Tenchi Sennin

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Chapter III

The Mizukage Tower's Council Room held seven occupants, though two were simply holographic projections. The remaining members of Kuroyo, the Dark World.

Those physically present were in fact their leader, Tobi, Hoshigaki Kisame, Koutetsu Raisho, Yondaime Mizukage Yagura, and the plant-man Zetsu. The holographic projections were the members who were in Hi no Kuni, Shimura Danzou and Hiruko the Chimaera. Though there were originally nine members of this group... one was now a statue of stone and the other had abandoned them for one of the Kuroyo's rival groups, the Akatsuki.

"Just like you asked Leader-sama, one Four-Tailed Lava Monkey and its prison delivered." The blue-skinned shark man and leader of Kirigakure's military, Hoshigaki Kisame, said with a feral grin, his beady black eyes showing sadistic glee. "And we didn't even have to cut his legs off." With that, the muscular swordsman dropped the man to the floor unceremoniously.

Behind his orange mask, Tobi smirked to himself. "Perfect... that is our second bijuu... unfortunately we don't have three due to..."

"A weakling and a traitor?" Hiruko asked with a scowl. "Hidan's only strength was his immortality and Kakuzu... we all knew he would ditch the moment someone offered him more of his precious ryo... it just happened to be that damnable Akatsuki."

"He is right, Leader-sama." "He couldn't ever be trusted." The two sides of Zetsu spoke one after another.

"So Leader-sama... which one of us will take care of the Yonbi?" Raisho asked in curiosity. "I know you want the strongest one for yourself... but this one?"

"A good question, Raisho. Zetsu and Kisame are out for sure." Kisame shrugged and Zetsu nodded. "Danzou, you and Hiruko are in Konoha, and we must do this now. And Yagura already has his own... looks like it is you, Raisho." The Steel-user nodded once.

"I understand and am ready Leader-sama. I accept the responsibility of becoming the second jinchuuriki of Kuroyo... I shall take the burden of holding the Yonbi."

Tobi's visible eye showed humor. "Perfect... we will begin the Sealing immediately. Danzou?" The elder man nodded and performed rapid handseals.

"Mokuton: Jubaku Kose!" (Wood Release: Tree Binding Shackles) Suddenly, a large tree grew in the center of the room right under Roushi, and it grew in such a way as to actually bind him. The chakra wood would keep the bijuu restrained throughout the process of transferring from Roushi to Raisho, something that would be Tobi's job.

"I am ready, Leader-sama." Raisho said and stood right in front of the unconscious jinchuuriki. "I am ready to become the second born of the Nine Who Shall Rule the Nations."

"Let's get started." Tobi said.

Akatsuki Infirmary

The third floor of the Amekage building served as the personal infirmy of the Akatsuki, a rather large chamber that was completely equipped with the best medical supplies and a full team of medic shinobi and kunoichi prepared for any injury or ailment.

In said room, a certain green-haired girl stirred before shooting up to a sitting position amd looking around. "Wh-where am I?" She asked herself, not expecting an answer.

"Amegakure no Sato." She heard and looked where she heard the voice. It was a boy her age wearing what could be described as a ranger's outfit of black. He seemed to exude... calm. For some reason, Fuu felt safe and secure just being in this stranger's proximity. "I'm glad you are awake." His voice was calm, yet compassionate. There was little warmth, but no coldness to it.

"Who are you?" She asked.

"My name is Uzumaki Naruto, Fu-san." He replied. "I brought you here after a group known as Kuroyo tried to kidnap you. My partner Konan and I defeated Hidan and recruited Kakuzu while you were unconscious and for the last two days I have been healing you. You suffered from malnutrition, bruising, poisoning and many other things."

Fuu's eyes lowered. "It's the villagers... they all hate me because... because..."

"Because of the Nanabi?" He asked. Fuu scooted away and held the blanket on the bed closer to her. She was terrified this boy would be like the others. Her eyes clenched shut as she awaited him hitting her or insulting her. Instead... he placed his hand on her own. "I hold the Kyuubi."

She immediately jumped and wrapped her arms around him, sobbing into his shoulder. It was all too much for a teenage girl to bear. The isolation, hatred and abuse... one can only take so much of it. She latched on to the first person to show any form of similarity to her. As for Naruto, he held her tenderly.

He literally felt her emotions and his body moved on its own to comfort her. It was strange to have physical contact with someone outside battle, though. It was different than with his animals, too...

The Sage put that thought aside for now as he rubbed the greenette's back softly. Her body wracked with sobbing as she held onto him tighter.

Neither noticed a certain bluenette with a paper flower in her hair who slightly smiled at the interaction. She dissolved into paper and floated in the wind elsewhere.

Somewhere in Mizu no Kuni

"Halt!" A voice came. A hooded figure dressed in all black with their face hidden walking throgh some small village turned to regard the speaker. It was a Kiri Jounin with a katana on his hip. "Remove your hood and give me your identity. If you are a bloodliner, you will be dealt with accordingly. The hooded figure began giggling. "Is there something funny?"

"Shut up..." the voice was feminine. It seemed nearly crazed. "I'm finding my baby." Suddenly, the Jounin felt pain shoot through his chest and looked down to see a silver chain coming from the woman's outstretched hand.

He fell as it retracted back into her and saw her turn around and leave. "Kaa-san will find you Naruto-chan." She whispered. "She just needs a little help from some friends..."

Tetsu no Kuni

"Where is my money?" The voice of Kuromaru was cold as ice... calm. He looked across the table at his customer.

"I have it, Kuromaru. Do not worry yourself." The person across the table was a blonde man with bright blue eyes. His hair was in spikes with a bang on either side of his face. He seemed cheerful. The most distinguishing clothing he wore was a white trench coat with flames licking the bottom. No one could even see the two because of Kuromaru's genjutsu.

"Show me, Minato." The blonde man passed a scroll over the table. Kuromaru opened it and looked Minato in the eyes as his changed to a deep with his pupils disappearing and his irises became blood-red inverted triangles. "Gakugan!" (Knowledge Eye) Kuromaru nodded to himself and blinked, making his eyes turn back. "You tell no lies, my compensation is here."

"Five million ryou. Now please tell me what brought me out here?"

"You are an interesting man, Namikaze Minato." Kuromaru commented. "For years, you had everyone think you were compassionate when you were really plotting and forming the group of yours which claims peace as its goal. Jiraiya helped you, he thought you were the Chosen One. You knew otherwise though and romanced Uzumaki-Uchiha Kushina to become the mother of your child, hoping that a mixture of all three clans of Senju, Uchiha and Uzumaki would create the child of legends."

"Did it?" Minato asked. "Naruto, is he just as I hoped?"

Kuromaru smirked. "Uzumaki Naruto is currently S-ranked, a ninja of Amegakure no Sato and a member of the Akatsuki. His partner is the Amegakure no Tenshi, Konan. Naruto exhibits abilities in all seven elemental natures and the ability to use all sub-elements, multiple Summon contracts and the ingenuity of a genius. He has been taught by Hebi no Orochi, Uchiha Hitachi, Akasuna no Sasori and Deidara the Mad Bomber. He also took on Hidan of the Jashin cult and defeated him easily."

Minato smiled. "Even better than I hoped. Keep me informed and the ryou will keep coming."

"Of course. The Unmeiteki (Predestined) will be the first to know." Kuromaru said with a smirk as his client left in a yellow flash. "But not the last." He said with a smirk before being sucked into the shadows.

Ya no Kuni

Jiraiya of the Sannin walke along the streets of the village in Hot Water Country with a grin. He just loved all the onsen here! So much research... so little time. "Jiraiya..." the white-haired Toad Summoner recognized that voice and sighed.

"Kuromaru." He greeted as said man appeared from the shadows and wrapped them in an illusion. "I suppose you have news?" Both walked along.

"The location of your jinchuuriki for my usual charge of S-class secrets." Jiraiya nodded and handed a scroll over containing five million ryou. "He is working for your former students in Ame. I would hurry if I were you... some others are after him. People you know and thought dead." With that, Kuromaru was gone once more by falling into the shadows.

"Amegakure... Sensei must be informed immediately." He disappeared in a smoke shunshin to begin his journey to Konoha.

Both village and spymaster would be in for a surprise though.

Summons Realm, Court of Elders

Hagoromo sat in the center of the now empty chamber in a meditative position, eyes closed. Two others were in the room with him. "It is time for his first lesson." He spoke. The others imediately reacted.

"Finally!" Hashirama shouted. "We've been in here for ages!"

"Let us give Naruto the first knowledge he needs to save the world." Madara spoke coldly as his Sharingan spun and he smirked.

"He needs all the help, one of the many points he can be corrupted are coming, you two. Protect him from those who would uuse his power for their own purposes." Hagoromo said and the two nodded before disappearing in Madara's Kamui.

"Soon, you will need to fight for the world, Naruto." Hagoromo said quietly. "Enjoy your peace while it lasts."

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