Short Moments


Chapter 3

Diana sat down on one of the couches of the living room in Wayne Manor. It had been two weeks since the Watchtower was used as a huge missile to destroy the hyperspace bypass the Thanagarians led the people to believe was a huge shield that would protect Earth from the wrath of the Gordanians. Somehow, it all led for Shayera's treachery against the league and resigning immediately even before she had the chance to know what the result of the voting was. Just the thought of Shayera fueled her anger. She had trusted her like how she would her fellow Amazons. She shook her head preventing to start the anger she knew was about to arise.

She leisured herself with a book she found in one of the shelves of the manor's huge library. She was surprised that Bruce owned a book about Amazonian History. She wondered if he read this during his free time.

A smile drifted across her face at the thought of Bruce. She even grinned wider as she remembered the kiss they shared in the Indian restaurant.

Diana wanted to talk about the kiss with him, but every time she tried to bring it up, Bruce was either called in for patrol or needed to head for Wayne Enterprises. Every attempt was always a failure and she didn't like to fail.

J'onn passed her by clutching a glass of milk and a pack of double-stuffed Oreos. He halted from his steps and touched Diana's shoulder, "It's been awhile since your thoughts have been bothering you, Diana." She looked up at him and frowned, "Is it that obvious?" J'onn nodded, "To me, it is."

Diana sighed.

"I'm sure the both of you will clear things out," J'onn smiled before he headed up to his room. Diana smiled back before she went back to her reading. Although she tried her best to read, she always kept on getting distracted at the thought of that damned kiss.

"Miss, dinner is ready," Alfred announced as he stood by the end of the couch. Diana smiled at him, "Thank you, Alfred." Alfred nodded, but then frowned, "I'm afraid Master Bruce won't be joining for dinner. He has decided on taking an early patrol. Master Tim and Master Richard will be joining you instead." Diana frowned and simply nodded. It wasn't that she didn't like having a meal with Tim and Dick. It just didn't seem complete without Bruce.

Diana sat down on one of the seats. Tim sat across her and gave a sweet smile. Diana smiled at the young boy. "Hey, Diana," Dick greeted as he sat down beside Tim. "Hello, Dick," Diana greeted as she gazed at the young man before she propped the table napkin on her lap.

Alfred had served them the Crab & Corn soup first before he placed the main course, deep-fried chicken with potatoes and salads. He had also done his own version of gravy. The boys let Diana have her serving first before they dug in. "Join us, Alfred," Diana said as she gazed at Alfred who stood on the side. "Yeah, Alfred," Tim agreed, mouth still full with chicken. Dick lightly elbowed him and gazed at him. "I'm afraid not, Miss," Alfred said as he poured water in Diana's glass. "Manners, Master Tim," Alfred glanced at Tim as he reprimanded the boy. "Sorry, Alfred," Tim frowned before he continued enjoying the dinner. Diana smiled before she helped herself with a piece of potato.

After dinner, Tim and Dick headed to the cave to catch up with Bruce. They had been such good company to Diana as they shared to her their previous night patrol. Bruce rarely did since Diana barely saw him in his own home. The boys were delighted to share since it was a rarity for a hero, much more a Wonder Woman, would come and stay at the Manor. After their chat, they had left Diana in the living room.

Diana sighed as she glanced at the grandfather clock. It was already 15 minutes passed 10 o'clock. She decided to head to her room. It would take much time before Bruce would arrive and it would just make her more exhausted.

She got in her room and showered for a while. She emerged from the bathroom wearing a black negligee and laid herself to bed. She watched as the moon brightly shone down from the balcony. The light gust of wind blew across the room as she watched the curtains dance. She slowly closed her eyes, hoping that tomorrow everything between her and Bruce would eventually be cleared up.

Around four in the morning, Batman got out of the Batmobile when it finally roared down on its usual spot in the cave. Robin and Nightwing soon followed after in their motorcycles. "You both head up and take a rest. I'll finish up the report," Bruce said after he pushed back the cowl. Tim and Dick took of their domino masks and nodded before they headed for the shower room. After a while, the boys bade Bruce goodnight before they headed up to the manor.

After half an hour, Bruce finished his report and went to the showers to wash off the grime and sweat from the patrol. His mind drifted to Diana who was sleeping soundly in her room by now. He raised his head in front of the showerhead to cool himself. As soon as he was done, he wrapped a towel around his waist, went to the locker room and changed into a grey wife beater and black sweatpants. He hung a towel around his neck as he dried his hair. He left the towel on one of the racks and jogged lightly up the stairs.

He strode barefoot across the hall and as he walked towards his room, he passed by the guest room where Diana was staying.

Bruce stood in front of the door, his hand held out towards the door hesitating to knock. He sighed as he thought of the things he would say the moment he knocked on her door. He had been trying his best to ignore her, to get away from discussing that kiss they shared. Bruce ran his hand through his damp hair as he closed his eyes. He faced the door again and raised his hand again. He hesitated to knock again, but, as if on impulse, he knocked lightly on the door. He sighed heavily and waited for someone to open the door, but to no avail.

He slowly turned the knob and opened the door, peeking inside to see Diana sleeping with her back facing him. He traced every curve that she held as he strode in the room with quiet footsteps. He sat down on the red couch beside her bed and watched her sleep. He tried his best to control himself from slipping in her bed and wrapping his arms around her.

Instead, Bruce watched as Diana shifted to her left making her face him. Diana's figure basked in moonlight, which made her look like the goddess that she was. His eyes drifted to her face that looked angelic as she slept. Her lips slightly opened and he ached to plant a soft languid kiss on it.

Diana's eyes slowly opened and found Bruce sitting on the couch in front of her. She immediately clutched the covers in front of her chest as she sat up, leaning her back against the headboard. "Bruce," she said in a throaty voice as she ran her hand through her long locks. Bruce intently gazed at her, "Sorry if I woke you up, Princess," he paused for a second, "I just wanted to see if you were okay. I'll leave you to your slumber." He stood up from the couch, mentally reprimanding himself for his stupid reason.

"Bruce," He heard her call his name behind him. He turned his head to the side and paused. "Are you here to talk?" Diana asked as she stood up from her bed and sat on the edge in front of the red couch. He turned around to face her, clutching his fists tightly at the sight of her wearing such tempting clothing. Her eyes intently bore into his, her face in question. Bruce silently sat back down on the couch, bowing his head. Her hands clutched his face, "Tell me."

Bruce gazed into her cerulean eyes and slowly inched himself towards her until they were mere inches apart. His hot breath mingled with hers and it sent shivers down her spine. Bruce slowly closed the distance between them as he kissed her lips. Diana kissed back as she pulled him closer to her until they were both lying on her bed.

They broke apart as they both caught their breaths, laying their temples against each other. Bruce's hand swept a strand of hair away from her face. Diana ran her hand through Bruce's hair. "I'm sorry," he whispered with a shy smile, one that Diana barely saw. Diana smirked as she felt a turn of tables, "Don't be."

Bruce sighed as he sat back on the sofa, watching as Diana sat back up again. He held one of her hands and brushed her knuckles with his thumb, "Go back to sleep, Princess. We'll talk about it in the morning." She gazed at him intently, "No more running or hiding, Mr. Wayne." Bruce lightly chuckled, "Yes, no more of that."

Silence surrounded the room as Diana lay back down on her bed facing Bruce who was still sitting on the couch. Bruce smiled at her, "Good night, Princess." He stood up from the cushion and turned towards the door. Bruce battled with his heart that he needed to go. There were plenty of things in his head whenever he was near her. He couldn't let himself impulsively do anything to her.

"Lay with me," He heard Diana's voice, which made his stomach stir. His desire blazed at her words. He turned towards her again and saw her smiling up at him. His heart skipped a beat at the sight of her in a black negligee that ended at the top of her thigh. He slowly inhaled and exhaled to calm himself.

Diana tapped the empty space beside her. Silently, he strode towards the bed and slowly lied down beside her. Diana wrapped her legs with his, her hand lying down on his chest, and her head resting on his shoulder.

"Good night, Bruce," She said before she closed her eyes. Bruce placed a strand of hair behind her ear as he touched her face gently, "Good night, Princess." He held her hand that rested on his chest and ran his thumb over her knuckles.

Morning soon came and sunlight slipped through the balcony of the room. Bruce groaned when he felt the warmth of the sunrays. He slowly opened his eyes with a throaty groan before getting up only to find the bedside empty. He looked around, but Diana was not there. He heard the soft creek of the door as it slowly opened and found Diana bringing two black mugs. She smiled when she found him sitting up on the bed.

"Good morning, Bruce," She greeted as she held out a mug to him. He smiled back at her as he received the cup she had offered him, "Good morning, Princess." The smell of coffee stirred his senses. Bruce noticed that she had worn a pink robe over the negligee. She crossed her legs as she sat down across him on the bed. She took a sip of her coffee before she spoke, "Bruce."

When he heard her speak his name, he immediately remembered why he was in her room. They were going to talk about that kiss they shared in the restaurant. He took a small sip of the coffee before he spoke, "Diana, I―" She placed an index finger on his lips. "Bruce, we've been doing this dance for many years. I just want you to know that I've always loved you and that no matter how hard you try to push me away, I'll just keep on trying to break down the barriers you built." She placed down the coffee cup when Bruce had not responded.

Bruce did not know what to say. He silently placed the mug on the bedside table and when she looked away from him, he placed his hand on her chin and guided her to face him.

She touched the hand that held her and put it down, "When I kissed you in that restaurant, it was the only way that I knew that could conceal us from being seen. I was surprised that you kissed me back." Bruce noticed her cheeks had gone rosy, her eyes looking down as if embarrassed.

"I was surprised you were actually good at it too," Bruce chuckled lightly. Diana glared at him in disbelief before she lightly slapped his shoulder. Bruce gazed at her with a smirk, "You know, I've been fantasizing about how your lips would feel against mine or how would it taste." Diana cocked her head to the side, "Did you?" Bruce simply nodded as he inched closer, "I've often wondered how it would feel like to have your arms wrapped around me." Diana leaned back slowly as she noticed him drawing closer.

As soon as Bruce had invaded her personal space, he was now looking down on her with his elbows supporting him. Diana raised her hands and ran it through his hair. "Was that why you told me that I shouldn't be sorry?" She asked with a smile, remembering his smirk. "I wouldn't regret doing what I've always fantasized about. Would you?" He gazed at her with his piercing gaze. She lightly laughed at his retort.

Her laughter soon died down when she noticed the look on his face. His hooded eyes gazed at her as he smoothed her face with his hand. Immediately, she pulled him down and crashed her lips with his. She could taste the faint brewed coffee that he had sipped a moment ago. She wrapped her legs around his hips, feeling his hardened need pressed against hers.

Bruce could feel her smiling and knew why she had. He slowly sat up and brought her with him, his hand now on her back, the other gripping her hair tightly. Diana untied the robe around her and Bruce had pushed it back revealing her cream skin. Bruce trailed kisses on her shoulder, her neck, her jaw, and finally back to her lips. Diana's trembling hands found the hem of his wife beater and lifted it off of him.

At the short parting of their lips, Diana gazed into Bruce's eyes. His eyes had gone darker and his eyes hooded in passion. Diana then gazed at his chest that bore scars from battles he had faced. She ran her hand across his chest, Bruce grunting at the feel of her fingertips. She gazed back at him before she placed kisses on each of the scar. Her hands wrapped around his neck, playing with his hair as she ran through his locks. Bruce's hand now ventured to her hips, pressing her tightly against him and making Diana gasp at the feel of his hardness. Bruce chuckled before he whispered to her ear, "Does that explain everything about the kiss, Princess?"

Diana gazed at him again and seductively smiled, "Hmm, they say that actions speak louder than words." Bruce chuckled, "Well, it's about time you feel how much I love you, Princess." She laughed a bit, "I can't wait." He captured her lips again as he laid her back down in bed. Making love to Diana the first thing in the morning was one of the few fantasies Bruce had of her that he would be reliving. Diana, on the other hand, had a few fantasies of her own too and nothing would make her happier than Bruce making it a reality.