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Shadow traveling alone is difficult to begin with. Factor in a thirty-foot statue, another person, and satyr and it was downright impossible. But there wasn't much choice in the matter. The Athena Parthenos had to get to Camp Half-Blood before the Roman demigods attacked.

Nico di'Angelo was a son of Hades, the Greek god of the Underworld. While being a son of Hades usually came with being disliked and distrusted by the majority of the world, it did come with some advantages. One of those was the ability to shadow travel. But the dangers that came with it were enormous, as Nico knew all too well. The first time he had tried it had had ended up unconscious for week in China; and that was just by himself. Now he had two other living beings and a several ton statute.

He, Reyna, and Coach Hedge all put a hand on the giant statue of Athena. As he looked back at the seven remaining demigods he realized that it was very likely he would never seen any of them again. There task was impossible.

Nico took another deep breath and imagined himself on top of a grassy hillside outside of Rome. He stepped forward and felt the, now somewhat familiar, feeling of shadow travel overtake his previous surroundings. There was nothing to see while traveling like this, nothing but a black void of shifting shadows and inky blackness. There were no smells...nothing.

He knew this from his previous attempts at the form of travel. The second time he had decided to see what the shadow realm looked like and opened his eyes. The realm preceded to fall away into nothing and he had ended up in the middle of no where, exhausted and unable to move. He had decided then not to try again.

So this time he kept his mind firmly locked on his destination, just outside of Rome. There was rushing sound in his ears and small amounts of light were beginning to seep through his closed eyes. The first leg of the journey was almost done.

Nico opened his eyes to see that he, Reyna, Hedge, and the Athena Parthenos had all made the transfer. They were indeed on the same grassy hillside he had imagined. Rome stood in the distance. But that was all he could take in before he collapsed.

The landscape was rocky and desolate. There was no wind and no clouds in the sky. The only notable feature at all was a massive hill of rock and stone with a twenty foot tall entry way carved into it. And the twelve giants that surrounded it.

"The demigods have sealed the doors." one of the giants said. "They are no longer under our control."

"The doors matter no longer," Porphyrion, the giant king, responded. Our army is already big enough to destroy the demigods, and sacrifice them to Gaia. More are not needed." He was over a head taller than any of the other giants and he sat upon throne of stones.

"And how is it that we will finally destroy them? They are too smart to just walk into a trap." Polybotes asked.

"Gaia needs only two of them to be sacrificed. And they are far to loyal to each other to abandon those we take." Porphyrion responded. "We simply send out the entire army to bring back one of them. If we have one...the rest will follow...and we can slaughter all seven at the foot of Olympus as a tribute to the Earth Mother. The Olympians final hope will be gone, Gaia will rise, and we shall inherit what is left of the earth." he finished. "There is no hope for the demigods. They may be able to take down one of us with the help of a god, but how will they fend when faced with half the demon hoard of Tartarus and the immortal storm giant."

Nico awoke on the hillside. It was night. The stars were out, the glow of Rome was clearly visible on the horizon. And his friends were as good as dead. His dream had been no dream. It was a vision. And a bad one at that.

I have to warn them he thought. But that was all he could think about before he fell unconscious again.

"And what about the Parthenos?'" asked Polybotes. The other giants nodded and murmured in agreement.

"Gaia already has that taken care of. A trap has been set for son of Hades. He and the Roman will not return the statue." Porphyrion responded quietly. He was obviously much more informed then any of the other giants. And they all seemed to recognize that fact, for none of them questioned him.

Nico flashed back into consciousness. Gaia had set a trap for them. They had to keep moving, before she could find them. But he had to warn the others before it was too late. The fate of the world and all of olympus was more important than the destruction of Camp Half-Blood. At least in Nico's perspective.

Reyna suddenly appeared from behind the Athena Parthenos.

"Your awake." she said expressionless. "Lets get moving." She did not sound happy that he was back conscious.

Nico stood up and said "The giants have planned an attack on the others. We have to warn them. Most of tartarus is going to be after them in matter of days!"

"We were told to get this statue," she gestured at the Athena Parthenos "back to the Camps before they go to war with each other. Not send rescue parties."

"If we don't warn them, the camps will be destroyed regardless!" Nico replied in yelling manner.

"And how do you expect to warn them if they are hundreds of miles away?" she asked, her voice somewhat sarcastic.

Nico sat down and thought about that for a while. We DON'T have any way to contact them he thought Its no like I can shadow travel back. And then the idea hit him. Hermes!

"We can send a message through Hermes!"

"How are we going to do that?" Reyna countered. t was again sarcastic

There is always some issue isn't there? Nico thought. There is no way to summon him, at least not one that works. I've tried. He had tried, after his sister had died on her quest to rescue Artemis, Nico had tried everything to send her message. He had entered the Underworld himself but could not find her. He had personally asked Hades to see her, and was denied. And he had even resorted to asking the God of Messengers, the only god allowed in the underworld, if he could deliver a message. Hermes had never responded.

"I've tried before and nothing works?" he responded, finally defeated. It looked like the rest of the demigods were going to blind to the impending attack.

And that was when the earth began to shake and rumble. And then a single earthen hand rose out of the ground.