FAGE Six Pack

Title: Lighthouse in the Storm

Written for: mama4dukes

Written By: Bell 1 (Aunt Bell)

Chapter Word Count (minus A/N): 5,982

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~*~*~*~*~*~*~ LitS ~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Chapter Six - Epilogue


Emmett spends one more week in the hospital before he is released. However, he will need to schedule weekly appointments with Dr. Masen until further notice and has five months of physical therapy to help strengthen his muscles.

He and I agree we don't want to waste any more time, so he moves into my house. He stays in the spare room, but we spend every waking moment we can together. As much as we desire each other, we also believe it is better for both of us to not rush our relationship.

Emmett's emotional state has been extremely delicate after everything he has gone through for the past three years. At Edward's suggestion, Emmett begins seeing a counselor to help rebuild his emotional state. The eight months living on the streets of Seattle and feeling as though his friends abandoned him, really did a number on his self-image and self-worth. I do the best I can, but I am not equipped enough to convince him that his friends never abandoned him.

Over the next several months we spend time getting to know each other again and discuss what we both went through following Alice's death. I explain to him how and why he was unable to reach any of us, as well as how deep James' deception went.

He tells me what he went through and how he couldn't understand why no one would show up for his loving and outgoing sister. After hearing there were more than four hundred people who attended her funeral service and the following luncheon, he breaks down crying. He is actually happy to hear she had so many people show up because it broke his heart to think no one cared enough to show.

Emmett has come a long way in the past five months. He no longer feels his friends wrote him off during his time of need.

When he discovered Edward turned down a higher paying job just to help him, Emmett began meeting him during his lunch breaks three times a week. Last weekend was Edward and Heidi's wedding; Emmett stood up as the best man.

Jasper and Peter have flown in several times in the past three months in order to help Emmett as much as they could. Just the fact they care enough to fly to Washington is enough to help Emmett realize how important he is to them.

Two months ago, Ben received an unexpected surprise three days following the police reports of Chelsea's death; she was found hanging from a tree in the Seattle Center. The video Mrs. Stanley took the night Victoria and Rosalie molested Emmett appears on his desk. There are no clues to indicate where it may have come from… or from whom. Along with the video came four written witness statements. He immediately made two additional copies of everything, just in case they disappear again.

The witnesses chose to finally come forward for many reasons, but the two biggest being their guilty conscience of an innocent man serving time, causing the destruction of his reputation, and their children, whom were once excelling under Emmett's tutelage, losing a great teacher.

When Emmett was charged and immediately removed from his teaching position, their children began reverting to their previous ways. Two of the students ended up in jail on murder charges, one died in a gang shooting, and the other became a drug-abusing prostitute who left home at fifteen. The loss of their favorite teacher and mentor left them feeling as though they could not count on anyone because everyone eventually abandons them.

With Carlisle's help, the new evidence, and witnesses, Ben was able to reverse all charges against Emmett, expunge him from the National Sex Offender Registry, and reinstate his teaching license. Then Marcus used his media connections to expose James and his organization; including the false charges the Unione Corse placed upon innocent citizens, such as Emmett and several others whose reputations had been destroyed, over the past eight years.

The way Marcus sees it; they had to suffer public damnation before their trials even began. Therefore, it is only right to do the same for James while clearing the names of those he unduly punished with false accusations.

Anytime new evidence appears proving someone innocent the individual is granted an expedient trial of appeals, released, and compensated for wages lost, pain, suffering, and slander. The funds come from the frozen assets of the Corsicans.

Unfortunately, Emmett's former positions at Rainier Beach High School are not available. After everything he went through there, this does not bother him. I know he could walk through those doors and be himself, but the past two years have really done a number on his self-confidence and self-esteem. We are working on it together, but he needs to find the strength within once again.

Having someone reminding him every day how valuable, kind, and loving he is benefits him greatly. Besides me, he has his friends and Charlie to remind him of his importance and worth.

Sometimes it takes hearing the words from someone you love, respect, and most of all, trust to fight the demons warring around within. I can attest it has helped him improve considerably. Though the road is still long with the occasional bump or obstacle causing temporary setbacks, he has the support he needs to work through them.

As soon as Emmett receives notice he is officially removed from the NSOR, he begins applying for new teaching positions, even some outside of the state. He received his first call for an interview two weeks ago in Seattle, but it seems his reputation is still in question there.

When the call comes in for Incline High, he is happy and hesitant; happy for the interview, but hesitant to leave the only state he has spent his entire life.

It is one thing we are going to need to work at resolving, starting today. We are flying out to Northern Nevada for his interview at Incline High School tomorrow. He will be applying for a classroom position along with the Athletic Director opening. There is also the possibly of Head Football Coach next year, should the current coach retire. It works out perfectly for him since he currently isn't physically strong enough to handle the long days required for coaching after school.

Tomorrow could make or break our future.

~*~*~ LitS ~*~*~

The last ten miles always seem to be the hardest after a long trip home especially when you have been awake for nearly eighteen hours. My body begins preparing for the relief to come once I walk into my ultimate comfort zone; the one area I can relax and call my happy place. My haven protects what I value the most and treasure.

The final five miles and I begin fighting my heavy eyelids. To keep alert the windows are rolled down and the warm air does nothing except to create a disturbance of the air within the vehicle. Lack of cool air outside has me thinking of other ways to change the sluggish feeling, so I turn up the radio and find a station playing a song I can sing along with while pretending I am as good as the artist. Just singing doesn't work and there are three more miles, so I begin car seat dancing; tapping a beat on the steering wheel, moving my hips as much as is allowed within the confines of the seatbelt and my allotted space. Finally outside of town I turn down the radio, roll the windows up, and pull onto my street with a sigh.

Seeing all the lights off when I arrive home worries me because it isn't quite nine yet. I pull into the garage to find my worries are unfounded, realizing he probably didn't sleep well these past few days. Poor thing never seems to get any sleep when I am not at his side. I walk inside and head toward the kitchen for a tall glass of water, notice the finished light on the dishwasher, and decide to put away the clean dishes.

He is such a good man; kind, caring, sweet, considerate, and determined make our relationship work by going out of his way to ensure my happiness and reduce any stress he can from my busy life. In everything I do he is supportive and encouraging.

When I thought I could no longer go through with the two new openings, he was right there beside me. Three years ago the expanding of my business was put on what I thought to be permanent hiatus, but he wouldn't hear of it. Traveling between states for my expanding business is hard enough, but I am thankful every day to have him in my life. I couldn't ask for anyone better. I only wish I had met him sooner.

Drained from the long day, I head upstairs to join him. About halfway I hear him mumbling in his sleep. Knowing he is tossing and turning, I rush to the best of my capability the rest of the way up and to his side.

My hands go to either side of his face. "It's okay, Baby. Shhhh. It's okay." I gently stroke his right cheek, run my fingers through his hair with the other hand, and continue soothing him. "Shhhh. You are safe, just you and me. There's nothing to worry about." His body begins to relax and the murmuring subsides. "That's it. Good. I love you." A soft sigh escapes his lips. His body shifts so he is lying on his left side toward me.

I move my hands and stroke his right arm as I kiss the top of his head. Once he is settled, I grab one of his t-shirts and head to the en suite bathroom. While in the shower, my mind drifts off to how I met Emmett.

Alice often talked of her big brother, in age and physical physique, but I never met him. I grew up in Kansas City, Kansas with my mother since I was one, but would often visit my father in Forks, Washington. After my mother, Renee, was brutally killed by one of her abusive boyfriends in front of me, I was sent to live with my father in Washington at fourteen. The adjustment wasn't difficult; in fact, it was much better than growing up with my mother since I was being cared for instead of the other way around. By this time, her brother was an active college student and rarely came home, especially during football season.

After my shower I dry off and pull the shirt on which drapes just below my mid-thigh. As I walk toward the left side of the bed, I notice his face is once more forlorn and tense. Crawling into bed, I turn onto my side toward him and notice his face has relaxed once more. I don't know how, but he always seems to know when I am close. His arms reach out and pull me into his side as he shifts to his back. His left hand lightly lies on my six-month protruding stomach.

My big, tough man has had a hard life, but the past two years have been the best of both our lives. He is strong, confident, and practically his old self with a few changes due to what he went through. He may be more cautious, hesitant, and subdued in public, but his personality shines through and people are still drawn to him; his enthusiasm for life, his work, and seeing his students excel.


I no longer take life for granted. I now know things do not always go according to my plans, but to God's. Hindsight unfolds His story and plans. He gives us trials and tribulations in order to strengthen and teach us. Sometimes our struggles lead us through muddy waters in order to bring the corrupt and evil to their punishments for crimes committed.

This is exactly what happened with James and those in his entourage; including Tanya, Victoria, Caius, and Laurent. Six months after I was rescued from the streets, James was brought down by his own men, who were brought down by "Johnny Law" for the murder of Alice, Laurent, and many others throughout the city. His organization no longer has a Seattle branch, so the city came under the protection of the Five Families, specifically the Bonanno family.

Ben fully releases my finances to me after the Unione Corse is brought down, which includes our parents and Alice's savings and life insurance, per Alice and my instructions. Prior to this, he gave me just enough cash to live off each month until the Corsicans were no longer a threat. He returned all of our possessions immediately after I found a place to settle permanently. The timing was just right too.

On top of those assets, I have also been awarded a very generous settlement based on everything I lost after Rosalie & Victoria's false accusations. Let's just say it alone is enough for neither Bella, nor I to ever work again, but we both enjoy what we do.

It has been two and a half years since Alice and her unborn child's untimely deaths. I have been teaching at Incline High for one year, moved into a beautiful house on the edge of Lake Tahoe, and have a beautiful woman at my side, completely supportive and loves me passionately. This year I began as the head football coach and every moment is a joy.

It has been a struggle to move past everything I went through, but I found the motivation I needed. My friends Peter and Jasper fly in to visit as often as time and their careers allow; reminding me they will always be there for me too. I suspect they conspired to prove their accessibility when Edward took a position at Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, California, which is only two hours from Incline Village.

I am in a better place now too, but my experiences have impacted my personality also. I am back to the person I once was with a few adjustments. I'm no longer quick to trust and know life can turn on a dime, but when you have good friends in your corner, you can overcome anything.

The Bible I insisted on keeping with me during my homeless state reminded me the Lord forgives and no matter the hardships I suffer here, He reserves a place for me with Him in eternity. The night Bella found me, I somehow knew it would be my last and gave the Bible to a mother with a small child. I told her the name of a church close by which could help her and her child. I hope my Bible gave her the hope and help she needed.

Pulling out the one possession I have been looking for, excitement and nerves simultaneously settle upon me. Tonight is the night I ask the woman I love to be my wife. When I found her in my arms this morning, I saw the very thing I need the most in my life.

She has spent the past two months in Washington making sure her Forks café runs smoothly without her there and the new one in Seattle opens and works well without her there daily. The Seattle bakery and café is bigger, located near UW campus, and runs in conjunction with final year culinary students specializing in baking and pastry. However, even though I knew it was a temporary arrangement, not having her by my side for so long brought back the feelings of abandonment and loneliness.

The need to make her mine has been strong. I'm not the jealous type, but insecurity has been a factor since my time at Monroe. Fortunately, she is the only one who picks up on it, so when she isn't around to remind me I have no reason to feel this way, I feel a bit lost. Don't get me wrong, I do all right on my own, but occasionally I have these bouts of insecurity, which makes me a little unsure and worried.

We are flying out to KC for a Chiefs game today. Part of the contract I signed with them allots me season tickets to their home games. Most of the time I am unable to fly out there, so I either give them out to friends or offer them for a low price online. If I sell them, I donate the money to the National Coalition for the Homeless.

Today will be especially enjoyable. I have been arranging this for a couple weeks and am excited to see it put into action. When we arrive at the stadium I send a text to the offensive coordinator, Doug Pederson. We find our seats and watch the excitement as the Chiefs take the lead and maintain it when halftime arrives.

Instead of leaving the field right away, the KC players head for center field and begin to line up.

I look over at Bella when I hear a slight gasp a split second before I hear the shocked, awed, and confusion in one word. "Emmett?"

"Yes, Gorgeous?"

"Does one of the players have a significant other named Bella?"


"Then why –" She stops talking when she hears the starting quarterback.

"Bella Swan," he begins. Her hand covers her mouth. Thankfully, she hasn't noticed the jumbo-tron because her eyes haven't left the display on the field. "This half-time show is for you." Then the players leave the field in an orderly fashion.

"Emmett, what is going on?"

I am saved from answering as the halftime show begins. The marching band and Chiefs cheerleaders begin by performing The Beach Boys "Wouldn't it be Nice" with a cover band singing. Then to my surprise, Blake Shelton walks to center field and sings "God Gave Me You" with the marching band accompanying him. When the performers begin lining up, I slide out of my seat to one knee, face her holding my mother's engagement ring, and wait.

Another sharper and louder gasp escapes her lips when she takes in everything. She looks around, sees the jumbo-tron and then slowly turns toward me. She hasn't even noticed the camera and microphone nearby.

"Mr. Blake Shelton has it right, so how can I ignore such a beautiful gift from the Lord? The answer is I cannot… Isabella Marie Swan, would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?"

There are several moments of silence before we hear, "Don't keep the boy waiting, Bella, answer him."

Looking toward the voice we see Charlie standing in the isle grinning like a goon at the two of us. Then I bring her attention back to me. "Well, Sweetheart, what do you say? Will you marry me?"

It begins as a slow nod before I hear her beautiful response. "Yes, Emmett, I would love to become your wife." Suddenly, she wraps her arms around me and kisses me soundly and passionately.

Suddenly the entire stadium irrupts in cheers and applause, breaking us from our bubble. She buries her face into my chest when she realizes we are not as alone as it may have seemed in the moment. Flashing on the jumbo-tron are the words "SHE SAID YES!"

The empty seats around us are suddenly filled with Billy, Charlie and Tiffany, Jacob and Jessica, Seth and Angela, Ben and Kate, Peter and Makenna, Edward and Heidi, and Jasper and Bree.

When the Chiefs win they begin celebrating, but quickly take centerfield once more, with several microphones. "Congratulations, Emmett and Bella!"

Bella and I marry nine months later in June. I love her so much. Many women would have taken advantage of my abundant finances and planned an elaborate wedding fit for any celebrity. However, my girl keeps it simple. In fact, the most expensive thing she does is purchase plane tickets for all invitees to go with the cookie invitations she made herself. She even invites the Java Shop owner who was kind to her when she found me.

The wedding is a small event with no more than thirty friends and family. We are married at Bethlehem church in Carson City. The reception is held on the beach behind our house, a simple barbeque theme. The only decorations at either location are the flower bouquets.

The men wear simple suits with periwinkle ties and the women wear simple medium pink sundresses. Standing up with us are Edward, Heidi, Ben, and Kate. The men change into shorts and t-shirts after we arrive back to our place. We all enjoy a nice, relaxing day together.

Our first night together is our wedding night. We have been living together for over two years, but decided our relationship was important enough to wait until marriage. It has not been easy.

For a couple years now we both have tempted and teased each other to be the first to give into the urges. Thankfully, she was modest enough to only wear a one-piece suit when swimming in the lake or laying on the beach. I wasn't nearly as kind. I would drop trousers moments before entering the bathroom and come out wet with a towel draped low on my hips. I began to get creative when she learned to leave the room or not be around anytime I was about to shower. It has been fun.

Now I am laying here in my boxers waiting for her to emerge from the en suite bathroom. Anticipation is building. Excitement and nerves are warring within. When the door opens, I expect to see a sweet, innocent, white baby doll draping her, but instead she is wearing a navy sailor outfit; strapless with yellow stars along the top, very short, fluffed-out skirt with yellow stars along the edge, an anchor in the center on her stomach, and a white sailor cap with a blue bow on her head. Even her blue and white strapped heels match.

"Hiya, Sailor. Mind if I come aboard?"

I'm speechless. The only thing I can do is shake my head, but this isn't good enough for her because a pout forms on her face before she turns to walk away.


No, she isn't walking away; she is bending down to for something I didn't see before and still don't. Instead of seeing what she is doing, my eyes focus on her bare undercarriage, making it near impossible to maintain composure.

As much as I want to make our first time memorable, I am now fighting the desire to slam her down on the bed and have my wicked way with her. I married a minx. All those months of teasing her and here she is paying me back in full within seconds.

Suddenly I hear music playing and realize she must have turned on the portable radio that sits on the floor. My eyes are still focused on her every move as she begins swaying her hips, still bent over and giving me the best show of my entire life. No woman I have been with before can compare to this vixen.

Our first night together is filled with everything we expect and so much more. Between the teasing and laughter are desire, excitement, building pleasure, release, and relief several times throughout the night.

The remainder of our honeymoon is spent in Ireland, exploring my ancestry and various landmarks. I surprised Bella by arranging to stay at a few castles in different parts of the country. Every night she surprises me with another outfit; French maid, sexy nurse, sexy cop, and yes, even some baby dolls and corsets with barely there panties.

When we return home, she may not have had a sexy surprise for me every night, but she knew just when to use them. Such as during football season when I spend practically all weekend either going over game tapes to study where our team needs work and what to prepare for with the next team we play, or watching certain college or professional games on television. She would don a referee, or a barely there KC cheerleader outfit.

Our first Halloween, we chaperone the high school dance where every teenage boy lusts after my wife in her perfectly appropriate emerald green and gold Celtic Renaissance dress. Though they aren't aware of the fact she is wearing nothing under it; a fact she made known to me just before we left the house. All I know is; if I am a good boy I will receive a treat later.

Leaning against the wall in the dark gym, I pull her back against my front and wrap my left arm around her waist. My right hand begins slowly lifting the back of her skirt. Once it is high enough, I begin kissing her neck and playing with my haven, finding her wet and ready. Her head falls back onto my shoulder.

"Keep your eyes out for any misbehavior, Sweetheart. We wouldn't want any lewd behavior under our watch."

She lifts her head with a groan and begins scanning the room. A moan escapes her lips just before her left hand sneaks around to rub her personal joystick hidden beneath the plaid kilt she talked me into wearing and a gift she bought for me while we were in Ireland. Unlike my wife I am wearing boxers, but it doesn't stop her once her hand makes its way underneath.

Seeing an opening to sneak under the bleachers on our left, I begin slowly moving us toward it. I scan the room once just before sneaking beneath them. Unfortunately when we reach the center, we encounter two teens pawing at each other. The male's pants are down to his ankles while the girl is on her knees in front of him. Neither notices our approach.

"Mr. Anderson, Miss Steiner." The sound of my voice has them scrambling apart. "I suggest you compose yourselves before I drag you out by your ear." I give them a moment.

Taking Justin's ear in my left hand and Cara's upper left arm in my right, I lead them out. As we pass Bella, I can feel increased heat in my left hand. I chuckle under my breath realizing Justin's increased embarrassment.

I give them each a week's worth of detentions and call their parents. Unfortunately for the football team, they will suffer during practice all of next week for the fact their teammate was caught and punished.

I'm not going to pretend I didn't have the same thoughts, or take the first opportunity presented to me as a teenager. However, now I realize how young they are and how they should be worrying about much more important things instead of giving in to their lust. I'm sure it has to do with the fact we are expecting our first child in May.

~*~*~ LitS ~*~*~

There was a time when I thought my life couldn't get any worse. That is until I was falsely accused of Sexual Misconduct with a Minor in the second degree, served six months of torture and abuse in a correctional facility, lost my sister, and lived on the streets for eight months. I believed my life to truly be over, left and abandoned by my friends; my only living relative died in a hit and run a year before.

Cold and alone, I went to spend my final moments in the place Alice breathed her last breath. Then by a miracle I was saved by the girl I had grown to love deeper than any other before. I couldn't take my eyes off her unless my body shutdown. I was afraid if my eyes left her, I would never see her again, as though she was merely a figment of my imagination. She was in my every dream, but never while I was awake, so I couldn't risk her disappearing.

The next year was difficult, but I got through it with her by my side. My friends were there too. When they couldn't be physically around me, at least one of them was calling me. Finding out everything James arranged and took from me enraged me.

Life began looking better when the Seattle-based Corsicans were disbanded and brought down. Living as a guest in Bella's house gave me the freedom and space I needed while still having someone close enough to know I am not alone. The evenings spent talking, watching a movie, or just reading brought us even closer than before. We discovered we have each felt this connection since we met after the jeep incident, but it was a complete shock when Charlie told us the story of our real first meeting.

The memories of a young toddler on the school playground stuck with me for years, but the face hasn't been clear. I remembered beautiful brunette hair falling in soft curls to the shoulders and what seemed like a light radiating from her; not literally, but there was just something about her to instantly grab my attention, enchanting me.

I often wondered about her, but never thought I would see her again. The mysterious little girl was reunited with me fifteen years later, and I told myself she was just a friend.

At first I beat myself up for wasting time by not listening to my instincts and asking Bella out on a date at the time. Then I realized she was still a minor when I was a twenty-two year old male. Charlie would have surely castrated me if we dated then. I know I would want to do the same for any male who even thinks impurely about my little girl.

As soon as my record was wiped clean I began looking for work, finding a great position at Incline High School. I was worried about being alone if I got the job offer, but it went away when Bella joined me for the interview. During the plane ride there she assured me she was more than willing to move with me if I was okay with it. Of course I was willing… I was overjoyed. We moved a mere two weeks before the school year began.

Bella has graced me with ten beautifully blessed years as my wife and four children. Charles Killian, or CK, was born one month before our first wedding anniversary. The twins, Flora Alice and Samuel Nathaniel, were born two years later in August.

Imogen Renee was a bit of a surprise following a New Year's Eve celebration in Texas with Jasper, Edward, Peter, and their spouses while our three kids stayed with their Grandma and Grandpa Swan; Charlie and Tiffany married after the twins were born. Bella and I let loose and had enough to drink we became lost in the moment and neither of us thought to wrap up my power drill.

Thanksgivings are always spent at Jasper's place in Texas, Memorial Day weekend in Massachusetts with Peter and Makenna, and Labor Day weekend in California with Edward and his family. Christmas and Easter are spent with Charlie and Tiffany.

Jasper and Bree, Peter and Makenna, Edward and Heidi, Seth and Angela, Ben and Kate visit often and all of our children think of each other as cousins. At least once a year we all gather for a group vacation at one of the United States national attractions, or tourist hot spots. We have seen the Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, The Big Apple, Death Valley, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia.

Last year we spent a month in Massachusetts, staying with Peter and Makenna in their ten-bedroom home while they showed us around the state and all its history. Next year will be Walt Disney World ® when Imogen is five and will be able to enjoy it. She is the youngest of the six families.

Even with running eight bakery cafés in four states, Bella still has plenty of time for me and her family. The closest one is only twenty-five miles away in Carson City, Nevada. She is a master at her craft and an excellent businesswoman, but she finally hired an administrative staff after the third opening due to my insistence.

"Heya, Sailor." I feel her finger trail down my chest toward my beltline.

Ah, there she is… my little jezebel. She even got me to play along after all these years. I am currently in a Navy uniform.

"Hello, Miss Venus Storm." I say, knowing based on her outfit the role she chose for the evening. "Please tell me I haven't missed the show."

"Not at all. I've been waiting for my number one fan." Then the stereo in the corner begins playing "But I'm a Good Girl" by Christina Aguilera and a chair gently scrapes across the floor as she begins my private Burlesque show.

I start to get up and get her pointer finger shaking side to side, letting me know not to touch or move. This earns a mid-song change to A Guy That Takes His Time. I have never wanted to be an inanimate object as much as I want to be that chair right now. Every time her hand passes over her treasure zones, my lust manages to increase for her more and more.

"Where have you been hiding those moves, Gorgeous?" The only response I receive is a devilish smirk.

Just when I think I can no longer stand it there is another mid-song change to Show Me How You Burlesque. I will never regret buying the movie for her birthday. It seems she has learned a few things in the past nine months.

Suddenly I am receiving the "come-hither" finger and her singing along to the song. "Hit it up, get it up, gotta give me your best. So get up, show me how you burlesque." You bet, my sex kitten wife may be a siren, but she draws the line at vulgar language. I can't say I always practice the same philosophy; we both know where the kids have picked up on a couple words.

When I am within range, not even bothering to dance along, I pull her into me, grind against her while kissing her soundly on the lips, pick her up in my arms, and carry her to the bed.

"Happy Anniversary, Emmett."

"That it is, Baby. The happiest."

No more words are said for the next the next sixty minutes. I'm not going to lie; we do not have marathon lovemaking and go for hours. We have fun and have had our moments of all night play, but typically we partake in coitus and then fall asleep in each other's arms. However, tonight will not be one of the normal nights since the children are away for the weekend. I intend to show my wife of ten years exactly how much I love her.

Bella was there for when I lost my way, through my ups, downs, and days of doubt. How did I become so lucky to have this lovely angel fall for me? It is beyond my knowledge. Without her I learned I am truly only half the man I want to be. She has been there through the storms and guided me back home. I still have difficult days, especially when she is not by my side, but with her next to me I am unbreakable.

My strength comes from within; however, I lost myself for a time and forgot. I am strong on my own, but life is easier when you have someone to share it.

After a few minutes of post coital bliss, I pull my personal lighthouse tighter in my arms and kiss her soundly on the lips.

"I'm so glad God gave me you, Baby."

~*~*~*~*~*~*~ LitS ~*~*~*~*~*~*~

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