Oi, Mr Sinon fanboy! Look, I don't care if you think my writing is a little OOC, but this is my fic, but as you read the LN's, you know Shino is quiet is timid in the real world and at the end of Vol 6 of SAO LN, the avatar and person begin to mesh. It's called character development. I theorize in «ALO», Sinon would still be calculating and aloof during combat and quests, but still be herself when just hanging out. Not to mention, I really hate Asuna! Like with a fiery passion!That's why I made her a bossy, controlling bitch. Acceptable my avatar's tits you asstard. Also, you can bite my shiny metal ass!

Chapter II

I blinked. I could scarcely believe that the aloof Sniper I had met in «GGO» professed her love for me! I had felt her passion in our kiss, but I'd never expected that she'd fall for me only after a month of meeting her...or even at all! The thought had never surfaced.

My cheeks were slightly red as I coughed, "So...uh...when did you discover you had feelings for me?"

"W-well, I uh...a-a couple days after you rescued me from that psycho," Sinon admitted. "You're my knight in shining armor Kazuto-kun."

I interjected, correcting her, "I'd be a black knight since I dress in black all the time. N-not that I mean to. Sorta reminds me as the «Black Swordsman»." I muttered and said, "I was babbling, sorry."

Giggling, she said, "That's okay Kazuto, I don't mind." She leaned up and kissed my chin. "B-but yeah, you were my knight, saving me. It made you really cool." Then a sad expression overcame her as she said, "I...I would have told you how I felt sooner...but I realized you and Asuna were an item. I'm so sorry! I'm such a fool!"

I shook my head as I lifted her head with a hand. "No...you're not an idiot or a fool. I was so grateful when you showed me around when I started «GGO». Hehe, even when you mistook my avatar for being a rare female model." I chuckled and she flushed a bit. "Glad you didn't completely abandon me when you discovered I was really a guy!"

Shino swatted my cheek. "Sh-shush you!"

"And you consoled me in the standby waiting room during the preliminaries after the guy revealed himself as an ex-member of «Laughing Coffin»," I chuffed. "I nearly had a relapse there, and I never had any intention of sexually harassing you. Now...you tell me you're in love with me. It's kinda funny, that you've changed so much. I'm glad you're happier."

Sinon mewled at me, and it was adorable, but said quickly, "B-but...how do you feel about me Kirito-kun?" That was the question she seemed to have been so anxious to ask.

"You're an incredibly sweet girl, and I know you'll overcome your fears with a little help," I replied, smiling softly. "I seem to have a bit of a hero complex. Like in «SAO», saving lives makes me happy and I have no regrets of saving you." I closed my eyes for a moment and said, "I love how you always call me by my real name, not by Kirito in the real world. Asuna always calls me that even offline and it's a little upsetting. I'm trying to understand if it's the 'me' in the «Death Game» she loves or the real me. But it's starting to get frustrating. Asuna-san is so bossy and controlling, as if I'll disappear from the real world again. And it's almost as if she's scared to use «Full Dive» technology again, despite she occasionally logs into «ALO»." I sighed as I realized I'd ranted a bit about what I disliked about Asuna. "I guess...I'm trying to say that you don't force your beliefs on me and I like it. It's hard to say it at this point, but I like you a lot Shino. A girlfriend who wouldn't get so mad at me for dumb reasons would be nice. I-"

Pressing a finger to my lips, the «Cait Sith» asked me, "W-would you come over to my house tonight? To show me how you feel with your real lips?"

I smiled, "Yeah, that'd be nice. I can be there in as little as a half hour, forty if I try to obey the speed limit." She giggled as I said, "I'll log off now, and head on over. Good area this is a safe zone and no monsters spawn. See you soon." I hurriedly opened the window and slid my finger onto the log-out menu, not hearing her next words.

"I'll be waiting," Sinon said timidly.

I hastily parked my bike out front of the old styled apartment and rushed up to Shino's room number and fumbled with the card she'd trustingly given me in case anything happened. I knocked on the door before sliding the key-card into the slot. Now with the clearance, I was able to slowly push the door inward.

The apartment hadn't changed much since I'd last been here at the incident, but it looked a little more lived in; more cozy especially since it was only a six tatami mat sized room. Sitting on her legs, hands folded neatly on her lap, Shino Asada was waiting patiently for me on her bed. She was wearing a ice blue yukata, the type you wear only around the house. The moment I entered, her eyes lit up, knowing I hadn't flaked.

"You came Kazuto!"

Smiling as I closed the door behind me, I answered, "I did, didn't I?" I chuckled and strode over to the twin and a half bed and sat down next to her. "You know I couldn't let you down. It's not my style. I'll always protect you. All my friends are important to me."


Shino didn't say a word and wouldn't look at me. It might have lasted upwards of an hour if I hadn't asked, "What n ow? You asked me to your apartment and now you won't talk?" If there was any anger in my voice, I did not mean it. It was a little frustrating.

"Gomen," Shino said, her voice barely audible. When I caught a glimpse of her face, I saw she was fighting back tears. It was so strange how different she was online. "I...I know you would never cheat on Asuna. I...I was a fool to think it could work out between us. I...you're not the type of guy who would ever cheat on a girl. W-why..." she said, choking on her tears.

There was nothing worse than seeing a girl cry. Shino was no exception. Lifting her chin with a a finger, I wiped the tears from her pale face. I told her, "No, you weren't wrong about us, Shino." I paused for a moment and said, "I can't do anything until I officially break up with her. We can hug and talk, but that's all."


"I was sorta looking for an excuse to end it with Asuna, but I'm just not creative enough to make a good lie like that," I replied modestly, if not sheepishly. I chuckled and added, "I'm not rejecting you Shino. Not even close. Just saying you will need to wait a little bit before I figure out a way to break up with her. I just needed the motivation."

Confused, the girl sitting next to me asked, "W-why would you just break up with her? From what I know, you were both trapped in «SAO» and fell in love. Even I don't think it's smart to leave Asuna whom you've know a little over two years for me, you barely known for two months."

"Sometimes, loving someone isn't supposed to make sense. It can be blind and it can be illogical as long as the path seems to lead to happiness," I said. "Or at least that's what my mother told me once."

"She seems smart," murmured Shino, seemingly to have relaxed. As she leaned against my side, I felt her tense body relax, as if a weight had been lifted. "I...I wonder what she might think of me." The last part was barely uttered and I'd almost missed it.

Chuckling, I said, "Well, she might think you're a nice girl who gets good grade. Other than that, I really dunno what she'd say. She's pretty busy." Then I added, "She's really my aunt." At Shino's skeptical face, I explained, "You see, my parents died a while ago and I was adopted by my aunt and uncle. It wasn't more than a few years before I learned that Suguha and I weren't really siblings, but siblings in actuality. But, they make me feel like I'm their own son."

"Ah," was Shino's only reply.

I yawned and glanced at the clock on the desk in the corner. It read 22: 43. Dang, it was two hours from midnight. At this hour, I'd be too tired to drive back home.

"It's kinda late..." I began. "Uh would you mind if I stayed her for the night? I mean just so I'm not driving my bike half asleep."

Nodding vigorously, Shino said, "N-not at all. I'd be honored if you spent the night here."

I hid a smirk as I saw her pallid cheek brightening with a blush. "I'll just make a call back home and say it's too late for me to drive back. I'll be outside for just a moment."

Sorry for a pretty short chapter here.