The final war had come to pass as Dumbledore had said. Everyone rejoiced for the victory and mourned for the loss of loved ones. Fred Weasley, Collin Creevey, Cho Chang, Susan Bones, and Zachariah Smith were just five of more than fifty lives the war had taken as it come to its bitter yet glorious end. Everyone was trying to rebuild their lives around the loss of husbands, wives, children, parents, and friends in arms. Harry, Ron, and Hermione along with the others vowed to remember the ones who had bravely gave their lives.

However, three years after the war, the wizarding world had been taken by surprise. The muggles had found them and began to kill them one by one. Beauxbaton was first to fall, followed by Durmstrung. Children and teachers tried to defend themselves but their magic were no match for the hundreds of muggle weaponry that was used to kill them.

Hogwarts was fortified yet it didn't hold long. The students with their parents managed to run and leave the country while some were not as lucky. The Golden Trio along with a few others, stayed to fight yet it was for naught. They were outnumbered and overpowered. Ron and Hermione ran for their lives, leaving Harry on the front line to cover for everyone who was trying to find a hiding place. Harry was stunned that Ron and Hermione just ran and left him. Neville and Luna grabbed him as they tried to escape the crumbling castle.

Nine months after the massacre of the wizarding community, Harry, Luna, and Neville were somewhere in Africa. They were on the run from hunters that made it a game to see who killed the last remaining magic users. Harry was still in pain from seeing his best mates running away, leaving him behind. Luna and Neville had been with him since then, trying to making him come back and think for himself. If it weren't for Neville, Harry might have lost his sanity.

Neville had been injured a week ago and no amount of magic was healing him. Luna and Harry tried everything but with their exhaustion and limited potions, there was no way Neville was going to make it at the end of the month.

"Come on mates, just leave me here. I'll only weigh you both down. I'll hold them off as long as I can." He told them in between his panting. He was trying to catch his breath. Even Harry knew that Neville wasn't going to last long now.

"Stop saying that, Neville! You are not—"

"Don't say it, Luna. I know it and Harry knows it. I'm not going to last long so just run and save yourselves. I don't know if there are any others but if there aren't, you're the last two if you can run from them." Luna told her as he smiled weakly.

Harry looked away from the herbologist, not wanting to admit that Neville was right.

"Harry! Grab Luna and leave now! You don't have much time! Those hunters will find us all and kill us if you both don't leave now!" he reasoned out.

It was a hard decision to make but Harry already knew what Neville wanted him to do. He turned to the panting red head and nodded once, his eyes brimming with tears. He grabbed Luna's arm and pulled her up and away from Neville.

"Harry? No! We can't leave him here!"

"I know we shouldn't but there is nothing we can do! Neville is right, Luna! We might be the last remaining wizard and witch in this bloody planet! For some reason, I think killing Voldemort was the wrong thing! He wanted to separate us from the muggle world. I saw his ideas, they were for the good of the magical world. It was his way of achieving those that I didn't like at all." Harry told her.

"B-but Harry! Nev—"

"Neville knows that he won't live much longer. And if we keep making him run with us, we're just making him suffer before he dies."

Luna turned to Neville, got down on her knees and gave him one last kiss.

"I have always loved you, Neville Franklin Longbottom. I hope you know that. I will miss you." She told him.

Neville smiled at her, caressed her cheek and soaked in the look she had on her face before he faced his end.

"I know and I have always loved you too, my miss dreamer." Neville said with all the love her could muster.

Tears ran down her face as she moved to give Harry space to hug him.

"Take care of her for me, Harry." The herbologist said.

Harry nodded and gave Neville one last hug before giving Neville his wand and grabbing Luna, pulling her out the back door.

Both ran as fast as they could and apparated to the mountain side. They both watched as the small shack Neville was in, explode into pieces. Luna cried in Harry's chest. Harry held her tight, trying to contain his own tears from falling. They didn't stay long and made their way to Brazil.

They kept their glamors up whenever they went out to buy food. They had stayed in Rio for two weeks now, hiding into the shadows as much as they could. They recalled all their friends and families, wondering if any of them had survived and managed to hide like them.

They were on their third week when Luna had been caught while buying food for them. She had not seen the people who were watching her as she was heading back to their hiding place. When she opened the door, Harry had pulled her to the side, missing the rain of bullets that had been fired.

"This is bad, Harry."

"I know. They must have followed you here. But the question is how did they find us?"

Luna didn't know the answer to his question. Harry gave Luna her wand and both managed to cast a temporary muggle repelling charm on the whole house. The firing stopped and Harry quickly pulled Luna to the basement where they had been preparing for days like this.

This was it.

They were trapped.

"I'm scared Harry." She said with a trembling voice.

"I know Luna. I'm scared too. But there is no way out now. They got us trapped here and we can't apparate out. We don't know this city to well. We might end up underneath a building." He whispered to her.

They cast multiple locking spell on the door and made their way to the tunnel that they had made wince they arrived. They grabbed the bags of food that they had saved and entered the tunnel, returning the soil and cement that once covered the entrance of the tunnel. Harry returned as much soil as he could, trying to close as much of the tunnel as they moved forward, trying to deceive the muggles into thinking that they had escaped.

The tunnel they made came out the mountain side, just outside the city. Harry pulled Luna out and both made their escape from Rio. But before they could pass the border line, they were seen by passing black cars and wasted no time firing their guns. Luna was able to apparate them to the beach and had dropped them in the depths of the forest.

"That was close! Great job, Luna… Luna?"

Luna slowly face him which made Harry worry.

"Are you alright, Luna?"

She slowly turned around and showed her the wound that got her just before she got them out. She smiled weakly before falling forward into Harry's arms.

"Bloody hell! Luna! Hold on!" he told her.

She gave Harry a weak smile and shook her head.

"Don't worry about me Harry. This is just like what had happened to Neville. I can feel the bullet inside me and I will bleed to death since I know that this time, those muggles managed to hit my major organs. I won't survive to see tomorrow."

"No! Don't say that! Please Luna! Don't leave me too! I'm lost everyone else and Neville! I can't lose you too!" Harry said as he began to sob.

Every time he tried to do something right, he lost someone close to him.

Upon destroying the Horcruxes, Dumbledore and Snape died.

When he killed Voldemort, he lost Fred and his other friends.

When they tried to fight, Ron and Hermione ran and left him.

When they tried to escape, he lost Neville.

Now, he was losing Luna as well.

She raised her hand and touched Harry's wet cheek.

"It's alright Harry. Everything will be alright." She said with a knowing smile.

"How can it be alright, Luna? I'm losing you! I've lost everyone and Neville already!" he cried out to her.

She knew Harry was right but she had to keep him strong. She had a dying feeling that Harry was destined for something greater than this.

"I'm so sorry that I'm going to leave you Harry. I don't want to. But you know as well as I do that Episkey won't work for the human anatomy." She tried to joke and chuckle.

"Please, Luna. Don't joke about that. I won't know what to do if you leave me too."

"I know you will survive this Harry. I can feel it. I do not know why but I am sure that you are meant for something greater. This will not be your end. I know you will keep fighting. Just… Don't forget us. All the memories we shared with Neville. All the fun things we did together. And the adventures we've faced." She said with a smile. She was bleeding far too much now.

Luna was turning pale yet she was still smiling. And there was nothing Harry could do but watch as his last remaining friend die in his arms. Luna smiled at him and slowly closed her eyes, her hand dropping to her side.

"No!" Harry cried as he held Luna close to him.

"Luna!" he cried out her name!

The skies darkened and rain began to fall. The rain washed away Harry's tears as he kept on holding Luna close. After crying his eyes and soul out, he buried Luna.

"I will fight. We will not end like this." He said with a grave voice.

Harry went back to the city and destroyed buildings, malls, and homes. He no longer cared if children and women died. They were muggles. He hated them. The muggles killed his family and friends. In three days, Rio de Janeiro fell into ruins. Brazil went up in flames two days later. The rest of South America went up in flames a week after. Two more weeks later, Europe was left bare. North America stood no chance against Harry James Potter who mastered the Hallows.

He, who had the unbeatable wand, caused the White House and everyone inside to burn and turn to ashes.

Washington fell.

New York fell.

San Francisco fell.

The rest of America was buried in sand and flames.

The Middle East was no better.

Harry had the whole place destroyed in a week, using their own weapons against them.

Asia and Australia had succumbed to his power as well.

Harry had used a muggle TV station to broadcast himself.

"To those who had survived this apocalypse, this is not the end. I, Harry James Potter, last remaining wizard of my kind, will end your world as you ended mine. Men, women, and children will perish in sand and flames. Just as my people did. You brought this upon yourselves and now suffer the consequences. You attacked and killed us off so I shall do the same. Prepare yourselves because I will not stop until every last one of you non magical monsters disappears from the face of this earth."

The ones who were able to see the warning cowered in fear. The remaining leaders of the world had caused the destruction of the human race. And now there was no hope for them.

A month passed and Harry was the last remaining being on the face of the planet. He returned to Britain and made his way to Hogwarts or what was left of the castle. He fell on his knees as he saw bodies of men, women, and children, scattered on the grounds. With one final breath, he pointed his wand to his chest and said,

"Avada Kedavra."

With a flash of green light, Harry saw no more.

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