FAGE Six Pack

Title: Intergalactic Love
Written for: Speklez

Written By: WhiteWolfLegend

Rating: M

Summary: Demetri never would have guessed to find himself on another planet when he joined NASA nor would he ever have figured to find her.

Prompt used: Love discovered on another planet

Disclaimer: I own nothing

Warning: There will be language, violence and sex scenes.

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Chapter One

3rd POV

The familiar sound of thwacks filled the silence, as Demetri let loose another arrow; watching it slice through the air and embed itself into the target. Archery had always calmed him, everyone knew that; those who didn't caught on quick when he disappeared and ended up in the training room.

"Dem, brother from another mother, for the love of…" Felix muttered as he saw his words go on deaf ears. Sighing deeply, he bravely decided to approach him, preparing for either an arrow to the face or some other form of injury; he was stunned when all his friend did when he approached was sigh sadly.

"Heidi left me. She said she couldn't and wouldn't wait for me to return to her; didn't want to be a… a… space soldier's wife." The words were bitter as Demetri relayed them to Felix. It was an insult for sure; a blow to his ego as well. Sure he was a soldier, sure he was going to be in space but he was a pilot; a captain and top of the space program. Heidi knew it from the start when they decided to date and then got engaged what his job entailed. She had sworn till she was blue in the face that it wouldn't come between them.

Felix sighed harshly while muttering curses under his breath at the woman he knew all his life, "I'm sorry man." What more could he say? I'm sorry that I got you into this mess, that I was the one who pushed you two together? No, because Felix knew that wouldn't go down very well.

"Yeah… Yeah, me too. Five years of my life ruined. I thought she was the one; I saw a life with her. The whole shebang. A house in the old country with two point one kids." Demetri admits while scrubbing his face with the palms of his hands.

"So why did you come and interrupt me?" He asked after a few minutes of uncomfortable silence.

"Aro informed us of a meeting, we're all being called in; I got the short straw." Felix informed him with a chuckle as he held up the small plastic blue and white straw.

Demetri let out a laugh as he took in his friend's – come brother's – sheepish face and the straw. HE knew the others drew straws to fetch him when he was upset or angry; many of them had been at the end of his pointed arrow or found their ass handed to them. It didn't matter that two of them were bigger and one of the twins were just as equal in martial arts; they were still wary.

"I wonder what he is calling us in for, do you know?" Demetri asks as he put away the bow and quiver before following Felix out the door and to the meeting room.

Felix just shook his head, "I'm just relaying the message. None of us know what we're being called in for. Just that it was important and we all had to attend."

Demetri's brows shot up at that, "All of us? Even…?" He asks, trailing off as there was no need for him to mention the name. No one liked the fucker to begin with and they hated the fact he was on their team.

"Cullen, yeah. Unfortunately." Felix mutters darkly under his breath so only Demetri could hear him as they were finally in the meeting room. They all knew why Cullen was on their team, it was because his father was cousins with the head of department and the one who co-funded the damn program. Obviously money could buy you into everything, including one of the top NASA programs there was.

"Ah, DeLuca, Marcello, I am pleased you could join us so." Aro informs them brightly, but you could tell by his tight lipped smile he was indeed unimpressed by their tardiness.

"Sorry for the delay Mister Volturi, I was doing some target practice; we walked across the compound." Demetri quickly replied before taking a seat next to Peter.

"Well, now that you are here I have some big news. We are almost ready to send you on your first mission, the shuttle is almost complete and you will be leaving to explore the rest of the Milky Way that we have yet to explore." Silence, stunned silence. They were finally going into space?

Aro smirked as he saw the stunned looks on his team's faces. "Demetri De Luca, captain. Felix Marcello, teams' weapon specialist and co-pilot. Doctor Emmett McCarty, teams' medic. Jasper Whitlock, teams' engineer, Peter Whitlock; teams' navigator. Edward Cullen, teams' science officer. Now that you know your roles on the team I will be leaving, I have other matters to attend. Here is the mission brief; it has everything you need to know." He tells them while gesturing to his assistant to pass out the briefs.

They each took the thick folder with stunned silence and numb hands; they were finally going to space after five years of training. They knew it would be a long mission as well as a highly dangerous one; after all they were going to explore more of the Milky Way and could encounter many things.

"I can't believe it. I seriously can't believe it." Emmett breathes out as he breaks out of his stunned awe.

Edward snorted as he flipped through the brief, "I can't believe you were accepted into the program either let alone as the medic."

Felix's hand shot out and held Demetri in his place, his other grasping Jasper. All eyes were locked onto Edward with rage, bar Emmett, who just snorted and leant back in his chair.

"Says the person whose daddy opened the check book and asked how much. Some of us actually earned our place in this program, you know, actually worked for our spots." Emmett stated calmly before cocking his head to the side. "You know the meaning of work, right?"

Peter began to choke as he tried to hold back the laughter while he watched Emmett put the stuck up fucker in his place. The others didn't even hold back as they took in Edward's gobsmacked face, he certainly made a good goldfish impersonation.

"G-G-go-good one Em." Jasper gasps out between his laughter and smacked the big lug on his back.

Emmett's smile widened as he watched Edward snap his jaw shut with a loud 'click' before standing up with enough force to tip the chair over and stride out the room, seething. Serves him right for being an ass, Emmett thought. He knew for a fact many thought him an idiot because of his childish behavior, but he knew as a doctor that stress wasn't a good idea for his friends, and the only way he could help without medication was laughter.

"So, space… We get to go to space, ya' know what this calls for?" Peter asks, his drawl thick with his excitement. Jasper, knowing his twin, tipped his hat back and grinned.

"Time to celebrate?" He answers with a laugh.

Demetri stood with his friends before gesturing them to continue onwards, "I'll catch up," he tells them before walking back towards the training room. As much as he would love to party and drink himself to the bottom of a bottle, right now he knew it was a bad idea. Demetri may be a happy drunk, but when he had dark emotions swirling around then he was a horrible drunk and even though he just got the best news of the year; half his thoughts were still on Heidi.

With a shake of his head Demetri quickened his pace, his fingers itching for the feel of his bow. Though he couldn't help but frown at himself as a feeling of change began to settle in his stomach.

"Stop it, DeLuca. That all-knowing psychic bullcrap is Peter's expertise." Demetri scolded himself before pushing the feeling away and lifting his bow and pulling the arrow from its quiver and aiming. A smile on his face as the familiar thwack filled the empty room and washing away his troubles for now.

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