-Summary: 13 years of pain, suffering, & a wish for death is suddenly taken away when a man with slate/blue eyes gently grabs my wrist and just gives me a smirk.

-Story revolves mostly in normal London, with some mentions of the WW, maybe an 'adventure' to it later on. Fem!harry, nonromantic john/sherlock, differentish Mycroft (to a point) and Greg just being Greg.

A/N: And here it is. My devoted readers and followers, my new comers: I thank you. You cannot understand how much this has meant to me to have my first crossover receive so much love and adoration. When I wrote the first line of the first chapter, it wasn't meant to the be the start of such an amazing journey and after receiving the tremendous amount of approval on the first chapter, I cannot fathom that I meant to keep it as a one shot now. Even though I am closing out on Stella's life, I am no way done with the Sherlock world; but I am firm in my belief that Stella will have no more adventures (but don't be sad), at least, written by me. So, let's begin shall we?

Three months, five additional victims, & one of the shortest deliberations later, I sit in the back of the courtroom during Lucille and her little gang's sentencing hearing. So far, all had been given five years in juvenile detention centers with ten years of probation upon their respective releases, but Lucille was saved for last, the judge almost gleeful to pass the sentence. The lighter sentences were granted once all of them testified against Lucille, revealing an organization that would have Moriarty proud. Once the rest of them realized the power I had behind me, they jumped at the chance to 'redeem' themselves in the eyes of my family; not that it actually did, but the prosecution offered the leaner sentences anyway.

"In the beginning of this trial, I was on the mindset that the attacks on the six victims were not just heinous, but also repugnant; now I see that you are the most despicable girl I've ever had the displeasure of watching. You organized the attacks on the victims simply because they refused to be your servants or refused to bend to your will; the attack on Ms. Holmes though, was the worst; had she not been able to get away, you would have let your companion dump her into the Thames, effectively killing her with the extent of her wounds. You wanted her to disappear and had no qualms as to how it would happen. So, with the evidence and the testimonies, I'm sentencing you to imprisonment within Hawkhaven, at her Majesty's pleasure, where you will be kept from the population. You will be not shown kindness, will not be given any special treatment, & be kept in the furthest cell. You will be moved immediately." Judge Mathis Ridley then nods towards the 'warden' of Hawkhaven, before dismissing the court and leaving his bench.

Athena looks quite intimidating in her three piece suit, black square glasses framing her hazel eyes and her long brunette hair in a tight bun; if she truly was a warden, I would not worry about any facility she ran. She escorts Lucille out the building, the later trying to fight her off, in an vain attempt to get to her parents; but they sit cowed under my dads' and my Uncle Mycroft's gazes. My uncle has not told me where Lucille really will be, but I think it's to prevent me from gaining any…personal revenge. I as far as I know, the dads don't even know where she really will be, although I know she has had some input into where Lucille went; really, when one's uncle works for her and one's fathers have performed multiple personal favors for her, she tends to have personal interest.

"Stella, ready to leave?" Da asks, once the courtroom clears.

I'm silent for a moment before nodding, standing quickly, eager to leave the room. I have no qualms about washing my hands of this mess after all this time. I had blood clots form in my lungs because of idiots one, two and three that I had only just recently recovered from; believe me, Draco was not ready to be lenient towards them once he heard this. I had bigger things to worry about then Lucille Marroe and her little minions; I have a college entrance exam to complete, early graduation to see to, a certain redhead to pry away from two other red heads, & a gauntlet to see a particular blonde finish.

I'd elected to stay out of school the remaining months due to both my lingering health issues, the trial, & the simple fact that I wasn't going to deal with the school population and the rumors that Cadence informed me she couldn't squash; I dealt with that enough at Hogwarts and after dad's 'fall'. I've taken every exam I can to push me to early graduation, passing with flying colors, not that anyone was expecting less; now, I have one more part to my entrance exam for my forensic anthropology career; not that I wasn't expecting to get in, as I've aced every other exam so far. I was eager to move past the wizarding war and all this business with Lucille, ready to start a new chapter in life.

So, here I was, technically already a graduate from my school, spending my time preparing for college and the time that I would need to spend most of the year apart from my family. The college I was looking at was, ironically, in Scotland; this time, you can actually find the school on the map. I wasn't too thrilled about being so far from home, neither were the dads, but I know I need to start branching away from them, although they assure me that I will never be denied access to the flat. I've been assured many a time that 221 B would never leave their hands, so I would always have place to crash if needed. Dad had added in the last part, his eyes swimming with words he would never say aloud. Once I officially pass all the exams, I would be starting a semester early; da says I'm far too eager to start but dad fully supports my class schedule. The only thing that kicks us both is that I will start three days after my birthday; not something I was looking forward to, as I will still be recovering from my magical inheritance; the process can drain a witch or wizards core so the recovery can take time and can be very painful. Draco had gone through his a month prior and swears it felt like fiendfyre running over him; I guess I'm lucky that Uncle Mycroft has offered to fly us up while shipping my personal items to the school beforehand. The planning had to be precise as I had a small window to recover before beginning a heavy course load.

"I'm surprised you're not wearing your ring Stella, you're very proud of it." Da's voice draws me from my thoughts on the upcoming exam.

Smirking, I gently rub my ring finger, now absent of the unique ring that Draco had given me a month prior; it was an enchanted silver band, designed to protect its wearer from minor spells and curses, with a ruby that shimmered in then sunlight. Draco told me it was an old family ring that actually came into the Malfoy line from many generations ago when one of my ancestors married into the bloodline; the Potter woman had brought in as a wedding present from her mother, the rumor saying that her mother wanted to keep her safe from the rest of the Malfoys. "Technically, he hasn't passed Nan and dad's tests as of yet, so, according to Uncle Mycroft, I cannot wear the ring publically yet. Believe me, he's been eating himself with worry about Nan's test; he's even more upset that I know nothing, thus unable to warn him of his impending doom. He can be such a drama queen when he wants to be; that hasn't changed from school." Uncle Mycroft gives me a small smirk before returning to his mobile; he's had plenty of chances to see Draco in stressful situations with the work he has the blonde doing for Queen & Country.

Da only shakes his head in response while dad grins at me. "He's not worthy of you if he fails my test, poppet."

"Dad, enough! Draco is plenty worthy, your just enjoying the chance to be 'super, overprotective father' towards him. You didn't get the chance much, seeing as I never dated any of my classmates; not that anyone there would actually be decent enough."

"Oi, both of you!"

This only causes both dad & I to snicker as we continue the walk home, parting ways with Uncle Mycroft when he slides into his motor, no doubt going to meet up with Athena to escort Lucille to her new home. The summer air is hot, but I can't find anything to complain about; it's one of those rare days where the dads don't have a case to run off to, meaning I had them all to myself.

Well, so I thought. "Well, fancy meeting you three here." A voice full of mirth said to our left, bringing our eyes to three separate redheads.

"Cadence, what did I say about them?" I respond, mock glaring at my friend.

"That I would cause nothing but trouble with them, meaning I just had to meet them?" She replied, innocently sipping her coke.

"Stella, why would you-"

"-attempt to keep this delightful-"

"-and tremendously funny girl from us?"

The twins flashed identical Cheshire grins towards me, their eyes asking so many more things.

"Because London does not need the chaos you three will bring about." Dad answers for me, his tone laced with laughter.

Before the conversation could deviate down paths that have already been traveled, I divert it with something I needed to know.

"Any news about your little brother and company?"

The twins tense up & both share a look before Fred answered. "As of right now, little Ronny is still locked up in a holding cell in the Ministry, Granger is housebound with her parents, both of whom seem ready to disown her, and our dear mother and father have already been sentenced; both have 20 years in Askaban, with no parole."

"Is he getting any visitors? I would love to tell little Ronnikins what I think about him and his 'master plan'." Anger laces my every word when I think about the redheaded weasel.

"Believe me, if that little rat was getting visitors, we wouldn't be sitting here. It seems not even family can…pop in for a visit. Seems the Minister wants more cannon fodder for the masses, so Ron is being kept isolated." George replied, his blue eyes lit up with anger.

Last month, the Weasley matriarch and her beloved husband pulled some ancient pureblood ritual from their books that would bind me to the youngest male in their family, something Ronald had agreed to most enthusiastically; according to Molly Weasley, it was improper for a powerful witch like myself to be unwed at my age when in the past I would have been married for years and would have had children before I ever graduated school. They tried the ritual, tried being the key word; they never had a chance to finish the vile event, which would have ended with Ronald consummating the 'marriage' in front of everyone and would have forced me to be bonded to him; it mattered not if I wanted no part of him, because the ritual would prevent me from breaking the bond. It ended when the doors to the ritual room were blown open, da leading the charge; he shot Ron in his right shoulder, effectively removing the weasel from me while dad and Draco charged the elder Weasleys and Granger, who had been chanting in Latin on the edge of the circle the whole time. It was Nan who untied me from the alter, holding me while I tried to calm the panic attack that had roared to life when I realized that Ron intended to rape me to gain the money and power my Black & Potter titles held. I watched with tears and blood dripping down my face as dad shoved Molly & Arthur towards Uncle Mycroft, whose face was set with anger and rage as he watched his men pull the pair out of the room; I've never seen him angry before & I know this means nothing good for Molly or Arthur. The rest is a bit a blur, but I do remember when dad pulled me into a hug so tight in I struggled to breath, but I know he needed to reassure himself that I am still safe.

The backlash towards me stopped in a heartbeat when the press released the article explaining what the Weasleys, minus the Twins, Ginny and their older brothers, had done to me; in fact, I started to receive more support for my break with the wizarding world. The general population was calling for the Weasley's heads for even thinking of hurting the precious 'Girl-Who-Lived'; they forget that I know they wanted me put into St. Mungo's not a few weeks earlier, just because I wanted to live outside the wizarding world. The news also turned the public even further against Dumbledore once Molly confessed that it was on his suggestion that 'she just needs a decent wizard to settle down with, than she'll see the errors of her ways'. It didn't take long before his very whereabouts had to be kept secret because of the sheer amount of death threats.

The public was not aware of Draco's courtship and would not be informed if I had my way, although Narcissa did state that once we finally set a date, we would need to make a formal announcement; I've not the heart to tell her I will not have some large ceremony, at best it will be my dads, my uncles, & my nan there along with whomever Draco deems close enough to attend. Narcissa seems to be trying to plan something, but I have a feeling Draco will break the news sooner than he wants to if she continues with a 'simply wondrous ceremony at the French estate!'. It was amusing to watch the blonde squirm before each 'test' my family put before him; although it is nowhere near as amusing as when Draco met Uncle Greg for the first time. It didn't help that my uncle had just come from a gruesome crime scene and needed to vent his frustration; Draco just happened to be the closest target for the detective inspector.

"Uncle Greg? I want you to meet Draco. Draco, this is Detective Inspector Greg Lestrade, otherwise known as my god father and Uncle Greg."

My uncle's brown eyes locked on Draco, who froze under the stare before his Slytherin mask fell into place.

"So, you're the one who thinks he's good enough for my niece. John warned me about you: some rich boy, snarky, thinks he can get whatever he wants. Let me tell you one thing, Draco Malfoy: you harm one hair on her beautiful head, I don't care what protections you wizards think you have. I will hunt you down and destroy you. She is my precious god daughter and niece, & you? I know nothing about you and frankly, I don't care to. I'm always watching Malfoy, remember that." Uncle Greg walks into his office after that, a secret wink towards me.

Draco is still frozen, so I gently lead him out of Scotland Yard. When we hit the open air, he turns, giving me a look that screamed frustration.

"Is everyone in your family crazy?" His lips were set in a small smirk, so I know he's not serious.

"Well, just the ones with weapons training." I reply, slipping my arm into his.

"Oh, and who has the training?"

"All of them: da and Nan have the best, seeing as she was MI6 and he is a soldier."

I can't stop the chuckle that bubbles up when he pales further, gripping my arm as we walk back to the flat, enjoying the warm spring air.

"So, Stella, where is that lovely boy of yours?" Cadence asked, drawing me from my thoughts; I see that the dads have gone in to order drinks, so I sit down next to George, listening as the twins and my best friend continue their conversation.

"Busy with work for my uncle as Athena is busy with Lucille. Essentially, Draco is Athena for a day; something I find amusing because she does far more than people believe." I reply, smirking as my Scottish redhead giggles into her drink.

Da comes out of the café, looking very frazzled; that means dad has done something to the patrons or owners, but when no shouting is heard I settle back down. Just as da sits back down, muttering under his breath many naughty words that I will not repeat, dad waltzes out with a tray of drinks, a disturbing smirk stretching across his face.

"Dad, what did you do?" I ask as he hands me a coffee.

"Oh nothing. John is just upset that I figured out the woman he was hitting on was not only married, but pregnant with not her husband's child." He replies, passing the cuppa to da, who ignores him, still grumbling.

The twins chuckle into their cups while Cadence openly giggles, laughing harder when da glares at the redheaded woman. Dad places fresh cups of their drinks in front of them before moving to the open seat next to da, poking him in his shoulder until da finally turns his attention on him again. I sit back and watch the group around me, finally reminding myself that I have made it through some tough situations in the past year and came out relatively unscathed in the end. I would never have thought that I would be able to see my friends from the wizarding world again and yet, here I sit in the middle of London, listening to three redheads plan chaos for the poor unsuspecting civilians with my dads plotting their own chaos, aka solving cases that Scotland Yard could not. A small pop some distance behind me draws my attention, as it does the dads, who stiffen as da's hand slides to his waist, where I know his Browning is hidden. But it's all unnecessary as Draco suddenly plops down in the chair next to me, looking haggard and run down.

"Your grandmother is insane and her test was madness and I can't even tell you because she forbids it." Even his voice sounded haggard and my blonde's perfect hair was mussed up, like he had been running through a hurricane.

"Was that today?" I ask, handing him my untouched coffee. "I thought you were doing work for Uncle Mycroft as Athena is on babysitting duty."

"She sprung the test on me, stating that I was excused from my duties to Queen and Country for the day." He responded, draining the coffee in one go. "I don't even know if Mycroft was informed, but Lady Holmes gave me no chance before I was dragged out of the office."

"Yes, mummy can be very…interesting when she's testing you." Dad adds, his eyes watching the blonde as he froze, suddenly realizing the last hurdle was sitting four feet from him.

"Mr. Holmes didn't see you there."

"Of course not, you were too busy chatting to my daughter, someone you have not been given permission to be anywhere near-"


He looks quickly up at me, only to find me standing, eyes wide with anger and hurt. "Stella?" He asks as I walk around the table to stand in front of him.

"Enough dad. Come with me." I grab his hand, pulling him out the chair, ignoring da's questioning eyes.

I pull him along the sidewalk until we are far enough away & out of earshot before stopping, turning to face my father, who looks slightly put out until he sees my conflicted expression. I can't stop fidgeting with the hem of my shirt, feeling like a naughty child inside because I have to yell at my daddy.

"You need to stop that dad, I really like him and the constant threat of you disapproving of his courtship hurts me, makes me feel like I'm doing wrong by allowing Draco to court me. Do you not like him dad? Is that why you are constantly doing this? Because if it is, then you know I would rather you just tell me instead of all the snide remarks and underhanded comments." My voice almost cracks as tears prick my eyes. In the back of mind, I can feel dad's emotions struggle with the pain that laces mine; he didn't know that what he was doing was emotionally harming me.

He pulls me into a warm embrace, resting his cheek against the side of my head, letting me hear his whispered response. "Poppet, of course I approve of him; I did not think that this would hurt you, I thought you figured out by now that I was prolonging his anxiety."


"Because I'm your father and I think I have a right to make sure the man who wants to marry my daughter can stand up to pressure and the stress that is the Holmes family; you deserve the absolute best and I will not let subpar boys believe that they have the right to walk all over your heart and leave you cracked. But I see now I went about this the wrong way. Do you see a future with him?"

"I'm still young dad, even if I do accept his proposal, I don't have to fulfill anything for years; I am going to go to college, get my degree, complete my internship with Dr. Hooper like we have planned, start my career and run around London with you & da as long as you want me involved. Draco has plans for his career in the Ministry, which is why he is doing work with Uncle Mycroft, so he can take up a position as a liaison between the worlds. We've talked before about waiting because we both know we need to live life before we commit to something like this; we're getting the opportunity take a chance that not a lot of couples get in the wizarding world by waiting to get married, to bond to one another. We both know that we need time before we know truly if this is want we want; we could both find someone else by the time I graduate and by the time he get to Uncle Mycroft's level in the Ministry. So yes, I can see a future with him, but I still need time to know if it's right; can you not be so extra you around him?"

Dad grins before kissing my forehead, leading us back to the table before beginning a lively discussion with Cadence about the politics of my almost old school, my father trying to figure out how best to take it down to prevent further Lucille's in the school environment. Da squeezes my hand as I pass, pulling me down to sit on his knees. We have a hushed conversation, dad's voice drowning us out to the rest of the world as I explain what had just happened. Da's, not surprisingly, is supportive of Draco & I waiting to wed; he didn't have to say that he wasn't ready to give me up yet, I was only going to be seventeen, far too young to leave the flat as of yet.

"Da, don't worry, you'd have drag me kicking & screaming from that flat; it's the only home I want right now."

"Good, want you there for as long as I can have you."

"When you finally meet the right woman, I want siblings. I have a need to be a big sister to a little Watson."

Da smiles before hugging me, finally letting me up so I could sit back down in my seat. Draco catches my eye, questions brimming beneath the silver orbs; I only wink before grabbing his hand. He leans over and whispers

"Your family is insane, do you know that?"

"You want to marry into it, what does that say about you?"

He sits back, laughter gleaming in his eyes before responding at a normal volume.

"Oh shut it Potter."

"Make me ferret."

"Oi, Both of you!"

Da's reprimand causes the whole group to breakout in laughter, even dad was chuckling while da was trying to keep his in. The rest of the afternoon passes by in this manner, with dad finally acting more civil, or as civil as Sherlock Holmes can be, towards Draco while da discussed the twins' shop with Cadence staring at the redheads with a look that simple stated that she's claimed them as hers. I can't bring myself to join any discussions, simply content to watch them with a smile on my face

Three days before my birthday, Narcissa warded the living room with as many protection layers, notice me not and darkening spells as she could, as the dads had decided that it would be best if I didn't go through the inheritance by myself locked in my room; that meaning we would need to prevent outside shows for the normal citizens because the last thing we need is Aurors flooding Baker Street. The lounge would be blocked at the count of midnight on July 31st, preventing the dads from getting hurt from the backlash from my magic; I don't know how I would feel knowing my dads would be there to watch me writhe in pain.

I didn't get a chance to fret too much about it, because dad pulled me into a waiting motor a day before, finding da inside as well. I was not informed as to where we were going, but I figured it out as soon as I recognized the path that led to the Holmes manor on the edge of London. When the car stopped, I race out, finding Nan waiting for me on the steps of the old home.

"Happy birthday darling."

"Still got a day Nan."

"Well, we have to let you rest tomorrow now don't we? So, for all intents and purposes, today is your name day."

"Of course, when have you ever led me wrong?"

She smirks before pulling me into the home, where I am suddenly doused in a dozen or so wizarding fizzlers, the twins, Luna & Neville laughing in front of me. Then their laughter increased, prompting me to look at the floor length mirror next to me, finding my long, jet black hair turned bright orange, a color that rivaled the twin redheads in front of me.

"Happy birthday little sister!" They chimed, ignoring my rage filled expression.

"Fix it." I seethed; my hair was my one vain trait and I would be damned if I would be a ginger. "Now." I'm not the bloody Doctor thank you very much.

"Oh come on Stella, it looks…well, it's different." Neville chuckled, dodging the shoe I throw at him, balancing on my one shoed foot.

"Stella Astre Holmes, what do you think you are doing? And what happened to your hair?"

"I'm defending myself Lady Malfoy. My hair's honor has been impugned."

"That is has, I dare say it has been disgraced." Narcissa replied, her hand suddenly on the hand reaching for my lone shoe. "But that does not excuse your shoe throwing at young Mr. Longbottom."

"It does when he impugns it further." I respond with a dad like smirk towards the brunette boy.

"I'm afraid you are stuck like this until who knows when dear sister!" The twins finally chime in again, their prankster masks on.

I have this ability to know when dad is behind me, so I don't flinch when his hands bury into my hair, prompting me to turn to him, eye wet with faux tears. "Daddy, they ruined my hair." He gives me a quick once over before his gaze snaps towards the twins, who visibly flinch. "Make them fix it."

"Fred, George, fix her hair, now." Dad's voice is barely above a whisper, but the twins jolt into action, a frenzied conversation between the two while dad turns back to me.

"Orange is not your color, poppet."

"I know, I feel like a troll doll." I reply, pouting as I tug on a strand of the offending locks. The bright color paled my skin further, making me look ill and ghastly.

"Ok! We think we can fix this. Don't worry Stella baby, we go this!" The twins actually seemed scared of my dad, who was again glaring at the pair.

"Ordinatur ad initium." The counter charm hit me with a soft blue light as a gentle tingle ran along my scalp before it stopped suddenly.

When I looked in the mirror again, my jet black locks were back to their former glory, leaving now the punishment for the redheaded terrors. I chase after them after the startle after I spin towards them, many a word learned from da following them; I ignore Nan and Narcissa's indignant calls behind me but I smile when I hear the dads' laughter follow me as I corner the twins.

Two hours later, the redheads were still blondes, something Luna took to right away when she saw my handiwork & the Holmes manor is lit up from the wizarding fireworks that Neville brought, while my small party is slowly winding down. Luna has Neville on her own little dance floor, aka Nan's patio, the twins were zonked out on the loveseat, empty fire whiskey bottles grasped tightly in their hands, & I am squeezed between my dads, opening the last of my presents when there is suddenly a silver chain descending over my head, but before I can freak out, I hear Uncle Mycroft behind my head.

"I thought it was time you had this, my dear."

When I look down, the pendant on the chain is actually the Holmes coat of arms with small gemstones lining the exterior of the shield. "This is old," dad's training is coming into play, "around sixty…no eighty years old; the stones have never been replaced. It's beautiful, thank you uncle."

"It's one of the original crests for the Holmes family. This was your great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother Amelia Deena Holmes' crest and now it is yours." Nan whispers, a small smile on her lips.

"Wish I could actually be related to her." I whisper, more to myself but of course dad hears me.

"As far as anyone is concerned, you are my true daughter; you even look like me." His voice is soft as he responds. "People just assume that you had a mother with very vivid eyes, which you did; I wonder what it would have been like to meet the fiery Lily Potter."

This launches an old conversation between the two dads about Irene Adler, The Woman, a person who I did not appreciate as she had used my father and at one point, worked for Moriarty; the fact that the despicable person was still alive bothered me more than it should; but then I remember how dad looks when she's brought up and I recall that she was one of the few people he had the most trouble deducing, thus making her interesting and a puzzle that needed solving. He had never told me what exactly happened to her after he rescued her from the terrorist camp, something I was still miffed at him for, but I can tell she's safe; well, as safe as a damned dominatrix can be.

When I look up at the mantle, I'm shocked to discover how late it had become. "We'd best get back so I can prepare myself." The dads nod before standing, pushing me into Nan's arms that wrap tightly around me.

"We'll see you again in a couple days. I love you my darling." She whispers before letting da steal me away, the three of us rushing out of the house into the waiting car.

The trip back to the flat is surprising light on traffic, meaning we made it home in record time, allowing da to rearrange to living room, leaving the lounge by itself, no items within the drawn border that would erect the barrier the second the clock strikes midnight. I change into looser clothing before making my way back downstairs, unable to stop the tremors.

"Draco said everyone experiences this differently, but he says that someone with as much magic as me may be able to keep my core at least partly full; I hope so, I know for a fact that if I lose as much as he did, I'll be out for days and take weeks to recover."

"Don't think about it sweetheart, just remember we're here if you need us and I will not let you go to school ill and that's doctor's orders." Da chimes in, kissing my cheek.

"Not even the Doctor could keep her from school John, so how will you stop her?"

"Easily, tie her down and sit on her legs."

"Ello, daughter standing right here you know."

Chuckles ring out from both of them, but before either could reply, the clocks chimed twelve & the barrier snapped into place. I just stood frozen in front of the lounge, not knowing what to expect when there was a tingling that ran across my chest before the sudden wave of pain hits me so hard I fall back onto my side on the lounge, my fingers digging into my arms as I scream louder than I have in a very long time. I can feel dad pacing around the barrier but I soon lose connection with the outside as pain tears through my body; I feel like I am on fire and covered in fire ants and am swimming in lava. Tears race down my face as my spine arches out but my legs curl into my chest as the colors swirl around me; I can feel the magic leaving my core and wrapping around me; repairing old wounds, internally and externally, and then just hovering over my skin.

There seems to be a slight reprieve that brings a suddenly slam of silence in my small bubble that doesn't last long as ice…no dry ice wracks my body; the scream that leaves my lips is almost animalistic in its quality and it bloody hurts! My body spasms out, causing me fall off the lounge, arms spread wide over the cool hardwood floor; this seems to spur the pain further because the pulses increase in frequency. I'm sobbing as blood and tears mix down my face, but I can't stop either and I can't tell where the blood is coming from; I'm ready to pass out from the pain.

That's when I feel dad's hand grab mine.

(3rd person)


Sherlock paced around the misted barrier as the process began & Stella started screaming. He hated that he could do nothing to stop this, stop his daughter from convulsing in pain that Draco once described as coals raking over raw nerves. Her fingers were digging into her arms, the nails piercing the flesh, and soon little streaks of red drips down her arms and blended into the lounge beneath her. He could feel himself tensing up every minute this continued and his muscles clenched as Stella's screams grew louder and more painful. Then…silence.

Was it done? No, no it's not. She's fallen to the ground! She's having a seizure and he can do NOTHING! Her hands are within inches of the barrier and although he knows she can't see him though the pain induced haze, her emerald eyes watch him with an almost silent cry for help. Sherlock drops to his knees, his slate/blue eyes never leaving the pain raked form of his only child. His fingers twitch as he watches her titer in-between passing out and being kept awake and before John could yell or stop him, he shoves his hand through the barrier, grasping her searching fingers just as pain slams into him. He doesn't let go, only holds the trembling appendage tighter; that's when he watches the soft white light covering her body descend on the joined hands.

There was a pulsing around his mind palace before a jolt of pain starts what feels like his very blood being pulled from his arm; but he couldn't say that's what was happening, as there were no puncture wounds and any wounds to speak up. That's when Stella's eyes snapped open, the screams dying on her lips, but then the green orbs were glowing white before Sherlock felt his body sag and hit the floor.

John stood helpless by the prone forms of his best friend and his daughter, who were passed out next to one another, Stella's hand still gripped in Sherlock's.



Dad interfered with the inheritance. He changed it. He…changed me. It's still a little unclear now, but according to Narcissa, my magic reacted to dad & I's basic wish and because it was at its strongest, it was able to grant it.

Dad somehow altered my DNA so that while in any magical blood test, I'll show as James Potter's daughter, I'm genetically the daughter of Sherlock Holmes now and not just that! My eyes changed and frankly I love them even more: I still have the emerald, but it's framed by rings of the same colors as dad. I have two toned eyes! Da still isn't sure about it, says he'll have to get used to seeing a new pair of eyes looking at him; but he has nothing on Mrs. Hudson thinking I was going mental and had gotten some weird surgery. Also, while my hair is still long, it's curlier, like dads' & da made the comment that my facial features resemble him more. No one can ever try to denounce me as his daughter now; not that many know who I actually am.

I don't feel any different, although it is strange to see a different me in the mirror; dad keeps sending me small smirks whenever he looks at me, so I think it is safe to say he's happy with the results of his unintentional intervention. Uncle Mycroft & Nan were thrown when they walked in and saw me, but Nan said that this was simply the path that we were supposed to end up on; this earned scoffs from both Holmes brothers. Dad wasted no time stating that this would happen to any adopted magical child with a need to be biologically linked to her adoptive family, but Nan brushed him off, stating that dad's intellect was blocking the emotional moment. But she wasn't there the night before, after I finally woke up, and didn't sit on the floor for hours while dad cradled my cheeks in his hands while resting his forehead against mine; dad had been as close to crying as I'd ever seen him & the emotional pulsing through his door only heightened the fact that he was A: happy that I was alright, & B: VERY happy that he hadn't accidently killed me by interrupting the whole process.

What I do feel is weak and drained; dad's intervention may have stopped the rest of the process, but I still had lost most of my core when my magic decided to act on dad & I's need to be closer. I slept for almost two days straight and it was no surprise when I slept for most of the way to school, da's lap my current pillow. His fingers are carding through my hair as I start to wake up, soon stretching my arms up as my muscles protest the lack of movement for the past 48 hours. I'm not sure if I'm prepared to suddenly not be within twenty feet of my fathers or be a taxi drive from my uncles; I do know I need to do this, but that doesn't make it any easier.

"There's always web chats poppet."

"But will you pick up? You're horrid using the webcam. Last time I remember you using one, you were in your bloody towel and ended up at the palace in the same towel!"

"A minor detail."

Da & I chuckle as I sit up, watching my father read over multiple case files on the small table, knowing he was avoiding my eyes.

"You will keep me involved won't you? Just because I'll be up in Scotland doesn't mean I want to be left off cases you know."

"Of course you will be, otherwise how will you have fun?" He replies, eyes still buried in the files.

"Of course your school work will come first; I don't care if that upsets you and do not give me that look Sherlock. She already has a six course schedule that is squeezed into 2 months before she begins the rest of her courses this fall; the last thing she needs to be doing is virtually running around London."

"Da…" His blue eyes catch mine, stopping my rebuttal. "Of course your right daddy, but that doesn't mean I won't still get bored and I won't need to contact you guys when I feel like I need to pull my hair out during exams and finals. Doesn't mean I won't need you on Halloween and does not mean I won't be counting the weeks until Christmas; this will be my first time in years I'll be sleeping in a building differing from you guys and that frightens me. I'll feel weird trying to call, not knowing if you guys will be on a case or if you'll be at the Surgery center; I'll worry constantly about you two because goodness knows, Uncle Mycroft can't be the only one to."

I keep the tears back before I continue, drawing a shuddering breath. "Four years ago, I thought for sure I should die after what happened and I was ready for Vernon to kill me; I felt dead inside already, what was one little strangling from a beefy man? Then suddenly, there was you dad, standing over me like knight in a shining trench coat and my world was changed; I'd never guess that you two would be the thing I needed to survive, to thrive, to live. Even the horrible bumps in the road couldn't ruin living in Baker Street and I thank whatever deity that listens that you decided to take me in, when you could have let Uncle Mycroft hid me away in the system. You've protected me, cared for me, dealt with my constant feel of worthlessness & you made me better, made me stronger than anyone had done in the twelve years previous. When I found out that you had been told what I am, I thought for sure that would be the end of it; I was not expecting dad to have me do charms and jinxes multiple time to study them or you to be fascinated with the healing charms. Do you know I thought you'd be done with me after all nightmare and panic attacks?"

"And how many times do I have to tell, Ms. Holmes-" Dad started, moving to sit across from me.

"That once something is yours, you don't give it up without a fight." I whisper the remaining words, smirking at him.

"You will always be Stella Astre Holmes, remember that."

"Stella Astre Holmes-Watson, thank you very much."

This brings a small smile to da's lips before he pulls me into his arms again, the rest of the trip passing by in comfortable silence. We land in a private airstrip before we're soon in another of my uncle's cars, whizzing by the Scottish landscape towards my new school. My uncle assured me that my belongings had made it to my dorm room last night, so I had all day to unpack and get set up. The dads linger in the room after we arrive, unsure as to what they should do; but this only lasts until I can see dad uncomfortable in the new emotional situation.

"Alright, go. The plane won't leave without you, but Uncle Mycroft will need it back. Call me when you get back to Baker Street. Oh, tell Mrs. Hudson thank you for the biscuits, I'll need them later."

Da pulls me into a tight embrace that nearly suffocates me before kissing my cheek and leaving the room, his blue eyes lit up with held tears. Dad lingers, fingers dancing over the boxes piled on my bed, before he turns to me.

"Flat will be quiet without you, poppet."

"Just play your violin enough to fill the gap until I get home for Christmas."

Dad smirks. "Yes, John will love that."

He cups my chin, bringing my wet eyes into his. "Love you poppet."

I know if I answer, I'll start crying, so I just kiss his cheek and push him to the door. "Out with you, before da starts going mental."

Dad's eyes smirk before he walk out of my room & pulls da out of the building, prompting me to rush to the window, watching them get into the waiting car. Da is yelling at dad, who is pushing him into the black motor, but I can't hear him clearly even with the open window. I already feel alone in the empty room, I wouldn't have a roommate until the fall semester, and I'm already worried for the sanity of my dads; but, that's when my text alert goes off.

'Don't worry; I'll keep them busy my dear.'

'Love you too, Uncle Mycroft.'

I can almost see my uncle's eyes wide, unsure as to how to answer, so I'm not expecting a message back. I start unpacking room, ending up on my bed an hour and a half later, reading one of my science texts; my mobile goes off in the middle of a paragraph on identifying decaying remains, the id blaring 'Dad' in the dim room.

"Ello, home already?"

"Didn't take long when we abandoned the driver for the tube."

"Da, why are you using dad's mobile?"

"Because his was closer and I needed to ask: did you tell him to play his violin loudly again?"

"Of course not daddy, I would never do that to you." I reply, trying, and failing, to hide my laughter.

"Grounded, next time your home." He replies before the phone is pulled away from him and dad's voice fills my ear.

"Nonsense poppet, don't listen to him. I'm composing a new piece; you'd think he'd be used to this."

This starts a bickering war that goes on until I can't stop the yawn that falls out. "Goodnight poppet."

"Sleep well sweetheart."

The phone clicks off and I let sleep take me, curling into dad's comforter that I had stolen and packed away a few days ago.

3 Weeks Later

I'm in the center of a ten-person large study group, cramming for a midterm, bouncing questions off my current study mate, when my Uncle Greg's ringtone sounds from within in my bag.

"Sorry." I whisper to the girls next to my bag. The mobile has somehow found itself to very bottom of the bag when I know that it was on top of the stash of the biscuits Mrs. Hudson had sent me yesterday.

After finally pulling the item out into the light, I quickly answer as I move away from the group. "Uncle Greg? Is everything ok?"

"Oh it would be if it wasn't for the fact that John & Sherlock are rampaging through my department!"

"And you're calling me because?" I can barely contain the giggle that comes out as the dads' voices sound out in the background.

"Stella, do not play dumb, you know you're the only one who can control them."

"Well, what are they ranting and raving about?" I ask, leaning against the nearest desk, smirking as I can picture them running around Scotland Yard.

"Something about the lack of cases and violin music; this can only make sense to you, love."

This time, I don't hold back my laughter; this is what I need to de-stress from the upcoming exams.

"Cor, put me on speaker then."

I wait only a moment before I can hear the dads more clearly.

"…and you are going to be the death of me!"

"Oh John, don't be so dramatic."

"Oi, both of you!"


"You called our daughter, Lestrade?"

"You forced my hand when you started your little tirade in the department."

"Now, I don't know why you decided to take it Scotland Yard, but dad, you can't go ranting in the middle of Uncle Greg's department!"

"Oh? And where am I supposed to do it?"

"From the flippin' living room, that's what it is made for: so Sherlock Holmes can have his hours long rants about the lack of good crime and worthwhile cases."

Silence greets me before da's laughter travels over the line.

"He's gone off sweetheart, quite in a huff too. I think he misses you putting him in place; although Mummy does it quite well too. How's school going?"

"Fine, studying for midterms right now. Think you can handle him now?"

"Yeah, think I've got this handled now. Get back to your studies sweetheart, but Sherlock did want me to ask for your notes on that case he sent you last week."

"Oh, that cold case from Essex? I've been glancing at it, but it's proving to be a stubborn one; I'm halfway through it and when I'm done with these mind raping exams, I'll call him up and bounce my deductions off him. Ok, if you him handled, I'll leave you too it. Can I have my uncle back please?"

There's a shuffle and I can hear the speaker turned off before Uncle Greg gets back on. "Yah, love?"

"I think I've got it all worked out now, anything else Detective Inspector?"

He chuckles. "No, I'll take it from here, good work Ms. Holmes. Love you & talk to you later."

"Love you. Laters."

Ending the call, I let the laughter escape my lips again before turning back to my study group, who I find is all watching me.

"Sorry about that. Now, where were we?"

A/N: And that's a wrap! 2 weeks of writing and editing and deleting and rewriting. I hope you like it, I'm happy with the ending. I'm so proud of this little gem and I'm so happy that many people liked it as well. I will say this now, I am not planning any sequel for Ms. Stella Holmes and I hope you all understand this.

But holy crap, 18 pages and 8,500 hundred words…..(dies slowly)


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