Tenchi Sennin

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Chapter IV

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Fear. Absolute, unadulterated, uncensored fear. That's all he could feel. It was his very being. All he knew was fear and terror. It ecompassed him. Nothing could penetrate his senses but the very fear he felt. "I s-swear I d-don't know a-a-anything!"

All he saw before his death was a spiked chain that ripped his head from his body. Blood coated thew area just as bright red as his killer's hair. "Where are you, Shimai... I'll find you and you will help me find my baby." Her voice was chilling and filled with absolute madness and obsession."And then, Naruto-chan, anyone who ever hurt you will pay the price... in blood!"

Kushina stood tall in the center of a room filled with the bloodied corpses of Kirigakure loyalists who hated bloodliners. She thought these scum would know where to find her friend. Shimai was just one of those she would find to help locate her son.

Her eyes were currently the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan with the design of the Uzumaki spiral in them. The hooded, black cloak she wore was stained with blood in splotches all over, signifying the quantity of murders she had been commiting recently. 267 in a week.

The woman opened the door and left the building. She walked at a sedate pace as if nothing was wrong down the empty street of whatever village she was in. She was left alone by all the civilians for fear she might kill them as well.

Despite her obvious insanity, Kushina was not S-rank for nothing though. She materialized the ribcage of her Susanoo, a deep, blood-red, even as a hammer of chakra tried to assault her. She glared at the holder of the Hiramekarei, a nervous looking boy wearing glasses with shark-like teeth.

Almost lazily, Kushina drew a single kunai and knocked the chakra blade aside as she dropped her defense. Her small blade easily knocked the sword aside even as she threw it forward and just past his head before disappearing in a red flash and kicking him in the back of the head.

He flew forward and dropped the zanbato he held which Kushina eyed. Her left EMS spun rapidly as she spoke a word. "Kamui." The sword disappeared in a black vortex to a dimension only she could access. The boy, probably no older than fourteen, tried to stand and failed miserably.

Kushina allowed herself to walk towards him slowly. "I don't know who you are or why you attacked me, but you are allied with the rebels. No Swordsman of the Mist would train anyone loyal to Yagura. So you will take me to your base so I may find my friend. If you do, you get your sword back and my promise not to kill you. If not... I will be forced to rip you apart limb from limb."

"I w-will never give up M-mei-sama's location." He said.

"Pity..." Kushina said and was ready to materialize chains to kill him when someone else appeared. He was old and wore an eyepatch over one eye socket.

"Leave now, Chojuro. I will hold her off." The man said as the now-named Chojuro stood.


"She took the Hiramekarai, you don't have much skill in anything else. Leave and inform Mei-sama!" The spectacled boy hesitated but then he disappeared in a swirl of water. "Now I am your opponent, demon." He said.

Kushina regarded him momentarily. "You have the Byakugan." She said. Her EMS had clearly seen the dojutsu under his eyepatch. "I hope it is enough for you to survive." She suddenly disappeared in a burst of speed and Ao wasn't near fast enough to dodge the kick to his chin sending him up. He then saw a kunai rush past him before Kushina was there in a red flash. "Rasengan!" She shouted as an orb of quickly rotating chakra bit into his back and exploded, sending him to the ground with a crash and a cloud of dust.

Kushina landed on her feet gracefully just in front of Ao's head. "No defense at all." She crouched down and looked into his eyes, both of her EMS spinning rapidly. "You are pathetic. Now tell me... where can I find Kaguya Shimai?" Ao's will dropped against her genjutsu.

"She is hidden away from everyone. Mei-sama thought she was too dangerous and she is currently locked away in a barrier on an island five miles east of here." Kushina smirked.

"Then you will take me to her." Ao nodded.

"Hai, Uzumaki-sama." He replied and tried standing, but fell back.

"First, I should heal you." Kushina's hands glowed bright red from the youkai pool she obtained from holding the Kyuubi so long. Her EMS showed where the injury was and she placed her hand on the wound, eliciting a scream from Ao. "It hurts, but youkai heals faster than chakra. This spot will also be more resistant to chakra-based attacks." She finished and Ao shakily stood before taking a soldier pill.

"This way, Uzumaki-sama." Ao walked towards the water and the redhead followed.

"Soon you'll be free, Shimai-chan. Then only two more before my squad is ready to find Naruto-chan." She grinned madly and her EMS spun rapidly. "I'll save you from whoever has you, my sochi-kun."

Yukigakure no Sato

In a flash of bright yellow light, Namikaze Minato appeared in the building formerly belonging to Dotou before his... untimely end. Minato saw his six followers were already gathered... perfect.

First was Kōtetsu Unari. She was tall and young, just seventeen, with the dark skin of Kumo, black hair and amber eyes. She wore an all-black cloak bandages on her hands which left her fingers and thumbs bare as well as bandages on her feet and ankles plus black sandals. Around her waist was a scratched Kumo hitai-ite with several others hanging from the belt-like forehead protector. Atop her head sat the Shrew mask she wore as the BOLT Commander in Kumo before her leaving the village. She was known as the Mercury Haze.

Next was Gyōshū Mugenei. He was tall and muscular with a buzzcut of brown hair and dark blue eyes. He wore ANBU-style pants and no shirt, showing off his impressively sculpted upper body riddled with multiple scars. Many different sized blades were strapped to his person and he wore a scratched Ame hitai-ite across his forehead. He was also known as the Iron Death.

Nochi Karasu was next in line. She was a rather toned woman with snow white hair and strange eyes. Her left eye was red and her right was violet with each having an X-shaped pupil that extended thrugh the irises to the edge of the sclera. She wore a uniform reminiscent of the Konoha ANBU without a mask and had a scratched Kiri hitai-ite around her neck. Many knew her as the Clairvoyant of the Mist.

Number four was Tsūkō Kagemaru. He was a bit short with three inches of spiked, blue hair rising vertically and eyes grey as a storm cloud. He wore a formal yukata of the best silver silk that hid many knives inside and his scratched hitai-ite was on his forehead and of Yugakure. This was the Spectre.

Gyakasū-Osoroshī Urahara was the next member. She had a mess of black hair with red streaks all over and wore a black, button-up shirt with the last three undone and the shirt split over her ANBU pants a the bottom, the sleeves also seemed to be too long. Her feet and ankles were covered in bandages while she wore black sandals. Because of the too big shirt, it was hard to tell Urahara was a girl. She was known as the Twilight Sorceress.

The final member of the Unmeiteki was Shakuton no Pakura.

"What did Kuromaru say, Namikaze-sama?" Urahara asked.

"The news is most excellent." Minato said. "Even better than I anticipated. Naruto is definitely the Chosen One. He exhibits abilities of all three clans as well as greater powers than anyone since the Rikudō Sennin himself has possessed. I have no doubt that if he can be swayed to our views, nothing can stop us."

"He is that strong?" Unari asked.

"Stronger. He is Kage-level, at the very least. He took out Hidan the Jahinist within seconds. He was taught by some of the best nukenin including Hitachi and Orochi of the Sannin. Within two years he will be unstoppable. Of that I have no doubt."

"But what are our chances of recruiting him?" Pakura asked. All looked to Karasu.

Her eyes shone red and violet respectively and the X-shaped pupils spun. "Mukōgan!" (Beyond Eye) she intoned. Concentation scrunched her face up. "Our chances are high if we act within two months. After that, another will try to take him and we will be powerless before this individual. Also... another seems to be keeping the boy in a place full of rain. This individual is not trying, but her prescence affects his location."

"That is probably Akatsuki no Tenshi, Konan. She is his partner." Minato stated.

"Our path is simple then." Mugenei said.

"If we want the Chosen One..." Kagemaru stated. "We convince the Paper Angel first."

All were agreed.


Naruto sat in a lotus position atop the Amekage Tower. Chakra kept him on the top of the spire and more chakra kept the rain from touching his body. His eyes were closed.

He chose the highest point in Amegakure for a reason. The higher elevation gave him the perfect opportunity to clearly feel all chakra around his village for miles upon miles. Every step a civilian took, every drop of rain, every breath an insect took, he could feel it all with his Nature chakra-enhanced sensory skills.

If anything threatened the peace of his village, he would know. While his final goal was to keep peace and balance across the Elemental Nations, he needed to start small. Amegakure was his base. It would be the place he slowly spread peace from.

He felt a familiar chakra source approach, but kept his eyes shut. "Konan... how may I help you?" He asked.

"What are you doing, Naruto?"

"I am standing guard, so to speak. I wish to know if anyone threatens my home. If they threaten the peace and balance we have allowed this wonderful village to have, I must stop them." He felt a soft hand on his shoulder and turned to regard the blue-haired woman he called partner and friend as he opened his eyes.

"Amegakure will survive. You brought the peace with your prescence, it is Ame's job to keep it. Your chakra makes all calm, Naruto. No crimes shall be commited while you are around. Now come inside before you get sick." The amber-eyed beauty smiled just a tad and Naruto mirrored the soft smile.

"I suppose... I shall listen to you, Konan." He stood and the two looked at each other. Their eyes met and neither could move for a moment.

Naruto reminded Konan so much of both herself and of Yahiko. He seemed cold, but it was just his nature to seem uninterested because he kept his focus on protecting that which he held dear. He mirrored Yahiko in his unwavering conviction to bring peace to the world.

Konan struck Naruto as something of an unknown. She acted distant but truly hid her feelings behind a mask so she wouldn't be hurt. Even with that, her emotions came out now and again. They always pointed toward her being protective of those close to her heart, though.

Without noticing it, they seemed to become lost in the eyes of each other before thunder boomed and shook them from their actions. "Lets go inside then." Naruto said and Konan nodded before Konan grabbed his hand and the two disappeared as they became slips of paper and slipped into one of the rooms of the Akatsuki's base.

Neither noted two pairs of eyes watching them. "She will be the key to his first lesson." Madara said.

"I feel bad for having to do it... but you are correct." Hashirama agreed.

"Then it is agreed we will first teach him how to love..."

"And then how to deal with death."

"Zetsu!" Madara called out and everyone's favorite half-black, half-white cannibal plantman appeared. "Follow Konan. Learn everything you can regarding her. Leave nothing to chance. You will do that once you finish."

"Hai, Madara-sama." "It will be done."

"That thing still creeps me out." Hashirama said as Zetsu disappeared. "You are sick for cloning me."

"I am just smart enough to know how useful he is." Hashirama shook his head.

"So... we'll do this in two months then?"

"That will be ample time to prepare." Madara replied. "I have some idea of what shall happen should he go through this event and though it will hurt him, he will thank us for it in the end."

"I hope you're right." Hashirama shook his head. "Because just Naruto scares me, but if those loyal to him decide doing such a thing is unforgivable and he leads them away... I'm notmsure what we can do."

"The boy is smart. He knows his responsibility." Madara then disappeared in a black vortex.

"Yeah... but pushing him too far might make him seek out a more violent way to complete his mission..." Hashirama said to himself as he sank into the floor and disappeared. And Sage help us if that happens."

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