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"Can I come in?" Maddie nodded warily, slowly stepping aside so the woman could walk in the house. Maddie leaned close to her daughter, muttering something only she could hear as the woman walked past them into the kitchen.

"Be careful Jazz, she looks suspicious. I don't know her, so don't talk to her." The woman in question sat down next to the seat where Jazz had sat a few moments before. The woman smiled as Maddie sat down across of her. Maddie pretended to smiled and held out a hand.

"Hi, I'm Maddie Fenton, and you are?" The woman took her hand, shaking it quite vigorously.

"Yoruichi Shihoin. Sorry for just showing up at your house at a time like this. I'm Ichigo's mother. Danny, Sam, Tucker, and Ichigo are at our house right now; I didn't want you to get worried and call the police. They looked a bit tired before I left, so they might spend the night, if that's alright with you." Maddie sighed on the inside. She was just the mother of one of Danny's friends. She thought she might have been a ghost or something, but that's just crazy. After all, she was very sweet.

"Oh, don't worry about that. It's totally fine with me. I'm glad you came and told me, I was really worried that something happened to my precious boy-"

"MADDIE! Who was at the- oh." A large man stormed into the room, but stopped when he saw the unknown woman in his kitchen. He walked over to the woman, clearly trying to catch her attention.

"Why hello there, I don't believe we've met." The man held out his hand, "Fenton, Jack Fenton. I don't believe we've met before. Care to introduce yourself?" Yoruichi smiled and took Jack's hand.

"Yoruichi Shihoin." Maddie glared at Jack, steam practically coming off of her. She grabbed Jack by the ear, and nearly growled.

"Jack, this is Ichigo's mother, one of Danny's you come with me for a moment?" The woman didn't wait for an answer and pulled the man out of the room, despite the obvious difference in their stature. Jazz starred at Yoruichi, finally alone with the woman. She walked around the room and started asking questions, similar to an interrogation.

"So, you're Ichigo's mom?" Yoruichi nodded.

"You look nothing alike. Does he take after his dad?" Yoruichi shook her head.

"I wouldn't know. I adopted Ichigo, I'm not his birth mother. That's why we don't look alike." Jazz stopped her pacing.

"Really?" Yoruichi nodded.

"Yes." Jazz hesitated before asking her next question.

"What happened to his parents?" Yoruichi looked away for a moment, but returned her gaze to Jazz.

"His mother was attacked, and his father went missing soon after that..."

"How old was he?"


"Oh...I'm sorry to hear about that." Yoruichi shrugged her off.

"Don't worry about it, it's not like it's your fault." Jass starred at her for a moment, before pacing around her again.

"Did you know that Ichigo's caught a lot of attention at school recently." Yoruichi raised an eyebrow.

"Oh? How so?"

"Well, his hair catches attention all on it's own, people are saying he's a delinquent. Plus, the fact that he's always leaving in the middle of class doesn't help. Also, the word is, is that you guys are totally loaded...are you?" Yoruichi shrugged.

"Ichigo's grandfather pays for most of our stuff since we just moved here. So, in a way, yes. The things that we have now are a bit expensive, but the amount of money that we have now is pretty average. As for the leaving in the middle of class, he has a bad medical history. He get's dizzy and faints alot, so he leaves so that he doesn't make a scene, and he doesn't hurt himself by passing out onto tile floors. Anything else you'd like to know about us while you're at it?" Jazz's face turned scarlette. Yoruichi couldn't help but laugh. Yoruichi stood up.

"Thank you for having me, but I really must get back to the kids, if you don't mind. It was nice meeting all of you. See you later." Yoruichi winked and left the house. Jazz just starred at the door Yoruichi just left through. Maddie and Jack walked into the room.

"Where'd she go?"

"I have no idea..."

"What did you find out, hoping you didn't break the thing?" Urahara smiled.

"Oh, it's quite interesting." Danny, Sam, Tucker, and Ichigo sat down on a couch that was in Urahara's office. Urahara stood up and walked so that he was standing in front of them. He pulled out a remote from his haori and pushed a button. A hologram of a ghost and a soul side by side appeared.

"You see," Urahara pointed at the soul, "when souls leave their bodies, they have a chain of fate that keeps them from becoming hollow." Urahara pointed at the ghost.

"Ghosts don't have one. So their soul is affected by hatred and grief permantely because they can't become hollows, but they don't have a chain of fate to protect them from hollow feelings. That's why they do evil deeds pertaining to their life or the way they died." Urahara pushed the button again and the soul and ghost disappeared. This time, the fenton portal came up.

"Now, based off of the information you gave me Danny, you said that this is where you put the ghosts you catch and this is where they come from, correct?" Danny nodded.

"Well, if my thoughts are correct, then I think that the ghost zone is similar to Hueco Mundo, which is where the hollows come from. I also think that the fenten portal is similar to a garganta, however you can't open it with reitsu like you can a garganta. Unfortunately, since these ghosts don't harm or kill souls, the Soul Society can't step in to help with catching them, I apologize." Danny stood up.

'What do you mean, you can't help?! These ghosts cause a whole mess of trouble!" Urahara closed his eyes and sighed, he felt like he was trying to explain things to a four year old.

"Yes, but the Soul Society's job is to protect the balance of souls. Unless humans are being killed, the Soul Society can't get involved because we have to use as many resources as we can to deal with hollows.

"But some of them do! Like Dan did! Of course, ghosts like that rarely appear and he was technically me, but that's not the point."

"If there is one like that again, then we'll consider assisting. However, we can't just join you. You clearly have people who support you," Urahara pointed to Sam and Tucker. "Who knows, maybe you could start you're own organization like the Soul Society, granted a bit smaller. You could have a group of people's whose job it is to protect humans from ghosts. I believe you already have a new worker." Ichigo stood up and put his hand on Danny's shoulder.

"That's right. I'll gladly help, although, you'll have to remember that it'll take some time for me to come if you need my help. Here." Ichigo grabbed Danny, as well as Sam and Tucker and shunpoed back to his office. Ichigo reached into his desk.

"I know it's around here somewhere...aha..." Ichigo pulled out a necklace. He handed it to Danny. Danny held up the necklace. Sam and Tucker stood next to him and they looked at it. It didn't have a chain, it had a white string instead with a skull pendent

"What is it?" Ichigo smiled.

"It's sort of like a pager. If you ever need me, for any reason, just push the button. Don't worry, the only one who knows about it here is Urahara and Yoruichi. Normal humans can't see it, so it can also help you find good members for your organization." Danny hooked the necklace around his neck. He looked up at Ichigo.

"Thanks. Wait, aren't you comming back with us?" Ichigo shook his head.

"Nope. Our mission was to investigate the ghosts in Amity Park, now that we have, our job is done there. I have to stay here and do my job, the one I was born to do. But don't worry, we'll see each other again," Ichigo winked at him, "that's why I gave you the necklace." Just then, Yoruichi appeared in his office.

"Hi, I'm here to take you guys back to the world of the living. Because the time in the senkiamon is different than the soul society and the world of the living, it will probably be morning when we get there." The three of them nodded. They said their goodbyes to Ichigo, and left with Yoruichi. The four exited the Senkaimon, appearing in Ichigo's bedroom. Danny, Sam, and Tucker turned back to Yoruichi.

"It was nice meeting you." Sam said. Danny and Tucker nodded. Yoruichi smiled.

"You too. Now, you better be going back to your families, I'm sure they're waiting for you right now." Danny, Sam, and Tucker nodded. The three left the house to go home.

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