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FAGE Six Pack:

Title: Snowstorm of Memories

Written for: Hannah Pryseski

Written By: Rose Melissa Ivashkov

Rating: T

Summary/Prompt used: A man and his fiancée are told she has a limited time to live.

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Snowstorm of Memories

Dimitri pulled his beanie farther down his face as the Colorado snow drifted about him, snowflakes covering the ground around him furiously. Each bite of snow was a pleasant sting on the skin of his cheeks. The coldness did nothing to him. In fact, he found comfort in it. Every breath of frigid air he took caressed every inch of himself.

Looking out into the distance, Dimitri set out to walk the streets of his hometown, a place he hadn't visited in years. As a matter of fact, he wasn't sure why he found himself here now. But it had been a mistake from the start. He swore to himself he would never come back. The town held nothing of interest to him any longer. Only dark memories he refused to think about. However, as he made his way down his street, small snowflakes landing around him, he realized how much he longed for so long ago.

Dimitri became aware of the crowd that was gathering around him. He wasn't surprised, that had faded way too long ago. Once a high school teacher in his hometown, he had quit his job to pursue a career as a country artist. To say he had found success instantly would have been a lie; it had taken him a year to be noticed by a record label, and a while later soon he came to be known as a bestseller. But that wasn't the finest moment in his life.


Finding the love of his life had been the greatest accomplishment in his life. Too soon, unfortunately, he realized with love came great pain.

As he passed a patch of blooming snowdrops, Dimitri didn't resist the temptation and bent to pick one of the flowers. He regretted it at once. In his hand he held a significant part of his past, a past he desperately wished to forget. He willed himself not to go back, back to the past that haunted him.

There—where he stood was the exact spot where he had met her.

He made one last attempt at forgetting, but his memories had overcome him.

It was too late.

The snowstorm of memories began to fall around him.