A/N: Hi, I know it's been awhile since I've posted a fanfic. I've been busy lately. To make it up to you, BMWW Shippers, I've decided to write this fanfic. I was inspired to write this fanfic after watching Starcrossed Part 2 where one of my favorite Batman/Wonder Woman moments happened. Did it ever cross your mind as to what happened between Bruce and Diana after they kissed in the Indian restaurant as a means of diversion from the Thanagarians? I think this is what happened. – B.D

Short Moments


Diana walked out of the restaurant's backdoor, leaving Bruce nodding to the Indian man that had helped them as their thanks. Their walk through the dark alley had fallen in an awkward silence. Bruce's memory of Diana suddenly kissing him kept replaying in his head. He watched as Diana walked ahead of him. Her heels clicked as it hit the damp cement. She had not mentioned it as they reached the end of the alley. They stood beside each other, Diana still not saying a word. Her eyes had gone astray as she was in deep thought. He knew it was bothering her too, but she had not said anything.

'Has she been thinking about it too?' Bruce asked himself as he glanced at her before he observed the streets for any taxis to pass by.

Diana shook her head a bit. She could not believe what she had just gotten the both of them. What was she thinking when she managed to just kiss him all of a sudden? Was it her concealed feelings for him that made her act that way? Her mind was buzzing with so many questions.

The feel of his soft lips could not escape her. It somehow remained as if it was still touching her lips. She unconsciously brought her hand to her lips and gave a small smile. She had no idea how amazing Bruce's lips felt and tasted. She could still breathe in his scent, the only scent that made her stir through the core. She let out a loud sigh as she bowed her head down. It was useless to say that they were just merely friends after what had just happened.

Bruce had caught sight of her touching her lips on the corner of his eye. 'She has been thinking about it all along', Bruce concluded to himself. To be honest, he was thinking about how her ruby lips felt on his when they had kissed. He had been fantasizing about how it would feel to kiss her for so many nights. Hell, he had been dreaming about her in a very special way ever since that trip back in Paris. He was fighting back everything that he felt about her, but his heart wouldn't shut it. There was always that tension between them, a sexual tension one would feel whenever that someone special was just within peripheral vision.

Gladly, a taxi had passed by and Bruce immediately hailed it. "Diana," Bruce's voice had startled her and she immediately looked up at him. He had opened the cab's door for her. As she got inside, their shoulders brush one another, eliciting a spark between them. Bruce waited for her to feel comfortable with her sitting position before he soon followed her.

"Where to, sir?" asked the cabbie in his Italian accent. He had a moustache and looked as though he was already in his fifties. He looked a bit short as Diana noticed. "Wayne Manor, please," Bruce said in his gruff but calm voice as he looked at the man before glancing at the window. The man nodded before he drove. Diana watched Bruce's features as he looked at the view of the window. Lights flashed as they passed by streetlights. Every time they passed by a dark corner, Bruce's face would be concealed just as how it would be whenever he donned the cowl. He was focused as he took in every detail of the places they passed. His arm had leaned against the armrest and his chin rested on his hand. His mouth was in a thin line, imposing that he was in deep thought planning tactics.

Diana looked away from him and studied the view that passed by instead. She knew that she had been silent for some time after their kiss in the restaurant, but what was she going to say? That she liked it? That she couldn't wait to kiss him again? Her mind had gone mum from saying anything about the kiss to Bruce. She rested her arm on her side as she glanced at driver who had smiled at her. She smiled back before she went back to her sightseeing. Bruce's hand had rested on his side too. Unconsciously, their hands slowly drew closer until the both of them felt their hands touch. Both looked at one another for an abrupt moment before they looked away, putting their hands away from one another. The cabbie glanced at his rear view mirror and smirked.

They had finally reached Wayne Manor after a long and quiet drive. Bruce got out of the car first before he held out the door for Diana. She nodded her thanks then waited by the front door of the manor. "She's one beautiful woman, boy. Never take your eyes off her," said the cabbie to Bruce as he handed the cabbie his money. Bruce smiled, "I won't," he replied before nodding at the driver then joined Diana by the front door.

Bruce rang the doorbell and, a few seconds later, Alfred had opened the door for them and greeted, "Good evening, Master Bruce," then he glanced at Diana before he bowed, "Good evening, Your highness." Bruce gestured to Alfred, "Princess, this is Alfred. He's my ever-loyal butler and surrogate father," Then he gestured to Diana, "Alfred, this is Diana. You may also know her as Wonder Woman." Bruce no longer mentioned that she was no longer the Amazon Princess. He knew how much that had pained Diana, knowing that she was banished from her own birthplace. Diana smiled, "Good evening, Alfred, but please call me Diana." Alfred nodded, "Yes, Miss Diana." Alfred stepped back, letting the two of them enter the house.

Diana had looked around as they headed for the living room. She was astonished at the size of Wayne Manor on the inside. It didn't look that big on the outside, but it was spacious on the inside. "Have the others arrived yet, Alfred?" Bruce had asked as they to a hall where the grandfather clock was placed as an entrance to the cave. "Not yet, sir," Alfred replied as he adjusted the hands of the clock until it clicked open, revealing the path to Batman's sanctuary. Alfred had pulled the switch, bringing life to the cave inside. The hum of the Bat Computer starting and the lights turning on echoed throughout the cave. Diana was even more fascinated at how Bruce had managed to put such things in a cave.

They went to the Bat Computer where Bruce had sat down on his char and started tracking down the locations of the Thanagarian soldiers. Diana leaned against the wide keyboard with her hands tucked underneath her bosom. "Would you like some tea, Miss?" Alfred had asked as he gazed at Diana. "Yes please, and thank you, Alfred," She replied with a sweet smile. Soon enough, Alfred left to prepare the tea he had offered.

Diana stood and observed the cave and the things that were placed in it, but no matter how hard she tried to distract herself, her mind would always drift back to that kiss. She needed to ask him why he had told her that she should not be sorry about her kissing him. The way he smirked at her kept on replaying in her head. 'Don't be,' Bruce said in a low sexy voice.

Unknown to Diana, Bruce had been tapping his fingers on the keyboard with the images of Diana kissing him, replaying as if it were on loop. He could still feel her arms wrapped around him, her hands playing with the hair on his neck. He needed to confront her, make things clear with her that she had done it as a mere distraction from being discovered by the Thanagarian guards, but he didn't want her to say that. He wanted to hear from her that she did that because she had feelings for him and he returned those feelings for her as well. Both of them could feel the heated tension that rose and they just both wanted to resolve things between them. It should be cleared out now. Bruce swiveled his chair and strode to her direction until he stood behind her. Diana turned around, determined to ask him, only to find him standing right in front of her.

"Bruce―" She started.

"Diana―" He started.

Alfred cleared his throat before he spoke, "Mister Kent and Mister Jones have arrived sir." Bruce sighed as he gazed at Diana's cerulean eyes before he broke away, "Send them in." Diana sighed and managed to imprint the look of hesitation and regret on Bruce's azure eyes. She shook her head slowly before she stood a few feet from Bruce greeting Clark and J'onn as they headed to the platform.

Someday, somehow, they were both going to resolve the feelings they had for each other. It was only matter of time before it would eventually happen.