He watched Naruto yawn as he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. His son is so cute. He felt very possessive over his son. Soon he might end up with a Daddy complex. Wait, it might be a little late for that. He had made a simple meal for breakfast. Just some eggs. He knew how much Naruto loves Ramen, so he ended up having a serious talk to him about nutrients the body needs. It is a good thing he has nutrition potions. He made Naruto take three a day. Naruto did not need to know that he could have Ramen once a day with the potions. He forbid the elves from telling him until Naruto is fully healed.

He could already imagine Naruto's face. His son is not going to be happy. Oh well, he needs to put his son's needs over his wants.

"So what are we doing today," Naruto asked him.

"I need to go check on Lee. The potions should be doing their job right, but I want to make sure. Then I have a whole bunch of potions to drop off at the hospital. This way when our men get injured, they can be out of the hospital faster," he said to the over excited blond. There are few things shinobi hate more than being stuck in hospital bed, unable to to anything. He would not be telling Naruto that he is dropping off paper made charms that would force unwilling patients to stay in a body bind. The papers are marked for how long they last. The longest is twenty four hour.

After a few thoughts, he added some certain things that Danzo or certain members of the council could not use them. Well, unless they were being used on them. He felt an evil laugh he had to stop.

"Harry," he heard. He looked over to Naruto. He had to admit his son had an adorable worried look. He just wanted to reach over the table and hug the smaller blond close.

"I know you have training with S..Jiraiya today. I packed you a lunch. Be safe okay. I'll see you when you get home," he told the blond. The blond had this huge smile that spread across his face. He could not stop himself from ruffling the already messed up hair. There is no way to tame the wild lock. He tried too many time in his past life. Actually, there is a way. He did not want to share it right now.

Naruto swatted his hand away, his smile disappeared behind a fake annoyed look. To him, it just made him more adorable.

"I'll see you after training," shouted the blond. Naruto jumped up, before gently picking up the orange wrapped bento. He never grabbed it with force. He felt his heart clench in pain. His son never had anyone to make him a bento before. He never had anyone to care for him before. He wished he could have been able to stay alive. The blond shouted his goodbyes as he rushed out the door.

He could not let his sadness keep him down. He had to stay strong. Naruto needed him. A sigh escaped him as he dismally picked up the dirty dishes. With a heavy heart, he set the dishes softly on the the sink bottom. He would get around to washing them later.

Time to go to the hospital.


The hospital went as expected. The one thing he did not expect is for Lee's boisterous shouts of youth. While he had heard of them from Naruto, he was not expecting the boy be so loud so early in the morning. It is not even ten in the morning. He was put in a stupor until an enraged nurse blasted into the room. Apparently the noise of Lee's shouts had woken up the entire hospital, including the Maternity ward. The nurses had a hard time calming down all the babies at once. The were forced to get most of the mothers to take their children to calm down.

The boy didn't get what was wrong until he was forced to explain that babies can only take so much youth. They are small and too much youth can scare, hurt or kill them. He might have exaggerated it, but the boy went very silent. The hospital staff gave him a lot of thanks when went to leave. Most of it was about Lee, not the potions he dropped off. Though there are several shinobi that are mad at him about the body bind tags. He will survive.

He felt someone following him. Something about this presence set him off. He made off to a back alleyway. He looked where he felt the presence. He sat a shadow form as someone walked towards him. The moment he saw the short red hair hiding a red scar, he knew exactly who he is dealing with.

"Why are you following me," he demanded toward the boy. The boy looked at him in interest. It looked like he could not find the words to say. The boy did not bother to speak, only raising his hand. He saw sand raise from the gourd on the boys back.

He had to think of what to do and fast. He knew for a fact that this boy is just like his child. That this child bares the same burden. Then an idea stuck him like lightning.

What he is going is most likely going to backfire on him. Even he knew that, but he had to at least try. If this boy is like Naruto, he must have been hated just like his child was. Only this child was not able to find the strength to pull through. He must help him.

The moment he looked into the child's teal green eyes, he entered the boys mind. The place is a mess, there is not a place here that the golden sand did not touch. He moved through the desert, pushing his way slowly through the intense mind of the boy. He had to keep going. He had to find the boy. Cracked mirrors surround him as he moves through the desert. In every mirror he sees monster after monster. Is this what the boys sees in himself?

This is just wrong. As he made it almost completely through the mirrors, he saw a woman standing there instead. Her light brown hair sparkled in the desert sun. Her eyes filled with worry. The kind of worry a mother would know. She looked at him in complete shock. It seems that she could not believe he is there. She looked at him, before mouthing something at him. The words she is trying to say hit him hard.

He moved quietly through the mirrors and stepped out in front of a playground. He saw a swing with a little version of the boy on the swing. The boy has tears running down his face, and a busted brown teddy bear on the ground in front of him. He made his way through the the playground, and stood in front of the weeping child.

"Are you alright," he asked. Why on earth did he ask that? He could tell the boy was not fine, his mind-scape proved that much. The boy looked up, green eyes meeting teal. The tears in the boys eyes leaked down his face. Harry pulled out a handkerchief. He leaned forward and gently cleaned the boy's face off. The boy almost shoved back in shock. Clearly the boy never had anyone to hug him? Or was anyone able to hug him?

"It is going to be alright. My name is Harry. What is yours," he asked the boy. The boys eyes widened in shock before he seemed to be staring at his face. Harry could not deny that this little version of this boy is cute. Almost as cute as his adorable son.

"Gaara," muttered the boy, looking towards the ground. More tears welled up in the boys eyes. He could feel his heart crying out for this boy.

"Well, it is a pleasure to meet you Gaara. Now let us wipe away those tears," said before wiping away more tears with the handkerchief he made appear. The boy made a faces as the tears were wiped away.

"Now what is wrong," he asked the boy. The image of the woman appeared behind the boy. Worry evident in the look in her face. She was worried about the boy in front of her, the only child she ever had.

"Uncle says Mother hates me," cried the boy. Tears began to pour into those teal eyes. Harry hugged the boy close. The boy stiffened up in shock.

"That is a lie child. You may not see her, but because of my ability I can. She has been with you all this time. She has never stopped loving you," He said into the boys ears. The one cool thing about mind-scapes is that it is really hard to lie in your own mind, but impossible to lie in anothers mind. Making false memories are easy, but most people would be able to tell that they are fake.

"What," whispered the boy. Harry turned the boy around in his arms. Pushing a bit of his power into the boy, the boys eyes widened as the woman appeared. Her shocked face vanished the moment she realized that her son could see her. She mouthed the words, I love you Gaara. The boy clearly understood.

The boy began to sob in his arms. The woman rushed towards the boy. Harry was shocked when he could feel the arms of the woman wrapping around the small boy. "I will always be there. Every time the sand protects you, I will be me protecting the most precious thing I have ever had," he heard the woman say. The woman vanished in front of him. He could still feel her.

The boy in his arms sobbed loudly. The ground beneath him began to quake. The sand swirled in anger. The boy immediately went silent, clinging closer to him. He turned to boy towards his chest, cradling the smaller body. He stood, making his way towards the sound. The boy started to shake in his arms.

"Be calm, I got you," he said to the child. The boy nodded into his chest. He made his way to the beast. Maybe he could help the poor child by doing something about the beast. A temple appeared in front of him. He made his way up the large steps. It really reminded him of the pyramids in the other world. If he were not able to jump like a shinobi, he would have been forced to climb the stairs.

It seems like time went by faster then he thought, he reached the top. He made his way into the large chamber. In the center of the chamber is the sand beast, Shukuku. However, he noticed something that should not be there. Chain made of some sort of spell surround the beast body. In the center of the chest is a small figure.

The chains are binding a man to the beast chest. Shukuku seems to be fighting the binds surrounding his body. So the man is the man problem here, not the beast itself. There was a rumor that he heard about Shukuku being a mad priest. Well, it is most likely that the man bound himself to Shukuku and is trying to control him. The man most likely wanted to be immortal. What idiots will do for immortality.

Just for a second, he noticed that Shukuku's eyes met his. The raccoon started to fight harder. He needed to help get rid of the spirit! How? First things first though, get the child to safety. Notice a small chamber to the right. It was big enough to fit a small child. So he made his way towards the chamber. He slipped the boy into the small spot. When did the boy fall asleep?

He looked over the beast. The chains seem to be the main problem. The chain seems to be made up of chakra and soul magic. So if he added his own magic to weaken or break the chains? It just might work. With the stealth of a seeker, he made his way behind the beast. Shukuku seemed to be keeping the priest attention on him. Does Shukuku know that he is here to help? He grabbed the blistering hot silver chain forcing his magic into the binds. It felt like his magic is soothing the volatile chain. All he could think is that he wanted the chains to break. He willed the chains to break with all his power.

Not even three seconds later,he felt the chains shatter. When did he close his eyes? The chains vanished piece by piece. It is making its way to the priest. The red surrounding the priest was released by the chains. He rushed around the beast, and grabbed the man as he fell. He had no idea why he felt the need to grasp the man. The priest is screaming something about blood and death, but he really did not care.

"You freed me," he heard above him. He looked up to meet with black eyes, darker than the right sky. The demon over shadowed him, looking at him with relief and a freedom he thought he had lost. He could not stop himself from giving the demon a large smile. Then he noticed the demon glare at the man in his arms.

"This man should have died years ago. I am sorry you have been held imprisoned by him," he said to Shukuku. The snort he got from the demon almost made him laugh. The spirit in his hands is fighting to get out.

"I am a demon who will always pay my debts. What is it you wish, if it is within my power I will grant it," said the man. He really did not need a wish. Right now, he has Naruto. Looking over to the sleeping child, he gave a small smile. He only had one thing to ask of the demon.

"I wish for you to help guild and protect your host. The priest has caused some sever trauma for the child. The boy will need his mind repaired slowly, and someone to help him trough his troubles. Do not heal his mind too fast. It will only injure him more. I will be changing the seal on the boy so his village wont freak when he wants to sleep," said Harry as he tightened his grip on the crazy priest. He got a crazy idea.

"I have one other thing to ask. Though you do not have to do it," he said to the demon. Dark eyes raised a brow in shock. Even the demon is shocked he is being nice to him. He is just a target from finding hurting people. He had information flowing into his head from Shukuku.

"What is it," Shukuku asked. He probably thinks he wants power.

"Would you be my friend?"

The demon takes a minute in shock. It is clearly written on his face. He held his chuckle in.

"It would be nice to have a friend," Shukuku said. He could hear the joy in the demon's voice. A smile spread wider on his face. Now he knows where Naruto gets it from.

He quickly left the mind of the child, but not after copying Naruto's seal on the boy. With a few changes. Shukuku would be able to speak with the child.


Harry blinked for a moment. The priest came out of the mind with him. The man is in his mind. It was cinch to shove the spirit out of his mind. With no host to hold on to the man would face judgment for all the reckless deaths he caused. The priest gave one last scream before vanishing from this realm. He can just think of all the fun that man is going to be having.

"Gaara," he heard the girl cry. He looked over at the girl. A blond girl is sitting over the unconscious red head, worry evident in her features. The boy besides her in in the same state. Siblings of the boy. He had seen them in a small glance in the boy's mind. At least they care for their brother.

"Do not worry, he is just sleeping. Shukuku wont be causing any problems for your brother anymore," he said. The eyes of the shinobi surrounding him immediately stared at him. The Suna shinobi stared at him in horror, wonder, and hope. How much damage did that priest do? Strike that. He really did not want to know.

"What" started the girl. Her eyes kinda reminded him of an owl.

"It appears that an insane priest used a forbidden technique to bind himself to Shukuku, controlling his every move. Shukuku has been fighting him off all this time. Don't be shocked if your brother ends up in the library. Now that Mother is gone, it will be much easier for him. However, I have removed that spirit from Shukuku and the living plane. Shukuku will be a guiding hand to your bother, but he wont be the only spirit there," said Harry. He knew he is giving away a little too much information, but they needed to know.

He gave a small smile as the Suna shinobi tensed a bit. Now he is just being mean.

"The boy's mother is inside the boy, protecting him through the sand he carries. She gave me a message to give to you. Gaara wont kill you because he loves you, now it is time to show him that you love him too," said Harry, before looking down at the boy asleep on the ground. The girl didn't need a second more. She lifted up her little brother, holding him close. Then they were gone.

He turned around and headed back to the apartment. Three more days is all he has to spend time with his son. The red headed boy most likely will be sleeping for the next two weeks, so the threat of him attacking the villager is in the negatives. His elves will make sure that the boy wont be woken.

He entered the apartment to see a very familiar face.

"Kushina," he whispered.


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