Severus Snape, Potions master, Hogwarts professor, former Death Eater and spy for the Light, woke with a contentment he hadn't felt in years. He was also warmer and more comfortable than he had ever been in these dungeons, and it took him a moment to realize why that was.

Lying half on top of him was Harry Potter, the Golden Boy, the Chosen One, Defeater of the Dark Lord and Hero of the Wizarding World. As he stared down at the messy hair resting on his chest, all the events of the previous night returned to him, and he found himself both flushing in embarrassment and stirring in arousal. He had never expected the boy to be so…

His head thumped back down to the pillow as he remembered the culmination of their lovemaking. A few strokes in that delightful heat and all it had taken to push him over the edge was a whispered "Cum for me, Severus," spoken so softly, so tenderly and yet so passionately that it gave Snape shivers just remembering it. Ye gods, he was half-hard already from the memory, and the boy wasn't even awake!

Glancing at the clock, he saw that it was already past his usual time for breakfast. A smirk crossed his face as he imagined Black's face when he realized that his godson had spent the entire night with "Snivellus" – and if he had his way, this man would spend every night with him from now on… His hand drifted down to rest possessively on the black hair, idly stroking the soft waves. Harry stirred under his hand, sighing contentedly as he burrowed into his embrace. A small, soft smile found its way onto the Potion master's face; a feeling of happiness coming over him that he truly hoped wouldn't be fleeting.

Then the face on his chest turned up and drowsy green eyes looked into his, and he saw the same smile spread across the younger man's face.

"Did you-" Harry croaked, stopped, cleared his throat, and tried again. "Did you know that you're really very attractive when you smile like that?" Snape was dumbfounded. Attractive? Him? Nobody had ever told him he was attractive before. But those green eyes were so honest, so open that he couldn't doubt that Harry truly meant the words. Unexpectedly he felt his eyes tear up and he tipped his face up to the ceiling so that Harry wouldn't see.

"Severus?" The young man pulled himself up so that he was looking into Snape's face. "What's the matter?" Something touched Severus deep inside when he heard the worry in Harry's voice and saw it in his eyes, and he couldn't keep a tear from escaping. He shook his head gently and pulled Harry down into a kiss, hoping to communicate that way the things he couldn't yet put into words. And somehow, the youth seemed to understand, for he relaxed into the embrace, softly kissing him in return.

Neither could have said how much time they spent like that, but when they pulled apart, the happiness was fully present again in their eyes. Harry gently traced the smile on Severus' lips with a finger, stilling when the man said his name. "Yes, Severus?" he smiled.

"Would you – not now perhaps, maybe not even anytime soon, but would you at least consider to possibly…" Severus trailed off, seeing the loving amusement in his lover's eyes, and asked softly…

"Will you marry me?"