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"Oh! He went to play with Kenny! I can show you! Here, hold my arms." The three held onto her arms as they were told, and were suddenly jerked off the ground, the world blurring around them. A moment later, everything returned to normal, but they were a bit sick to their stomachs. The three jumped out of the way when a bolder was flung in their direction. A loud crash filled the air when the bolder crashed into the wall behind them.

"Damn it Kenpachi! Watch it, you almost hit them!" Kenpachi tsked, placing a katana on his shoulder.

"Then you should have let it hit you." Ichigo frowned, he always hated fighting Kenpachi. Sam looked over at Yachiro.

"What's Kenpachi holding?" The pink-haired girl smiled.

"Oh! That's Kenny's zanpakuto! Every shinigami has one. Each Zanpakutō is unique: they're reflections of a Shinigami's power and soul. All zanpakuto have their own names, but most shinigami don't know their names. More powerful shinigami, like Ichi-chan, know them. They can use stronger abilities and grow stronger with their zanpakuto's souls. Kenny is strong enough, but he refuses to learn his zanpakuto's name because he sees it as just a name."

"What's the name of your Zanpakuto, and how did we get here? It felt like something was tugging on my insides." Yachiro smiled at Tucker.

"Skilled shinigami can use Shunpo, or flash step. It's an ability to move at amazing speeds. It's so fast, most people won't even see you move. That's like it seems they're disappearing, and you got sick on the way here, you weren't used to it. As for your other question." She grinned, shaking her finger.

"It's a secret." The three sighed, and turned back to the fight. Ichigo and Kenpachi kept clashing their swords, disappearing then reappearing only to be matched by the other. They finally broke apart, both of them sliding the opposite direction.

"Enough of this! If we keep up like this it'll go on forever!" Ichigo held out his zanpakuto, pointing it at Kenpachi. He placed his free hand on his arm; a blue glow began to surround him.

"Bankai!" Red and black flames enveloped Ichigo, the air around them thickened. Danny, Sam, and Tucker were forced to their knees.

"What is this? It's suffocating..."

"It's Ichi-chan's reistu. He was concealing it before, especially in the human world. However, now that he has released his power, it's freely flowing out. If you were normal humans, you would have been crushed by now. But Ichi-chan would be sad if that happened." Yachiro muttered something, and an orange tinted cube surrounded them.

"Here, this will protect you from his massive reitsu. Now, let's watch the fight…" Danny looked at them.

"What happened to Ichigo's zaputo, or whatever they're called?" Danny frowned, all of the fancy Japanese names were totally messing him up. Yachiro smiled at him.

"You sure do ask a lot of questions, fluffy…" The girl looked back at the fight, eating some candy that appeared out of nowhere.

"FLUFFY?" Yachiro looked at him confused.

"What's wrong?" Sam and Tucker rolled on the floor, holding their sides as they practically laughed to death. Danny glared holes in their backs. They were jerked out of their musings when Ichigo's body hit the barrier.

"Ichigo!" Ichigo smiled, and spit out blood.

"That kinda' hurt. Alright, get ready Kenpachi." The two men in questioned smiled at each other, Ichigo's mischievous while Kenpachi's was filled with blood-lust.

"Zanpakuto's have 2 higher forms. The first is Shikai, and you can gain it by learning your zanpakuto's name." Ichigo swung his zanpakuto, a black wave emitting from it and hit Kenpachi, sending him into the wall.

"The other one is Bankai, which takes years to master. For most people, it takes at least 10 years to reach it; however it only took Ichigo 3 days." Kenpachi appeared out of the debris of the wall, jumping towards Ichigo. Their zanpakutos clashed, the force pushing Ichigo back. Ichigo appeared behind Kenpachi. He slashed downwards, and a gash appeared on Kenpachi's back, blood gushed out.

"Wow, don't want to be on the end of that, dude." Kenpachi spun around, the hilt of his zanpakuto hit Ichigo in the jaw. This sent him into the air before he crashed into the ground, cracking the gravel. Before Kenpachi could do anymore, Ichigo sprung back up, releasing series of gestuga tenshous. Kenpachi was flung back once again, but Ichigo was back on him before he could recover. Ichigo swung down Zangestu, creating a gash similar to the one that was scared on Kenpachi's chest already. Kenpachi smiled.

"Damn, lost again." Kenpachi shakily stood up, before falling to the ground again. Ichigo ended his bankai, returning his cleaver-like sword to his back. Yachiro smiled as well. She dropped the barrier and skipped over to Kenpachi. She lifted him onto her shoulders before turning back to the 4.

"Thanks for playing with Kenny, Ichi-chan. I'm going to take him to 4th division. Bye bye, Ichi, fluffy, emo, and geek." Yachiro disappeared. Ichigo turned to the three and smiled sheepishly, scratching the back of his head.

"Sorry about the nick-names. She calls two of my friends Boobies, and Pencil. You're stuck with it until the end of times." Sam looked at him.

"Hey Ichigo, shouldn't you be going to the 4th division too? They're the healing division aren't they? You look pretty beat up." Ichigo smiled, and ruffled Sam's hair.

"Yeah, you're right. Come on, let's go." Ichigo grabbed the three, before shunpoing to the 4th division.

"Hey Ichigo, what about the place back there? It looks pretty beat up. Is it alright to just leave it like that?" Ichigo nodded. A woman with blue eyes and a black braid around her neck walked up to them and smiled gently.

"Well, well, back so soon Captain Kurosaki?" Ichigo smiled nervously.

"Sorry about that Unohana, I couldn't get out of this time. He practically kidnapped me!" Tension filled the room, obviously coming the woman, although she looked completely calm.

"I expect better of you, Ichigo." Ichigo shivered, the only time Unohana used your first name was if you were in trouble.

"I'm really so Unohana. I promise I'll stay put until I'm completely rested." Unohana smiled brightly, as if her evilness just disappeared and was never there to begin with.

"Of course, Kurosaki. Hanataro!" A short boy with short black hair came out of a hallway.

"Yes Captain Unohana?" Unohana pointed to Ichigo.

"He got into another fight with Kenpachi. You wouldn't mind fixing him up would you?" Hanataro shook his head.

"Not at all Captain. C'mon Ichigo." Ichigo nodded and followed Hanataro to the examination room, followed by his three guests. Ichigo sat down on the white bed while Danny, Sam, and Tucker stood along the wall. Hanataro picked up his clipboard. Everyone stared at him, when he hit Ichigo on the head, pretty hard if Ichigo said anything about it.

"Ichigo, what is wrong you? You could have gotten seriously hurt. You have to be more careful. It won't be too long till Captain Zaraki gets the upper hand." Ichigo looked away from Hanataro, slightly ashamed with himself. He could have resisted better. Plus, he was sure to get his ear chewed out by old man Yamamotto for destroying one of the training grounds. Of course, that didn't mean Kenpachi wouldn't get yelled at too. No, he would, he just wouldn't care. Unfortunately, Ichigo still fell to the guilt card.

Hanataro took a wet rag, and washed the blood off of Ichigo, although only a little bit of it was actually his. He examined Ichigo's jaw, taking it into his hands and turning it back and forth, looking at it. Hanataro sighed as he wrote something down on his clipboard.

"I think your jaw might be fractured a bit. Sit still." Ichigo nodded as Hanataro sat next to him and cast a healing kido effortlessly. A green sphere appeared around Ichigo's jaw. The pain began to subside, and the bruises-from yours truly-began to disappear. Hanataro stopped.

"That should be it. Of course, you be sore for a few hours, I won't heal that since it will be gone before the days over. Make sure not to get into another fight though. Otherwise, you may cause some bad damage on your organ, they're already bruised enough. Ichigo nodded and stood up. He turned back to the three who were just standing there, waiting for it to be over.

"Well, we have a tour to get back to, don't we?" Ichigo showed Danny, Sam, and Tucker around the rest of the Seireitei, but skipped Kisuke's division since they were already there and they were going to go back to get the thermos. They returned to the division about 2 hours later. Ichigo knocked on the door.

"Hey, pervert. You finished yet?" Ichigo pushed the door open, only to have it slam back in his face from an explosion in the room. Ichigo opened the door again. The room was covered in smoke. The smoke dissipated, showing a very crispy looking Urahara at his desk, ash covering his face and hair.

"Well, that didn't go as planned." Ichigo sighed.

'Stupid old man…'

"What did you find out, hoping you didn't break the thing?" Urahara smiled.

"Oh, it's quite interesting."

"Hey mom, where's Danny?" Jazz looked at the clock. It was almost 6 o'clock. Danny should have been at home by now, or, at least called. It was at that moment that the door bell ring. Jazz heard her mom call from the other room.

"Don't worry Jazz, I'll get it." Jazz walked over to the front door. Who would be there at that hour? Her mom opened the door, and a tall tan woman with long purple hair was there smiling.

"Can I come in?"

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