone seeing the sight should've had a heart. A five year old, blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy dressed in dark black shirt and pants with the Uzumaki swirl on the back running through the streets with tears flooding down his face… Konoha didn't have a heart though.

Not as far as Uzumaki Naruto knew.

The blonde sped deeper into Konoha, keeping his nose open for any incoming chakra signatures. None were around, but it was only nine AM. Then Naruto's stomach began growling and he knew he needed something to eat. The only two places that would serve him, Ichiraku's Ramen and the Dango Shop, were on the other side of the village though and he needed food now. Looking around, Naruto saw a fruit vendor and got an idea forming. Taking a silver-furred rat from his pouch, this one's name was Gin, he told him what to do.

The rat scurried to the fruit vendor's stall and started crawling up his pants, distracting him while Naruto stole three apples and took off, whistling for gin to come back and get inside the pouch. He found an alley and sat in one of the dank corners next to a trash can, the only places he was safe was the Dark, and ate one apple. He set the other two down for his rats to share.

Besides Gin, there were five more. A brown-furred one with no tail and longer-than-normal teeth named Kiba. A black-furred one with a tail twice as long as normal named Muchi. Two twins with reddish fur named Doku and Tsume. And an albino rat named Hana. Hana, Tsume, and Muchi were girls, and the rest were their brothers. His rats were special too.

He knew it. They were like the Inuzukas ninken, able to use chakra, and Gin, the oldest, told him that their parents were at least the size of a full-grown dog, meaning they would be too, at some point. His rats were special.

Then Naruto summoned a sliver of his chakra to his hand and suddenly, it was swarmed by flies. For some reason… his chakra always attracted animals. His spiders crawled up arm, under his sleeve, to his hand and began eating the flies until they were full.

His spiders were amazing as well. They didn't have the ability to use chakra, but they could sense it, for sure. Not only that, they had this ability to drain chakra by draining blood and inserting poison at the same time. They were resilient to heat, cold, and water as well and could make very hard silk that Naruto found was good enough to be formed, and used, as a kunai. He couldn't make the silk himself, but the spiders could almost read his mind and make anything with the silk he needed.

So Naruto sat in the alley, eating and feeding his pets. He lived on the streets now.

He was so focused though, that he didn't even hear the mob approaching until he was trapped. His spiders and rats were hidden, but he could only cower in the corner as a mob of full-grown adults, all civilian, with various sharp weapons, approached him with sinister smiles. "Kill~the~de~mon… Kill~the~de~mon…" They were chanting slowly, as if in a trance, and came slowly to the cowering five year old. He wasn't only cowering in fear. He could leterally feel the anger and hatred rolling off the mob. He could feel sorrow. He felt KI. He felt all their emotions. Sadistic glee. Humor. Outrage.

Unconsciously, Naruto began channeling chakra to his body, covering every tenketsu.

Inuzuka Compound

Inuzuka Hana was in the middle of training her ninken triplets in perfecting their four-person Gatsuga, when suddenly, they reverted to their dog forms and began growling. Hana sent chakra to her nose to try and find out what was going on, but smelt no intruder in the compound. Suddenly, they took off and out the Compound into the Village.

Every single ninken left the Compound to find the one of legends.

Aburame Compound

One Aburame Shino was attempting to get the hang of his newly obtained colony. He had received it just six months ago and trained every day to gain control of the kikaichu when they began to be agitated. Shino calmed himself, just as tou-san had explained to force calm onto the beetles, to no avail. They left out his black coat and all flew off in a cloud of darkness into Konoha, joined by all of the kikaichu of every Aburame.

The bugs sensed that chakra and knew who it meant had arrived on the Earth.

Training Ground 44

Mitarashi Anko wasn't one to be surprised easily, but this was new. Every shinobi that was readying this area for the Chuunin Exams was surprised as well. This… was definitely strange.

All of the many strange and dangerous beasts of the Forest of Death were standing on side of the gated area, staring directly at Konoha, completely silent and still as statues. As if waiting. Waiting to be free.

Summons Realm, Court of Elders

In an alternate realm from Earth, parallel to them in every way, was a large chamber. It held a seat for every single Summons Contract, even ones thought extinct, all empty until…

In a large cloud of smoke, every single Elder and Boss Summon appeared in the room.

Toads, Snakes, Slugs, Dragons, Hawks, Phoenixes, Foxes, Eagles, Hydra, Ape, Turtle, Raccoon, and every other imaginable animal.

"Wha… where are we?" the Toad Boss, Gamabunta asked curiously.

"It hasss happened…" an eight-headed serpent, the Elder Snake, Orochi, commented.

"He has activated the bloodline." A large golden Boss Dragon, Bahamut, said.

In the center of the room appeared six people. Two with the Rinnegan. One with the EMS. Another that smelled distinctly of wood. A fifth with bright, orange hair. And the last had a paper flower in her hair.

"Where? You!" Uchiha Madara spat at the wood-smelling one.

"Ah, hello, Madara." Hashirama replied cheerfully.

One of the ones with the Rinnegan looked at the other who had horns atop his head and wore a necklace with six tomoe on it. "Who are you?" Nagato asked, Konan and Yahiko behind him.

"Ah, so you gained my eyes? You must be a descendant of one of my daughter's twins. And it seems the descendant of that twins' brother has activated his own bloodline." The horned man said a bit humorously, completely ignoring the question. "I was wondering when the two would activate finally."

Yahiko looked at the man and his eyes widened. "You… you look like pictures of the Rikudou Sennin."

The man smiled. "That is one way to name me. I prefer my name though, it is Outsutsuki Hagoromo. Romo is fine, if you don't mind."

"You're the Rikudou Sennin then?" Madara, now part of the conversation, asked the black-haired man, who nodded once with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

"Hai, Madara-chan." The ancient man said playfully and seemingly ignored the many gathered Summons around. "And you five… you have been chosen. Chosen to show one boy the way to…" he pointed at Hashirama, "protect the innocent…" then at Madara, "to punish those who need it…" then at Nagato's group, "and how to attain peace in the world. Just as you three, Hashirama, Madara, and Nagato, are descended from me, so is he. He is related to each of you somehow and carries the blood of the Uzumaki, Senju, and Uchiha clans within him. He carries the blood of my three children, both sons and my daughter, and has awoken a kekkai genkai just now that will make him even more powerful than me one day. It is why you were brought here."

"What do you mean all three clans?" Hashirama mused. "There was an Uchiha who actually married a Senju?" Romo shook his head.

"Unfortunately not. No… the boy's mother was child to an Uzumaki and Uchiha, but never awakened her Sharingan. The boy's father is son of none other than your great-granddaughter, Tsunade, Hashirama. He is Uzumaki Naruto, son of Uzumaki Kushina, who is the granddaughter to your brother, Madara, and Namikaze Minato, son to Senju Tsunade. He carries the Main House blood of three separate clans. And is the first ever person to awaken the most powerful of all bloodlines, even surpassing the Rinnegan. He is… the Tenchi Sennin, the Nature Sage. The child of prophecy who can wield all seven elements, who can summon every animal, who can communicate with nature itself, feel the planet's own emotions and language, who can command all animals of Earth and make the Mokuton look like a sapling compared to his control of the planet itself. Uzumaki Naruto is boy who I saw with my own Rinnegan in a vision was to be born in order to battle the Juubi and beat it single-handedly, and you five are to take him from Konoha… and teach him. Here is what I will have you do…"

Konoha, Alleyway

Naruto awoke and opened his eyes to a massacre. He saw animals from all over Konoha tearing apart the mob that tried to kill him. On the rooftops were ANBU, Inuzuka, Aburame, and even the Hokage, who watched on in complete shock at what was happening. Naruto shakily got up after all of the attackers were dead and looked on at the destruction. Then what happened next shocked the entire audience to this event.

All the animals, as one, bowed before Naruto, a five-year old demon container. It was enough of a message for all of the people watching, and everyone who would hear the rumors of this event.

We are here to serve and protect only you, Master.

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