Harry cocked his gun, grinning into its gleaming surface. So much easier than an AK. Harder to dodge, too.

"Ready?" he asks.

"You got it," Dean replies, eager as always. The man really likes this part of the hunt.

Dean bursts into the building, kicking down the door as he goes with Harry following closely behind. It's eerily quiet, the house is dark –


The werewolf doesn't even have time to howl or growl or snarl or whatever (who cares?) at them before Harry and Dean stop the beast mid-leap. A startled puppeteer, the two bullets jerk the beast backwards through the air.

One high-five and grin-exchange later and they're staring at the body.

"I hate the digging part," Dean idly grumbles, this part of the hunt a little too routine for him to really put any heart into the comment.

"Ditto. When it's done, wanna grab some pie and watch the late-night anime?"

"Dude. Come on." Harry glances up at Dean. "Of course I want to."

A/N: Yeah, this isn't even slash, just some good ol' fashioned bromance. Edited the ending, the old one just wasn't doing it for me. Let me know what you think! Any other problems, and I'll be happy to hear about them so I can fix them!