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When the Shadow crept over Lisbon's life, Jane tried to bring back the Sunshine in it. Will he be able to help her through the darkest time of her life?


Teresa Lisbon was sitting on a chair on the terrace of Patrick Jane's house, sipping a cool drink. She had paint everywhere on her hands, clothes and her face. She did not care. She had spent a good part of the day painting his house or almost all the rooms because there were too many. Most importantly, she had helped him paint the bedroom. That he had shared for years with Angela. It was the one which had a horrible Smiley face on the wall. It had not been easy for her and even worse for Patrick. It had to be done. They could now move on.

Patrick was in the house, storing all that remained in boxes. She wanted to give him time alone. He needed it after what they had done. It had been very difficult for him to paint that room. His trembling hand could not reach the wall. He had therefore asked her over to guide him. They had taken their time. He had tears in his eyes over the memories that flooded his mind. They did it together to wipe away that most horrible stain.

Footsteps were heard behind the woman and she turned to see her lover with a cup of tea in hand and a blue nose. She smiled remembering how he got that from her. He took a seat beside her and grasped her hand. She leaned closer to let him wrap an arm around her shoulder and she rested her head on his. She felt good and was happy. The sun started its descent a little further giving a reddish color to the sky. The moment could have been romantic if they were not here in this house.

The minutes passed in silence with each enjoying the presence of the other. Teresa took his other hand in hers. She was showing him she would always be there for him. It was just as he had been there for her throughout the months of her illness. He always did everything to make her feel good to help. Today she had no more fears of death or fears of being alone. It was she no longer was. He was there and would stay with her forever.

Patrick buried his face in her hair. He inhaled her sweet scent and sighed before tightening his arms around her. He wanted to thank her for what she had done for him for being there when he really needed her. Teresa closed her eyes.

- "We should go Teresa" he whispered.

- "We should…However, I feel too good in your arms that I don't want to move" complained the woman.

- "Teresa… We can not stay here forever" he added.

- "I know Patrick… Please let me have a few more minutes then we can go" she pleaded.

- "As you wish my Love" Patrick said as he too was very comfortable.

After a few more moments Teresa rose and Patrick followed with him still holding her hand. They hand in hand walked to the front door. Teresa went to open the car while Patrick stowed the boxes. He placed them in the back of the SUV then shut tailgate. He sighed for a moment. Everything important was now crammed in the back of that SUV.

He climbed into the driver seat while Teresa had already been seated and waited for him to start. It was already late. The trip back to Sacramento would be too tiring. Jane chose to find a motel room for the night. Unfortunately, there were no vacancies in the area. This did not discourage him either. He drove toward the city center in search of something better than a motel on a roadside. There he found a hotel that seemed exactly what he wanted.

They entered the building holding hands which was a habit they had made. Before her illness Teresa would have dreaded to show her affection in public. Now she saw things in a different light. Since, she had been sick and nearly died. She did not want to waste time with what others might think. Life had given her another chance. She was going to enjoy it. They stopped at the front desk where a young woman gave them a room key. Patrick took it then beckoned her to follow him. They quickly found the right room.

Their suitcase lay on the bed. Patrick had prepared it knowing full well they would not be home tonight. He was just that way. Since, she had not even thought of taking one. She went to take a shower to get the paint off her and headed for the bathroom. She did not shut the door. She did not mind that he could see her.

She took off her clothes, walked into the shower and let the hot water run over her tired body. She closed her eyes, threw her head back and smiled when she felt his presence behind her. He clasped his hands around her waist and pressed her against him, kissing her neck.

- "Thank you Teresa" he whispered against the skin of her neck.

- "You're welcome Patrick" she replied turning to face him still encircled by his arms. "I'll always be here if you need me…You'll just have to ask."

- "What if I tell you I need you now?" he asked sporting his trademark grin.

- "What would you have in mind?" Teresa sweetly asked.

- "I would have…" He said but was cut off by Teresa lips joining his.

Once she was done she looked coyly at him then spoke.

- "Patrick what would that be?" She said diving in for another mind blowing kiss.

Patrick took a moment to collect his thoughts then finally spoke again.

- "Teresa…I need you to hold me in your arms, say that you love me and stay with me for the rest of my life." He solemnly said.

Teresa pulled away slightly. She anchored her eyes in his trying to find out what he really wanted. Stay with him for the rest of his life? It was something she had dream for so long. So to hear him say exactly what she wanted to hear, it warmed her heart and she could not resist the urge to kiss him again. She threw her arms around his neck then squeezed him as hard as possible against her and kissed him passionately. He responded with much joy to her kiss. He intensified it by placing both hands on her cheeks. They kissed for several minutes before separating. This was indeed one of the longer kisses they had participated. It left her weak in the knees but he held her up with very strong arms.

Teresa catching her breath smiled at him while he did the same back at her. He stared into her eyes, smiled and stroked her cheek. This woman was amazing. She was the only one who really understood him. She really accepted him and loved him as he was. She had told him to open his heart in order to start a new life together. Being with her he did not need to play a role or a mask he presented to the world every day. He could be just who he was Patrick Jane lover to Teresa Lisbon. He relished that role most of all.

Patrick got out the wash cloth then soaping her body started to remove all the dried paint. Some was a bit stubborn but with his ministrations her skin became very clean. Teresa tried to do the same. Patrick had a blue nose from when she had gotten frisky with the painting. He had gotten her back by splattering paint all over her especially her hair had a nice white tint. She even wondered if the clerk noticed his colored nose at all. Once she was done she stepped back to admire her work.

- "Come on Teresa let's finish the shower and come to bed" He said.

She just nodded since she was really starting to get tired. Patrick shut off the water then carefully wrapped her in the thick towel. She was so tired she could hardly stand. Patrick guided her to the bed. Removed her night clothes from the suitcase, dressed her then tucked her into bed. He joined her a few moments later. The day had been tiring and exhausting. Teresa fell asleep first by molding herself against him and wrapped her arms across his chest. He soon followed.

- oooo -

Shouts and laughter could be heard in the garden. The children were running after one another. They were two beautiful little girls, a boy and a dog. The three children seemed so happy, as if everything was going well for them. You could never imagine that their life was not so bright. They knew perfectly well how to hide their sorrow. They had spent so many months crying, avoiding the eyes of compassionate people, their friends and relatives. Now, after all these difficult months, they could finally be themselves, happy.

A little later, a woman with a baby a few months old appeared. She smiled when she saw her three little angels so happy. She had feared for a moment that the tragedy they had in their young lives had broke them forever. They had overcome by sticking together, as she and her brothers did when they were children.

- "Melody, watch your brother" Teresa recommended while tightening her arms around the baby.

- "I did not mean to hurt him" defended the girl while helping her brother to stand up.

- "I know sweetie… Please pay attention. Don't forget he has a broken arm." She replied.

-" I know Mom." The girl responded.

Declan rubbed his pants with his good hand and started running while Melody returned to her Mother. She sat on the chair while looking at the sleeping baby in her Mother's arms and smiled. She loved her little brother. David was so cute. He looked so much like her Mother, Teresa. Sometimes, Melody thought back to her old life. She had lived in happiness until that tragic day. Today, she was happy again, she had a new family and she would do anything to keep it.

The sound of a door opening pulled her out of her thoughts and she jumped up to meet the man who had just returned home. He took the child that had run to him and turned her into the air. She let out a laugh and the other two children ran to him too. Teresa followed them inside and smiled at the sight of Patrick with Cassandra in his arms. The little four year old girl with blonde and curly hair was laughing. Patrick also gave the other kids a turn in his arms as he did with Melody. They all loved him.

Once all the children had finished kissing him, Teresa handed David to Melody, who took him out with the others. She turned to him with a big smile on her face. He walked up to her then put his arms around her waist and held her against him. He placed his lips on hers. They parted with forehead against forehead.

- "Did you have a good day Patrick?" questioned the woman.

- "Not so good… I wished that you had been with me" he whispered.

- "In a few weeks I will return" reassured Teresa. "I miss work more than I thought."

- "The team can not wait for you to return either" Jane added.

- "I don't doubt that. You must be driving them all crazy." She retorted.

- "Teresa…You know me so well…I can not help myself… You're the only one with who I can work." Patrick said stealing a small kiss.

- "Patrick I know however, I have four children to care. I would like a little help from you." Teresa pointed out.

- "Yes ma'am…" Patrick said kissing her again.

Teresa just smiled as he marched out to the garden. Teresa followed and watched their four children laugh. They were lying on a blanket in the grass. He had tears in his eyes at the sight of them. He finally realized how lucky he was. He had lost a family. He would always miss them. Angela and Charlotte would always remain in his heart.

Today he had a new one with a wonderful woman who shared his life. He had a cute little boy who really looked like Teresa and three other children they had adopted after the death of their family a little more than a year before.

It had been three years since they started living together. They were still working at the CBI and were happy. A little over a year before, they had been investigating the death of a couple, Bill and Emma Campbell. They were parents of three adorable children. They quickly found the killer. It was a colleague of Bill who was jealous of his success. The children had been placed in a foster home waiting to be adopted. Nobody wanted three children. After much discussion with Teresa, they decided to adopt them. Teresa had seen herself and her brothers when they were children in them. She did not have the heart to see them be separated. A few months earlier, they had seen their family grow with the addition of little David. The couple had feared for a moment that things would go wrong with the other three. They were very happy to have a new little brother.

Teresa slipped her hand in his. He turned his head smiling at her.

- "I'm glad Teresa" he said. "I never thought one day to be so happy again. All this was thanks to you."

- "I am also pleased Patrick" she said. "You helped me in difficult times. You supported me when I was sick. You gave me the family I have always dreamed."

They were silent for a moment savoring the magic moment to see their families so happy in the garden. Cassandra then came and threw herself at Teresa's legs. She sat up then lifted the little girl in her arms.

- "Come join our children" Patrick whispered by taking Teresa's hand.

They then joined the children playing then lying on the blanket with them. Together they spent the rest of the day laughing. After years of loneliness and not recognizing what they had before them, they had finally found love together. Much more than that, they had found a family. Today, nothing could ever make them sad again. The sun shone in their hearts.

The End.

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