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Chapter I


Five years have passed since Ahsoka Tano and her friends defeated Mark IV, for good this time. It came with a heavy price with them losing many good friends, including Ronin Suzuki. He gave up his life to save everyone and making sure that demented clone would never return. He died, but he died happy knowing everyone he loves and cares for are safe.

A lot has changed on Earth in the last five years. Emperor Markoneous came back and regained control of his company, Markoneous Industries, until his oldest daughter, Katalina, is ready to inherit it.

Marrissa has been behaving the last five years and hasn't done anything evil since she helped the heroes. Ahsoka's daughter Barriss spends a lot of time with Marrissa and her girlfriend Talon. Ahsoka doesn't like her daughter spending time with her, but sees that her daughter has fun spending time with Marrissa. So she allows her daughter to see her, supervised of course, on this day though she is going to need a lot of supervision.

Little Creek

Ahsoka Tano was in her living room waiting for her kids and husband to come down so they can get going. It's Halloween and the parents promised their kids they would go out trick or treating. It's not the first time the kids had gone out trick or treating, but it's going to be the first time in a long time for Ahsoka to go with them.

She had canceled going out trick or treating with them these last few years due to her working at the new Jedi temple Ronin made for her. She promised her kids she would go out with them, but always has to cancel which makes the kids sad. Barriss though is the one who is affected the most. She loves her mom, but wishes she would spend more time with them than in the Jedi temple.

Ahsoka knew this was hurting her children so she promised them she would go with them this year and will not cancel. She was not going to disappoint her children again, especially not Barriss. So this year she asked the Council to take care of any problems on their own and that she would be spending time with her children.

"Ahsoka, you ready to get going?" Ahsoka turned around and saw her husband Ichiro dressed as Nightwing. "What do you think?"

Ahsoka smiled and approached her husband. "I like it and I think it suits you well. But why are you wearing a wig?"

Ichiro smiled nervously. "Well um I don't have a long black hair like Nightwing had long ago so I bought one to go with my costume." Ichiro then noticed Ahsoka's costume and sighed. "Where's your costume?"

Ahsoka looks down at her costume wondering what the problem is. "What? I'm dressed as a Jedi master. I thought it would be okay."

Ichiro sighed again and shook his head in disapproval. "Honey, you can't wear something you wear every day at work. The kids might even think you're going to leave for work and break your promise, again."

"I'm not I just…fine I'll change into a different costume," said Ahsoka as she walked back up the stairs to change into another costume.

As Ichiro waited he heard small running footsteps heading down the stairs. He looked up to see his children all dressed up. Jake, his son, was dressed up as Batman. Liana, Jake's twin sister as dressed up as Supergirl with a long red skirt that reached down to her knees. And Barriss, the youngest, was dressed up as Batgirl.

Ichiro smiled at his children and knelt down in front of them. "I take it you three are ready to get going then?"

"Yes!" shouted the three kids in unison.

"I'm going to get a lot of candy," Jake took out his grappling hook and launched it up the ceiling causing him to fly up and hit the roof. "Ow."

Ichiro helped his son down and took the grappling hook away. "Jake, I told you not to use this, you can get hurt."

"I think it's too late for that," said Liana with a smirk on her face, while Barriss giggled.

Barriss looked around and saw her mommy wasn't there. "Where's mommy?"

"Here I come," they looked up and saw Ahsoka coming down the stairs dressed as Starfire except her skirt was longer and she was wearing a long red wig over her lekku. "What do you think?"

"You look amazing mom," said Liana.

"Yeah, did you make it mom? Like how we made out costumes?" asked Jake.

Ahsoka nodded. "Yes, do you like my costume Ichiro?"

Ichiro approached her and kissed her on the lips. As she returned the kiss the kids looked away. He broke the kiss and stroked her cheek. "I love it."

"Why must you guys kiss in front of us!" shouted Liana.

"It burns! It burns my eyes!" Ichiro cried as he covered his eyes.

Barriss though wasn't affected a lot by this, but wanted to copy off her siblings. "Ewwww get a room!"

Ahsoka walked up to her kids and gave all three a hug. "You don't like mommy and daddy kissing? How about I kiss you guys then?"

She began kissing the kids on the cheek causing the twins to try breaking free of their mom's grip. Barriss didn't mind and didn't freak out like her siblings. Ahsoka released her kids and picked her youngest daughter up into her arms.

"You ready to get going then?"

Barriss nodded. "Yes mommy and thank you for keeping your promise."

Ahsoka smiled. "You're welcome. Now let's get going kids."

Unknown Island

Isamu Ishida and his wife Rachel Roth arrived at the private island home of Markoneous and Katalia who have been hosting a Halloween party for the last four years. They invite da lot of people and have costume contests to see which couple had the best. Markoneous and Katalia don't participate as he never dresses up and she is happy to judge.

Katalia still doesn't like the Soul Reapers, mostly due to the war that was waged between her beloved and them, but thanks to Rachel she only hates a few of them. Not ones like Hanako who comes by on her own to these parties to dress up and judge. Katalia and Hanako don't talk much, but at least they aren't killing each other. That is good enough for everyone to try having a good time.

Isamu was dressed as an assassin from a video game he heard about, while his wife Rachel dressed as an Arabian belly dancer. She didn't want to wear the costume, but lost a bet to Hikari to wear it so she has no choice. If she refuses to wear it until midnight she will have her head shaved.

"Damn your sister for this," Rachel muttered.

Isamu chuckled and wrapped his arm around his wife. "Relax it's just for one night." he kissed his her on the cheek and whispered into her ear. "I think you look hot in it."

A small smirk formed on Rachel's face by her husband's comment and kissed him on the cheek. "Down big boy, we'll have our own fun when we leave."

They were escorted into the mansion by a security droid to find Markoneous wearing a fancy suit, while Katalia was dressed as an Amazon woman. "Hey guys."

Markoneous looked up from a financial report and saw his first guests arriving. "Welcome to the party. I trust you'll have a good time."

Isamu glanced. "Are we the only ones here?"

Their host nodded. Of course that's only because Isamu and his wife always arrive an hour before the others will arrive. "Isamu I have to ask. Why do you always get here so early?"

Isamu shrugged his shoulders. "I guess maybe to get better parking."

Rachel rolled her eyes. "You don't even drive Isamu, we always teleport here."

"True, I guess I just like getting early to things," Isamu admitted. "So, is Hanako still going to be judging this year?"

Katalia growled in annoyance. "I'm sure she will be."

Rachel noticed this and spoke to the feline woman. "I thought you two were getting along?"

"I still don't like her," Katalia was thinking of her encounter with Hanako years ago and how it was because of her that their ship got blown up.

"Now, now, Katalia why don't you go outside and get some air," Markoneous suggested, "Maybe try some more meditating."

"Fine," Katalia headed outside while Isamu motioned for Rachel to go with her.

Isamu noticed Markoneous looked slightly worried and he understoods why. "I hope this thing between both our sides works out soon. I don't want us to become enemies again."

Markoneous sighed. "I'm trying, but she is very stubborn. She spent nearly twenty years planning to kill your entire race. Not that easy to get over."

Isamu let out a small laugh. "Rachel is very stubborn too, especially when it came to her feelings towards Talsein and you guys."

"How did she get over it?"

"Time and patience. That's all that is needed, time and patience."

Markoneous looked out the window over at where his beloved was sitting beside a large patch of flowers with Rachel. "I am willing to overlook many things, but I think it will take a very long time for her to forgive Talsein, and your sister."

Isamu shrugged in agreement and decided to change the subject. "So, do you guys need any help with anything?"

Markoneous handed the report to one of his droids. "Sure, follow me."

Short yes, but I thought this would be a good place to end this. Think Katalia will calm down before Hanako arrives? And what does everyone think of the costumes our characters are wearing? Pretty good huh? I hope so. The costumes for Markoneous and Katalia were made by General Herbison, while the rest I did for the other characters.

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