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-Somewhere over the Atlantic-

"Nick! What was so bloody urgent that you had to break five years of radio silence to get my attention?" Harry asked as soon as he apparated into the room, only to find himself on the business end of several guns, a shield, a giant hammer, and two curious but wary stares from a man with a blue glow in his chest and a brunette with glasses who was looking a little green around the edges.

"You didn't tell me you had guests, Nickie," Harry said, eyeing the strangers with interest. "This is new. Needed to bring in some fresh playmates?"

"Shut-up and sit down with the others," Nick Fury growled with annoyance. "Everyone, this asshole is the Grim. Consultant on things magical and a pain in the ass."

"You know you missed me," Harry smirked. In all the years he's lived, he still got a kick at harassing Nick. Friends as they are, Nick still liked to pretend to be a BAMF while Harry was one. At least that's what Harry had teased Fury about last time they saw each other.

"So besides magical consultant what makes him so special?" The guy with the glowy chest asked with a smirk to rival Harry's.

"Grim?" Nick asked gesturing that Harry could take the floor if he wanted.

"First off, I am a liaison to certain allies both magical and mutant. Secondly, I don't stay dead. Master of Death and all that. Basically, I'm immortal. So much so, that in a millennia or two I'll outlive the Norse god over there." Harry gestured to a surprised Thor. "My duty is to prevent the End of Times. Hence why Nick and I know each other. It might surprise you but Nick actually likes humanity enough to want to save it."

"I have heard stories of the Master of Death but I thought they were but tales," Thor exclaimed.

"So you can't die? Ever?" the less- green- now brunette asked warily.

"They aren't tales, Thor," Harry said, glancing at the god before turning his gaze to the cautious one, "I might leave my body for a little bit but I always come back once it is healed. I hate waking up buried in a casket or beside a broken urn, it just gets annoying after all these years. So, if I'm around one of you when I go on a bit of a spiritual hiatus please make sure me being… funeralized, or whatever you want to call it, doesn't happen.

"Anyways, I can't die a true death where I don't come back and can go into the Afterlife and see my long dead family once again. Then again, Death and I were discussing what would happen if the universe ended. Death supposed that once the End happened there would no longer be a need for a Master of Death since there would no longer be Death. Hard to be Master of Death without Death existing. So then I would probably die. Either that or I float through space after you all finally destroy the planet in an endless loop of dying and resurrecting. I could also wander along the earth's empty surface and slowly go insane. That is also a distinct possibility." Harry shrugged nonchalantly at the horrified faces around him. He would never admit it but he got a slight kick out of making conversations awkward, especially without Logan around to loudly announce that Harry was a drama queen in a not- subtle-way- at- all or to tell him to 'stop angsting like an emo teenager. I deal with those everyday and don't need my friend ta be one.' He missed Logan. He will have to stop by the school when he got a chance.

"Anyways, Nick, who are the blokes you managed to wrangle this time?" Harry asked, glancing at each of the people around the table before sitting down at an empty chair.

Harry ignored the red haired woman's not- so- subtle glare. He had a feeling that there was a reason there was a single empty seat.

"Natasha Romanoff, the Black Widow," Nick said, gesturing to the angry red-head. Pointing at each in turn after that, "Tony Stark, the Iron Man. Dr. Bruce Banner, the Hulk. Thor, Norse god of Thunder, as you already figured out. Steve Rogers, Captain America."

"Where's Clint, your favorite archer?" Harry inquired, glancing around the room and frankly surprised and disappointed not to see Hawkeye ready to joke around with him.

"He's been compromised," Natasha stated matter-of-factly, crossing her arms over her chest.

Instantly, Harry went into war mode. "Compromised how? Nick, does this have to do with the explosion?"

"How did you hear about the explosion?" Nick asked, suspiciously. He wondered if there was a leak somewhere besides Tony who would not actually leak info to the public despite his public spectacle tendencies.

"Nick, I am the BLOODY MASTER OF DEATH! I felt the effects of that all the way in Japan. It nearly tore me away from the war I was fighting so I could witness it."

"War? What war? How would the explosion tear you away from a fight?" Tony asked. He was intensely curious about this Master of Death. After all, he looked to be about 17 or 18 years old. What would he know about war? Then again, Thor was centuries old and looked to only be in his late 20s, early 30s. But Thor was an alien. That disqualifies him. Maybe Grim was an alien too. Tony's thoughts were interrupted by Grim's answer.

"Part of the Master of Death gig. I am forced to witness every major war, battle, massacre, genocide, mass suicide, or any death that has a direct impact on the End of Times." Ignoring Tony's first question, Harry explained looking old and weary for a moment before his eyes blazed a bright green once again, eager for information. "Anyways, what's going on? I know Clint isn't dead because I would have been notified by Death that it was ferrying his soul into the afterlife."

Tony was a little thrown back by Grim's eyes. He could have sworn that they darkened and lost a bit of…light? At least, before Grim refocused onto the issue at hand. If he didn't know better, he would have thought Grim's soul was peeking out from behind those startling emerald eyes.

"His brother," Nick started, jabbing a finger towards Thor, "Loki, god of mischief and lies, has a new toy. A staff that can turn my best agents into his personal flying monkeys."

"I got that reference!" Rogers said a little proudly.

The poor captain must be feeling completely out of his element, Harry glanced at Steve. I wonder if he even remembers that we've fought together before he went down in the ice.

Harry could almost feel how hard the Captain was trying to make sense of this strange world he woke up to.

Turning his attention back to Fury, "Sounds a bit like the Imperius Curse. Did he say anything? Any words? Did he ever break eye contact with the people he controlled?"

"No, he didn't say anything and it seemed the curse continued after he had left. Have you ever heard of anything that could do something like that in your world?" Nick asked.

"No. This is not of my world. At least not that I know of. Let me get in contact with a few old friends. I'll see what they say. They have been around longer than I have," Harry said, thinking about the Hogwarts ghosts. Surely the USA had some as well.

"Death?" Harry called softly. In but a moment, Death whispered up through the floor and formed next to Harry. Immediately, all weapons were pointed at it.

"Put your weapons away. It's not like you can actually harm it. Everyone, this is Death. My co-worker, if you will." Harry's voice was gentle as he introduced Death. He was getting tired of weapons being pointed every time something happened that they didn't expect. Then again it was Death which often made mortals a little jumpy. "Death, please get in contact with all the ghosts, ghouls, pixies, centaurs, poltergeists, and any other beings you can think of. See if they have anything in their collective memory that might match this staff. Let me know what you find out."

Death nodded solemnly before disappearing into the shadows on the floor once again.

When Harry looked up at the people in the room they were all staring at him and the shadows on the floor like either he or the shadows were going to do something horrible. Except for Nick… and possibly Tony. Nick looked bored with Harry's display and Tony just looked extremely interested, as if trying to figure out a magician's trick. He could see Tony mouth the word 'pixie' to Dr. Banner with a grin. He obviously wasn't aware that pixies were actually helpful, especially if you were an orphan or a widow. Either that or he didn't believe in mythological creatures. Harry thought it was a bit of a tossup by this point.

Harry gave Tony a smirk before turning his attention back to Nick. "So what do you need from me? Besides try and figure out how the staff works."

"We need your help to go toe to toe with Loki… once we find him. He's a pretty powerful magic user. We could use your expertise in dealing with him."

Harry nodded at that. "How are you planning on finding him?"

"The staff emits faint gamma radiation. I'm helping them track it," Bruce spoke up softly. Harry heard about the Hulk but he would never have pegged Bruce as its alter ego. However, Bruce acted and moved cautiously like he could hurt someone just by looking at them. Harry would bet a room full of galleons that Bruce had a lot more control over the creature inside of him than people thought he did.

"Bruce here is the leading expert on gamma radiation," Tony said looking proudly at the doctor. Tony seemed to have a science bro-crush on the smaller man. Harry had to smile at that. They would get along swimmingly, Harry thought, considering the two scientists. Tony seemed to be fearless and Banner seemed to calm down whenever Tony cracked another joke.

"So, until such a time as Loki is found, shall I start searching the globe or shall I stick around and annoy you some more? Both seem like fun," Harry said with a mischievous grin aimed at Nick.

"Actually, do you think you can ward the ship with some of those barriers you used last time?" Nick asked, ignoring Harry's prodding.

"Just how big is this thing and what kind of tech am I looking at? You know how my magic can interfere with modern technology. I would hate to ward this flying tub just to have it crash due to magical interference," Harry warned looking around. The only reason he could even apparate here was he sent Death on ahead and it sent him back memories of the space he was now currently in.

"I don't think you will have to worry too much about magical interference. The tech on this was developed with the help of the gentleman you had suggested. As to size, this thing is a little bigger than a modern standard sized US aircraft carrier. Think you can handle it?" Nick asked as if really doubting Harry's abilities. In actuality, he was just trying to get under Harry's skin.

Harry rolled his eyes before standing. "Guess we'll find out. Lead on. I need to get outside."

"Agent Coulson. If you would." Fury gestured, indicating that Harry should be led to the main deck.

"This way please, Mr. Grim," Coulson said politely.

Harry blinked a few times at the phrasing before laughing. "Just Grim. Mr. Grim makes me sound like a horror movie reject."

"Very well, Grim. Please follow me," Coulson corrected himself, giving a small smile.

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