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I Will Find YOU

By: Oona Cullen

Summary: Vampire Edward out for the day hears a mind that intrigues him. Deciding to follow it, he is soon listening to what he calls his little firecracker. Now if he could just see what she looks like, then try to make her his. He just has to find her.

Chapter One: Seeing her.


It wasn't that I was looking for that special someone constantly; it was just sometimes it couldn't hurt to try. So today I was trying as I ran errands, stopping here and there around town. I noticed her mind, before I noticed her, not an unusual state of events. But this was different; her mind was unlike a million others it was "foggy" a little off, and the way she put those thoughts together, was intriguing to say the least.

Damn where the hell is she? I would really like to see what this firecracker looks like, probably married anyway. Still I was bored so what the hell lets hunt, I thought.

Finally after window shopping for twenty minutes, I zeroed in on my target. Glad I had not lost the knack of hunting humans after all.

Gotcha! My little firecracker at last, her voice was singing in my head,

"Crap why can't I ever find what I'm looking for when I have the money to get it?"

There she is, did she just stomp her foot? Damn that was sexy, naughty, but sexy. So far I had only seen her backside, as she was fussing, and facing away from me. Well rounded, but oh what a nice bottom. A very "spankable" bottom to say the least, Now what made me think that?

Hmm, must be hearing my sisters, and mom, getting paddled on a regular basis, all these years, I never thought much about it, but right now it was glaring me right in the face. Okay, I'll admit it, I was a bottom man too, Emmett, will have a field day with that one.

"Ok Bella, get your act together" she was talking to herself, as she walked out of the store in a huff. Following behind, but not too closely, she went to a wreck of a truck that sounded like it might explode any minute, and drove off. I had to backtrack to my Volvo, and then I lost her. Knowing Peter was nearby; it might be nice to add a short hunting trip, before heading back home.

Two days later, I heard her again, this time at the small college where we were taking a course at. They offered a decent music history course, and I was going to be sorry it was almost over, surprising even me, by liking it after all.

"Be so glad when this horrid class is over, if that teacher even knows how to read, it would surprise me!"

Yes it was her, my little "firecracker". What she needs is me, someone who loves her snarky self, but will keep her in line as well. I began to make plans to meet her.

Gads here I go again, acting like she's mine or something"

Walking towards the bookstore where I noticed her enter, she begins to talk again.

Good now I can study her without stalking her, I almost said out loud. Pretty hair, awesome breasts, even if they are covered by two shirts, they seem a good size. A sexy bottom and perfect breasts so far so good. Not bad Edward old boy, not bad at all.

Turn around baby, your making daddy mad, I want to see your face, although if I was truthful she could have the face of almost anyone, I loved what I saw already, what good was a great face; but no boobs or sexy bottom? She was plus sized, so what; just means more to love, my heart was already taken, the moment I heard her voice.

Working my way around some other students, ignoring their thoughts, I was zeroed in on hers. Then I finally saw her full on. It felt like I had the breath knocked out of me, was this the mating Pull? It felt more, like a mating knockdown and by the looks of it, she felt it too.

Suddenly standing up, she had been leaning slightly reading a book spine, but now she snapped her head in my direction. Catching her breath as our eyes locked, for what seemed like hours; but was really only moments.

(She is just what I'm looking for but didn't know)

Taking a deep breath she looked me up and down, like I was a bug under a glass. I held her gaze, daring her to look away first. A shy smile appeared on her face, and then her beautiful eyes lit with pure pleasure. I returned a smirky smile, and nodded slightly. Walking over to her, I held out a hand "Edward", she took it "Bella" she replied.

My Heavens! The need to mate with her is almost overwhelming, glad I'm wearing my old beat up loose jeans. Plus the current between us when our hands touched, wow is all I can think right now.

"Are you getting new textbooks for next semester?" I asked her looking at what she was reading.

"Just seeing the books for the classes I might take, if I hate the book, I'll hate the class"

"I never tried picking classes that way, might have to give that a try" I teased her.

"Humph" was all she replied to that. She seemed mad at me as well.

Now that little habit will be the first thing we work on, I thought.

"It was nice meeting you Edward; do you think we could meet again tomorrow, at the coffee shop across the street?"

"Sure, I would love that Bella, is that short for something?"

"Yes, Isabella, but I don't care for it, always makes me feel like I did something naughty when I'm called that" laughing I filed that information away.

When she did something naughty, I would be sure to use it. I watched her walk to that awful truck. Oh my; that bottom will be filling my resting hours tonight. Then her thoughts began again, making me stay rooted where I was.

"What a handsome man, I could love him so easily, Holy Hannah! Is that what this feeling is?" She had me stunned right there and then "He looks dangerous, almost not human, and so damn sexy, Ooo to feel him loving me, I'd give quite a lot. Oh, who am I kidding? Why would a stunner like that, want to know me, let alone make love to me? The first time he saw me naked, he'd run for his life" With that thought she started her truck and was gone.

I was so mad it was a good thing she left. Not want her? She was all I've thought about for days. Yep! It's a done deal, any doubts I had were gone, three things were crystal clear;

1: I loved her

2: She loved me

3: I was most defiantly his father's son, paddling her bottom, was the first thing I was going to do. She could agree or not, but I hoped she would agree.

Heading home, I needed a plan, before we met for coffee.

Tomorrow all my thoughts will be on tomorrow. I head to my car and home. Looking forward to resting for once in my life.