Being the new girl was not easy, especially for someone as awkward as Ana Steele.

"Your classes," the lady at the front office murmured as she passed Ana her schedule, still warm from being freshly printed. "Have your teachers sign this one," she added, handing her another sheet, "And bring it back to the office."

Ana nodded, tucking a strand of her brown hair behind her ears. "Thank you," she said quietly, distracted with reading the classes.

"Jose," the lady called out, motioning for a boy to come over. "She's new here, give her a tour will you?"

The boy was all smiles, "Of course."

"You're all set Ana, Jose will show you around before going to class," she checked her watch and frowned, "There's only about twenty minutes left of class anyways."

The boy walked behind the desks, he had a clip on his shirt that said 'Office Aid'. "We can just go back down this way," he said cheerfully and led the way. "I'm Jose by the way."

"Ana," she replied, following beside him.

He walked down the office halls and pointed to places he thought she should know. "There's the nurses office. The Deans is down that way, and over here are most of the councelors, but we have some upstairs too."

They exited the office through a back door that led them to another set of halls. "Here's the music room," he smiled politely.

"Cool," Ana commented, though she wasn't that interested in it. She was too clumsy to ever play an instrument, but it did make her admire the musicians.

"The theatres behind that," he said. "Gyms over there, but I don't think you have PE this year, do you?"

Ana shook her head, "I'm in my Junior year."

Jose nodded, "Me too, maybe we have some classes together. Can I see your schedule?"

Ana handed him the schedule and looked around the school. It was huge with high ceilings and a very big open area. "Cafeteria is right there, " Jose said, pointing by the open area. He was still looking at her schedule, "We only have one class," he sighed. "Your classes seem pretty good though, you got all the smart classes," he grinned.

Ana smiled back warily, "Uh.. cool."

"Watch out for Mr. Grey though," he warned, "Most girls are all over him, but I don't see why. He's a scary fuck."

Ana blinked, "Really?"

Jose nodded, handing back her schedule, "My friend has his class, and from what I've heard, he's a total prude, and really strict. Just don't get on his bad side.. Actually, I doubt you'll have a problem with him."

Ana nodded, she was usually the student teachers completely ignored.

"Lets see, you have History right now right?"

Ana checked the schedule, "Second hour?"

"Yes. We have block schedule, which is great since we get out early, but sucks if you're not a morning person."

"I have history then," Ana said.

"Let's go up to that class then," he said, taking her up the stairs. He explained how the class numbers worked, "Oh and the library is there," he pointed.

Ana glanced at it and smiled to herself, it looked bigger than the one in her last school.

"Just go on in," Jose said when they reached the door to her class. "I have to get back to the office, we don't have much time left, but I'll try to find you during lunch."

"Thanks," Ana said, nervously holding on to her papers. "I'll see you then."

With that, Jose left, leaving Ana with no choice but to enter the class.

About twenty pairs of eyes landed on her, "What?" the teacher asked behind her desk. "Do you need something?"
"I - uh... I'm new," Ana said simply, walking over to her desk. She handed her the paper for her to sign and waited for instructions.

When she was handed back the paper, the teacher raised an eyebrow, "We have less than ten minutes left of class and I don't need you here."

Ana blinked, "Oh.. So do I-"

"Just.. go get the rest of your signatures or something," the teacher waved her away.

Scrunching her nose up, Ana hesitantly walked back out. That was odd. Now what was she suppose to do? She wished Jose was there so she wouldn't seem so lost and confused.

She began to aimlessly walk around the school, searching for any classes she had, to get the teachers signatures.

She had been quietly cursing when he stopped her. "What are you doing?" a sharp voice asked.

Ana looked up, shocked, and a bit frightened, "Uh.." her response was caught in her throat when she saw who had spoken to her. It was a tall handsome man dressed smartly in a suit and tie. His grey eyes were focused on her, inspecting her for something Ana didn't know. She felt herself turn red, but still no words came out.

"Go back to class," he said, seeming as if he had taken pity on her.

"I- The teacher told me to-"

"You're not suppose to be out in the last ten minutes of class," he raised an eyebrow. "What are you? A sophmore? You should know that by now."

"I'm new," Ana said, holding up her new schedule as if that was proof.

He didn't look convinced, "Just go back to class then," was all he said before walking away.

Ana let out a long breath, she had never seen a teacher, or what she assumed was a teacher, as handsome as him.

After that, she decided to find the bathrooms and stay there until the bell rang.