Summary: Justin Russo and Alex Santiago have always hated each other. No particular reason, they just had a natural dislike towards the other – even after knowing each other for 20 years. And for those 20 years, they've basically grew up together – never been able to escape the other thanks to their close families and shared friends. Nearly every memory involves the other. So, yes, they do see each other nearly every day but when they do it's nothing but arguing, dirty looks and insults thrown back and forth. But during one particular argument, something inside them clicks and what happens next surprises them. But although they are surprised, they are fully aware of what they're doing and go along with it. Why? They have no idea. But it changes their lives and they discover that there really is a thin line between love and hate. AU. JALEX.

A/N: HEY GUYS! It's Smiley here, back with a new story! Excited? I am! I've had this idea for a while but only recently started to develop it and realise it'd make a really good and really sweet story. Well, I hope. I am really excited for this though, I'm hoping it'll be even better than my other stories (although that's what I hope whenever I start a new story). So it is basically a pretty cliché plot where the main characters start off hating each other but then fall in love. But this story isn't going to be quite as straight forward as that. That is essentially what happens but it's HOW it happens that I think its gonna be the sweet part... AH! Sorry, real excited right now. I've played the story out in my head (yes, I am the weirdo who daydreams and plays out either previous stories or potential stories in my head) and I was happy with it. I just hope it's as good when I put pen to paper! Or rather, fingers to keyboard...? Lol. And, it is my 16th birthday today (17th Oct) and on my birthday I love to give you guys something back for all the amazing support you give me all year round. Yeah... So, I guess I'll start now! (And I'll post 2 chaps today so you can get a better feel of the story. I have nearly finished it tbh at this exact moment in time. I've been so excited the past couple of weeks I haven't been able to stop writing, lol!)

Extra info: Justin is 27 and Alex is 26 – they met 20 years ago meaning Justin would've been 7 and Alex 6. They are NOT related, as they never are in my stories so Alex's last name is Santiago and her mum's name is Louisa and her dad's name is Karl (I always keep her parents names the same – a little familiarity within my stories). And the first paragraph, the little short one, is basically based on Justin and Alex's relationship in this story. And I just wanted to be add a little more grown up part in my writing – you'll find out more about Justin and Alex in this prologue. This isn't the start of the story, it's just kind of explaining them and their situation and stuff.

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Love. Hate. Two very different emotions. But they might not be as different as you think. Both are a passion – you can't half-heartedly love or hate someone or something. In that case it's not love or hate; it's like or dislike. Love or hate someone, you feel strongly towards them. But what you feel – love or hate – can sometimes get confused. Why?

Because there's a thin line between love and hate...

Justin Russo and Alex Santiago have always hated each other. Always. There was no particular reason why, it was just one of those things. Like an instinct. But, whether they've liked it or not, they've practically had to spend their lives together. See, their parents were good friends (and had been for many years since the Santaigos moved to New York from Texas when Alex was only young) and they went to the same school and even shared friends. So for 20 years they've had no choice but to grow up together, seeing each other nearly every single day.

You think it was bad for them? Imagine how everyone else feels – their parents and friends had to put up with the non-stop bickering, insults, glaring, sarcastic comments... Eventually the funny side wears off and you're left finding it annoying. But in a way, that's how they knew everything was right in the world. Justin hated Alex. Alex hated Justin. It was all anyone had ever known.

It wasn't like that when they were really young and had just met (when Justin was seven and Alex was six). Well, not as bad anyway. Just the normal kids stuff – poking, name calling, nothing serious. Their parents figured they'd grow out of it. But no. They got older and their vocabulary widened in range, they developed their own sense of humour and personalities. Turns out, they were complete opposites.

Justin was the smart one – intelligent, responsible, wise, all-round good guy and, as he'd gotten older, he had learnt to loosen up a little but he still had to keep a serious head as he had just graduated from University as a doctor. He wasn't looking for a place at a hospital quite yet, he needed a few months break (and he was waiting for the right job to come up) but he had a part time job at a bar just so he could bring in some money.

And then there was Alex – the free spirit. When she was younger and in school, she was a rule breaker but as she'd gotten older, there weren't really any rules to break so she had taken more to wit and sarcasm. She had also matured a lot. Now Alex wasn't a genius – she never cared much for school. Except one thing – Art. So, she went to Art college and was now an editor for an Art magazine. It worked out well considering she spent most of her time reading art magazines instead of doing homework.

But both did have one thing in common – they were both in their late 20s and still single. When they were teenagers, they imagined they'd have the whole marriage/family thing down by now but life didn't work out like that; it wasn't as simple as they thought it would be. Pretty complicated actually.

But little did they know, life was about to get even more complicated...

A/N: Are you intrigued? Well, I for one am excited! The story is actually gonna start in the next chap. You're gonna see a few chaps of them hating each other so you get the idea, then obviously things are gonna happen, and that's when the fun starts! Well, the cute stuff definitely starts then. I like to think of this story as quite sweet... maybe once I've gotten into the story you might too. But anyway, please review if you liked it and if you want more!

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