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-A Quick Shower, A Pot of Coffee, and Change of Clothes Later, Helicarrier Launchpad-

Harry adjusted his gauntlets one more time before throwing the cowl of his cloak over his head. He was rather fond of this disguise, especially since it did not involve much magic on his part. Just a little to hold the cowl in place and settle some shielding over himself. No use in getting "killed" right away or too injured to fight at a critical moment in the battle to come. The spell- reinforced padding would help keep him in one piece more or less. Besides, he will need every ounce of his abilities to get close enough to Loki to knock some sense into the poor bastard.

Patting his chest, he reassured himself that his time turner was secure under his clothing and bespelled to be unbreakable and invisible should something happen to him. With his lovely Potter luck, something was most likely going to happen to him.

After making sure his face would stay hidden, Harry eased open the door and slipped into the hall, making his way towards the designated meeting place in the hanger.

Once there, he glanced around watching the various crews scrambling to repair the damage from the Hulk. Movement from the corner of his eye caught his attention. Turning to look, Harry wanted to roll his eyes when he saw Clint, Natasha, and Steve marching towards him with a determined gleam in their eyes that had nothing to do with the coming battle.

"Where's Iron Man?" Harry asked before they could say anything.

"He took off towards Stark Tower. We are to meet him there in one of the jets." Natasha answered quickly.

"Death," Harry called, stopping any attempts at conversation. Death materialized almost reluctantly.

"What do you wish of me, Master," Death intoned.

"Stark Tower. I need to get there quickly," Harry explained.

"Yes, Master," Death said before disappearing into a shadow.

"Grim," Steve begins now that Death could no longer be a distraction, "We need to come up with a plan."

"Captain, I cannot help with that. My duty first and foremost is to stop Loki and sever the connection to his master. You will need to deal with everything else that may happen," Grim stated before looking over the gathered Avengers. With several waves of his hand he settled warding over each of them. "You'll have some protection now. Just don't get carried away. I can't stop you from going splat should you jump off a building or something."

Clint and Natasha share a glance before being startled by a shadow flowing towards Grim.

It silently condensed into a semi-physical form in front of the wizard, "Death?"

"Master, I have what you required," Death intoned before staring Grim in the eyes.

"Thank you," the immortal murmured before turning one last time to the waiting three.

"I will send Death should I need to contact you," Grim declared before he disappeared with a 'pop.'

Frustrated, Rogers stalked up to the nearest jet with Natasha and Clint not far behind.

A young crew member started to stop them," You guys aren't authorized to be here."

Rogers turned his gaze to the young man. "Son, just don't." With that, he stalked past the young man and up the ramp into the jet. Natasha and Clint gave the man a small grin before climbing aboard as well.

When the jet prepped and took off, the crew member released the shudder he had been holding back. No one told him that Captain America could be downright terrifying.

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