He wasn't sure how it had come to this.

The final battle was over, he'd spent a sleepless night brewing potions for the infirmary, and he had a roaring headache – so how was it that he was stuck in a room with a drunken Sirius Black, who had managed to get everyone else but him to drink firewhiskey and then commenced a game of truth or dare?

It was his worst nightmare.

Minerva was forced to let her hair down for a dare. Lupin had confessed that Black had been his first crush. Thankfully, he had rebuffed the mutt's advances when he decided to kiss him. Albus was dared to spend five minutes scowling as darkly as he could, which was rather disturbingly spoiled by the continued twinkle in his eye.

Then Black decided to make his life a living hell.

"Harrrrryyyy! Boy, I have just the dare for you!" the dog singsonged in a way that made Snape gag, though it didn't keep him from noticing that said victim was looking decidedly uneasy.

"A lapdance!" Harry paled at the declaration, his vibrant green eyes standing out in vivid relief against the suddenly white skin.

"W-what?!" The boy – no, the young man, Snape corrected – exclaimed. "You want me to give you a lapdance?"

Sirius Black shook his head happily. "Oh no, my boy, that would be far too boring! I want you to give a lapdance to…" He looked around casually, grinning broadly when his eyes landed on Snape. "Snivellus should do," the mutt crooned, ignoring the hateful glare he was receiving from said professor as well as the desperate, pleading look his godson was shooting his way.

"Sirius, I really don't think-"

"Oh Harry, lighten up!" The hated man scoffed. "Come on, I'll even give you music! Now come on – it's a dare, and you can't back out now!" Waving his wand drunkenly, an instrument that Snape didn't recognize warbled out four notes before an unknown singer crooned "I've been really tryin' baby…" Potter was hoisted onto his feet by the mutt and warned that he'd be made to dance by his godfather if he didn't do it himself. Snape was really beginning to wonder what precisely this "lapdance" was, seeing the intense reluctance the young man was showing as well as the apology in his eyes for the object of his dance - when the boy started moving hesitantly. That was when the potions master realized that this was most likely a sexual dance, and fought the blush threatening to bloom on his cheeks. In his mind he furiously cursed the mutt for choosing him as the receiver of the dance – had the infuriating man realized that he was attracted to this hero of the Wizarding World, the same young man that was even now closing his eyes to concentrate on the music instead of the stony face of his former professor?

"Come on, ohh, come on – let's get it on…"

A blush suddenly spread on the youth's face as he realized what precisely the song was about, a blush that was threatening to spill over onto the face of the older man rigidly facing him. He was vaguely aware of Black dancing with Albus in the background, as well as the curious look on the face of his Transfiguration colleague, but the intense concentration he usually imparted only to his potions was directed at the young man slowly losing his inhibitions in front of him. The rosy lips parted slightly, the hips spun, and Snape couldn't help but inhale sharply when the owner of his beloved Lily's eyes opened them to pierce his own gaze just as he moved his body in a sensuous wave.

Still piercing that dark gaze with his own green eyes, Harry slowly moved towards the man who had intimidated him so in the past. His brain was screaming at him to stop, to pull back from the piercing gaze that seemed to strip him of all his shields, just as it always had in the past. Those eyes called to him like a siren, and he couldn't keep a small smile off his face when he noticed Snape's reaction to a second well-timed wave. Part of his head was still yelling that what he was doing was wrong, that he shouldn't be enjoying this so much, but the rest of him was singing with the perfection of the moment, the movement that was leading to the lustful darkening of those already dark eyes.

"Don't you know how sweet and wonderful life can be… I'm askin' you baby, to get it on with me…"

Harry straddled the sitting man, lowering his body until he was nearly sitting on the black robes, then slowly and deliberately licked his lips, relishing the intake of breath that escaped the potions master's thin lips.

Severus Snape lost track of all thoughts when the man he desired did something so blatantly sexual mere inches from his own face. Deep down, he felt that he should be shocked at his former student's actions, felt that he shouldn't believe that the wanting gaze was for him, but he couldn't feel anything past the intense arousal that swamped his body.

"So come on, come on, come on, come on baby… Stop beatin' round the bush..."

Then those thin arms were wrapping around him, and the head was placed right next to his. The rest of their bodies still weren't touching, that simple fact nearly wresting a growl from the older man's throat, until all further thought was dispelled at the young man's whispered question.

"Do you want me?"

Shocked into complete stillness, the man had no time to completely process the words before he found that the object of his desire had lowered himself completely, pulled himself flush against his chest, and kissed him.

His arms snapped up to crush the young man against him as his mouth opened to taste the sweetness he'd always expected that soft mouth to hold, nearly moaning as he processed that this was real, not just one of his many dreams.

By this point, everyone in the room was staring in morbid fascination – until Sirius Black wrested himself from his shock at seeing his godson kiss his most hated childhood enemy, stumbled over and yanked the two apart.

"What are you doing?! How can you kiss that… that…" he floundered for words as he stared at the mildly dazed face of his godson. Snape, however, was not so much dazed as furious at the interruption.

"Who he kisses is no one's business but his own; how dare you interrupt what you yourself instigated!" Snape loomed over the shorter man, placing his own hand on Harry's shoulder. Black gaped at him, looking rather like a pathetic goldfish.

"But- but- but – Harry! He- You- When the fuck did this happen? And how could you keep it from me!" he rounded on the boy who now was nearly as tall as he, thereby snapping him out of the daze.

"Am I not entitled to my silence? How could I tell you about an irrational attraction to a man when I thought he hated me?" Harry looked nearly ready to cry, through his fierce glare didn't abate. "I didn't even realize till two days ago that he was on our side this entire time! Only two days ago I realized that I loved him, Death Eater or no, and I thought he was dead! I didn't even realize till after the end of the battle that Fawkes had healed him and that he didn't die!" Harry threw his hands into the air at that last word, dislodging the hands touching him and taking a step away from his godfather. Snape stared in unabashed surprise at the glowering man, and irrationally thought that he was truly spectacular when angered. The gleaming eyes, the tousled hair, and those sinfully delicious lips that were slightly swollen from their kiss…

Then the words caught up to him.

The Golden Boy, the hero of the Wizarding World, the Chosen One – loved him? Apparently his nemesis' thoughts were running along the same lines, as he exclaimed in disbelief at the impossibility of the situation.

"And why is it impossible?" Harry demanded angrily, though behind the anger he felt the tears threatening to burst forward. He shook his head sharply – he wasn't going to break down now. Not here. The dead loomed in his mind, and he firmly brought his thoughts back to the present confrontation. His godfather was staring at him like he'd never seen him before, and a risked glance at the other man revealed a stunned expression that held a glimmer of hope in the dark eyes. He turned his attention back to the animagus.

"Sirius," he said shortly, trying to push aside his anger, "Why does that bother you? Why does it bother you that I fell in love with Snape?" The dark man idly thought that he'd have to teach Harry to call him by his given name. At least he wasn't calling him "Professor"…

Sirius Black blinked helplessly at the boy he loved like a son. There were just so many reasons that he didn't even know where to start.

"Alright, let's start with an easier question. Why did you bully him as a child?" Harry raised an eyebrow; a gesture he had subconsciously picked up from his potions teacher.

"Because he's a slimy git!" the man promptly exclaimed, throwing up his hands in exasperation. Snape sneered at the mangy cur, stepping back in order to avoid the flailing arms. He noticed that Harry didn't seem to consider that a valid reason.

"So you pulled cruel pranks on him, verbally abused him, and just generally made his life a living hell because you, what, didn't like his looks? His personality?" he seemed unimpressed as Black spluttered at him.

"Sirius, I love you very much, but I'll make my own decisions, and until you can calmly give me a valid reason that I shouldn't go out with Snape, I'm afraid I'll act as I see fit." He spun on his heel and strode to the door, blasting it open with the force of his Alohomora. As he stepped through the doorway, he turned and again met dark eyes with his green ones.

"Well? Aren't you coming?"

Severus Snape, former spy and Death Eater, needed no further invitation.