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It was a Saturday night and a group of friends were gathered at one of their apartments, hanging out. This was pretty normal for them. There were six of them – Nate Aston, Tom Reid, Lauren Harley, Jayme Jackson (a girl, by the way), Justin Russo and Alex Santiago. There was a lot to say about Justin and Alex but we'll get to that later... once Alex arrives.

There was a knock at the door, before it opened and said person waltzed into the living room.

"The party has arrived!" the brown eyed latina with waist length brown hair announced as she came in.

"Did you know you have to wait for someone to get the door after you knock?" Justin quipped, glaring at her out the corner of his eye.

"Wow, barely even a second and you've killed the mood. Is that a new record, Justin?" Alex shot back.

"Wow, barely even a second and you two are arguing? Is that a new record?" Tom mocked them, while the others groaned.

"Y'know when you blow out the candles on your birthday cake and you have to make a wish? I actually wish that you two will stop arguing instead of wishing something for myself!" Jayme exclaimed.

"Well that's sad." Alex snorted as she sat down. Jayme rolled her eyes.

"Can we just put a movie on or something before they start up again?" Lauren asked, getting up to put a DVD in (it was her apartment they were at this week).

"I've been thinking that I should video you guys fighting and see how many hits it'll get if I put it online." Nate said.

"Please don't do that." Justin said to his friend.

"I'll break the camera." Alex added.

"Tough crowd." Nate muttered.

Nate was the joker of the group; sometimes he could get annoying but he was quite a lovable idiot. He had light brown hair that was a little messy and floppy but in a cute way that fell over his brown eyes. He was also a bit of a flirt – he liked to flirt with the girls of the group but he didn't expect them to actually date him because, surprisingly, he actually had a girlfriend. Not for long but it was probably the first girl he'd been serious about in a long while – her name was Abi. Him and Justin met while they were studying at medical school. He, like Justin, wasn't working at a hospital yet but he was just doing odd jobs, trying to get money from wherever he could. Typical Nate.

Lauren was pretty and girly. She always tried to be as nice as she could be and keep the peace but it wasn't like she was a goody-two-shoes or anything but she was an organised person and was good at handling things. She had shoulder length blonde hair and brown eyes and reasonably short height-wise – she was small and cute. She worked as the manager of a department store. She also had a long-term boyfriend – Danny.

Jayme, sometimes known as JJ, was full of attitude. She said what was on her mind and the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth... unless lying was either necessary or just made life fun. Her and Alex met at Art college and now she works at an interior design company. Jayme could actually be pretty scary when she wanted to be too, so no one liked to get on the wrong side of her. That was one thing her boyfriend, Chase, liked about her.

Then there was Tom. He was more like Justin than Nate – he was a really great guy, good sense of humour and smart. He had short blond hair, green eyes and was tall. He was a friend of Nate but when Nate met Justin he later introduced them and now they were all friends. He too had a girlfriend, called Bella.

Then there was Alex and Justin... oh boy. They hated each other. Justin being the smart guy, preferred to live life by the book and Alex, well she liked to write her own book. Complete opposites. A lot of people thought, when they first met them, that it was that whole thing people say when you're a kid – if they tease you and pick on you it means they like you. Those people soon discovered that that wasn't going to happen. Now they were just plain annoying to all around them. They were also the only two that were still single. While all their friends were with people and thinking about getting really serious with those people, they were still by themselves, hopelessly trying to find that special someone.

"What kind of movie do you guys want on?" Lauren asked the group, sifting through her extensive DVD collection.

"Anything that Justin doesn't want to watch." Alex said as she took a sip of her beer.

"What if I'm feeling spontaneous and feel like watching something I wouldn't normally watch?" Justin asked in response.

"Don't answer me with stupid questions, dork." Alex spat, glaring.

"OK, I am choosing and I pick 'Black Swan'! Lauren shouted above them while everyone groaned. "What? I love that movie and I don't care if you guys don't!"

"Someone's had a long week." Jayme commented.

"Yes, and I'd appreciate some silence." Lauren said as she sat down. She had the tendency to snap every so often. Which is why no one liked to upset Lauren.

They did remain silent during the movie although Justin and Alex couldn't resist swapping dirty looks throughout.

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