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Title: I See Something

Written for: Rody Cherry Dumitrescu / addicted-to-romione-bedward

Written By: EternallyCullen

Rating: M

Summary/Prompt used: 3. No one realized how special he was. They couldn't get over how "different" he was.

Thank you to LisaDawn75 for being the best wifey and beta a girl could ever ask for and to Elaine and my OC-Dani for pre-reading. Thanks for letting me bounce these ideas off you ladies.


"America, are you ready? Tonight, singing live and waiting for your vote, in the final three of this year's Vocal Sensation... Welcome to the stage…Edward Cullen!"

Edward braced himself and took several calming breaths before stepping out onto the stage. The crowd roared. He took his place in front of the mic and raised his eyes. He couldn't see much – the lights were too bright. Out of all the thousands of eyes on him from the audience and the millions of viewers across the country on their couches, all he felt was hers.

She truly believed in him, and she gave him the confidence to move forward.

Edward looked out and ahead to where he knew she was sitting with the cameras behind her, and as the opening strains of the song began to play, he prepared himself. This was his moment. Tonight, his life would change forever.

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