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Chapter 1: The Otaku Child With A Horrid Temper

Instead of throwing a tantrum like most kids on their first day of nursery, Tsuna was weeping to himself silently at the corner. He had managed to keep a strong front when parting with his mother (Read: Teary eyes and pouty lips) but it all broke down when his mother actually left.

The poor child who was never seperated from his mother was all alone now. So Tsuna did what any child his age would do; he wailed and sobbed terribly.

The teachers tried assuring him by giving him treats or whispering comforting words, but the child just ignored them. They eventually gave up and went on with their jobs to take care of other kids.

In the middle of his sobbing, Tsuna heard the teacher talking about how they should make friends and be nice to each other.

After a while, deciding to heed the advice, he dried his tears and tried approaching somebody, but his quiet and shy nature took control and he retreated back into his corner.

Tsuna decided to cure his boredom by playing with the shaped and colourful blocks. A teacher noticed this and went to his side.

"Do you know what this shape is?" She was glad Tsuna was doing something other than crying.

The brunette shook his head meekly.

The teacher answered, "This is a square, since it has four edges." She pointed to another block. "That's a rectangle, see, it's longer."

Continuing with introducing new shapes to Tsuna, she was awed when at Tsuna's immense curiosity in studying. As far as the teacher knew, kids normally detest learning.

Tsuna was taught only simple words and some alphabets at home by his mother. Curiosity sparked inside Tsuna and he soon became an avid learner.

Few days before first semester ended for the summer break, the teacher decided to give the children a test on spellings, shapes, etc. The children whined and voiced out their reluctance, but the teacher paid no heed to them.

Tsuna was of course nervous. But he went into his 'serious-mode' when the teacher asked them to spell out the names of simple shapes. He smiled to himself.

Maybe kaa-chan would be proud of me.

Tsuna looked at his test results, surprisingly well, considering his clumsy personality.

He was the only one who got full marks on the test.

Yet, the 5-years-old always envied other children. Whenever they got a good grade, their parents would shower them with gifts, bring them to eat some fancy or junk food or at least give their children a hug.

"Honey, you're so smart!"

"Papa will buy you the toys you want!"

Not that Tsuna's mother would not do any of the stuff mentioned, in fact, she does them all without fail. It's just that Tsuna's heart would prickle every time he saw the happiness of his classmates with their parents.

He was even doubting that he had a father, but Nana assured him he did have the most wonderful father.

If he was so wonderful, why wasn't he here with me and kaa-chan?

One of the reasons Tsuna strived to get good grades was because of his undying curiosity he wanted to make his mother proud.

And who knows? Maybe someday his dad would come back to celebrate his grades with him.

As a normal child, Tsuna was of course alone and lonely whenever in class. He had no friends.

Sure, Tsuna tried making friends with other children, but he was too self-conscious for a child his age.

The brunette would walked up to others and tried to talk, but many worst case scenarios - Which mostly involved with him tripping and spilling his drinks on people - would come to his mind. Thus, he would feel too nervous and just give up on it. It was less stressing that way.

Because of Tsuna's shy nature, many tend to avoid the child, since it was exhausting trying to get him to talk.

"You have messy hair. Can I brush it for you?"

There was one child, a girl with long orange-brown hair, who just entered the kindergarten. She was friendly and cheerful; making other children and teachers already fond of her. But for some reason, she would try to talk to Tsuna or get him to play with her or at least try to brush his hair.

But Tsuna would wildly shake his head and run off somewhere. It was weird, but he appreciated the gesture. At least he was assured that he actually existed, even if it was creepy.

Life for Tsuna was dull; study, study, study, mostly to get good grades to have his mum praise him.

When that happened, he would feel happier.

2 years later

Tsuna, now seven, sat in his chair in his foreign classroom. Foreign places always made him anxious, especially when his mother was not with him.

He fiddled with his fingers nervously while he looked around the classroom. He envied most of the students who either already made new friends or were reunited with their old ones.

He recognized some friendly faces but knew not more than their names. He regretted not making friends in kindergarten, but there was nothing he could do now.

So the boy sat silently, waiting for something to happen, or at least until the teacher comes in. He took out the text books and tried reading some to pass time.

The teacher walked in, the students greeted him, class started with an introduction.

Tsuna mentally panicked when it was almost his turn. He could almost feel his heart stopping any minute now.

When it was Tsuna's turn, he stuttered out, "M-my n-name is S-sawada Tsunayoshi…" He sat down promptly and looked at his lap nervously.

Other students let out a, 'huh?' because he was too quiet. But Tsuna did not want to repeat it.

The teacher, who had probably developed a sharp hearing over the years from other quiet students like Tsuna, nodded and gestured for another student.

Tsuna sighed in relief.

When the first examination was approaching and to Tsuna's disbelief, the students were still lazing around.

In the midst of studying, Tsuna's attention was caught by the whispering conversation behind him.

"Hey, did you watch the Gundam* episode last night?"

*Gundam= An anime about a civilian who became a soldier and fights villains with an armoured robot, Gundam.

"No! I fell asleep through it!"

"Boy, it was awesome!"

The teacher cut in strictly. "Do you boys have anything to say in class?"

The students clamped their mouths and shook their heads nervously.


After the first exam, Tsuna had heard lots of whining like, "I should have studied harder!" or "It's too hard!" and was glad he actually knew what the questions required.

Now, the teacher said he had just finished marking. It was Tsuna's first elementary school examination, so he was worried about his results.

"I'm very disappointed in you. Most of you were just terrible. Luckily, there was somebody who got almost full marks."

Uproars broke in the class. "What?!" "Who?!"

The teacher scratched her head and tried to remember who. She searched for the papers and took one out.

She read, "... 97 marks... Sawada Tsunayoshi?!" She was shocked, but quickly added, "I mean, congratulations! See, class? Tsunayoshi-kun here knows studies important!"

"No way! That quiet guy?!" A boy immediately slapped his own mouth after letting it slipped through his mouth. His friends shushed him for his rudeness.

Tsuna quickly walked to the teacher and mumbled out, "Thanks..."

He quickly went back to his seat. The teachers were honestly impressed when they gave Tsuna back his test papers.

Compliments were followed by applause of his classmates, which made Tsuna flustered.

Others congratulated Tsuna and asked how he had done it. He had replied by thanking them again and saying all they had to do was study. They did not expect Tsuna, the really quiet and shy kid, to be smart.

Tsuna smiled to himself, wondering what his mother would say.

He really wanted to call his father – he still had held the innocent hope that his father would one day come back - and tell him that his first elementary test went well.

Sawada Nana, Tsuna's mother, picked Tsuna up from school.

Tsuna showed her his test papers with eyes glittering with hope.

"Wow, Tsu-kun, you're so smart! We should celebrate this!" She clapped her hands cheerfully, then she declared, "I'm going to cook your favourite, steak!"

Tsuna let a sheepish smile slip onto his face. His cheeks flushed with happiness.

If it was truly a happy occasion, wouldn't it be better if the whole family was complete for once?

Tsuna promptly rushed to Nana's room when he arrived home. He remembered he saw a small notebook that had lots of numbers in it.

The brunette flipped open a red book and frowned when he saw many numbers in it. He looked for somebody with 'Sawada' and soon came upon to 'Sawada Iemitsu', with hearts drawn around it for some reason.

Tsuna walked down the stairs carefully, not wanting to fall, and reached the living room telephone. He dialed in Iemitsu's phone number. His heartbeat sped up when he heard the 'beep'.

Soon, the sound stopped.

"Hello, who's this? You've to be quick-"

"T-tou-san?" Tsuna could not believe it, he was talking with his dad for the first time in years. Admittedly, Tsuna wasn't sure if the person answering the phone was his dad, but he could try.

"Tsuna? Why're you calling?!" Iemitsu's voice was filled with panic, yet happiness upon hearing his son's voice.

"K-kaa-chan is cooking steak tonight, because I got good grades…" Tsuna trailed off.

"Oh, Tsuna, that's great! You always make me so proud!" Tsuna's heart was filled with happiness until Iemitsu spoke again.

"But I can't go back yet! So can you just-" Iemitsu was cut off by Tsuna who hung up by slamming the phone.

He never comes back.

He never would!

Tsuna felt tears stung his eyes and anger clouded his mind. He wiped his eyes frustratingly and ran up to his room, slamming the door behind him. He jumped onto his bed and let out a muffled scream of anger that nobody ever knew he was capable of into his pillow.

After a while of crying to himself, Tsuna lifterd his head tiredly. His eyes were red.

Then Tsuna saw his books on the table. He was reminded of how he studied so hard just to get his father come home; just so he could have a complete family for once.

Glaring at the books on his table, Tsuna swept them off with anger. His hands stung from the impact and he let out a frustrated screech. "Gaah!"

'What's the point of studying if tou-san can't even be here to celebrate with me!' Tsuna thought.

"Tsu-kun, what's wrong?!" Nana's worried voice came from the kitchen.

Tsuna took a moment to gather himself. He opened the door and shouted, "Y-yeah! I'm coming down soon!"

Before leaving the room, he turned his head and scoffed at the books on the floor and walked out.

Damn his father to hell.

After the final exams, the teachers were dumbfounded.

The boy, Tsuna, who they had praised so much, was almost flunking the test, barely passing.

When asked, "What happened?"

Tsuna would reply, "Wasn't feeling well." and walked off.

Nana was worried and disappointed with him, but did not show it.

Tsuna hung his head in shame. He could not study or pay attention to class when he thought about his dad. Mostly, his will to have good grades was gone.

Nana, who was probably spoiling her son more than she should, got Tsuna a laptop in hope of cheering him up.

Tsuna did not know how to use it. So, Nana told him he could watch cartoons or anything he wanted as long as it was not illegal.

Tsuna remembered some of his classmates talked about this 'Gundam'. He went to google and searched it up. He watched the first episode and was immediately hooked up. After finishing the whole thing, he felt depressed, but saw tons of anime recommendations online.

Anime. Where have you been all my life?

From that moment on, Tsuna changed his life for the better.

Nana smiled, Tsuna seemed to be happier these days. Sure, he was not studying 24/7 like he used to, but at least he was happy.

Tsuna would tell her about the anime he watched and tell her how exciting it was. Nana would nod and laugh along with him sometimes.

But Tsuna seemed to be almost obsessed with it. Then again, maybe it was just her thinking too much.

One day, Nana brought Tsuna shopping. Tsuna seemed as if he was trying to pull of Nana's arm when he saw a Doraemon* doll.

*Doraemon= A very famous manga/anime. Doraemon has the ability to pull out whatever futuristic technology to help his friends.

"Kaa-chan! It's Doraemon!" He squeezed the doll and to his delight, it spoke.

"I love dorayaki*!"

*Dorayaki= Doraemon's favourite food.

Tsuna gasped; as if he saw the doll alive.

"You can talk!" He squeaked excitedly. Now he really wanted it.

"I want it! I want it!"

Nana giggled at Tsuna's behaviour. It was rare for him to show interest in things.

She stopped herself when she was about to buy it for him.

"Sure, but only if you improve for the next exam."

Tsuna was fired up by this. His will to study was fueled by his mother's words. He completely forgot about his father and buried his nose into books like before, but also made sure to balance it with his hobbies.

And that was how he fished his grades up in matter of weeks. The teachers and students were dumbfounded, but the former were immensly relieved.

In second grade, the whole class was asked to write an essay entitled, 'What I Want to be When I Grow Up'

Tsuna perked up; he had many wonderful ideas, but he chose his favourite.

When asked to read it, he squeaked out excitedly, "I wanna be a robot- like Gundam! And fight baddies away from my kaa-chan!"

He grinned brightly, which was a first for everybody in class, the boy always had a dead-eye look.

The teacher cooed to herself at how cute his ambition was.

Some of the students snickered at his childishness while others looked at him in surprise.

The teacher cleared her throat, "Very good, Tsunayoshi. Please hand in your essay to me."

Tsuna handed over his essay and went back to his seat. He felt nervous with the stares of others but tried ignoring it.

During recess, three students went to Tsuna's table with ill intentions.

"Become a robot? Hahaha! That's just stupid!" They laughed at him mockingly.

Tsuna ignored them since he was sure he was not strong or brave enough to retort.

I'm not like the main characters who have strength to fight or friends to help them.

The harassment continued on for a few days, Tsuna did not speak a word about it since it never really did cause any major harm to him even though he was really upset about it.


One day, when the class bully, Tsubaki, in Tsuna's classroom saw a mini Gundam key chain inside Tsuna's pencil-case, he snatched it from Tsuna and laughed at him.

"What's this? A toy? Pssh, this is for kids!" Tsubaki dropped it on the floor.

Tsuna was filled with horror. He rushed to grab it, but Tsubaki slammed his foot onto it, crushing it in front of Tsuna.

Something inside Tsuna snapped.

The timid boy felt anger, something he last felt when he called his father.

He did what he had to do.

Tsuna grabbed something from his table - a sharp pencil - and pierced it into Tsubaki's arm without mercy with abnormal strength for a wimpy child.

"How dare you! How dare you destroy my Gundam!" Tsuna screamed fiercely.

The bully screamed in pain as each stab made way to his arm as he tried to protect himself desperately.

"Somebody call the teacher!" A student shouted, but Tsuna paid no heed to her.

Nobody had dared to stop Tsuna.

"Don't ever mess with me again!" Tsuna was about to brought the pencil down to Tsubaki's right eye, but he was pulled away by the teacher.

Tsubaki cowered as Tsuna growled fiercely at him.

Even though it was only one incident, they all knew the brunette was not the quite and bully-able mouse the had always though that he was.

They all knew to never mess with Tsuna.

Tsuna wept into his fists miserably when Nana scolded him.

"I…I'm sorry…"

"Don't say sorry to me, say it to poor Tsubaki-kun here." Nana gestured to Tsubaki

Tsuna turned to Tsubaki, who flinched as Tsuna walked over to him.

"I-I'm sorry..." Tsuna whimpered.

Tsubaki swallowed nervously.

His parents said to him, "Come now, Tsubaki, what do you say?"

Help? "I-I-I'm sorry too…"

The adults smiled in satisfaction. Nana continued apologizing to Tsubaki and his parents.

Tsubaki tried avoiding Tsuna's dead stare.

Tsuna, as a child was not one for grudge. He may forgive, but he does not forget as easily.

The brunette might have been a bit emotionally unstable, but the issue wasn't dig any further.

From that day onwards, Tsuna was still the same as if the incident never happened. He was dead-eyed and always quiet.

But his classmates thought that it was all a façade and would try to stay away from him, especially Tsubaki and his friends.

Tsuna was always alone. But he was never felt lonely that much.

'Doesn't matter, I still have anime and manga with me.' The child smiled to himself.

Nana had told Iemitsu about Tsubaki's incident. This got Iemitsu worried; he did not want Tsuna's pure and innocent heart to be tainted. So, he requested a few days off work from his boss, Timoteo, Vongola Nono.

Timoteo, being the kind man he is, agreed and asked to go along. He wanted to take a look at the little boy that Iemitsu had been bragging about as long as he could remember. Iemitsu brightened up when he heard someone wanted to witness his son's adorableness.

Tsuna decided to have a Doraemon marathon for Summer break, which was totally awesome.

Knocking came from the door. Tsuna, who was watching an episode on the television, reluctantly got up. He went to the door and was about to open it, but his mother's constant advises of stranger danger came to his mind.

"W-who is it…?" He stammered.

"Ah, Tsuna! It's me, your tou-chan! Open up the door, would you? I forgot my keys somewhere!"

Iemitsu's voice, no doubt. Tsuna could still remember the damned man who dared to not visit them.

But instead of feeling angry or betrayal, joy filled the kid's heart.

Tsuna's clumsy hands quickly unlocked the door. He swung open the door. Iemitsu swept Tsuna off the ground and gave him a hug. The little brunette let out a squeal of delight of seeing his father for the first time in a while.

Nana walked out the kitchen when she heard the door was swung opened.

She gasped when her eyes landed on Iemitsu.

"Iemitsu! Welcome home!" Nana tackled Iemitsu.

"Dear, I miss you and Tsuna so much!" Iemitsu began laughing happily.

Nana noticed another man around his 60s behind Iemitsu.

Iemitsu gestured to the man and said, "This is my boss, Timoteo."

He gestured to Tsuna and Nana, "And this is my Tuna fish and my wife, Nana." Tsuna frowned at the nickname, but let it go since it was his father.

"Nice to meet you, Timoteo-san! Thank you for taking care of my husband!" Nana gave a slight bow. "Please, come in!"

"Tou-san, tou-san! Look, my reports!" Tsuna eagerly showed Iemitsu his report card. Iemitsu grinned when he saw how great his results were.

"Wow, Tuna fish, you're really smart! Look, Nono!" Iemitsu showed Timoteo Tsuna's result.

Timoteo smiled gently and patted Tsuna's head, "Well done." A bit of a foreign accent was heard from Timoteo.

Tsuna grinned, his cheeks were starting to hurt, but he was just so happy! His dad was finally with him again, and Timoteo was a nice person too.

Timoteo noticed the television.

The show was slightly familiar to him.

Tsuna noticed this and said, "T-that's Doraemon! Come, we can watch it together!" He tried to pull Timoteo and Iemitsu's hands to the television.

Iemitsu ruffled Tsuna's head roughly, "Tuna fish, how about you go watch it with Timoteo-san here? I wanna talk with your mom for a while." Tsuna nodded and proceeded to pull Timoteo with him.

The smile on Iemitsu's face drooped slightly. He gestured to the kitchen to Nana. She nodded and followed behind him.

"Dear, what's wrong?" Nana felt worried.

"Nothing, Nana. It's just the incident you mentioned last time was bugging me. I mean, how could my adorable son do something like that?" Iemitsu sighed.

But at least he still seem normal.

"Maybe it was on accident… I mean, Tsu-kun is clumsy."

Iemitsu smiled, "Yeah, maybe. I'm just thinking too much."

My intuition is telling me otherwise, I'm afraid.

"…And then Doraemon can pull out stuff out of his pocket to help his friends!" Tsuna was telling about the anime to Timoteo. The elderly would nod and add his comments of amazement.

Tsuna suddenly went quiet.

Timoteo noticed Tsuna was staring at him. "What's wrong, Tsunayoshi?"

"W-well, you look a bit sad. Is something wrong? A-are you hungry?" Timoteo was slightly surprised, he was sure he hid his sadness well.

Even Iemitsu did not know.

"No, nothing, Tsunayoshi. Just thinking about one of my sons."

"W-what is he like?" Tsuna's eyes showed curiosity.

Timoteo chuckled. Seeing the child's face was refreshing for the elderly.

"He is a… Very cranky child. He would throw tantrums very often when he didn't get what he wanted. He also has a friend who was very noisy, but he was incredibly loyal to my son."

"W-where's he now?"

"… He… He's staying in my house, he's feeling ill."

"O-oh…" Tsuna said. Then he suddenly stood up.

"I know!" He ran upstairs and ran back down, almost tripping several times.

Tsuna gave Timoteo a DVD case that read 'Sket Dance*',

*Sket Dance= A manga/anime of three characters who does whatever it takes to help solve troubles in their school, hilariosity ensues everywhere.

"H-here! T-this is a very funny anime, though it's sometimes sad. Mummy told me 'laughter is the best medicine'! Y-you're very kind, so you can borrow this…"

Timoteo smiled. He could not find it in him to refuse Tsuna's innocent and expectant eyes. This boy was indeed very kind. He accepted the DVD, "Thank you, Tsunayoshi. My son would appreciate this very much."

"Y-you're welcome, Timoteo-san…"

Timoteo patted Tsuna's head affectionately. "Just call me grandpa, Tsunayoshi, no need for 'Timoteo-san'."

Tsuna is actually a timid and shy person, and doesn't get angry easily. But if it concerns his mum or otaku hobbies, boy, you're in deep shit. Just saying.