So it was foretold

"She's a tame wolf! They lock themselves in a false den every moon. They have let humans know of our existence. Letting them be a part of the 'pack'! As if humans could ever understand what being a pack means! Right now those very people are desecrating the sacred mating grounds." Ceri shouted passionately to the few members of her pack she could gather.

She was pissed at the fact that Rhydian had basically dis-owned her. The knowledge that she had abandoned Rhydian first never crossed her mind. Putting the blame on someone else was easier. Blaming Maddy was easier.

As Ceri's little group dispersed they whispered among themselves their views on what she had just told them. By the afternoon everyone in the pack will have heard some variation of what she just shared. She will have her family together again even if she had to kill to make it happen.

Shannon and Emma were pacing around the living room waiting for Rhydian and Maddy to come back.

"I know you said that they completed the trial, but what if something happens to them on the way back?" Shannon said.

"It's not that we don't think this place is safe, it's just that they've both been so out of it lately." Emma finished as she looked over to (wolf names).

"What if they get distracted and hurt themselves?" Shannon pulled at her hair.

"Or if they don't know how to change back and get stuck?" Emma paced faster.

"Or what if we're perfectly fine?" Maddy says as she leans against Rhydian. Tom, Daniel, Olwen, and Aneirin are silently laughing in the background.

"Yeah, what if they're…Wait what?" Shannon and Emma turn to face Rhydian and Maddy. "You're alright! How did everything go? You had us so worried." Emma checked over both their bodies to make sure they weren't hiding any injuries.

"We're fine, just really." Rhydian yawned and Maddy picked up where his sentence stopped.

"Tired, and we're going to go take a nap." Maddy leaned her head on Rhydian's shoulder and closed her eyes.

"We'll wake up in time for dinner, so you don't have to wake us." Rhydian wrapped his arm around Maddy and steered her and himself down the hall to their room.

"Did anyone else notice that they were finishing each other's sentences?" Tom asked with his eyes still locked on to the last place Maddy and Rhydian were standing.

"Yes, they were. It seems the after effects of these trials are more intense than I first thought. The two pups aren't complaining about their connection so there is nothing we can do or say about it." Olwen told the group still sitting in the living room

Daniel nodded along, but was really worried on the inside. A mating bond this deep, this intense is bound to catch the attention of bad people. Not just people who fear what the kid's connection means, but those who are jealous of their love and those who fear how all-consuming it is becoming.

Better safe than sorry he share his worries with the elders. If they dismiss his thought he'll be prepared anyway. Nothing was going to harm his family, his pack, while he was still alive. And moon help whoever does because he'll show them what kind of damage a father with a three century wild Wolfblood lineage can do.

In Maddy and Rhydian's room the two kids were laying face to face on the bed.

So are we going to talk about what happened out there after the trial?

No, do we need to?

Well, yes we do. You kissed me, we can't go back to what we were before and never talk about it.

I don't want to talk about it Maddy. Why can't we stay as we are? I think we've got something worth keeping. Don't you?

I'm glad you gave me another chance to be your friend. I don't know where we would be if you really did run away. You're my best friend Rhydian, but we can't stay as just friends. I can't stay as just friends.

You don't want to be my friend anymore. Is that it?

No, that's not what I mean!

It sure sounds like it. What is so wrong with us staying friends? I love you Mads. You're my best friend and my feelings could never change that. We don't need a label to define and confine us. We are Wolfbloods. We are mates. We are best friends. We are family. Isn't that enough for you?

Maddy starts to cry and rolls over so she's back to chest with Rhydian.

Why are you crying? Mads. Mads. Maddy, talk to me. I'm not going to take back anything I said but tell me what made you cry!

Rhydian scoots closer so he can drape his leg and arm over Maddy.

You said you love me. I knew that if you said it I would fall even deeper for you. That's all I wanted to hear, but you kept talking and everything you said made me fall even farther. I love you so much it's probably not healthy, but I don't care because we are friends. We are Wolfbloods. We are family.

As the last thought flowed through Maddy's mind Rhydian had her flat on her back and was hovering on all fours above her.

"Mate" was all he said before he kissed her. Softly at first. Just a brief brush of his lips over hers before it became passionate and heated. Rhydian devoured her lips just as Maddy did his. She was far from docile and passive in the kiss. Just as good as Rhydian gave she reciprocated.

Maddy gasps for air turned to moans as Rhydian decorated her neck with kisses and small nips. Slowly the flames of desire died down and the two teens traded small affectionate kisses before sleep over took them.

"Are the rumors true Ceri? Are there tame wolves and humans on the sacred grounds right now?" Alric said.

"Yes alpha!" Ceri said. Smiling on the inside.

"Is it also true, your first born is among them?" he asked.

"Yes alpha" Ceri said less enthusiastically. She was ashamed her son associated with those dogs. Hopefully when they were gone he would learn to live with his own kind. Jana, the alpha's daughter was always so curious about her son. With her, Rhydian would forget all about that girl and her humans.

"We leave for the sacred grounds first light tomorrow. We'll teach those domesticated fools what it means to go against a real wolf. And Ceri, your son only has one chance to smarten up and join his kind before we deal with the infestation."

Ceri nods and the rest of the pack cheer and celebrate over the news of battle. Tomorrow morning couldn't come fast enough.