Chapter 8- Dinner, Sleep, and Afternoon Tea with the Alchemist

The next day, Draco came over early for lunch and began to write down possible guests for Neville and Kierrion's birthday celebration. Kierrion had allowed Draco free reign for the moment but was planning to double check later on. They were at the gazebo when a regal looking white owl swooped in with a letter attached to its leg. Kierrion offered it a piece of meat which the owl took graciously and flew away, probably back to its owner.

Draco stopped eating and turned to look at Kierrion who was staring at the seal on the letter.

"Who's it from?" Draco asked.

"Nicholas Flamel."

Draco dropped his fork and quickly stood up, moving next to Kierrion's side. Kierrion slowly opened the letter and found a short note inside with impeccable penmanship that has obviously been practiced over time.

To the Heirs of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin

Though you request leaves so much room for theories of my own, I can sense that it is of outmost importance.

This note will serve as a portkey and will bring you to my manor at precisely three o'clock in the afternoon tomorrow.

N. Flamel

None of them spoke for a little while. Then Draco sighed and sat back down.

"Well, you have the invitation now. Make sure that you be very respectful and remember to get straight to the point." Draco reminded Kierrion who raised a brow.

"And why do you speak like you are not going?"

"Well, it said heirs to the founders. It didn't say that the heir to the Malfoy line is invited as well."

Kierrion smiled, stood up, and gave Draco a hug.

"You will be going with us since you are planning the change as well. You shall be standing in as Aunt Helga's heir since we have none." He said as he kept smiling.

Draco was stunned that Kierrion wanted him to be a big part of the whole thing. Not only in the planning but also with meeting Nicholas Flamel. Draco couldn't help but smile back.

"Thank you, Kierrion. I will honor your request of standing in for Lady Hufflepuff's heir." He informed the other who nodded.

Then Kierrion saw the list Draco was making and groaned.

"Is it really necessary to write Robert, Krasimir, Anastas, and Cornelius' names on the top?"

Draco merely smirked and went back to writing names of guests to pass the time.

Luna arrived an hour before tea and immediately sat with Draco and assisted in writing names of possible guests which made Kierrion groan. Neville came ten minutes later and groaned along with Kierrion as he watched the two blonds continued their writing.

Kierrion spoke to Neville and told him that Flamel had responded and both began to write their own list of what to tell the wizard when they meet up with him for tea the next day. Draco had told Luna about the letter but both decided to let Kierrion and Neville deal with it while they deal with the guest lists, themes, and the whole set-up in general.

During tea, Draco and Luna gave the other two copies of the guest list they had made and told them that they could add people who they wanted. Both upcoming celebrants sneered when they saw Dumbledore's name on the list with the Weasleys as well. Draco had placed Snape on the list as well as Minerva McGonagall. It would have been strange if Neville would not invite them since his family was a member of the 'Light' and all.

"It cannot be helped but we will make the best out of the situation." Kierrion commented which made the other three nod in agreement.

"But I still don't know why it was necessary to place Robert, Krasimir, Anastas, and Fudge on top." Kierrion added with a pout which made Draco and Neville laugh. Luna looked confused which led the laughing boys to tell her why they were laughing. After, all three were laughing while Kierrion pouted more.

"But remember, you did tell me and Neville that the Slovakian Minister said he would side with you no matter what. Though I do not know why he seems confident, it is a plus on our side. To have people with political standing will be of great advantage when the time comes." Draco said seriously.

Kierrion nodded but sighed in frustration.

"It just makes me feel like I'm being used as bait." He whined.

"Well, with that breath taking face of yours and your impeccable manners, we have to put it to use. Just like Luna's sensitivity to possible outcomes and Neville's 'Light' connections. The more people we get on our side, the more people we have to spread Bumblebee's true appearance. Those people know more people. It might mean less spreading on our part when the time comes." Draco explained which Neville instantly understood. Luna nodded while Kierrion sighed again.

The afternoon flew by and dinner came.

Dinner was spent talking to the founders, asking them of advices and pointers when dealing with aged wizards.

Salazar and Rowena gave most of the advices while Helga and Godric reminded them from time to time to be respectful and mind their tone, language, and manners.

After a while, Luna brought up the topic about the party once again and told Neville and Kierrion that her and Draco will be planning everything and will require minimum input from them which made the celebrants shiver in fear. With two blonds in control of the whole event, Neville and Kierrion only feared for their future together.

All four rested for tomorrow's meeting with Nicholas Flamel. Luna, Neville, and Draco were staying for the night just so they could wake up early the next day and go through their list again to make sure that they remember everything that they had to say.

Draco knocked on Kierrion's door, a pillow in his arms. Kierrion opened his door and wondered what Draco wanted.

"Is something wrong Draco?"

Draco blushed and tried to hide half of his face in his pillow.

"I… Can I sleep next to you? I'm not used to sleeping alone in someone else's house." He said, nearly whispering.

Kierrion smiled and opened his door, letting the blond boy in and closed the door afterwards.

"I'm sorry…" Draco apologized but Kierrion shook his head.

"It's alright. You have nothing to be sorry about. Come on. Let's get some rest now. We have a big day tomorrow."

Kierrion held Draco's hand leading him to the king sized four poster bed, tucked him in, and rested himself. Both were facing each other, smiling.

"Good night, Draco."

"Good night, Kierrion."

Then both boys slept peacefully. The lights magically went off and the room went dark. Only the light of the moon outside Kierrion's window showed Draco Kierrion's peaceful resting face which made him smile and close his eyes to sleep as well.

The night soon turned to day and Draco found himself in the arms of Kierrion. The other boy's arms were firmly around his waist, making sure that he didn't go anywhere. Draco smiled, slowly turning to face Kierrion, and closing his eyes once again, snuggling closer. It was easy to fall back to sleep when Draco was humming to the beating of the other boy's heart.

A few more minutes passed, Kierrion stirred and felt that he was holding on to someone. He opened one eye lid and saw Draco snuggling close to him. He blinked a few times then stared into Draco's peaceful face. Kierrion couldn't help but smile and touched Draco's nose.

"Time to wake up now, Draco…" he said softly.

Draco snuggled closer which made Kierrion chuckle lightly.

Then Draco's eyes shot open and saw Kierrion smiling at him. He did a double take then sat up, moving back and nearly falling off on the other side of the bed. Kierrion quickly grabbed Draco before he could fall which made the blond fall on top of him from the force of the pull. Kierrion smiled while Draco blushed.

"I'm sorry." He quickly got up and ran to the door, leaving Kierrion to laugh at Draco's response.

Draco was still young and that made Kierrion remember to mind his actions when dealing with the child. Though he had the body of a child, he knew that it would not be wise to make Draco think that he had feelings beyond friendship with the Malfoy heir.

"Draco's ten and you're thirty. Despite having the body of a boy, Draco and Lucius know the truth. You're going to be a pedophile if you keep it up." Kierrion's mind reminded him which he agreed whole heartedly.

Besides, he didn't come back to make sure he had a stable love life. He came back to save the wizarding world and their kind.

He sat up, stretched for a few minutes, and went to shower and prepare for the day ahead.

Kierrion carefully applied shampoo then conditioner on his hair. Since he decided to keep it long, he made certain that it would be tamed, smooth, and silky. And so far, he had done a good job of keeping his hair in check. Kierrion also became more conscious with his skin and had taken measures to keep it smooth and blemish-free.

After getting out of the shower, he wore robes that befitting the heir of Salazar Slytherin. He left his chamber and met Luna in the hallway who was heading down to the dining room for breakfast.

"I advise you to be careful around Draco, Kierrion. He is young and impressionable. He might think that you care for him more than a friend should." Luna said with a knowing tone that Kierrion knew was her way of tell him to watch himself. He nodded and offered her his arm as they descended the stairs, making her giggle as she took his offer.

Neville and Draco were already there when the other two arrived. Draco sat on Kierrion's right while Neville was seated on his left and Luna beside him.

"Good morning Neville. I hope you slept well." Kierrion greeted his friend.

Neville stood up to pull Luna's seat out.

"It was well. Thank you, Kier. How was yours?"

"It was peaceful. And upon waking up, it brought a smile to my face. I haven't had a peaceful sleep in years and that includes our old life as well." Kierrion said as he sat down, noticing Draco blushing yet remaining silent.

Luna noticed as well and smiled.

"How was your sleep, Draco?" she asked the other blond who was a bit startled when she addressed him.

"I-it was alright." Was all she got from him which made Kierrion chuckle behind his cup of coffee.

"Well, let is make a recap of what we have to speak with Flamel later today." Kierrion said as he placed his cup down.

All three of them looked at the papers beside their plates.

"Well, we have to first introduce ourselves of course." Neville stated the obvious.

"Then when he asks why we wanted an audience with him, we tell him directly that it involves his infamous stone and a certain Hogwarts' Headmaster." Draco added before sampling a piece of his bacon.

"Surely he would ask how we know such things, we would have to be honest and tell him what we know, hoping the whole while that he will take us seriously." Neville reminded them.

"He will listen to us. However, I do not know if he will fully believe us." Luna said as she took a bit of her toast.

"He will, I am sure of it." Rowena joined in.

"Good morning, Aunt Rowena, Aunt Helga, Uncle Godric, Father." Kierrion greeted the portraits with a smile.

The portraits nodded back at him and the other three.

"As I remember correctly, he had portraits of us in his study. If you ever need us, we shall assist you, child." Helga said with a smile on her face and the other three founders nodded.

"Remember to tell him your reason why it is better to have the stone in your possession that Dumbledore. Even we know it is not safe to place it in a castle full of children. Merlin knows how dangerous that can be." Salazar said with a tone.

"Oh we know, father. Back then, a troll was let into the castle as a diversion by one of the teachers who wanted the stone. There was also that huge three headed dog, violent winged keys, giant chess pieces that could kill you and a mad man after my life. All because of some damned pro—" Kierrion stopped and cursed under his breath.

"You haven't gotten the prophecy, have you?" Luna asked and Kierrion shook his head.

"I nearly forgot. I spent most of the years studying and soaking up as much knowledge as I possibly could. I also spent the time gathering the Horcruxes and blocking every attempt Dumbledore made to access the information regarding the caving of the Potter vaults." Kierrion explained which made Neville and Luna nod.

"It's alright, Kierrion. We still have time to get the prophecy. Father knows a few members of the Unspeakables. Why don't you ask him to give you a few minutes in the Hall of Prophecies? You know where it is?" Draco asked.

"Yes, I still remember which shelf it was. I could never forget since it was that adventure that got Sirius killed due to my brashness." He said with a regretful tone.

"Kier, Sirius is still alive here. We can still save him. I'm sure Lucius will do everything he can to secure a trial for him." Neville reassured his friend who smiled at him in silent thanks.

"I still think that Dumbles asked for the stone to lure the Dark Lord to Hogwarts and have you two meet. What I do not know is why." Draco declared with a confused tone.

The other three thought about what he said as well.

"If you ask us, which none of you have, we believe that Dumbledore seeks to have a second chance at glory and fame. Since Harry Potter had been called 'The Wizarding World's Savior' and not him any longer, he wants the fame once again." Rowena informed them with a straight Professor like tone.

The four slowly nodded in agreement.

"That could be a possibility. Even Weasley basked in the small fame he gained from being the Gryffindor Keeper." Neville reminded Luna and Kierrion who nodded as they recalled the memory.

Breakfast flew by once again and the four children spent the remaining hours in the study were they went through mountains of books and notes of Rowena and Salazar.

"Were these the things you went to Gringotts for the day we met?" Draco asked as he stopped flipping through the pages of the Dark Arts book he was holding.

"Yes, these are the contents of the eight bags the elves had with them when they came to bring us here." Kierrion asked as he stopped what he was doing to look at Draco.

Both went back to flipping through the books and lunch came by without them noticing.

None of them were really hungry so they simply asked for sandwiches and fruits for lunch. All four ate while reading and were reminded by the female Ravenclaw elf that their portkey was going to activate in ten minutes.

The four straightened themselves and stood in front of the fireplace a minute before the portkey glowed. They took hold of the parchment and then they felt the pull from within their stomachs.

The next thing they saw was that they were in the middle of the entrance hall with two people waiting by the stairs: Nicholas Flamel and his wife, Perenelle.

"You must be the heirs of the Hogwarts Founders." The man said with a smile on his face.

"Come children, tea will be served in the garden." The lady said as she reached the bottom of the stairs and ushered them through the living room and out the big French doors leading to the beautiful garden.

When they were seated, tea and cakes popped out of thin air and the couple turned to their guests.

"You already know who were are but we shall introduce ourselves again. I am Nicholas Flamel and this is my wife, Perenelle." He said.

"May we know who you are?" Perenelle asked softly.

"Good day, Lord Nicholas and Lady Perenelle. I am Luna Cirilli Lovegood Ravenclaw, heiress of Rowena Ravenclaw." Luna began with a smile.

"I am Neville Franklin Longbottom Gryffindor, heir of Godric Gryffindor."

"I am Draco Lucius Abraxas Malfoy, proxy to the heir of Helga Hufflepuff as mandated the heir of Salazar Slytherin who is also the heir to the Hufflepuff line." Draco bowed his head in respect.

"And I am Kierrion Demetriv Salazar Slytherin, heir of Salazar Slytherin and the three founders."

"Yes, we have spoken with them earlier during lunch. All four of them have named you their heir yet Ravenclaw and Gryffindor had their heirs by blood. Just to inform you Kierrion, you are actually Slytherin's descendant through your mother's line and Gryffindor's heir through your father's side. Hufflepuff had vouched for Young Malfoy's proxy status as well." Nicholas told them which made them stare and gape.

Draco was the first one to snap out of his stupor.

"We are sure that you are wondering why we requested an audience with you." He said and the couple nodded which made the other three snap out of their thoughts as well.

"You see, Lord Nicholas. We are sure that in between the second to the last week of July next year and the first week of August the following month, Dumbledore will be sending you a letter stating that keeping the stone, that provides you with immortality, at Hogwarts would be safer than it being at Gringotts. We have, in good authority, to say that the proposal will end disastrously." Kierrion stated with a grave tone.

"In what authority do you speak of?" asked Perenelle.

The four looked at each other and sighed.

"This may sound very unbelievable but we swear on our magic that what we share is the outmost truth." Luna said and all four glowed brightly for a second when they nodded in agreement.

"Kierrion, Luna, and I have already lived this life once before. However, the outcome of our future ended abruptly. Both muggles and magical beings died nearly four years after the Dark Lord was vanquished for the final time. Three years after that, the magical world was invaded by the muggles and our kind was eradicated almost instantly. They're weapons were overwhelming that it didn't take long for the magical world to be exterminated down to the last three." Neville began.

"Neville, Kierrion, and I managed to escape the magical world… However, Neville was severely wounded and had volunteered to be our cover while Kierrion and I run to safety. The hiding place where Neville was exploded, killing him instantly. Kierrion and I managed to reached Brazil and hide out for almost a month. Yet somehow, they found us and nearly managed to trap us inside our hiding place. We had escaped to the country side, planning to head to the border line but were caught by passing hunter who recognized us for some reason. I managed to apparate Kierrion and me out to a forest near a beach." Luna stopped which made Neville hold Luna's trembling hand.

Kierrion took it as a sign to continue their tale.

"When we thought that we had escaped, we found out that Luna got hit just before we got out. The muggles managed to hit her vital organs and no amount of magic I had then was enough to heal her. She bled and died in my arms, leaving me as the last remaining magic user on the planet." This time Kierrion paused and Draco spoke next.

"To avenge our kind, Kierrion walked back to Rio and killed the whole town in less than a day. He no longer cared if he killed the women and children since they killed our women and children as well. When he was done, Brazil was left in ruins. America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia crumbled within a year, leaving Kierrion the last being on the planet. He came back to Hogwarts and killed himself, realizing that living alone in the whole wasn't such an interesting idea." Draco said and held Kierrion's hand for him to continue.

"I met Death at the Waiting Room. He took the form of a teenage boy which now amuses me since no one really knows what he looks like. He told me that the Divine Powers didn't like how the world ended and that I had died under false information. They sent me, Neville, and Lune back to change how the future turned out. We were instructed to find out who it was that started the whole deception and the lies which led to the destruction of the world. Death told me to look for the real prophecy and know what it actually said, which I haven't done since I got caught up with other tasks but we'll get to it later this week." Kierrion said, ending the explanation.

They watched the couple look at each other and whisper so low that even they couldn't hear anything. Then after a few more minutes, both turned back to their guests with a smile.

"We believe you since the Founders had already told us a few things about you before you came. One can never be too sure and this case demands a high level of truth." Perenelle began and turned to her husband.

"However, one thing in your story that I must correct is that it wasn't between the second to the last week of July and the first week of August that Dumbledore request that he keep the stone safe." Nicholas said with a smile.

"What do you mean by that, Lord Nicholas?" asked Luna who voiced out the same question the other three wanted to ask.

"Please call us Nicholas and Perenelle. And what my husband meant was that Dumbledore didn't ask him of the stone during the time you mention. He had written to us last month, asking to meet with Nicholas. It was the Founders that suggested that we put his request on hold since they knew you were going to want to talk to us and try to stop us from giving Dumbledore the stone." Perenelle explained.

"We do not wish to know the details concerning the future yet what we ask of you is that are you sure of your plans in regards to the stone? I would want to know that the stone will not be used to bring harm on the entire human race. I did not create the stone only to be used as a weapon to end the life of humanity." Nicholas added.

The other three turned to Kierrion.

"Rest assured that we do not plan to bring harm to the world with your stone. Though what we intend to us it for is still not clear. Until we hear the whole prophecy, the stone's purpose will remain blank for now." He answered which made his companions nod as well.

Nicholas and Perenelle smiled at them and nodded.

"Very well, we shall relinquish the stone into your care. However, we cannot simply tell Dumbledore that the stone is safe in someone else's care. He will want to know who it is and will probably try to convince us that the stone is not safe unless it is under his care." Perenelle imparted.

Kierrion turned to his companions and seemed to have a mental conversation. It took them a few minutes to speak once again.

"How about we create another stone that would pass off as the sorcerer's stone and give it to Dumbledore? There is no doubt in our minds that what happened during our old life will happen now but with a few alterations since we move to change the possible outcomes." Neville proposed to the group.

The plan seemed satisfactory and achievable.

"Well, your proposal has merit and creating another stone will be of no trouble at all." Nicholas said and smiled.

Kierrion, Luna, and Draco nodded at Neville who smiled at his friends.

"Very well, we shall grant Dumbledore's request and tell him that he is to take the stone to the castle on the first week of August. That way, he will believe that we are entrusting him the real stone for safe keeping." Nicholas enlightened the guests with his own plan.

The children nodded and they proceeded to having their tea.

"If you don't mind me asking, how does it feel? To come back after dying?" Perenelle asked with a worried tone.

Kierrion, Neville, and Luna turned to each other and sighed.

"For me, it was a bit disorienting. Since I died first, I spoke with Death before them and he told me what he had told Kierrion. He even said that my grandmother deserved a better death than being shot being a muggle hand gun." Neville said, trying to keep his voice calm.

"When I was dying, I knew that it wasn't the end for Kierrion. However, I did not know that I and Neville would be returning as well. Since I am younger by a year, Death kept me with him until the death of my mother came to be. He brought me back on the day my mother was going to die. My father took me out to search for Scottish Mumbling Humbags. I knew the moment my mother left the living plane. Death told me that her death, the death of Kierrion's parents, and the incident that led Neville's parents to insanity cannot be changed. So I was resigned to pretend that I didn't foresee my mother's death." Luna explained which caused her to shed a few tears.

Neville transfigured a piece of his hair into a tissue and gave it to Luna, who took it with a sad smile.

"It seems that we met Death differently. I remembered feeling like I was falling down after I killed myself. Death poked me and told me to wake up. When I did open my eyes, a face of a teenage boy in front of mine which led me to sit up without thinking that I would probably hit his head as I sit up. I did managed to butt heads with him which was really painful." He said as he rubbed his forehead in recollection. The others laughed.

"After that he told me about the Divine Powers not liking how the planet ended, about the lies and deception of one man, and how I shouldn't have died the way I did. Death then told me that I was going to be sent back to change the future and make sure that the planet didn't die like it did the first time. However, he didn't tell me that he was going to send Luna and Neville back as well. However, I am grateful that they did return. Draco has been a great friend despite knowing who I really am but with Neville and Luna, it would have given me people who I once knew and help me with the new life I was given. If they had no recollection of the past, I would have kept them far from the trouble. Draco is different. While I wanted to keep him safe as well, I also wanted to change the relationship I had with him. Back then, I had judged him with the false knowledge of what his family was like. I turned down his offer of friendship which I regret now since I have gotten to know him well." Kierrion said and turned to smile at Draco who smiled back.

"I knew that Kierrion would have kept us away from harm which led me to owl Neville and tell him what Kierrion was planning. Luckily, Neville had kept his memories when I sent him y first letter, asking if he remembered who I was. I was relieved that he did and we kept in close contact after. For some reason, a portrait of Rowena Ravenclaw was in my bedroom when during my old life, it wasn't there. She had told me about Kierrion's new identity and his new status. No longer the famed Boy-Who-Lived, he was made Salazar Slytherin's heir as Neville and I were made heirs of Rowena and Godric. I asked Neville if Kierrion contacted him and when he said no, I knew Kierrion was still the same old person he was back then." Luna said with a smile on her face.

"Well, I didn't want you both to go through the same thing twice. Though I didn't want to place Draco in harm's way, I had to make up for the wrong I had done to him the first time around." Kierrion defended himself which made them laugh once again.

The rest of the afternoon was spent sharing tales of the old way of magic from Nicholas and his wife. The children listened and were amazed at how different it was back then.

It was an hour before dinner when the four guests decided to head back to Kierrion's manor. Nicholas and Perenelle promised to keep them updated in regards to Dumbledore and the making of the fake stone. They went back into the house and Perenelle went to Nicholas' study to fetch the stone from the crystal case it was kept in. Nicholas handed the stone to Kierrion who immediately gave it to Luna who had placed it in her pouch.

"We should have tea again soon." Perenelle said as she handed Neville a red rose, it was their portkey back to Kierrion's manor.

"Draco, Perenelle and I discussed briefly in regards to the future turn out of events. We do not have children thus we have no one to give everything we have to when we finally leave this plane." Nicholas began and held his wife's hand.

Kierrion, Luna, and Neville already knew what the couple meant.

"We would like to ask if you would allow us to name you our heir and leave everything we have to when we leave." Perenelle asked with a smile.

Draco was stunned.

Nicholas FLAMEL and his wife were asking him to be their heir when they die.

"I-I-I-I wo-would b-be ho-ho-honored, Lord Nicholas." Draco stuttered.

"That was a lot of I's." Kierrion teased which made Draco nudge his rib.

Neville, Luna, and the couple laughed.

"Thank you. We shall send your father a written document containing our wishes to make you our heir." Perenelle affirmed for the last time.

Draco nodded in thanks and Nicholas activated their portkey.

"We shall have dinner next time." He said before the children disappeared from Flamel manor and back to Kierrion's study.

The rose then withered and turned to ashes.

"To say that the afternoon was interesting would be an understatement, wouldn't it?" Kierrion asked with a smile on his face.

"Of course it would be, Kierrion." Helga answered and giggled.

"Thank you for your help. If it weren't for you four, we probably would have had a harder time convincing Flamel and his wife that we speak of the truth." Luna said as she curtsied and received nods from the founders.

"And a congratulations to Draco who will soon be Lord Draco Lucius Abraxas Malfoy Flamel, heir of Nicholas Flamel." Neville informed the founders who applauded along with Luna and Kierrion. Draco blushed and bowed his head to hide his embarrassment.

"Well, dinner will be served in a little while so go up to your rooms and freshen up. You can tell us the minutes of your meeting with the Flamels over dinner." Salazar said which made the other founders nod in agreement.

The four went up to their rooms and changed for dinner.

An hour later, they went back down and sat an ambrosial meal while chatting with the founders. The four took turns in telling them what they discussed and the plan they had come up with to trick Dumbledore into thinking that Nicholas was giving him the real stone.

"Well, you children better keep it safe until you have a plan for it." Helga told them and they nodded.

"I suggest that you retrieve the real prophecy within this week so you will have fewer things to worry about when Kierrion has his tea party with the Minister and Lucius." Salazar teased his son who groaned.

"Now you know how I feel when you called my party a soirée." Draco said smirking which made Kierrion groan and the other laugh.

After dinner, they decided that resting early was for their benefit. They needed the sleep since they were going to be planning how to retrieve the prophecy from the Ministry the next day.

They were in the hallway when Kierrion called Luna's attention before she entered her room. Neville and Draco turned to listen as well.

"Luna, you never did tell us if your father knew who you are and about us." Kierrion pointed out.

Luna smiled at them.

"Of course he knows. He would not have allowed his eight year old daughter to sleep in other people's homes now would he?" she said and entered her room after bidding them a good night. Neville greeted them as well and entered his own. Kierrion turned to Draco who was trying not to blush.

"Will you be sleeping with me tonight, Draco?" he asked and got a nod from the blond boy.

"Well, when you're ready for bed, just come in. No need to knock." Kierrion instructed with a smile and entered his room the same time Draco went into his.

Twenty minutes later. Draco opened Kierrion's door slowly and saw the other smile at him. He entered with his pillow again and walked slowly to the bed.

"I'm sorry for the—"

"I did tell you last night that you have nothing to apologize for. Now come on so we can get some rest. We have a plan to cook up tomorrow." Kierrion reminded the blond and chuckled.

Draco crawled into the bed and the lights went off, leaving the moonlight to shine through Kierrion's window just like the night before.

"Good night, Kierrion."

Kierrion smiled and pulled Draco closer to him.

"Good night, Draco. Pleasant dreams."

Draco smiled and snuggled closer to Kierrion and closed his eyes to rest.

They had a very eventful day and tomorrow was going to be yet another for them to prepare for their future entrance to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

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