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Cyborgs P.O.V

Ugh, what is lying next to me. I began to tap whatever it was in the motion of shewing a fly. It was in the process of this that I heard a grunt coming from the very area that I was flapping my hands at, I was apparently hitting something with my titanium arms, because All I could truly hear was the clanking of metal, and then the "OUch!" from…...JINX! MY god, she fell asleep in my room last night. Robin, IS GOING TO KILL me when he finds out...If he founds out, If is good.

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"Jinx, You GOTTA leave right now, if you don't Robin will find out and will most likely kill me. go hurry, I do not want him to take it out on you." I said with a touch of urgency in my voice.

"Take a chill Pill, Cy...Robin is so dense, He probably need's Dora The Explorer to show him where I am through her silly MAP." Jinx said in a sluggish voice, deep with grogginess.

"Jinxy, He studied the arts of deductive reasoning through batman…" I said, Clearly knowing she was not completely ready for a full on conversation...she waas like me after all. & I do not like to think about much when first waking up, just ask BB.


"Oh…..Shit. Well,then I guess I should be leaving then." Jinx said, without much thought as to how he and or she would really successfully get her out of the Tower unseen. All she could think of was that the Tower's circuits were run and made by her love, she thought it only made sense that he would be able to get her out of the Tower in a safe, and sly way Unseen.

"Yeah, I think it would be best, babe." let me just get my circuitry linked to my systems for the day….Um, BAAAAABE, WE ARE NOT IN THE TOWER ANYMORE!" Cyborg stated in a state of shock, awe, and utter confusion. The first thought that truly registered in Cyborgs mind was is BB up to something? and if so How on earth did he pull it off?! He is NOT that smart, Cyborg thought.

You see Cyborg felt that he knew everything the green man's mind could conjure up, as an ideal prank, and this was not one of them. It was too, what's the word...Cunning. Cyborg was satisfied with that idea. He could only imagine that if anybody were to be able to pull a prank like this, it would be Raven, and thank the heavens that this is not her style. Pranking in general is not something she has ever really done. she is just is not a pranker, whether it be out of her lack of interest, or not. Now if Beast Boy had her power, and her wit...Dear God, where would this world be, Cyborg shuddered at the thought.

It was within those precise moments of shock that Zaran loved to make his Grand entrance, just the thought that he had the upper hand, was like heroin. He was beginning to think that this feeling was the reason why the joker did what he did on the daily, with Batman. or why there were villains throughout the world in the first place. alas, Zaran would be able to ponder his thoughts after revealing his evil plan to the last of the couples. He had seen enough bad guy's conversing with their tied up arch nemesis hero's in movies and T.V shows that he knew never to let his guard down.

"Are you two done conversing with one another? or should I come back another time…" Zaran said with Mock concern.

Zaran was beginning to find that It was fun to play around with his new found "toys" or should he say "pawns" within his elaborate trekking of the Alaskan Terrain as his Board. Man it felt good to finally be someone within the Evil community, Zaran thought with pride. His mom and Older brother Dexter would be so proud of him, finally taking his first true superhero's hostage! he could see his mother's face now, beaming with joy.

"WHO THE HECK ARE YOU?!" Cyborg said at the same moment that Jinx Yelled "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!" making the Middle of their sentences sound like gibberish.

"I am so glad you asked, My name is Zaran. Any guesses as to how you two came to, in a completely different room than that of which you fell asleep in?" Zaran was never one to miss an opportunity to gloat upon his achievements it made him feel accomplished as a villain.

It was for that very reason that he stated "Have either of you noticed anything Shiny adorning on one of your fingers?" Zaran was elated that he could surprise each couple the way he had.

"I think I am going to faint, What ON earth did youuuuu Do DUUUUUUUUUDE!" Cyborg said all the while glaring at his ring finger in concern and Rage. Cyborg felt that if anybody were to want to marry him they had another thing coming, Marriage was off the table for him. He was content with girlfriends or just living the single life, he was not like Beast Boy who would absolutely love to marry the girl of his dreams one day, and have little Grass stains running around.

Speaking of Beast Boy….where was the little guy? thought Cyborg, If this psycho was willing to kidnap the two of them. Then he no doubt has done the same with BB and the others. Bringing Cyborgs thoughts back to marriage, There is no way that he fell asleep a semi single man, to wake up to a ball and chain called marriage. Don't get Cyborg wrong he loved Jinx, But the again marriage was not in the cards for Cy's future as far as he was concern.

"Oh calm down, It's nothing. It is all apart of my diabolical plan. You see the two of you-" ONCE AGAIN Zaran was interrupted. Zaran thought was frustration that these Damn Teenagers were taught NOTHING by their parents.

"Slow down Speed Racer, What the heck do you think your going to accomplish by marrying teenagers?" Jinx finally spoke up. She had had enough of this idiots gentleman facade, and was ready to give him a piece of her mind.

"It is one thing to kidnap a couple of people, its an entirely different thing to marry them, and then it's just down right insane to act like the act is as normal as walking a dog. Just who do you think you are, and do who have any idea of who you are dealing with?! not only do you have the Titans to worry about, but now since you have me...You have the Hive to worry about. I am not even a hero idiot." Jinx said with a look of complete confidence.

"Yeah, YOU got A Lot of pain coming your way, Zoron." Cyborg said in thought. he had forgotten for a moment that he was not alone in this fight.

"IT'S ZARAN!" Zaran said running out of patience. these buffoons are really getting on his nerves how dare they question my plans, He thought in Anger.

"And As for your last statement Jinx, way to interrupt my sentence, I would have thought that being a villain yourself you would respect the code of villains. Anywho, the hive has already been taken care of, I paid of your other team members. Apparently they do not care about you as much as you would have believed. But what else would you expect from a villain."

Jinx's face fell into a state of shock, hurt, and anger. She thought that her team would care about her, but in the end she knew Zaran was right, if something did not benefit a villain then it was out of the question. And she hated Zaran for that, She hated that she now felt incompetent, because of him. How dare he marry her! She would marry who she wanted when she wanted. And there was not a damn thing that he could do about it. well, at least that's what she thought.

"Cyborg, Please do cheer your new wife up. She is gonna need it." Zaran said, feeling a little bad for the other villain.

"Shut up, Moron." Cyborg thought that nick naming Zaran, Zaran the Moron sounded pretty clever. He would have to tell Jinx when he got the chance.

"Would you just go on with telling us your "diabolical" Plan already?!" Jinx just wanted this to be over with.

"yes, well you see Jinx. We would have already parted ways if you had not rudely interrupted me earlier on. However, Yes As you wish. You see your other Titan friends have been matched as well and therefore been married by your's truly. I have recently created a matching machine that match's a couple based upon their similarities and differences, leading us to you two here in this room. Your friends Robin and Starfire have been matched, as have Beast Boy and Raven. the only other couple to have been matched is you two." Zaran waited a moment before continuing.

"I have set up all of you couples across different quadrants located throughout the alaskan terrain. and guess what my little duckies, You two are located within the coldest part!" Zaran was wanting to get the game officially started therefore he was trying to keep the explanation short and simple.

"fantastic, thank you for your generous planning, you can leave now." Jinx was getting impatient, she figured out ahead of time what this delirious man had planned for the group the minute he stated the "matching" process. She felt like she was on one of those idiotic reality show's where they take newlywed couples and see if they are truly cut out for one another through the art of survival. Which is no doubt where this man got his "genius" plan. Please, A four year old could have come up with a better plan. However she did have to give the man props for getting the entire group of titans kidnapped without them knowing. then again, he was able to do just that to her as well, Damn him.

"I...Why do you have to ruin this for me?!" Zaran asked in frustration...Jinx was worse than Raven and Robin combined.

"...It's a gift." JInx said happy to see that she was getting to him.

"Ugh, Whatever. Yeah...I am Done." Zaran said before slamming the two's door. he had had enough of jinx, if he stayed any longer, Well he would not be able to have much more self control.

"well, that went swimmingly...Way to go Hon." Cyborg said in awe of her ability to annoy their new villain the way that Beast Boy was able to annoy Raven.

Raven's P.O.V

wow, I can not believe that Beast Boy just Stated that he feels that way about me. I thought he would rather be stuck in the snow with someone like Terra. This might not be so bad, I can only hope that the other titans will be able to make their way over towards us, instead of the other way around. What her and Beast Boy were going to do to keep themselves warm throughout the chilly nights she could only imagine. In the end, BB might have to turn into a fuzzy animal and have her cuddle up close to him to keep herself warm. Just the thought made her blush like a tomato. How would she bring up that bright idea to Beast Boy, and still be able to keep a straight face? ugh, this might not be so great after all, I mean I would Love to cuddle with him...But I don't think that he is ready for that idea from me.

"Hey BB, What do we want to do at night when It gets cold? we can not stay here in these cave, if we want to find the other's." I knew he felt the same way about the last bit, however what his statement would be to the first part was anyone's guess.

"You know what, I have been thinking about what we would do at night, the minute he stated where we are located. I Can't Have my Wife getting cold on our first night together." BB said with a look of I am only kidding, I still care about you but do not hurt me.

He then continued to say

"You deserve to be kept as warm as possible, and the only Idea I have come up with is kinda out there...so bear with me. I was thinking that you and I would have to cuddle the night through, with me in the form of a fuzzy animal of your choice. Please Don't kill me." Beast Boy said looking at me with clear affection, and admiration shown within his eye's.

He ceases to amaze me, how am I supposed to turn him down? the answer is simple I can not. Not only because I personally Can not survive the night without him, but because of his charm. I would never tell him but his charm is honestly the most enduring thing about him, His non stop persistence in making me laugh, and or smile is what made me begin to fall for him in the first place.

"Beast Boy, I...Agree, I actually had thought that through no more than ten minutes ago. And why would I kill you? it's not like we have any other idea's. I would rather live, than die Right? Unless you want me dead." I said with a straight face, before turning around ready to walk away, but knowing full well that he would be in shock and want to Redeem himself. He would never even consider that I was Merely Joking with him, but after his last Joke about our "marriage", well two could play at that game.

"OH MY GOD, .NO that is NOOOT what I meant. Rae Look at me please? I Am sorry, I did not mean to sound so so...Ugh WHAT'S THE WORD!" Beast Boy said trying to thinking of the right word.

"Callious?" I said in thought.

"Wait, What?" He said in confusion.

"Never mind. It just meant harsh." I said knowing full well his lack of vocabulary.

"Oh, Yeah HARSH...Thats the word I was looking for." He said smiling because he was satisfied that he had found the right word for his prior statement.

"Thank you, Raven. Wait...so, does that mean you're not mad at me?" He asked in desperation. He obviously did not want to start our trek of on the wrong foot.

"No, Beast Boy. I am not mad at you...as a matter of fact I was actually just kidding." I said knowing full well that he was about to shit a brick.

"OH. MY. God...I must be dreaming. RAVEN Pinch me! NO wait." He began to pinch himself, before yelping out in pain.

"woah, And I thought that this day could not get any weirder." He stated in amazement.

"well, believe it. you have kind of rubbed off on me." I said before….wait for it. I smiled. I knew that he would probably faint, But I did not care. What was going on with me? I have just made a joke, complimented BB, And Smiled...all on my own free will. this is going to be interesting, I need to meditate.

"...I. , My god. I do not know what to say!" Beast Boy said looking at me in shock, confusion, and awe.

"Wow. That's a first." I said in amusement of his reaction.

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