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Chapter 12- Of Diagon Alleys and Sorting Hats

The next morning, Kierrion woke up and was told by the male Slytherin elf that Luna, Neville, and Draco were already awake and getting ready for their trip to Diagon Alley. He stood up and went straight to the bathroom to shower and then dress.

Twenty minutes later, Kierrion emerged from the bathroom dressed and his hair dried and kept back. He left the room and went downstairs to the dining room where his friends were having breakfast with Lucius and Narcissa.

"Good morning, Kierrion dear." Narcissa greeted first with a smile.

"Good morning to you to Cissa." Kierrion greeted back.

"Good morning Kierrion. I hope you have an ample amount of rest. It seems that Draco and Luna are already planning your trip to Diagon Alley." Lucius said after taking a sip of his tea.

"Good morning, Lucius. Yes, I had a good night's rest. And I have no doubt that those two have been planning the moment they saw each other." Kierrion replied to Lucius who chuckled.

He greeted Neville who was beside him and the boy nodded before sighing at the two blonds on the other side of the table. And Neville didn't mean Lucius and Narcissa.

"Well, for the sake of our sanity, let us allow them to plan and do what they may. It will not bode well for us, Nev, if we end up in St. Mungo's before we even step foot in Hogwarts." Kierrion joked which earned him twin glares from Draco and Luna, who then went back to planning the next second.

Kierrion and Neville were in wide eye shock.

Did Draco and Luna just glare at them?

"I'm going to eat now and keep my mouth airtight close." He announced and got nods of approvals from the adults and Neville.

While eating, Kierrion noticed the newspaper Lucius was reading.

Lucius smiled and handed the paper to Kierrion who began to read the headline.

Double Celebration Held at Malfoy Manor

By Rita Skeeter

Last night, Malfoy Manor hosted a double birthday celebration for two young wizards who celebrated their eleventh birthday. The event was more of a social event that a birthday since the guests were prominent witches and wizards. Prime Minister Fudge, Britain's current Prime Minister, attended the celebration with his wife (as seen above photo). Aside from the esteemed Prime Minister of Britain, among the guests were Slovakia's Prime Minister with his wife, Bulgaria's Undersecretary along with his brother, the Head of Foreign Affairs, Japan's next Prime Minister, and Albus Dumbledore, defeated of Grindelwald and Hogwarts current Headmaster.

The celebrates were Augusta Longbottom's grandson, Neville Franklin Longbottom and Kierrion Demetriv.

Neville Longbottom, only son of Aurors' Frank and Alice Longbottom who are currently residing in St. Mungo's from their attack nearly eleven years ago. They're son was sent to his grandmother, Augusta Longbottom, who the world Britain knows as a strict witch with principles.

Little is known about Kierrion Demetriv. His files at the Ministry are kept secured and away from eyes and hands that seem to seek harm upon the young boy. However, watching the boy go about the celebration, it seemed that he is well acquainted with several high end politicians, including Britain's own Prime Minister. As shown above, young Kierrion is seen speaking to the Japanese representative using Japan's own language. It amazed not only the representative but also the other gusts who were nearby to have heard the flowing conversation between them.

It was also known that young Kierrion not only speaks Japanese but also Slovakian, Bulgarian, French, Russian, Finnish, Mandarin, Thai, and Hindi. It shocked this reporter that such a child could learn so much in eleven years. He, along with the Longbottom and Malfoy heirs, will be attending Hogwarts this coming September 1st.

And speaking of the Malfoy heir, it had been a whisper throughout the evening about how the Longbottom and Malfoy family became close enough for Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy, a well-known Dark Family, allow Neville Longbottom, a son of a well-known Light Family, hold his celebration at Malfoy Manor. Weren't the two families at each other's throat not too long ago? And how does Kierrion Demetriv fit into the mold?

Upon further inquiries, it has been proven that the Malfoy heir and the Lovegood heiress were the ones behind the beautiful event, shocking this reporter once again. For a boy of eleven and a girl of ten, they have done an amazing job of planning the celebration.

Now, dear readers, the next fact I am about to share may cause serious shock however, believe me, I was just as stunned.

When young Kierrion had address the guests, with young Neville beside him, the child had all but forgotten to even acknowledge the presence of Albus Dumbledore. Though it did not show, surely the Headmaster was a bit offended by such lack of acknowledgement. Is it because Kierrion didn't know the Headmaster as well as the others? Or is it because of how the young man had met the Headmaster.

A few days prior, Prime Minister Cornelius Fudge along with Lucius Malfoy and Kierrion Demetriv, were enjoying afternoon tea at a local tea shop in Diagon Alley. According to some witnesses, Dumbledore had interrupted the gathering and offended the young heir by stating, "Surely whatever conversation you are having with Lucius and a child could not be so private, Cornelius."

The statement in itself showed clearly that Dumbledore didn't think the gathering was important because a child was present. Right then and there, it showed how things went downhill. However, the young man kept his patience and spoke something to the Headmaster calmly, and reminding him of his errands that the man claimed was the reason he was at Diagon Alley that day.

Suffice to say, Headmaster Dumbledore quickly left them.

For more information about Draco Lucius Abraxas Malfoy and Luna Cirilli Lovegood turn to p.3

For more information of Kierrion Demetriv and Neville Franklin Longbottom turn to p.4

For more information about the tea shop incident turn to p.5

Kierrion smiled.

He didn't remember seeing Rita Skeeter at the event but was glad that she wasn't as nasty as she was when he met her the first time.

Kierrion placed the paper down and went back to his meal, making small talk with Neville and Lucius about the event.

An hour later, the four children gathered at the entrance hall of the manor and waited for the male elves of Kierrion to return and accompany them to do their shopping. Draco and Luna had instructed the elves to go to Gringott's and request for the paying cards that Gringott's have to ease a wizard or witches fear of being mugged. The card would only work for them and them alone since the card needs the magical signature of the wizard the card belongs to in order to work.

When the elves returned, the bid Lucius and Narcissa goodbye and left.

Upon reaching Diagon Alley, their first stop was the Apothecary since it was the closest to them. They didn't last ten minutes in the store and came out pretty quickly, heading to Flourish and Blotts next. The four elves went to get the books they needed while the children stayed by the counter, trying to not be crushed by the wave of bodies that were inside the store.

After they paid, they headed to Madam Malkin's for their robes and uniforms.

When they entered the shop, the four were greeted with the sight of red heads. Weasleys.

Arthur and Molly Weasley were there along with their children, Percy, Ron and Ginny.

"Aahh, Kierrion, Neville, Draco, Luna… I was wondering when you'd arrive. Come, I'll measure you myself." Madam Malkin said with a smile on her face and the four smiled back, passing the Weasleys without even greeting them.

Luna went up first and giggled when Madam Malkin held her waist, making the three boys smile at her.

"Hold still Luna or you'll be giving Madam Malkin a hard time." Kierrion objurgated with a smile.

"Okey…" she said as she took a deep breath.

Luna then tried to hold in her laughter long enough for the Madam to get her measurements.

"Thank you for holding in, dear." Madam Malkin said as she help Luna get down.

"I had to try or we'd be here for hours." Luna said and giggled.

Neville went up next while Kierrion and Draco sat down.

"Will you please hold still?" said Clarisse, Madam Malkin's assistant.

Kierrion, Draco, Luna, and Neville, along with Madam Malkin turned to see the young girl trying to get Ron's measurements.

"I suggest you better watch how much you spend, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley. From what I know, you still don't have a home of your own. Spending too much on your son's robes might not be such a good idea. Since he is destined for Gryffindor like the rest of your family, why don't you try to resize the uniforms of his older brothers. I don't it would make any difference." Kierrion suggested as he flipped through the magazine he was holding.

Arthur, Molly, and Ron were beet read. Percy discreetly nodded his approval while Ginny stared.

"How dare you—" Molly began but was cut off.

"Instead of robes, why don't you buy your son a wand instead. Everyone knows that the wands are more important that new robes. The wand chooses the wizard, not the other way around." Kierrion added as Neville went down and Draco went to get his measurements.

Neville stared coldly at the Weasleys.

"I suggest you heed Kier's suggestion. He never is wrong." Neville said as he sat next to Luna.

"Traitor! How dare you side with him! " Ron spat.

"Traitor? Traitor to what exactly? Am I a traitor because I am friends with Kierrion, Draco and Luna? Nana is friends with Xeno, Cissa and Lucius as well. Does that make her a traitor as well?" Neville asked calmly.

Ron blushed harder. He knew speaking bad about Augusta Longbottom would get him into big trouble.

"See? Now, I will pretend you did not insult me or my companions. Merlin knows your parents won't be able to buy you out if I sue you for slander." Neville said with a warning tone.

"Neville, if they can't even afford a new house, what makes you think they can pay their way out if all four of us sue him for slander?" Draco asked as he got down.

Kierrion stood up and got his measurements.

"I think they get the point now. They don't need you both to dry them out. It was only the Missus and the last son who spoke. I think the older son is smart and the father is knowledgeable that if we do sue, it would be the end of them." Kierrion said as he was measured.

Percy beamed with pride as he was complimented. He didn't care really about his mother and brother. He knew that Kierrion was someone that could help him in the long run.

When Kierrion was done, they placed their order and paid for them.

"I'll have your orders delivered in two days." Madam Malkin said as she went to the back of her shop.

Ron looked like he was going to pop a vain, seeing how red his face was.

"Just because you can afford to buy new wardrobes every week—" he began but was cut off.

"At least I have a wardrobe, you insufferable twat. I would suggest you get one but I doubt you can afford it. Now if you don't mind, we have shopping to do. Insult us one more time and you will find your family piss poor by the end of the year." Kierrion warned them.

The four walked pass the stunned Weasleys and left the shop.

"I can't believe they tried to insult us. Neville already warned them that it would be bad for them." Draco said with a huff.

"Well, the Weasleys were never that smart to begin with. Whatever warning they are given enters one ear and out the other." Luna remarked as she fixed his robes.

Neville and Kierrion both nodded in agreement.

They decided to head to get their wands before they went to buy owls for school.

The moment they entered Ollivander's, four wands zoomed room four directions of the store and landed into their hands.

The next second, Ollivander came out and stared at the four.

"That has never happened before." He told them.

Without wanting to hear anymore, they paid for the wands and left the store before the old man could protest.

"Well, we got the same wands we used to own." Neville said.

Kierrion told Draco that the wand in his hand was the same wand that the other Draco had.

They left to purchase owls for school. Merlin knows how many people they had to write too. However, upon arriving to the shop, all four of them were drawn to different animals that weren't their first familiars.

Harry saw a regal looking falcon that looked like he was going to scratch the eyes out of anyone who dared to insult him. With one touch, the eagle turned to him and bowed.

"It seems that the falcon has final taken an interest to someone. We have tried to get rid of him but no one takes him because he scares them." Said the shop attendant.

"I'll take him." Kierrion said without hesitation.

He paid for the bird and gave the perch to the elf.

"I'll name you Achilles." The falcon opened his wings and flapped in delight.

Neville found and eagle and named it Hector, the great enemy of Achilles.

Draco found a brown eagle owl and called it Paris, Hector's brother.

Luna bought herself a crow that was larger than most crows.

"And I'll definitely name you Helen." The boys laughed when they noticed the pattern of the familiar's names.

They went to Uptown Alley to have lunch and then head to buy quills, inks, parchments, and sweets before heading home.

Before the day was over, they headed to Gringott's due to something Kierrion wanted to take out from Slytherin's vault. They entered the bank just in time to hear Dumbledore scream,

"What do you mean the vaults collapsed?!"

Kierrion instantly knew what it was about.

"What does this mean Albus?" Molly asked. Ron was beside him and the other three Weasleys weren't around.

"It means dear Molly that the Potter vaults no longer exist." He said with a dark look on his face. He was worried.

"We would also like to inform you that after a few private investigations, past withdrawals from the Potter vaults were moved back to its original owner and whatever contents within the Weasley, Dursley, and Granger vaults that belonged to the Potter vault has been taken. Have a nice evening." Said Ragnok with a malicious look on his face as he saw Kierrion passing by,

Molly, Ron, and Albus were in shock.

Not only did the Potter vaults collapse, whatever money that Albus had transferred from there to the three vaults were taken back. How in Merlin's name did it happen?

The four went pass the shocked figures and had passed again without being seen. They had returned to Malfoy Manor first to share the events that transpired that day to Lucius and Narcissa who laughed along with them.

Neville, Luna, and Kierrion spent the night once again at Malfoy Manor before having to return to their own homes the next day after breakfast.

They had a month left for the term started and they had a few more things to do before they trap themselves at the castle.

The next few days were a blur.

Luna and Draco kept in touch with the Flamels and were told that Dumbledore had already taken the 'stone'. Now Kierrion was wondering how Dumbledore will be keeping the stone? Then again, he didn't care since it wasn't the real stone.

Neville had attended to Kierrion's greenhouse with joy which warned the others to stay away until Neville himself came out.

Kierrion had focused on the notes and journals of the founders in his study which made Draco and Luna groan.

They knew that like Neville, they had to wait for Kierrion to come out by himself.

The two blonds went on discussing what subjects they should master while at Hogwarts. It was going to be obvious that Luna would be going to Ravenclaw, Neville to Gryffindor, and Kierrion to Slytherin.

"I won't be going to Hufflepuff, even if I am Lady Helga's heir. The entire Malfoy line has always been a Slytherin and I can't be the cause of it breaking." Draco explained which Luna and the founders understood.

They were standing in the hallway, deciding where to spend the afternoon.

"Let's relocate this to the sun room shall we?" Luna suggested with a sweet and dreamy smile which made Draco smile and nod back.

The afternoon flew by once again and both blonds had finished their plots and plans.

They proceeded to the dining room to see Kierrion and Neville already there. Both smiled so sweetly at the other two that Kierrion and Neville shuddered for a moment.

"Are we privy to your thoughts?" Kierrion asked them as they sat down.

"Of course you are, Kierrion. Draco and I have planned everything from what subjects we all excel in to the people we have to convert to our side." Luna told him calmly as if it were something someone shared on a daily basis.

"As long as mine is Herbology, I have no qualms with whatever else you to have planned." Neville stated with a tone that he meant what he said.

Kierrion sighed and knew that dinner was going to be a long talk.

"Alright you two, start talking." Kierrion said as he took a bite of his potatoes.

"Wonderful… Neville, you will indeed be talking up Herbology and Charms, Draco will be taking the Potions and Ancient Runes while I master Care of Magical Creatures and Transfiguration." Luna began her sharing.

Kierrion raised a brow.

"And me?"

Luna and Draco smiled.

"You will be mastering Defense Against the Dark Arts of course. And Arithmancy when they are offered. You will not be taking Divination, and most certainly will not be flunking Potions even if it won't be a subject you have to master." Draco said as he read the parchment that was next to his plate.

Kierrion sighed to himself. He knew he had it coming. Why did he have to ask?

"Am I allowed to excel in Transfiguration, Charms, and Ancient Runes as well?" Kierrion asked.

Draco and Luna turned to look at each other.

"You can. You have to play with us if you want to excel on those subject as well." Luna smiled at him.

Neville and Draco smirked at Kierrion would smirked back at them.

On the second day of August, Kierrion found himself being dressed by Draco and Luna while Lucius reminded Kierrion of the lunch appointment he had with Hiroshi Yamamoto. Neville was on his bed, watching everyone with an amused smile on his face.

"Am I glad that I am not you, Kier." Neville commented and got a glare from the boy who didn't like how he was being fussed over by the blonds.

Half an hour before lunch, Lucius gave Kierrion the international portkey and the four watched as Kierrion disappeared.

He didn't know why, but Kierrion appeared directly in front of Hiroshi's table. Said man was looking at him with a smile and immediately stood up to welcome him. Not wasting another moment, Hiroshi called an elf to ask if lunch was ready. The elf nodded and Hiroshi led Kierrion out the office and to the garden of the Ministry building.

Kierrion was awed by the garden.

It was simply beautiful.

Hiroshi informed Kierrion that the trees that seem to adorn the garden were cherry blossom trees.

Kierrion knew that people were looking at him and Hiroshi as they made their way to the pavilion where their lunch was being served.

Hiroshi, again, wasted no time in telling Kierrion about his plans when he becomes Minister. He also shared his dreams of change and asked Kierrion about his own plans.

In between bites, Kierrion mentioned his desire to separate the wizarding world from the muggles in order to protect the secret. Kierrion mentioned again, that his ways may not be what would look promising, but he guaranteed that it would work. The Potter Monastery and Black castle were only two of the places where they could set up magical orphanages for the magical children they take and replaced with muggle babies.

Hiroshi listened carefully and understood Kierrion's view and was relieved that it didn't involve killing the muggleborns they already have.

Kierrion explained once again that they were not muggleborns but first generation of wizards and witches from squibs of magical families.

The afternoon was filled with discussion about change and how they would pull everything off. Kierrion told Hiroshi that they had time. All they have to do was get rid of Dumbledore and their plans could easily begin to move.

Kierrion returned home an hour before dinner, tired yet satisfied with how productive his day was.

He found Luna, Draco, and Neville in the library. Luna and Draco were talking to the founders while Neville was reading a book on plants from the Mediterranean.

"Kierrion, your finally home dear." Helga greeted the boy who smiled back at her.

"How was your lunch date?" Luna asked as she turned to Kierrion who sat down on his favorite armchair.

"It wasn't a date, Luna. It was a lunch appointment. And it went very well thank you for asking. When Hiroshi becomes Minister, our plans will begin with him. However…" Kierrion stopped.

"However, we still have Dumbledore to get rid of." Neville said as he closed his book and made his way to where the rest were.

Kierrion sighed and rubbed his temples.

He had a long afternoon and the headache was the result of that afternoon. He tried his best not to curse the people who were staring at him while he was Hiroshi the whole afternoon. And that right there was already a test of his patience. He was just glad to be home.

"Before I forgot, father told us to remind you that on the seventh, you will be having dinner with Anastas and tea on the fifteenth with Krasimir." Draco said with a smirk when Kierrion groaned.

Luna, Neville, and the portraits chuckled.

"It's not like I do not like Anastas or Krasimir… they are both amusing, no doubt about that." Kierrion stated hesitantly.

"However…" Luna continued for Kierrion, knowing well there was a continuation.

"However… Anastas has this habit of being overly charming. It's quite disconcerting." Kierrion finished.

"Well, you don't have to worry about that. You're only eleven as of the present. So Anastas' actions are nothing to worry about." Neville pointed out and the other agreed.

Kierrion sighed and hoped that they were right.

The days flew by and Kierrion awoke with a groan on the morning of the seventh. He was having dinner with Anastas who had sent him a personalized portkey.

"Well, just goes to show that he has taste." Narcissa commented as she and Lucius dropped by for lunch.

Everyone was looking at the silver snake bracelet. The snake had deep green emerald stones for its eyes.

Luna and Draco made Kierrion wear it the moment they all saw the contents of the box. And instantly, Draco, Luna, and Narcissa had dragged Kierrion to his bedroom to fit him for his evening attire.

Neville and Lucius were very vocally glad once again that they weren't in Kierrion's shoes.

Lucius went to the library to speak to the founders while Neville excused himself and went to the greenhouse to tend to Kierrion's plants personality.

Neville loved Kierrion's greenhouse simply because it had an ethereal air within it. The plants were far more beautiful and looked like they were taken from the garden of the gods.

Half an hour before dinner, Kierrion found himself by the cliffs of some mountain, overlooking the city below.

Anastas welcomed him and Kierrion smiled when he saw the man standing behind him. He was led to a table that had candles spread on the ground. If Kierrion was older, he would have found the gesture sweet and charming. But he reminded himself that he was only eleven and that Anastas was more than twice his age.

The dinner was spent getting to know each other and no talks about plans and plots for the future.

Kierrion shared that he loved to read, draw, and explore new places. Anastas promised to invite Kierrion for vacation, along with his friends of course, and show them around. Kierrion politely accepted and hoped that it was a friendly gesture and nothing beyond that. Kierrion didn't like to think that he would be hurting the kind man in the near future because he would turn down the man if he indeed pursued Kierrion.

He knew that he was gay during the end of his sixth year during his old life. That was part of the reason why he had split up with Ginny. He didn't want to make her believe that he loved her beyond that of a sister or friend. That was how Kierrion saw her, a sister.

Kierrion had stayed until nine and portkey'd back to his home where Luna, Draco, and Neville waited for him.

He didn't know if it was a coincidence that they were still awake when he returned or if they really stayed up late to ask him immediately how the dinner appointment went.

"I do not know why you three had to wait up. I would have told you during breakfast tomorrow anyway." Kierrion said as he sighed and sat on his armchair.

"Just start talking, Kier." Neville said with a huge grin on his face.

"Well, Anastas loves to travel, wine tasting, and horseback riding. He also enjoys picnics by the beach or lakes, and he prefers dinners under the stars than in some five star restaurant." He told them and both blonds squealed.

Neville and Kierrion had to cover their ears while the portraits laughed.

"Now that you know, may we head to bed now?" he asked them and got nods.

"Just tea on the fifteenth left then. Shall we do something to pass the time before then?" Neville asked as he turned to Kierrion who raised a brow before smiling.

"We should have the brooms branded with their names." Neville nodded in agreement.

"What are you two talking about?" Draco asked after yawning.

"Nothing of importance really… Just something Neville and I promised we'd do for two people." Kierrion explained as he stood up and stretched.

Draco smiled and didn't press on. He knew that Kierrion would have told him if it was important or something that concerned him. They all stood up, bid the founders a good night and went up to their rooms for a good night's rest.

The night soon turned to day and Kierrion awoke to the sound of Neville screaming from outside his bedroom.

Kierrion groggily left his bed and went to see what the noise was all about. When he managed to rub his eyes properly, he saw Neville being chased by Draco and Luna with clothes in their hands.

"Kiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrr!" Neville screamed as he ran into Kierrion's bedroom and hid under the bed.

"What's going on?" Kierrion asked as Draco and Luna rushed into his bedroom as well.

"Neville darling, your being over dramatic. We just wanted to dress you properly for you trip to Diagon Alley with Kierrion today. He will be dressed by us as well so come and let us dress you already." Luna said as sweetly as she could.

Neville didn't say anything so that he wouldn't reveal his hiding place.

"Oh, good morning, Kierrion." Draco greeted with a smile.

"Yes, good morning." Luna greeted as well.

"Good morning Kier!" Neville yelled from under the bed.

"Blast!" the Herbologist the cursed as he had given away his location.

Luna and Draco were on both sides of the bed which left Neville with no choice but to come and submit to their mercy.

When he came out, Neville looked like he was going to be facing his death, which absolutely amused Kierrion. It made up for how annoyed he was for being awoken too early in the morning.

"Kierrion, Draco has your set of clothes for your trip. Go shower and he'll leave the clothes on your bed. The elves are preparing breakfast and will be done by the time you get down." Luna informed the raven haired boy as she dragged the Herbologist out the room.

Kierrion did as he said and went directly to the bathroom to shower. He heard Draco tell him that his clothes were ready and that he ought to be done in twenty minutes.

"Yes mother, I'll be right down." Kierrion joked and heard his door close.

He knew better than to argue with the blond when it concerned his appearance so he humbly submitted himself to their hands to avoid being chased like Neville. Now, if only Neville would follow Kierrion's example, they would all be silently happy and glad.

Fifteen minutes later, Kierrion entered the dining room and saw Neville dressed casually. Yet Neville looked like he was itching all over. With a wave of his hand, Kierrion made Neville's clothes soft and comfortable which was appreciated by the other.

"We'll probably be back by lunch. So have the elves prepare lunch for four since Neville and I won't really be gone that long." Kierrion said and got nods from Draco and Luna.

After half an hour, Kierrion and Neville, along with the female Gryffindor elf and the male Slytherin elf, they bid Draco and Luna good bye, and left.

It was hard to keep themselves from cursing the people who opt to stare at them as they walked by. Surely they really were all that interesting.

Neville and Kierrion entered the Quidditch shop and went straight to the counter.

"Good morning la— Oh! Young Longbottom and Young Demetriv. Wonderful day to both of you. What can I do for the two of you?" the man greeted them excitedly.

Both boys nodded back at him.

"Well, we were hoping that you could provide us with six of your new Nimbus 2000 brooms if it isn't too much trouble." Kierrion said as he smiled at the man.

"Six? Well, we have six in store which would be alright." The man told them, trying his best to hide his shock.

"We also would like to have them engraved with names. If there is additional payment, we don't mind paying for it." Neville added as he turned from Kierrion to the man.

"Well, there is indeed an additional of fifteen galleons for engraving." The man said.

"Its fine. I'll be paying for—" Kierrion began but was cut by Neville.

"Three while I pay for the other three." He said as he got a smile from Kierrion.

"Nev, you don't have too."

"I know. But those two mean a lot to me as well. I can't forget how they treated me back then. They made me feel that I matter when the rest of the people thought I wasn't worth anything. Aside from you and Luna of course." Neville explained.

Kierrion understood and looked at the man.

"Like he said, I shall be paying for three and he will be paying for the other three." Kierrion took out his card as well as Neville and gave their cards to the man.

The man nodded and went behind the counter and took out a quill, an ink well, and a piece of parchment.

"Write the down the names you want us to engrave on the brooms and we'll have it done in twenty minutes." He informed Kierrion and Neville who nodded.

"Do you do delivery and special charms as well?" Neville asked.

"Yes we do. We can charm the broom to only answer to the owner of the brooms and we deliver as well."

"Great. We want the brooms to be charmed to answer to the names engraved in the handle, just below the brand of the broom. And we'll pay extra for the delivery." Kierrion said as he finished writing the names on the parchment.

In a neat cursive writing, the man stared at the names.

Kierrion S.

Neville G.

Luna R.

Draco F-M.

Fred W.

George W.

"I'm guessing that the last two are the ones you want us to deliver the brooms too?" he asked.

"Yes. And if someone ever asks, please don't reveal that it was us who gave them the brooms. We owe them a lot. They were kind to us when the rest of their family were not. And it excludes the two eldest since we have never met them before." Kierrion explained with a shy smile on his face.

The man smiled and nodded in understanding.

"Very well. We'll have your brooms done and ready for pick up in twenty minutes." He said as he finished ringing up the bill and returning the cards to Kierrion and Neville.

Both told the man that they would return after buying a few more things and they left the shop.

"Do you know what kind of cakes Luna and Draco like?" Kierrion asked the elves.

"Well, we noticed that young mistress Luna enjoys mocha flavored cakes while young master Draco adores moist chocolate." Answered the female Gryffindor elf.

"We know for a fact that young master Neville loves moist chocolate cakes as well and that you young master Kierrion enjoy moist chocolate cakes with mocha feelings. All four of you have similar favorites which makes it easy to remember." The male Slytherin elf smiled at the boys who blushed.

"W-well… We'll just have to buy three kinds of cakes then." Neville said as he tried to get rid of the blush on his face.

The elves chuckled as they followed the boys to the bake shop.

Kierrion and Neville didn't waste much time and went to the counter directly and ordered the cakes they wanted and paid for them.

The clerk by the counter smiled at them and quickly went to get their orders.

When everything seemed perfect, the doors of the shop opened, revealing Molly and Ronald Weasley with Albus Dumbledore.

"You again?" Ron immediately yelled.

Kierrion and Neville saw them and Kierrion quickly sent the elves to the Quidditch shop to wait for them before Dumbledore noticed the emblems on their clothes.

"The last time I check, this bake shop didn't belong to you." Kierrion said calmly yet his eyes were burning with hatred.

Ron went red instantly.

"Well, Headmaster… Fancy seeing you here. Should you be at Hogwarts? It isn't wise to be away from there when term is three weeks away, don't you think?" Kierrion said as he turned from Ron to Dumbledore.

"Mind your manners you brat." Molly hissed lowly.

Kierrion and Neville smirked.

"Brat? Is that the best you can come up with, Mrs. Weasley? Or are you holding back since you're in public and with the esteemed Headmaster Dumbledore? Well, it wouldn't do good for people to hear you speak with such colorful language when your family is one of the most known member of the Light." Kierrion pointed out as he crossed his arms.

"Neville my boy… You shouldn't be walking around Diagon Alley alone. Is your grandmother here with you?" Dumbledore asked, trying to ignore Kierrion.

"No, she isn't. I'm here with Kierrion actually. And Diagon Alley is as safe as ever. Are you implying something Headmaster?" Neville asked with a raised brow.

"Not at all… It is just for your safety since-"

"Since what Headmaster? Since you lost Potter? I heard the conversation you had with my grandmother. And I for one agree with her. If you lost him, go and look for him. He is, after all, the savior of our world." Neville said with a polite smile.

Dumbledore tried to smile and twinkle his way out of the conversation. Molly had already frozen.

"What made you think that young Mr. Potter is missing? He is as safe as he always had been. He is with his muggle relatives, away from danger. He will be attending Hogwarts this year along with you and the rest." Dumbledore said.

Kierrion and Neville perfectly hid their snorts.

"If you say so, Headmaster." Was Neville's only reply.

The clerk came back and gave them the three boxes of cake they had ordered.

Ron's eyes widen with envy.

"We'll take our leave them, Headmaster, Mrs. Weasley, young Weasley." Kierrion said as he took one box and Neville took the other two and walked out the store with smirks on their faces.

"Oh and by the way, I really think you should not be far from the castle, Headmaster. What would people say when they see you gallivanting off in Diagon Alley with Mrs. Weasley and Ronald? Tsk tsk tsk…" Kierrion said before leaving the shop completely.

Molly's face was as red as her hair, Ron was redder, and Dumbledore was a strand away from hexing the brat who had just left.

Outside, Neville and Kierrion laughed as they made their way back to the Quidditch shop. The elves immediately took the boxes and the boys left once again to head to the sweet shop that was across the street from the Quidditch shop.

Kierrion bought fifty Chocolate Frogs, twenty Blood Pops, ten Sugar Quills, ten boxes of Bertie Bott's Every flavored Beans, thirty Chocolate Fudge Bars, and a few assorted bags of candies and bubble gums. Neville bought nearly the same things as Kierrion but not as much and minus the Blood Pops and the Sugar Quills. Neville also brought a de lux size box of every treat the store had for Draco while Kierrion bought the same thing for Luna and a bag of ten Blood Pops, knowing the dreamy blond loved them as much as Kierrion did.

After paying for their purchases, they went back to the Quidditch shop just in time the man they talked too earlier came out with the brooms wrapped and ready to be taken home and the other two to be delivered. The elves took four of the brooms while the other two were given to the four delivery owls waiting by the window.

Kierrion and Neville watched as the owls took the brooms and flew off towards Hogwarts and hopefully land in the twins' hands without much trouble.

The boys went back home and were surprised that they weren't even gone for an hour.

They gave the cakes to the elves and took the brooms with them, searching for the two blonds.

Kierrion and Neville found Luna and Draco inside the library and both peaked inside to see what they were doing.

"Luna? Draco? Are your busy?" Neville asked by the door.

Both blonds turned to them and shook their heads, smiling.

"Not at all." Draco answered.

"We have a surprise for the two of you so please close your eyes." Kierrion said as he smiled at them.

Draco and Luna smiled and did as they were told. Kierrion went behind Luna as Neville went behind Draco. They placed the brooms down on the floor and wanted to give them the sweets first.

"You can open your eyes now." Neville said softly behind Draco.

When they did, both smiled widely and hugged the ones closest to them.

"Thank you! We didn't think you'd get us anything when you did your errand today." Draco said as he smiled at Neville then looked at the box of sweets in his hands.

"Well, we wanted to thank you both for not pressing when you asked what we were going to be doing today." Kierrion said as he kissed Luna's forehead.

"Alright… Now close your eyes again." Neville said as he smiled just a little wider.

"You have another surprise?" Luna asked as she closed her eyes.

"This is our thank you gift for the wonderful party you both threw for us. Even with our gifts, it isn't enough to tell you both how thankful Neville and I are." Kierrion said as he placed Luna's broom on the table in front of her.

Neville did the same to Draco and nodded to Kierrion.

"You can open your eyes now." Kierrion said and both boys waited for the reactions.

Draco and Luna's eyes widen in shock.

"T-this are…" Draco stammered.

"Yup… Go and open it… There is more…" Neville encouraged Draco then turned to Luna to do the same.

Both blonds took the wrapping off and were more amazed when they realized that Kierrion and Neville had not given them ordinary brooms.


The boys had given them their own Nimbus 2000's.

As he examined his broom, Draco saw something on the tip of the broom, just below the broom's brand name.

"You had them engraved the brooms with our names too?" He asked in shock.

The other two boys smiled and nodded.

Draco stared at his broom that had his name engraved in the handle: Draco F-M. He knew it stood for Flamel-Malfoy. He dropped the broom and gave Neville a hug.

"Thank you so much… You have no idea how I love your gift." He said as he released Neville and went to give Kierrion a hug as well.

Luna gave Neville a hug as well then went to hug Kierrion when Draco had sat back down. Neville sat next to him as Kierrion sat next to Luna.

"You both have yours as well right?" Luna asked.

"Of course. Like Luna's broom with 'Luna R.' on the handle, Neville has 'Neville G.' and I have 'Kierrion S.'. We hope you like it." Kierrion stated with a smile.

"Like it? We absolutely love it!" Draco exclaimed happily as Luna nodded in agreement.

Neville promised Draco that he'd teach him to ride his broom properly while Kierrion and Luna talk privately about something.

Lunch was served and they went to the dining room and the two boys shared what had happened when they went to Diagon Alley.

"I wonder if this was what Dumbledore did the first time around." Neville asked.

"I'm wondering about that myself. Back then, it was Hagrid who took me to purchase my school things. I was so confused back then and Hagrid wasn't much help." Kierrion said with a sigh as he remembered the first time he met Hagrid and his first trip to Diagon Alley.

"Well, we've managed to not have a repeat of the past now. The only thing we can do now is focus on the future." Luna said as she finished her lunch and turned to the boys who nodded.

As promised, Neville took Draco outside to teach him to properly ride a broom while Kierrion and Luna have a private talk inside Kierrion's study.

"Luna, why do I get the feeling that you and Neville won't end up together like the first time?" Kierrion asked Luna as soon as they both sat down.

Luna sighed and looked straight at Kierrion.

"How Neville and I met back then and the circumstances that we had to face is different from the present. We talked about it the moment I was able to contact and we tried to bring back what we once had. But as time went out, we knew that it was different now. And from the looks of it, Neville has already found the one that he would be protecting with everything his got. Neville and I made it clear that we still do love each other but as brother and sister now. I saw how Neville watched Draco and I am sure that it is Draco that Neville should be with." Luna said with a soft smile.

She was not hurt at all. He had not known that Neville and she had talked about it already but he was just glad that they had no hard feelings with each other.

"I trust that both of you have settled this matter between the two of you. I won't pry since it is not my place to do so. However, what I actually want to speak to you about concerns the Dark Lord and Nicholas' stone." Kierrion said as he sat straight and looked more serious.

"No need to explain. I already knew that it was somewhere along this line that you would be speaking to me about. We'll leave you to approach the Dark Lord on your own time and make your own deal with him. We trust your judgment, Kierrion. However, I want to make it clear that we support you and not the Dark Lord. If he agrees with whatever you tell him, we will work behind you and not him." Luna informed Kierrion who nodded in acknowledgement.

"Alright… I'll try to get as close as I possibly can. I have already formulated a few ways and whichever I use, I just hope that they end up the way we want it too."

Luna nodded in agreement.

The rest of the afternoon was spent talking about the other staffs and what they need to do about them.

"Severus Snape is as important as Sirius and Remus. However, in order to gain their cooperation, we need to give them something to make them believe that it would be in their best interest to side with us." Kierrion pointed out.

"Well, as long as you prove that you are Harry Potter to Sirius and Remus, you will have them by your side. And Snape will be the least of our worries. With the Malfoys on our side, it will not be a hard task to get the man towards our side as well. The only ones we need to worry about are Molly, Ronald, Hagrid, McGonagall and Sprout. Professor Vector will believe reason and as long as we have proof, it will take little to convince her. Trelawney is of no worry. She barely leaves her tower and when she does, no one would really take her seriously. Flitwick will be a tough opponent which means we need him with us and not against us" Luna averred.

Kierrion paused for a while, trying to think of how to manage the rest of the staff.

"Professor Vector can wait. We won't have her until third year. But we can start showing interest during the second term of our second year. That way, she'll be more willing to speak with us. The same goes for Professor Babbling. However, remind me to speak to Quirell two months into the first term. That way, we can prevent the Dark Lord giving Hagrid that dragon egg. Instead, I can ask for it and have it raised somewhere it will not harm others." Kierrion said and Luna nodded as her Dicta-quill wrote what Kierrion said.

A few more minutes later, the female Ravenclaw elf popped in and informed them that dinner was ready and that Neville and Draco were waiting for them. Both were a bit surprised that the afternoon had gone by without them noticing.

When they got to the dining, Draco was excited to share that Neville had taught him a few tricks like the Wronski Feint.

"Wow Nev… I never thought you'd learn that one." Luna teased.

"Well, I had to do something aside from kicking out gardeners from my greenhouse." Neville replied and they all laughed.

Kierrion was glad that Draco was spending time with Neville now. He wondered if Draco would ever speak to him about how he felt. But to Kierrion, he pushed the thought at the back of his mind since he didn't want to ruin their time together by being a killjoy.

The days flew by once again and Kierrion was on his way to have tea with Krasimir. The afternoon was just like Kierrion's dinner with Anastas. Though with Krasimir, the man had to ask what his brother had done and apologized for if his brother ever did something to piss Kierrion off.

Kierrion chuckled and waved away his apology and assured the man that Anastas was on his best behavior and that he enjoyed the dinner that Anastas took time to set up. Krasimir was glad and did what the first two didn't.

"I wish to inform you that despite being twice your age and that I may have little chance, I wish to ask your permission to formally expression my desire to court you." Krasimir spoke in perfect English, which amazed Kierrion.

And as custom, Kierrion answered Krasimir that he would think about it and would owl him in a week's time about his decision.

Kierrion arrived back home at half pass five and was greeted by Luna. She informed him that Neville and Draco were in the greenhouse and Neville was teaching Draco about Herbology and how it is tied up well with Potions.

Kierrion told Luna that the tea appointment went well and wished to not speak about it in detail since Krasimir had said things that Kierrion himself didn't want to repeat. He didn't want to have to explain that even with an eleven year old body, Kierrion was able to capture the interest of Krasimir and no doubt also the interests of Anastas and Hiroshi.

Luna respected the decision and called an elf for an early dinner and another elf to inform the greenhouse inhabitants that Kierrion was home. They had two weeks left before the school term began and all four were ready to face Hogwarts and the traitorous Headmaster. None of them were really worried since they knew that they had planned well and that even the Founders were on their side. Luck was also with them since Dumbledore was already at his wits end, trying to look for one Harry Potter.

Kierrion felt bored one day and decided to cause Dumbledore a gigantic headache. He took out a one of Luna's Dicta-quills and a roll of parchment and wrote an anonymous letter to one Rita Skeeter. Merlin knows if she can't give Dumbledore a headache, no one else can.

The next day, Kierrion walked down to the dining room for breakfast with a malicious smile on his face. Instantaneously, the other three knew Kierrion had done something.

When the elves brought in the food, they were all giving copies of the day's Daily Prophet.

Boy-Who-Live Missing?

By Rita Skeeter

Dear readers, as the heading implied, Harry James Potter, the precious Boy-Who-Live and defeater of the Dark Lord is missing. Albus Dumbledore, current Headmaster of Hogwarts, Order of Merlin First Class, Chief Warlock, Supreme Mugwump, and member of International Confed. of Wizards, was noted to be the one responsible for the placement of the young savior.

No one had known where the boy was kept but believed Dumbledore when he stated that the boy was kept in a safe location and away from harm. However, where was the boy now? Wasn't he supposed to return to return to the wizarding world and attend Hogwarts? Wasn't that what Dumbledore stated ten years ago when he returned without the Boy-Who Live?

Dear readers, this matter concerns me as much as you since we owe our lives to the boy who defeated the terror that ruined countless lives and took away our friends and loved ones. Is this how we repay him for the future he had given all of us? By losing him? Surely none of us would want to explain to our children who will be attending Hogwarts this year why Harry Potter had not returned. How will we able to tell them that he is nowhere to be seen?

To go in-depth, I ventured to the muggle world and went on a search for the family of the Boy-Who-Live. Thanks to an anonymous letter sender, I was pointed to Number Four, Privet Drive, Surrey and found a small normal home of three muggles who seem to be far from loving and caring.

When I knocked on the door of the lovely home, I was greeted by a tall and petit woman who didn't look very happy to see anyone. I wasted no time in asking her about the news of her dead sister and missing nephew. To say the least, the answer I was given was far from kind and loving.

"My no good sister died years ago. It's her own damn fault for wanting to be with a freak like that Potter. Now she got blown up because she was stupid to fight some mad man who was obviously more powerful than her. Her brat was never here if you must now. We never got the boy and if we ever did, we'd have dropped him off at some orphanage. We don't want to be bothered by your freak kind so leave!"

I was them stunned when the door was slammed shut. If it was true that the child had never reached his relatives home, where did Dumbledore place the child? And even if the child did get to his relatives, even a mendicant can tell that the boy would not have grown up well with them.

For more information on the Boy-Who-Lived turn to p.3

For more information on Albus Dumbledore turn to p.5

Kierrion placed his copy down and drank his pumpkin juice with a smile. He knew that by the end of the day, Albus Dumbledore was going to be hated by the whole wizarding world for losing their savior.

Draco, Neville, and Luna laughed when Kierrion merely smiled when asked if he had anything to do with the article. They knew, without having to ask him that he was the one who sent Skeeter the letter and the address of his family's home. Truly, a bored Kierrion was a dangerous Kierrion.

At Hogwarts…

Dumbledore had closed his floo the moment he has read the morning paper. How in Merlin's name did the woman know about the boy? He was in his office, watching as hundreds of howlers were delivered from the wizarding world, probably screaming how Dumbledore made a marvelous job of keeping their savior safe. He knew that at nine o'clock in the morning, the day had just began and it wasn't looking all too well at his end.

Just when he thought he had managed to hide himself inside his office, Minerva, Pomona, Poppy, Irma, Septima, Andromeda, Molly, and Augusta barged into his office looking red with fury. Hagrid, Kingsley, Moody, Nymphadora, her father Ted, Arthur, Percy, the twins, Ron, and Ginny weren't far behind.

"Albus! Explain yourself this instant!" Minerva hissed in fury.

"You said that he was safe!" Pomona yelled.

"You assured everyone that the family would care for him!" Poppy berated.

"You also said that he would grow up cared for and loved!" Irma chastised.

"May I remind you Albus that when you took the child, you said that everything would be alright." Andromeda said calmly but with a cold tone.

"Is this the reason you came to talk to me that day? You knew that the boy was already missing?" Augusta said and everyone froze, especially Dumbledore.

"What do you mean Augusta?" asked Molly.

"Augusta turned to sneer at Dumbledore.

"Albus came to my home one day and told me that just in case, Neville might be the Boy-Who-Live. Everyone knows that it couldn't be my grandson since the Dark Lord didn't try to kill him himself." Augusta explained and all hell broke loose.

Molly tried to pretend that she was as angry as everyone else for the boy's well-being. But in truth, she was mad that they money would stop since the Potter vaults had collapse and now whatever grandeur Albus promised them would no longer come true.

The men and children were smart enough to stay as far away from the angry heard of women as possible. They were just glad to not be Albus that moment. The heat and words he was getting from them were enough to curl a straight haired girl.

After three whole hours of stern words from the women, Albus managed to calm them down.

"Minerva, you were there when we dropped off young Harry were you not?" he asked her.

"I was Albus. However, I thought you would have done better like keep watch over the child as the years go by." She spat at him.

"Just because he was meant to grow up away from this world, doesn't mean you didn't have to check up on him." Pomona pointed out.

"Who knows where the child is now. And I highly doubt that you have any hair or blood of him to find him. And even if you do, to find him using those would highly be illegal and unethical." Poppy added and got nods from the rest.

"As much as I would love to add more to the colorful words the women have given you Albus, I won't. However, I have the pleasure to inform you that the Minister of Magic demands your statement and explanation on how you managed to lose the boy. And he says and I quote, 'I will leave you to explain to the mass how you managed to amazingly lose the boy when you magnificently told us that he would be safe and cared for.' He and the rest of the Wizengamot will be scheduling a meeting with you within this week along with the Board of Governors." Kingsley said as calmly and as monotonous as he could. He was just as angry as the women were.

Albus mentally groaned. If the women in front of him could be that angry, how much more the public and the Ministry. He was already in odds with Cornelius for the tea shop incident. Add the Board of Governors to the mix, Lucius Malfoy was probably having a field day.

The twins had excused themselves and wanted to fly about the pitch since they weren't really needed there. Arthur, Molly, Albus, Percy, and Ron still wondered who had given them the brooms. They were top of the line and were even customized with their names and charmed to listen to them and no one else. When Kingsley and Nymphadora were asked to see who had sent the twins the brooms, the shop keeper only told them that the givers explicitly said that they wanted to remain anonymous. But one thing the shop keeper told them was that the givers were honest and didn't wish anything but the twins to enjoy their gift.

Arthur and Molly, even Albus, tried to keep the brooms away. But since the shop keeper swore that the giver meant no harm, they couldn't do anything but allow the twins to just enjoy their gifts.

The days went by and a week before the start of term, the Great Hall was filled with the members of the Wizengamot and the Board of Governors. On the Head table, Cornelius Fudge looked like he was going to breathe fire and kill Dumbledore with just that.

"When I mentioned that I would be seeing you before the term began, I did not think that it would be this way, Albus." He said and Albus looked like he was going to faint.

"Let us begin." Cornelius stated and everyone straightened in their seats.

"Case number 394713, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore versus the public. You Albus Dumbledore have been charged for the ill treatment of one Harry James Potter, the defeater of the Dark Lord. Upon emerging from the wreckage of Godric's Hallow, you had taken the said child and took upon yourself the decision of the child's future. Also, Gringotts have submitted a written will by James and Lily Potter which they have stated that you have sealed away." Said Umbridge as she went to the Head table and gave Cornelius the unopened will.

Albus was paling splendidly.

"It says here that Harry James Potter, son of James and Lily Potter, were to be not placed with Lily Potter's sister. Also it is stated here that their Secret Keeper is—impossible! It seems that we have more to discuss than you losing the boy, Albus." Cornelius said with a smirk on his face.

"To everyone present, the Potter's Secret Keeper had been changed two days prior to the murder at Godric's Hallow. Sirius Orion Black shall be called forth next week to be freed from all his charges. Albus, would you care to explain why you did not vouch for Black when he bore no mark whilst you vouched for Severus Snape who actually bares the mark?" Cornelius asked with a warning tone.

"I had no idea that they had—" Albus began but was cut off.

"No idea? Then how did you managed to have the will sealed? You would have read it first before having it sealed and kept away. Surely any man would have the brains to read something first." Lucius spoke up and got nods of agreement from the others.

"Lucius is right, Albus. The goblins have a written statement that you indeed had read the will before having it sealed and kept away. You know that the boy was first to be placed with Sirius Orion Black. And if found incapable, the boy was to be given to Augusta Longbottom. With your selfish desire to keep the boy away from your so-called harm, you managed to have the boy lose, possibly dead. The goblins have also stated that the Potters vaults had collapsed recently. Either the vaults were emptied or the last remaining child of the Potter line had indeed died." Cornelius articulated with a voice that showed great disappointment.

Albus knew that he was screwed.

An hour had passed and the whole case was still on going. Proof upon proof of Albus' blunder kept piling higher and higher. He thought that he was going to be done for. Well, until four elves with the crest of the four houses of Hogwarts appeared before the Minister and bowed.

Lucius recognized them and nodded to them when they handed him a sealed envelope with the four seals of Hogwarts. Without further talk, they elves left and Lucius gave the envelope to Cornelius who quickly opened the letter and read it with his eyes.

Everyone waited for the Minister to speak. And when he finally finished reading and placed the letter down, he cleared his throat to gain everyone's attention.

"You are one lucky wizard, Albus Dumbledore. The letter that just came requested that we do not remove you as Headmaster of Hogwarts. However, you will be under great probation from here on out. Your Order of Merlin, as well as your position as Chief Warlock and Supreme Mugwump will be stripped immediately. Any further inconvenience that appears within the whole academic year will be the reason of your removal as Headmaster." Cornelius said with a mild sneer.

He showed the seal on the letter and everyone gasped.

"Be thankful Albus that you still have a job. If it were up to us, we'd strip you of everything. As for Harry James Potter, you will also have one year of locating the boy and bringing him back. If by the next school year, he has not returned, you will be facing fifty years in Azkaban." Cornelius spoke and pounded the small wooden hammer.

He stood up and the rest followed, wondering what the letter contained and who had set it with the seals of the Hogwarts four.

Luckily, the trial had not been published with detail the next day. However, Cornelius quoted that they had stripped Dumbledore of three titles, and has him under heavy probation. And that he is given one full year to find the Boy-Who-Live and return him to the wizarding world.

Kierrion was amused as the three others and the founders where.

"Though I do not see the point of keeping him as Headmaster, I trust that you know what you are doing, Kierrion." Rowena said with a confident smirk.

"Of course Aunt Rowena. What better way that to play with Dumbledore than keeping him as Headmaster and watch him worry every single day, trying to find me? He never will be able to do so. Even under Veritaserum, my name will be Kierrion Demetriv Salazar Slytherin. However, if he would have a sample of my blood now, it would reveal that I am Harry James Potter at the same time. Only then would he know." Kierrion said and made everyone laugh once again.

"Well, since you four already have planned everything, we have a surprise for you at Hogwarts." Helga said as she clapped her hands.

"A surprise Lady Helga?" Draco repeated.

"Helga! We said to not mention anything!" Godric whined while Salazar shook his head.

"Trust Helga to ruin the surprise." Rowena commented.

"Oh pish posh. It's not as if I told them the surprise. I just said that we have a surprise." She defended herself and huffed.

The children laughed as they watched the four interact with each other.

"Well, Aunt Helga is right. She only said that there is a surprise. She didn't blab out the surprise itself." Kierrion seconded which earned him a smile from the founders and his friends.

"We have one week 'til we know the surprise. Time flies by when we're here so there is nothing much to worry about." Neville confidently stated and leaned back on the sofa. Draco and Luna nodded in agreement went back to planning whatever they were planning.

Kierrion watched as Lucius' owl, Zeus, swopped in and dropped a letter on his lap. Zeus didn't even wait to be petted and just flew off once again. Draco turned to see what his father had to wrote about when he could have just floo'd or apparated in.

Though Kierrion didn't share it with the rest of them, they knew it was something good since Kierrion smirked as the letter went up in flames in his hands after he read it.

The four children woke up on the day of September first, they're robes ready and their things packed. Xeno, Augusta, Lucius and Narcissa spent the night at Kierrion's manor in order to take the children to the station the following day.

Thanks to the elves, they apparated directly to platform nine and three quarters, avoiding the needs to break into a run to enter the barrier.

"Now, remember what I told you dear…" Xeno began as he fixed her daughters robes.

"I remember daddy. Pet the Thestrals, watch out for nargles, and avoid pestering the forest fairies less I want my hair to become their nest." Luna repeated with a sigh.

The boys chuckled but were immediately silenced.

"Now, as for you boys…" began Augusta.

"Keep out of trouble, though Merlin knows it'll be following you four." Narcissa cited.

"Write to us every week and keep us updated with everything." Augusta added.

"And try not to run Dumbledore to an early grave." Lucius joined in.

The boys smiled and nodded.

"We'll be on our best behavior, mother." Draco said.

"Yes… We have no doubt you four will be." Narcissa replied.

"Which is why we worry even more." Augusta said with a groan.

The four boarded the train and took the last compartment at the very end of the train. Harry and Luna took a seat on one side while Neville and Draco took the other side. Though they cast a wandless wordless silencing charm, they didn't lock the door hence someone might wonder why they had to lock the door and prevent other from entering.

They felt the train start and began to move.

Kierrion and his companions were off to Hogwarts.

Half an hour when the train left the station, a bushy haired girl with extremely large front teeth opened the door to their compartment.

"Has any of you seen a rat? A boy named Ronald has lost one." She said with a tone that screamed 'I'm-smarter-than-you' kind which instantly got sneers and glares from the four.

"Don't you know how to knock?" asked Luna.

"Either you don't know that or you weren't taught proper manners and social etiquette." Draco added.

The girl instantly took a step back.

"Enough." Kierrion stated and they all turned to him who looked at the girl coldly.

"Though my companions have a point, to answer your query and have you leave alone, no. We haven't seen a rat. And if you even dare ask of us to contact you if we ever do, it is highly unlikely since three out of four have familiars that would most likely have eaten the rat as a snack." Kierrion informed her.

It was just then that she noticed the familiars that the boy spoke of. A falcon, an eagle, an eagle owl, and a crow, which looked far bigger than the normal kind.

"Who are you by the way?" Neville asked, pretending he didn't already know who was in front of them.

The girl swallowed and regained her composure.

"Hermione Granger, muggleborn. My parents are muggles. I didn't know anything about magic until a month ago. But I read all the school books and have tried some of the spells, which worked well." She tried to look like she had something to brag about.

"A know-it-all, ill-mannered mudblood. How amusing." Draco said as he rolled his eyes.

"What did you just ca—" Hermione began but was cut off.

"Whatever Draco had called matters little since we have already answered the query that you came here for. We have not seen a rat around and if we do, it will be fed to our familiars as a treat. Have a good day. Ms. Granger." Kierrion said and the door instantly slid close.

Hermione could see them smirking at her from inside the room and there was nothing she could do but leave. She didn't really like them and obviously thought that they would be Slytherins. From what she read about the house, it housed cunning, sly, and dark children from pureblood families. She was sure that the four she just met were from pureblood dark families. She tried to forget them and went back to her search for one Harry Potter. Dumbledore had not written to her for the last month which meant that she had no idea how the boy looked. She was on her own until she finds Weasley.

"Well, now that the beaver is gone, did you forget something Kierrion?" Luna said as she turned to her side.

The boy sighed and nodded.

"I forgot about Pettigrew. I'll just owl Lucius later tonight. I want to hand the rat to the Ministry soon and Sirius will have more than just my parent's will as proof that he wasn't the Secret Keeper." Kierrion told them and they understood.

The rest of the ride was spent reading and talking until the candy trolley came by. All four of them bought a lot and half way through their sweets, Blaise, Pansy, Daphne, Vince, Greg, and Theo arrived.

"We've been looking for you for ages!" Pansy berated.

"My apologies to you, Lady Parkinson for making a lady wait." Kierrion said charmingly and she giggled along with Daphne and Luna.

Greg and Vince sat on the floor, Theo and Blaise sat next to Luna while Pansy and Daphne were sitting with Neville and Draco. Theo and Kierrion were talking about which house they would be in. Soon the others joined into their conversation.

"I have no doubt that I will be in Gryffindor. As it's heir, I need to be there in order to claim my position on the Board of Governors." Neville said with a sigh. Draco comforted him, knowing how the Herbologist wanted to be with Kierrion and their friends.

"Like Neville, I will be sorted into Ravenclaw. I'm Rowena's heiress so no shock there." Luna said.

The others were already told of a few secrets about Kierrion, Neville, and Luna. But one of the things the others didn't know was that they were having a Do-Over. Only Draco, Lucius, Narcissa, Augusta, and Xeno knew about it. A prefect came into their compartment and told them that they ought to change into their robes and that they would be arriving soon.

Theo, Blaise, Vince, Greg, Pansy, and Daphne went back to their own compartment to change and left the four to change as well. With a wave of their hands, they were in their robes already.

"I thank Merlin for Neville who taught me wandless wordless magic. Though basic spells only, it's dead useful." Draco said as he thanked Neville who smiled warmly at him.

When the train had come to a full stop, they stood up and exited the train and knew who they were going to meet next.

"Firsties 'ere! All the firsties, com'ere!" yelled a man that was far too tall and wide to be fully human.

Rubeus Hagrid, Keeper of Keys and Grounds of Hogwarts, half giant as well. If the Prophet got wide of such a man employed at Hogwarts, Dumbledore would have one less loyal staff within the grounds he could use.

"Follow me…" he said as the first years followed him to the boats.

"Luna, did you bring treats for Alexander?" Draco asked.

Luna nodded and reached into her pocket to pull out the treats that she brought. According to Helga and Salazar, the giant squid loves to eat crystalized pineapples.

"Of course I brought him sweets." She said and huffed.

"No four in a boat." Hagrid again instructed. Kierrion got into a boat and helped Luna. Neville got in next and stretched his hand to help Draco.

When all the students were safely seated, Hagrid gave the command and the boats moved forward.

Somewhere in the middle, Kierrion whistled sharply and everyone watched as a giant squid appeared next to their boat.

"Hello there, Alexander… I brought you your favorite treats." Luna said as she dropped the treats into the water.

Hagrid and the other students were in shocked. Then a few moments later, the squid splashed softly, making the four laughed.

"We'll come visit you tomorrow…" Neville said as he stroked one of the squid's tentacles.

Seemed satisfied with the promise, the squid vanished below the dark waters once again.

Kierrion laughed as Luna was splashed with water, drenching her lightly. She smirked and raised a brow before splashing Kierrion who stared at her.

"You will pay for that milady." Kierrion warned her with a smile.

"I'm sure." Luna replied with a giggle.

With a wave of his hand, both of them were dry once they reached land.

Hagrid didn't pay much attention to them as he led them towards the castle and into the Entrance Hall were a stern and crossed Minerva McGonagall was waiting.

When Hagrid left, she stood in front of them and all eyes were on her. Kierrion, Neville, and Luna instantly knew there was something wrong.

"Welcome to Hogwarts," said Professor McGonagall.

"The start-of-term banquet will begin shortly, but before you take your seats in the Great Hall, you will be sorted into you Houses. The Sorting is a very important ceremony because, while you are here, your House will be something like your family within Hogwarts. You will have classes with the rest of your House, sleep in your House dormitory, and spend free time in your House common room." She explained.

"The four Houses are Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. Each House has its own noble history and each has produced outstanding witches and wizards. While you are at Hogwarts, your triumphs will earn your House points, while any rule braking will lose House points. At the end of the year, the House with the most points is awarded the House Cup, a great honor. I hope each of you will be a credit to whichever House becomes yours. The Sorting Ceremony will take place in a few minutes in front of the rest of the school. I suggest you all smarten yourselves up as much as you can while you are waiting." She finished and turned to leave them for a few moments.

For Neville and Harry, they remembered well what had happened the first time. And they knew what came next.

As if by queue, the Fat Friar and the Bloody Baron floated in, complaining about Peeves once again. Both dismissed them since there was no way that they would be sorted into Hufflepuff.

Minerva returned and cleared her throat, making everyone turned to her.

"We're ready for you now." She said and the doors leading to the Great Hall opened.

Only Kierrion, Neville, Luna, and Draco didn't stare in awe at the ceiling. The rest did, even the pureblood children. Kierrion turned to Hermione who was explaining to someone about the ceiling and where she read about it.

For some reason, the Sorting Hat's song was different from the song it sang during their first life. Neville and Kierrion raised a brow at each other.

"By the destined four a new age will emerge,

It will come fast and hard like a surge.

This is it, the change from the apocalypse,

They will bring down the power politics.

You will feel it in your blood and bones,

Casting stupidity off its thrones.

It will be breaking in and shaping in like a phage,

This is the new age

Welcome to the new age!"

The sing ended and only a handful understood what the Hat had said.

Minerva went up the small steps and motioned the children to settle themselves.

"Now, when I call your name, I will place the Sorting Hat on your head and you will be sorted into your house." Minerva announced.

However, before she could even call out the first name, a round table appeared by the side, near the Head Table. It had four seats and were laden with silverware. Four elves, the same elves Albus saw during the trial last week, were there, waiting by the table.

No one noticed the smirks on Kierrion, Neville, Luna, and Draco's face.

Next thing they witness was a cold gust of wide blew into the Great Hall and four ghosts floated in from above the Head Table. Everyone was stunned to see the ghosts of the four founders of Hogwarts.

Albus immediately stood up and greeted the four who looked at him with sheer disappointment.

"You must be the current Headmaster." Salazar sneered.

"Such shame you've brought into these scared walls…" Helga said sternly.

"You best behave Headmaster… You're on a short leash." Godric commented.

"A very short leash." Rowena added.

Albus swallowed. Even the ghosts of the founders weren't pleased.

"My apologies. May I inquire as to why you've chosen to appear this evening?" Albus asked, trying to hide his nervousness.

"Four of the first years won't be going through the normal sorting. We're claiming them into our houses." Rowena explained.

"And who may these four students be?" asked Albus again.

"Our heirs of course." Helga said as if it were something obvious.

"Neville will be in the house of Gryffindor as he is my heir. Neville step forward child." Godric claimed with pride.

Neville smiled and stepped forward and bowed.

"Good evening to the four of you. So this is your surprise then." He said as he took a seat on the chair provided for him. His robes and tie changed into the house colors of Godric Gryffindor.

"Are you surprised?" Godric asked excitedly.

"Yes. Very surprised. And I speak for the other three as well." Neville said as he chuckled.

Albus turned to Neville with wide eye shock.

"Luna dear, please be so kind as to take a seat." Rowena spoke sweetly.

Luna giggled as she went to her seat and watched as her robes change color.

"Though he cannot be in my house, he is my heir by proxy, and will handle matters that concerns my House. Draco darling." Helga said as she floated around the boy who chuckled and took his sit.

"Draco will be in Slytherin since Salazar has already claimed him for his own as well as his son and heir." Helga said and changed Draco's robes into the colors of Slytherin house.

Albus had a very bad feeling that he knew who Helga Hufflepuff was talking about.

"And last but not the least, my son and heir, will take his place in my house. Kierrion Demetriv Salazar Slytherin." Salazar spoke every word with pride and the four elves bowed as Kierrion stepped forward with a smirk toward Dumbledore and gaining the approval of his father and the other founders.

"You?" Albus asked unconsciously.

"Of course me… And it is because of us that you are still Headmaster of Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore." Kierrion told the man as he took his seat and watched as the whole Great Hall witnessed the start of Albus Dumbledore's nightmare.

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