Santoff Clausen was falling apart. Glass shot in towards the Guardians as screeches from the nightmares pierced their ears. They were swarming in by the hundreds. Nobody could do anything but crouch around each other and cover their heads. Elves were terrified, running into each other trying to escape the danger; the yetis were traumatized trying to figure out what to do. North's orders could not be heard.

The nightmares surrounded the guardians as the Red Death landed on top of the globe. The magnificent globe of belief, the globe that showed the children who believed in the guardians, the globe that held the amount of power the guardians had, was crushed into tiny pieces by the claws of the giant monster.

Tooth cried out and the others gasped in horror. Instead of giving in to their defeat, North and the rest of the gang charged, fighting back the nightmares. Jack and Tooth flew up to keep more nightmares from coming in as everyone else fought on the ground. Hiccup wished Toothless was here. "Toothless...I know you can't hear me, but I really need you, Buddy!" He yelled as he fought off more nightmares.

Unexpectedly, Hiccup heard that familiar little roar of his long-time companion. Toothless was here!

"Hey! Boy, am I glad to see you! Let's show this over-sized lizard who's boss!" He started to hop onto Toothless, but he shook his head and backed away, whimpering. "Toothless? Come here." He reached out his hand, only to be nearly bitten off by a nightmare. Jack, thankfully, destroyed it with a hard punch in its face.

"Watch it, Hic," Jack smiled. "You may need that hand."

"Haha, yeah, thanks." Hiccup sliced through another nightmare with his dagger, and turned back to Jack. "No offense, but I thought you were useless without your is this possible?"

Jack shook his head as two more nightmares yet again interrupted their conversation. "I don't know. I'm not in any pain...I actually feel stronger than I ever have before."

"Jack! Look out!" North cried as he charged toward a nightmare who did the same towards Jack. Jack spun around with his hands up in a defensive position as ice shot out from his palms.

"Whoa..." Jack froze, staring at his hands.

"Yeah...whoa," Hiccup agreed, staring at Jack's hands with him.

The other guardians noticed the nightmares disappearing into the shadows, but the Red Death just stood there. They rushed over to Jack and Hiccup.

"How'd ya do that, Frostbite?"

"I don't know, Kangaroo...but I've felt like this ever since I touched that crystal. It's as if I don't need my staff any more." Everyone was surprised to hear that coming from the boy who never separated from his crooked wooden staff.

"Watch out!" Hiccup ran forward to shove the group out of the way while a pile of debris fell towards them. It suddenly flew backwards, hitting the huge beast who had not moved since crushing the globe. Everyone stared at Hiccup. "Yeah, I know...whoa."

"Boys, looks like crystal make you stronger than ever! Dis very good! Very good!" Despite the Red Death still in the middle of what used to be Santoff Clausen, North was thrilled at the young boys' new powers. "I know Rapunzel and Merida must have differences too, no? Yes!"

"Speaking of the Sheila's, I say we go get 'em."

"Bunny's right. We've gotta get out of here." Tooth hovered next to Sandy, who shook his head in agreement. He formed a picture of Pitch and a bed.

"Yeah, Sandy, Pitch still has them somewhere in his lair." Jack's eyes looked stern, angered that Pitch did this. How dare he trick them with those fearlings.

"Then let's go! Come on Toothless!" Hiccup looked around. "Toothless?" The Red Death roared, stomped his foot one more time before leaping into the air and flying away. A flash of black showed above their heads. Hiccup knew it was Toothless. It seemed as if he led that monster here...but why? "What is he doing? We have to stop him!"

North put a hand on Hiccup's shoulder. "We can't do anything. Pitch is using him somehow. He vill be fine."


"Don't vorry! I feel it in my belly!" He smiled, playfully nudging Hiccup.

Hiccup stifled a laugh, then turned to the group. "Ok, so with no sleigh, no dragon, and not everyone able to fly, how are we going to get to Pitch's Lair?"

"Mate, the answer's right here." Bunny tapped his foot twice as a huge hole opened, and all of the guardians tumbled down through the tunnel.

With Bunny in the lead, they popped out of the hole one by one, some more gracefully than others. North landed on his backside, mumbling how everyone loves the sleigh better than a tiny dark rabbit mud hole. Hiccup was the last one to fly out of the hole with a rather rough landing on his face. "I'll never get used to that."

Jack smirked, trying not to laugh at his friend, but failing miserably. All went silent and serious as the broken bed frame came into view.

"Ready?" North addressed the group. Everyone nodded.

"Ready," Jack and Hiccup answered at the same time. They all quietly crept towards the bed, not having a clue as to the horrors that awaited them down below.

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