Chapter 41

2 Weeks till WrestleMania


Nursing a huge hangover was one thing, but battling it out with a giant such as the Big show was a whole different kettle of fish. It was Monday Night Raw and Dean was fighting Big Show after they had filmed an altercation back stage and he had made a crude comment about Karlee. Dean was sweating whiskey and his reactions were getting slower and slower. His movements were risking on the verge of sloppy after spending his time out with the gym and holed up in his hotel room instead.

Seth had even called him and asked if he would come to the final scan for the twins and he was a no show. Kaitlyn was upset about it and Dean did try to apologise to his best friend but Seth was beyond pissed.

His own name was ringing in his ears as Sofia repeatedly shouted after him. Begging for him to get up off the mat and fight. He considered ending on a low blow, just so he could pin him and get the match over with. That's how much he had come to hate his job, he didn't even want to do it anymore.

They had agreed before the match that Sofia would get onto the the apron and climb the turnbuckles whilst Dean distracted the ref. Hedge would then jump onto shows back and wear him down. How she would do that, Dean didn't know nor care. Didn't even care if it was risky or she got hurt. He officially didn't care anymore.

He got up eventually, rising to his feet and stumbling to the rope, on the opposite side to where Sofia was. He saw her climb up onto the apron so he knew he had to distract the ref in order for their plan to work. He staggered against the ropes and made a cry of pain, holding his hands on his chest to make it look like he was seriously hurt.

"Ambrose you okay? You don't look so good!" He yelled, giving a worrying look to the medics on standby. He never called them over but his look spoke words instead.

"Yeah yeah, I don't feel so good pal. I don't know what I've done." He cried, panting through the imaginary pain he couldn't actually feel because be was so hungover. Once he saw Show fall to his knees and Sofia move, he pushed the ref slightly out of the way and took his chance to hit Show with a Dirty Deeds, much easier considering he was know half his height. Of course he got the pin and Sofia barrelled into the ring to celebrate with him. He growled under his breath as she hung off him. He had no option but to put his hand around her waist.


Karlee grits her teeth as she watches on her laptop screen, Sofia walking backstage like she owns the place. All the other divas just watch as she walks past, swirling her hair round her finger and blowing bubblegum like a freshman. Her fists curled into balls. She had this pent up rage that just would not go away and it had been bothering her the last week. She and seem all the social media posts and every single one of them pushed the angle between Sofia and Dean, so much so that the public were not being fooled.

She wanted to keep watching the wrestling because she wanted to be kept up to date. Her plan to keep away from everything WWE and even him was certainly not working. She loved the business too much. Karlee pushed through Dean's match but it wasn't sitting right with her. He didn't look like himself. He looked and was acting to slow for his normally quick witted self and it worried her. She wanted to ask him if he was okay and see what was bothering him. Deep down she knew what was wrong and she could tell how he was dealing it. Her guess was his little friend Jack Daniels was doing nightly rounds. Her stomach churned when he got to he pin and Sofia automatically wrapped herself around him. She wanted to punch the screen. She wanted to rip her throat out.

'Bitch' she muttered under her breath and picked her phone up as it started ringing. She was surprised to hear from Kaitlyn, as they had only spoken this morning.

"Hey honey, how are ya?" Kaitlyn panted. Karlee frowned. Something was wrong.

"I'm good sweetie, can't say the same for you. You okay?" Karlee started to panic.

"Aw Karl's. I'm fine...move just got these early contraction things and I needed to talk to someone to get my mind off it. I sent Seth to the store to pick me up some more ham and he should be gone for another half hour since it's so late." Karlee chuckled and happy that he best friend chose her in a time of need.

"I've got my flights booked so don't you go having those babies any earlier. I don't want to miss it!" Karlee had been asked to be her second birthing parter and as terrified as she was she was so excited she was starting to be unsettled at night when she went to bed. There was a small silence and karlee knew what Kaitlyn wanted to talk about.

"See when you come back Karl, are you staying?" Karlee's chest hurt. She wanted to be around her friends. She considered them family. She had wanted to move home but there was no sign from Dean that he even wanted her there. What if he didn't love her anymore.

"I don't know sweetie... What if Dean doesn't want me home? He might hate me for what I've done, he probably does!" Kaitlyn told her to shut up.

"You know he does, and you know what I'll tell him your not sure. See what he comes up with." Karlee wasn't sure it would work. If she was in his position she would probably hate him for what she did. It was unfair and selfish and she was only beginning to see that now.

"Listen sweetie, I need to go... This baby is sitting on my bladder and when mama needs to pee, mama needs to pee!" Karlee laughed and they said their goodbyes and hung up. Karlee hugged her phone to her chest. She hated being so far away from the girls. She didn't realise she would miss it as much as she did.


"Fuck you Sofia!" Dean had already punched the wall and he had never been so close to punching a woman before. Sofia stood before him, at his hotel room, with a silk robe on. Her lacy underwear peeked out as she tried to seduce him. She had a red lollipop in her mouth, sucking it suggestively. There was only one woman who could pull that off and she had red hair. He pushed her back gently so he could slam the door, finally feeling satisfied when he heard her stomp away in a tantrum.

He couldn't be dealing with this. Ripping off his shirt and dropping into an armchair, he switched him phone off, ignoring the fact he had several missed calls and texts from Kaitlyn and Seth. He groaned as she rolled his head from side to side, letting his neck crack from the drop he took earlier. He stared at the half empty jack Daniels bottle. There want much left but he knew the full one in his suitcase would keep him going. Dean didn't even look for a glass as he pulled the cap off. He raised it to his lips and sniffed. The smell of alcohol burned the back of his nostrils. He could already feel it running down his throat and his stomach begged him for no more. But it was the only way Dean knew.

The only way he could forget.


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