Alan Ashby/OC/Austin Carlile

Rated R

You (you're dating Alan) and Austin walk in on Alan doing drugs (any kind) in the tour bus and Alan runs off and Austin comforts you

"I like it!" Austin said admiring your new piercing. You laughed, walking onto the tour bus with him. You and Austin were best friends, you did everything together, that is, when you weren't with your boyfriend Alan. You were laughing, having a good day so far when you saw Alan leaned over the table, he was rapidly tapping his foot. You heard him inhale sharply then exhale softly.

"Alan?" You asked walking over to him. He snapped his head toward you and you saw a white powder on the table and his face.

"What are you doing?!" You scanned the table, a lighter, spoon and syringe were laying there too, used. Alan looked at you nervously then back at the table. He stood up, grabbing the stuff and throwing it in a bag.

"I-" He ran off the bus and disappeared. Austin walked over to you, placing a hand on your shoulder,

"Y/N?" You stayed quiet, your head to the floor as you cried.

"He's doing drugs? I don't understand, why would he do that?" You sobbed harder, Austin pulled you into his chest and rubbed your back,

"Hey, it's okay. If he wants to ruin his life let him. You don't deserve that." Austin whispered, you hugged him tighter, you couldn't stop crying, you had been with Alan for a long time and didn't think he would ever even think about doing drugs.

"Just listen to my heart beat, take deep breaths, calm down." Austin instructed, combing his hand through your hair. You did as told, listening to his heart beat calmly. Soon you calmed down, finally pulling away from Austin and wiping your tears away.

"Thank you so much Austin," You thanked him, smiling slightly.

"Now let's get off this bus." You said walking out, you didn't want to be in there with what had just happened.