Newer version after some brushing up. Some people were complaining about the AHAHAHAs littering the first few chapters like used tissue paper, so I cleaned up. Happy now? :P Not too much difference, though I did add a few lines of sarcasm that begged to be released.

Funny thing about being reborn in the Naruto world.

Oh wait, sorry, was I supposed to describe my entering the world via my mother's uterus, the shrill scream of terror I gave out when I saw light for the first time in nine months, the previous trance in the dark I had when I was still developing through the stages of an embryo?

Oh right, I just did.

Funny thing about being reborn in the Naruto world.

What do you mean I can't say that? What? I need to describe the difficulty of going through the baby stage, the toddler stage, and even the dawning realization when I found out I was in the Naruto world?

I…oh fuck it! If you're so clever, then why don't YOU tell me what I experienced then?


I thought so.

So… Funny thing about being reborn in the Naruto world.

GODDAMNIT. I'll repeat the line as many times as I want! Do you want to know what happened or not?!

Hmph. Funny…oh for fuck's sake. Even I'm tired of saying it again. You really take the fun out of everything, you know?

Anyway, what I said above.

…Look what you did. I lost my train of thought.


Okay, I got it back. Yeah, yeah, I'm not going to repeat the sentence again.

So…I was reborn in the Naruto world.

As who? Well…here's the funny part.

I'm an Uchiha.

Ahahahahahaha! Isn't it funny? I'm gonna die in a few years when Itachi goes batshit crazy! Ahahahahaha!

Guess I know why I remembered my past life, because I won't even get to use it before I go bye bye again.

And yes, I read far enough ahead that I know that Itachi is actually innocent, and that Danzo and not-Madara and blahblahblah were behind the Uchiha massacre. But when you think about it, who picks the village over the clan like that? I mean, it's not like he was closer to his colleagues than family right?


Well, I don't know. I was, actually, just born yesterday, you know?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm not making a lot of sense. How can I be born yesterday and know I'm in the Naruto world without even opening my eyes yet?

Well for one, I'm Uchiha Midori. My ears work just fine after they cleaned the birthing gunk off me.

For another, the midwife was a medic-nin. She was using some fancy jutsu to ease my birth and check my vitals. I think even I can understand when someone says 'something-something jutsu' and pushes stuff into me.

Oh yeah, chakra feels weird by the way.

If you're wondering if the theories are true and that as someone from a place without chakra, I am therefore 'chakra-sensitive'…you would be wrong.

The truth?

Our world also has chakra.

Yeah, you heard me. Our world has chakra.

So why don't we have ninjas jumping about performing jutsus?

Obviously, because we never got a Sage of Six Paths to create a whole branch of chakra-use and teach it to us. We've got chakra, that's why we've got those weird psychic people who can lift stuff with the power of their 'minds', but we never learnt how to harness it, so in the end it's just a bunch of energy in us.

Anyway, I'm not chakra-sensitive. So there.

What does using chakra feel like?

Well I don't know! I haven't even tried tapping into it yet! I'm just a baby, you know, and excuse you if you think that just because my mind is working at an adult's level that my brain is.

What? Mind and brain are the same?

Bzz! Nope. My mind here is more linked to my soul. In terms of chakra, it would be the spiritual portion. My brain is the physical portion because it's the part that receives outside information through my senses and sends messages to different parts of my body to act on it.

But memories are part of the brain, because that's how you get amnesia? Well…I don't know. I'm just working on conjecture here! Even I don't understand how I could keep my past-life memories in a baby brain that's supposed to be clean and not explode! Nobody told me how this works!

What? I should know? Well what the hell do you suppose I should do? Go up to someone and ask them how I remember my past life? Oh, and that I coincidentally have knowledge of the events that will happen in the next decade or so?

…Yeah. They wouldn't even sic a Yamanaka on me, they'd just throw me in the loony bin.

Anyway, I've digressed again. And it's all your fault!

I'm Uchiha Midori. I'm one day old and I'm going to die soon.

What? Train and get stronger so that I can stop Itachi from, if not killing the clan, at least not killing me off?

AHAHAHAHAHAHA! What are you on and can I have some? Itachi was a genius and not only that, he has the mangekyo sharingan. Are you asking me to fall in love or befriend someone and then tear my heart out killing him/her so that I can get it?

…You mad, bro?

And to make things tougher, fake-Madara (Coughobitocough) will be helping him. So even if I can survive Itachi (Really? Really?) I still have to survive him.

…Still think I can survive?

Yeah, I thought so.

Oh wells, I guess I'll just enjoy what time I have left~

So the slightly cleaner version of Mad World 1. :) Hope you enjoy it~ And Happy New Year people! (I guess this can be called Spring Cleaning for me...)