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I had been running for a good while now, trying to escape the horde of walkers chasing after me. I had accidentally dropped my revolver a few paces back. I was doomed. I looked around for some sort of makeshift weapon that nature could provide me. A large branch maybe? A huge ass rock to throw? Nothing. Nothing but a bunch of twigs and small rocks. 'Maybe if I just keep running I can lose them.' I thought to myself. But no. They were coming from every direction.

I really was doomed. I start to panic. My heart beats faster and my breathing becomes harder. Then all of a sudden, I hear some odd sounds-slashing sounds. It sounded like they were coming from the sling of a sword. I turn to look into the direction of the sounds and see a man with a large blade attached to his arm.

"Watch Out!" He shouts.

I just barely dodge a walker from behind me just as he was ready to bite. The man then shoved his long, brutal blade through the walker's head. The walker hit the ground then the man quickly did the same to the four other walkers surrounding us. The small area around us was now clear.

"Wow, thanks! You saved my life!" I said.

The man grinned at me and just said, "No problem, sugar tits.".

He then proceeded to look me over as if he were undressing me with his eyes.

"What are you doin' out here all alone and unarmed? It's not safe out here." He said.

"Well, I dropped my gun back through there while I was trying to run away from them." I started as I pointed in the direction I came from.

"...I was with my two roommates, but we got split up by the horde a few days ago. I don't know where they are or if they're okay." I said.

"Hmm...well, you're welcome to come along with me."

"Do you have a camp?" I asked him.

"Something like that," he said. "it's a lot safer. We can also help you look for your friends." He replied.

'This guy seems pretty legit.' I thought to myself.

"Sure, thanks." I said.

"Alrighty then, let's go." He said as he started to walk.

I followed him along. We had only taken a few steps then he stopped, turned to look at me.

"Oh by the way, the names Merle." He said as he slipped a knife out of his holster and handed it to me.

"Thanks again. I'm Elsa."

He grinned back at me again.

"Nice to meet you, Elsa."

So yeah, that's chapter one. Short, I know. I hope I didn't upset anyone with my terrible writing. I really and truly didn't want to butcher the 'Walking Dead' for anyone. Haha. Anyway, thanks for reading and please review! :) xx