Hey this is Alucard here to bring you my first story. With out further ado lets begin.

Summary: Six anime character somehow end up in the netherworld. Lost and confused, the six decide to form a party to find out how the ended up in the netherworld.


Naruto: Age 13, Type: Humanoid, Weapon speciality: Fist & swords, Class: Leaf shinobi, Specials: Rasengan Combo, Vermillion Impact, & Kurama's wrath. Evility: Will of fire. Personality: same as the anime.

Illya von Einzbern: Age 13 (assumed), Type: Humanoid, Weapon speciality: Staffs and books, Class: Magical girl, Specials: Love laser, Big Bang, & Eight servants. Evility: Summon master. Personality: Same as in Heaven's Feel.

Luffy: Age 17, Type: Monster, Piggy back: Fist type, Class: Straw hat pirate, Specials: Gum-Gum Storm, Gear Second, & Elephant Gatling gun. Evility: Haki. Personality: Same as the anime.

Erza: Age 19, Type: Humanoid, Weapon speciality: Swords, spears, & staffs, Class: Titania, Specials: Holy hammer, Heaven's wheel, & Nakagami Starlight. Evility: The knight. Personality: Same as the anime.

Ulquiorra: Age ?, Type: Monster, Piggy back: Spear type, Class: Espada, Specials: Cero, Cero Oscuras, & Segunda Etapa. Evility: High Speed regeneration. Personality: Intentionally cold and uncaring to his comrades, but as the the story progresses he begins to enjoy their company and becomes protective of them, though he will never admit it. Otherwise the same personality as he does in the anime.

Noel Vermillion: Age 5 (chronologically), Type: Humanoid, Weapon speciality: Guns, Class: Eye of the Azure, Specials: Fenfir, Thor, Sword of the God slayer. Evility: Kusanagi. Personality: Same as Continuum Shift but a little more assertive.

I will accept ocs for generic classes only.