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If Only

Chapter One: The Dream That Will Never Come True

* "To find someone who will love you for no reason, and to shower that person with reasons, that is the ultimate happiness." –Robert Brault *


I'm in heaven.

It doesn't get any better than this moment, waking up next to the love of my life.

Her warm body snuggled up against mine as her long, silky tresses tickle my chest.

God, she is radiant, beautiful, and mine.

Pulling her tighter to me, I lower my head and place a light kiss on her temple. She quivers in my arms and releases a shuddering breath.

"Good morning," I whisper and kiss the side of her neck tenderly.

I rub my now hard length on her backside and she moans lustfully, and then slams her hips on mine.

Fuck, my cock is throbbing and aching for her. All I have to do is remove her panties and slide right inside her. My dick twitches with the thought and I press it repeatedly against her covered ass.

"Mmm, baby. Yes! I mean…no, no! I'm not awake enough yet." She grumbles breathlessly and attempts to shift away from me.

I laugh and shake my head, amused. "Not awake enough, huh? Then why are you responding to me?"

Slowly, I slide my hands underneath her shirt and fondle her bare breasts. Her nipples harden, instantly reacting to my caress and she groans in pleasure.

"Oh, Edward, you have no idea what you do to me."

I smile against her cheek and playfully tug at her nipples with my fingers. "Oh, I think I have a good idea, beautiful."

As I cup and squeeze her perfect tits, I place light kisses across her shoulder. God, I love the soft feel and sweet taste of her skin.

Impatiently, I slip off her panties and remove my boxers. Again, she purposely presses her rear against my cock and pants under her breath, "Take me. Now, Eddie. I need you inside me."

"You mean like this?" I murmur in her ear and slowly insert my length inside her soaked walls.

Fuck, she's so wet and so incredibly warm!

"Oh, God…yes! Just like that but go faster and deeper."

So, my very gorgeous wife wants it rough this morning, does she? Well, I'll be more than happy to honor her request.

Suddenly, our bedroom door flings wide open and we freeze in place. Oh, shit!

Quickly, Bella and I sit up and compose ourselves as our beautiful daughter races to our bed. Thank the lord we're covered with a blanket!

Sheepishly, Bella flattens her bed hair with her hands and grins happily at our bronze haired princess.

"Good morning sweetheart, what are you doing up so early?"

Our little angel rolls her big brown eyes and giggles. "Mommy, it's not early. It's after eight o' clock."

I snort in disbelief and lie my head down on the pillow. "It's early enough princess. By the way, didn't mommy and daddy tell you several times to knock on the door first before you enter?"

Bella glares at me disdainfully and narrows her eyes. "Edward, come on now. Don't worry sweetie, its fine. We were up anyway. Now climb on."

She pats the space between us and our angel leaps on the bed, crawls over Bella, and then settles right beside us.

She turns to face me and says in her adorable, sweet voice, "Good morning daddy. Are you mad at me?"

Mad? Why would I be upset that she just interrupted daddy and mommy time?

My disappointment melts away when my daughter gazes at me worriedly with her pretty eyes.

"Of course, I'm not upset Lizzie. You always make mommy and daddy so very happy."

"Yes, you do angel." Bella agrees and kisses the top of Elizabeth's head.

"I love you mommy and daddy." Lizzie says, planting a big, sloppy kiss on both mine and Bella's cheeks.

Then she starts bouncing up and down on the bed with an eager look on her face. "I'm hungry, what's for breakfast?"

Bella and I chuckle. "Hmm, that's a good question, what should we have for breakfast?"

I wink at Bella and discreetly reach for the pillow behind me. Shaking her head, Bella tries to keep a straight face as I aim the pillow close to Lizzie.

"Oh, I know…how about a big helping of pillow?"

"Huh, daddy? Oh no!" Lizzie shrieks with delight and pretends to shield herself as I prepare to strike.

Gently, I bop her head and before long, all of us are having a pillow and tickling war. My heart fills with joy as I watch the two great loves of my existence having the time of their life.

Then, they disappear.

My eyes pry open and I find myself lying next to a completely different woman. Her quiet snores fill the room as she twists her back to me.

It's not her. It never is.

Disappointed, I sigh sorrowfully and glance up at the ceiling.

It was just a dream.

The same one I have nearly every night.

That beautiful, precious dream is a heartbreaking reminder of the life I will never have with the woman who has my heart and forever will.


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