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SUMMARY: Beast boy and Raven wake up to the strange realization that they are in the same bed, and worse...they have matching wedding rings on.

Raven turned her body over to the right side of her bed and shifted her hand, when all of a sudden her hand hit something or someone. She realized that Beast Boy was sound asleep next to her in bed. And that in some way, some how never awoke her in her slumber. wait, wait, wait...what was Beast Boy doing in HER DAMN BED?!. "BEAST BOY, WAKE UP!"

"Ugh. Ahhh! what are you doing here?!" Beast Boy screamed in exasperation, he clearly remembered falling asleep in his own cozy bed no more than a few hours ago. The Fact that he was faced to face in bed with the one person in the world that could make his heart go a mile a minute freaked BB to his core.

"Um. YOU'RE IN MY BED! Beast boy, how did you get here?" Raven could have sworn she had even locked her door before going to be that night on the off chance that Starfire decided that 3 am was the perfect time to have one of the dreaded girl talks...believe me it's happened before.

"Beast Boy what is on your finger?" Raven caught the sunlight reflecting of the shiny piece of metal that adorned BB's otherwise baren fingers. She did not even dare think of the finger it was placed onto in that moment of time. Knowing full well he had not gotten married, or even gone on a date within the past few years.

"whaaa, oh this thing it's nothing...oh THAT THING, no clue. It can't be what i think it is though right, tell me I did not run off with a stranger and get hitched...because that would be GROSS, AND not to mention lame. when my wedding time does come it's gonna be so fancy, they'll have to come up with an even fancier word for fancy. eh,agh...wait, thats not the point. The point is that look at your finger it's got one too! and their *gulp* MATCHING!" Beast boy was at a stand still, life just kind of came to a halt. Because even though Raven was Beautiful, and BB would love to woo her into a date. he was not yet ready for marriage, no matter who the bride.

"I don't Believe it, it can not be true. ARE WE BEING PUNK'D?! Robin, Cyborg, Starfire...you can come out now. This is NOT funny guys." Raven knew that deep down though this was the exact opposite of being punk'd, this was a very serious matter and that in one way or another the two would have to work together to figure out a way to end this madness.

"Rae Look around...I don't think we are in jump city anymore." Beast Boy thought it could not get any weirder than waking up to the fact that he had shared a bed with Raven. however things did get weirder. ALOT weirder, as beast boy finally took in his surroundings he quickly found that the two had not been home at all, but rather in a very beautiful hotel room complete with a indoor jacuzzi, kitchen and steam room.

"You. Have. Got. To. Be kidding me" Raven knew control over emotions. she was the Queen of control. however all of this new found information she was having to let soak into her already hurting brain was too much for even herself to fully get a grip on. how on earth was someone expected to calmly take these matters into their own hands. Raven did not even know what city she was in, let alone state...or heaven forbid country. Raven did not want to have to deal with a different culture as well as filling out useless paperwork.

"Raven it's ok. I think I know where we are actually. I heard of a hotel where they gave rooms like this to the wealthy. I just can not for the life of me remember where it was located though, sorry." Beast Boy could see that waking up to this hot mess of a morning was already starting to take its toll on Raven, he just wished he could be of more help.

"Beast Boy, it's alright. do you at least remember the name of the hotel?" raven asked with a hint of frustration. not towards Beast Boy, no he was being and doing great. she liked him for trying to keep their situation on light. And for trying his best to help her. No, Raven was frustrated with herself for not being able to answer any of the questions that ran through her mind herself.

It was at that very moment that they heard the door open…

to be continued :)

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