Hi, I wrote a thing.

Are You Jealous, Dean?

It's been a few days since Castiel came home.

When he knocked on the bunker door instead of appearing out of thin air, he startled everyone in the makeshift home. Sam was the first one to answer the door.

Dean came to investigate when he heard Sam's outcry of joy. He stumbled upon the sight of his little brother embracing his best friend. There he was, arms awkwardly patting Sam's massive shoulders, eyes lit up at seeing a member of his family again. When Sam moved away, Dean stepped forward and pulled Castiel into a hug, disregarding any smirks he could already sense from Sam. It was good to be whole again.

It was the second time Kevin, Sam, Dean and Cas sat together and ate dinner like a family. Dean made burgers, much to Sam's delight.

"Cas, I'm gonna rock your world with these burgers tonight." Dean smirked, patting him on the back while he stood over the skillet. He let his hand linger there for a while as Castiel craned his neck over the skillet and took in the scent.

"They smell delicious. It's still strange to be so easily aroused by such simple things like scent." Castiel said, furrowing his brow. "Everything is different."

Dean nodded slowly, "I get it, man. I mean you're human now and you feel shit."

"Real eloquent, Dean." Sam snorted as he passed Dean the plates. "Cas, sometimes it's going to be difficult, but we're here to help you get used to it."

"You mean I'm gonna help him get used to it, Sammy. Otherwise he'll be eating salad shakes and saying things like 'indubitably' before I know it." Dean countered; he didn't need Sammy and Cas bonding over rabbit food and research.

"I find indubitably to be an appropriate word to have in my vocabulary." Cas spoke up, smiling slightly.

"Oh God, it's already starting." Dean groaned, "Sam, make yourself useful and go find Kevin. I never thought I'd meet someone who likes spending more time with books than you do."

While he carefully put his burgers together, Dean glanced at Castiel from the corner of his eye. He was leaning quietly against the kitchen counter, looking around the room.

When Cas came home, the first emotion that went through Dean was relief, quickly followed by a dose of happiness.

The second can be summed up by the words, "Cas, what the hell happened to your trenchcoat?"

It was strange seeing Cas in what Dean referred to as 'civilian clothing'. Not that it didn't suit him. It gave Dean a twinge of delight seeing him in his old Metallica shirt.

The first night, Castiel told Dean, Sam and Kevin of the Laundromat and the kindness of people he met along the way. Among these a genuine man who gave Cas a ride and some chick named April who took him in and gave him food and shelter for a night. Dean's blood boiled when Castiel explained the situation with Hael. He'd stayed silent though. It was difficult for him because he had so many questions. Among the questions in his mind, the one that kept hammering through his skull was, why didn't you go find him?

Sam could see right through him. He assured Dean that none of that mattered. Cas was home now.

Seeing as he didn't have any personal belongings but the angel sword on him, Sam, Kevin and Dean had scrounged up articles of clothing, a bedroom, and other bare essentials for him.

Dean would never admit it, but when Sam yelped that Cas didn't even have a toothbrush and rushed off to the drugstore in the middle of the night to buy him not only that, but hair products, boxers (with a murmur and a cough of getting the right size) and a pack of disposable razors, he appreciated how his little brother had grown to care for the former angel. Especially with how much Sam mothered Cas now.

"Alright, these babies are ready." Dean grinned, wiping the counter down and throwing the rag over his shoulder. He winked at Castiel, handing him two plates, "Pick the one on your left, it's a bigger piece."

"With Sam's shoulder to waist ratio, I think he needs the bigger piece." Cas said, turning away towards the table.

Kevin sat at the edge, still pouring over a thick book. Sam leant over him, nodding and talking excitedly.

"Hey! No homework at dinner time, Dean snapped, placing a plate in front of Kevin and Sam.

Kevin rolled his eyes, "If it's homework God assigned, does it count?"

Sam snorted, already digging into his burger. Dean opened and closed his mouth, "Well..your..Uh, pretend it's summer break. Jeez Sammy, it's like you give him a daily dose of how to be a sassy motherfucker."

Kevin smirked and put the book on the counter behind him. "There, no more prophet stuff til we're all fed."

Dean sat down next to Castiel; they made conversation over dinner and despite the usual conversations of 'how to kill this' and 'what's after us this week', they were having non demon related discussions and it was nice.

Especially when they found out Kevin wasn't a virgin.

One minute they were debating the ins and outs of a Mac versus a PC, to which Dean didn't care ("I honestly can't tell the difference except one has little traffic lights instead of x's to close shit) and to which Castiel didn't understand ("Dean, who is Mac?"), and the next Kevin told an anectode of the time he broke his tablet, rushing out, in his boxers, of his ex girlfriends house through the 2nd floor window.

"Why were you rushing?" Castiel had asked, "Did she hurt you?"

Dean caught on quick and threw Kevin a sly smile, "Yeah, Kev, did she hurt you?"

Kevin rubbed his forehead and looked away, "That wasn't at all the point of the story."

Dean grinned, "Well who would have thought, our sweet little prophet had his cherry popped!"

Castiel looked up at Sam, "What does a cherry have to do with this?"

"It's yet another reference to sex, Cas. It means losing your virginity." Sam explained patiently.

"Shut up, Dean I didn't..um..get anything popping," Kevin muttered, "We barely..um..got started, when her mom came home and I panicked, and I forgot my clothes in the process."

Sam, Dean and even Castiel roared with laughter. Kevin started to smile again as he continued, "I had a physics test in the morning and she wanted to do it, so I rescheduled my study time and skipped cello practice and I penciled in..um sex time."

Dean, near tears now, "Oh Jesus, you gotta be kidding me, you penciled in sex time?"

Seriously, Kevin nodded, "I was so anal, I literally penciled it in as 'sex time'"

Castiel chuckled, finishing the last of his burger, "If only we all had your preparation, Kevin."

Sam lost it and covered his face, his body shaking with laughter. Dean, cheeks hurting from the grin he had on his face, "Woo! Kev, I brought the dinner, you brought the entertainment."

"Yeah, yeah I'm sure. I can expect you guys have never had anything embarrassing happen in your sex lives." Kevin sneered.

"Don't count on it, Kev. Samantha and I had to go through lots of ups and downs to even establish a sex life. Especially Samantha." Dean smirked, taking a long drink of his beer. Sam was not amused.

Kevin shook his head and looked up, "What about you Cas?"

"Well-" Castiel started, but Dean ripped the beer away from his mouth, laughing.

"Kevin are you really asking a former angel about his sex life?" Dean snorted, "It's basically non existent!"

"He did make out with a demon once." Sam added.

Dean rolled his eyes and spluttered, "That doesn't count!"

"What?" Kevin squealed, eyeing Castiel nervously.

Castiel merely shrugged, "I saw the pizza man do it."

"And he was married."


"Still doesn't count, it wasn't even Cas!"

Kevin leaned back in his chair, smiling mischievously "Jeez, Cas you have this whole secret life I didn't know about."

"It's no secret, I will share with you all my experiences if you wish Kevin. Some are rather hilarious." Castiel said.

There was a beat of silence, when Kevin asked, "So is it weird? Going from angel to a human?"

Dean turned to look at Cas, leaving his burger forgotten. He watched as Castiel looked at his hands thoughtfully before answering Kevin, "It's..weird, yes. But It's something I'll get used to."

Dean smiled, he knew Cas would never be completely human. He didn't want to be a sap, but he was too different, in a good way, to be totally human. He'd be fine though.

"Hey, Cas at least there's a lot of things you can enjoy about being human now. It's not all bad you know." Sam said, wisely. "And like I said, we'll help you adjust."

"Yeah, man. I mean, I thought you were just angel with a stick up your butt," Kevin started, "But you were pretty cool, for angel. You'll be even cooler as a human."

Castiel chuckled, "I appreciate that. I must admit, it's interesting to experience human actions and emotions I could only observe before, like indulging in food or warmth or sex-"



More choking.

Dean dropped his half finished burger on his plate and whipped his head towards Castiel. His throat suddenly dry, he tried to speak up, "I'm sorry what was that?"

"Cas, you had sex?" Sam all but screeched, his jaw dropping. Castiel nodded, puzzled as to why that was the reaction he had received.

Kevin recovered first, "Whoa, whoa. When was this?"

"Um more importantly," Sam implored, "With who?"

Dean was still gaping at Castiel, trying to get a confirmation. Maybe he saw another porno.

God, he hoped it was another porno.

"On my way here, with April. I told you about her." Cas stated logically.

Kevin and Sam burt out twin cries of "Oh my God!" while Dean inhaled sharply.

Nope. Not a porno.

He cleared his throat, "I don't remember the sex part when you told us about her, Cas."

Castiel turned to look at Dean, confused, he said "I didn't think it was a pertinent detail."

Dean's eyes widened, oh fuck me. He looked down at his burger again as Sam regained his composure. He clapped Castiel on the back and laughed, "Oh man, Cas I guess that's why you took so long to come back."

Dean bristled at that. He made a face and thought bitterly to himself, Yep, son of a bitch could have called me. Sorry for the delay guys, I was getting laid.

Kevin asked, "Wow, I definitely did not expect that. Was she pretty? April?"

Castiel nodded, "She was pleasing to the eye, yes. Kind hearted. She made me warm beverages."

April, Dean scoffed, what a stupid name.

Castiel smiled, "She wished for me to stay but I told her I had to return home."

Dean warmed a little bit at that. The sting of possession he felt at the moment wasn't gone though. Not even close.

Pshh. Who names their kid after a month of the year?

Sam looked over at his brother, who was unusually quiet given the topic of the conversation, and saw he was too busy squashing his remaining French fries with a sour look etched on his face. Sam frowned, "Uh, well congrats, Cas. Here, I'll take the dishes. Thanks for dinner, Dean."

Dean mumbled something incoherent before taking his plate and rushing to the kitchen.

He began rinsing his plate and lathering his sponge with soap. The restless feeling wasn't leaving his chest. He should be happy that Cas got to experience sex, not with some demon and with all his memories intact.

Yet he wasn't. He was plagued with annoyed thoughts and pestering images.

Cas and that April chick kissing.

Maybe she seduced him.

He scrubbed his plate a little harder.

Fuck, maybe he seduced her.

Could Cas even seduce?

Dean looked up thoughtfully; Cas didn't need to try to seduce, that blue eyed I'm-a-fallen-angel look would have all the chicks going.

Not to mention that stupid head tilt he did.

"Dean?" Sam started, startling Dean out of his thoughts.

"Shit, Sam. Wear a fucking bell." Dean grumbled, going back to scrubbing his dish.

Sam could sense it. He had to choose his next words carefully. He laughed nervously, "Heh. Guess you were right huh? Cas is a big boy now."

Dean stopped his scrubbing and threw his head back, rolling his eyes, while simultaneously giving Sam, what he deemed, the most exaggerated huff in history.

Sam raised his eyebrows and began putting the dishes into the sink, avoiding nuclear Dean for the moment. He let him stew for a few minutes.

Until Dean snapped, talking to himself more than to Sam. "You know, I distinctly remember saying 'get your ass to the bunker' not 'get some ass on your way to the bunker!"

Sam's mouth dropped, he stammered. As good as Sam Winchester was with rhetoric and vocabulary, at the moment all he had was, "Uh.."

Dean shook his head and threw Sam a bitter smirk, "Here I-" he cleared his throat, "We are, worried sick and guilty but No, Mr. I am an angel of the fucking lord is off throwing himself to the first chick that gives him soup and shower."

Sam let out what he'll refer to as a squeak.

"And of course, of fucking course, he doesn't mention the actual sex because," Dean turns the corners of his mouth down and nasally continues, "'it wasn't a pertinent detail'. My asshole it wasn't pertinent."

Sam cleared his throat, "Dean.."

Dean looks up in disgust and pokes Sam in the chest, "And you, congratulating him on a job well done. What if that chick had diseases, Sam? I mean, does Cas even know what a condom is? I don't think they teach that up in angel of the lord school!"

Dean went back to washing his already clean dishes.

Leaving Sam to have a sudden realization; A realization, if spoken, Sam would have to word carefully.

"Dean.." he began hesitantly, "Are you.. Are you jealous?"

That wasn't the way to word it.

Dean froze, his eyes widening and Sam thought he was done for.

So much for surviving the apocalypse and Lucifer's cage.

However, Sam noticed that Dean's ears were just a slight shade darker than usual. Dean cleared his throat and forced a laugh, "What? Heh. No. Sam..I mean..He's a-and I'm concerned. You're…you're jealous."

Sam nodded slowly. He saw it now. "It's..okay, Dean."

Sam carefully put his hand on his brother's shoulder. Dean still didn't turn to him.

"The important is that he came home, Dean." Sam said softly, "To you."

He left the room before Dean could hit him.

Omg it's been a long time since I sat down and wrote something out. I was inspired though, by that damn 9x3 promo.

I started watching Supernatural a few months ago and made it to season 9 in the nick of time.

It's unbelievable how much I adore Dean and Cas together.

Maybe I'll leave this as a one shot, maybe I'll do a string of one shots, I'm not sure.

Thank you for reading though!